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Pilots expose 11 flying misconceptions

Pilots Zoya Agarwal and also Rajalakshmi Eshwar unmask 11 flying misconceptions. They cover misconceptions bordering cabin air, disturbance, auto-pilot, and also extra....

flying on your body, and also why you shouldn ' t fret about disturbance. They additionally expose the misconception that autopilot flies the airplane for them. Actually, they offer all the commands for it, and also check it regularly.Agarwal is a pilot in command for Air India, flying the Boeing 777 airplane. She is the very first lady leader to fly over the North Pole, along with an all-female staff, on among the lengthiest air paths on the planet. You can discover more regarding her job right here: is a very first police officer for Air India, flying the Boeing 777 airplane. She ' s been with the airline company for the previous 13 years.Read the initial post on Business Insider

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