John Cena stars in ‘Peacemaker,’ a new series based on the DC comic book character — you can stream the show on HBO Max

"Peacemaker" follows the lethal yet peace-loving hero from "The Suicide Squad." The first three episodes are now available exclusively on HBO Max. ...

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john-cena-danielle-brooks-jennifer-holland in peacemaker
  • "Peacemaker" is now available to stream exclusively on HBO Max. 
  • The show follows a misguided superhero, played by John Cena, who will stop at nothing for peace. 
  • HBO Max subscriptions start at $10/month for ad-supported streaming.

Fans of DC's "The Suicide Squad" have a new superhero spin-off series to get excited about. The show, called "Peacemaker," stars John Cena as the title character. You need an HBO Max subscription to watch the series, and the first three episodes are available now. 

Based on characters from DC comics, "Peacemaker" follows John Cena as a self-centered, misguided, and extremely lethal hero. The character first appeared on the big screen in "The Suicide Squad." In the show, Peacemaker joins a task force to save the world. He even has a bald eagle sidekick, aptly named Eagley. 

"The Suicide Squad," directed by James Gunn, originally hit theaters in August 2021. It's also available to stream on HBO Max — no premium subscription necessary. 

Where to watch 'Peacemaker'

The first three episodes of "Peacemaker" are now available to watch on HBO Max. The following five episodes will be released weekly every Thursday, with the finale premiering on February 17. 

Since it's just an HBO Max original rather than a Warner Bros. movie premiere, you don't need a premium plan to stream "Peacemaker." The ad-supported plan grants you access for only $10 a month. Ad-free streaming costs $15 a month.

If you want to try HBO Max for free before buying your subscription, your only option is to go through Hulu. Hulu subscribers can claim a seven-day trial of HBO Max as an add-on service.  The trial is only available to members who are new to HBO Max. 

You can watch "Peacemaker," or any other HBO Max content, through your web browser or with the HBO Max app. The app is available on most smartphones, Xbox consoles, PlayStation consoles, tablets, and smart TVs. You can find a complete list of compatible devices on the HBO Max website

What else can I watch on HBO Max?

James Gunn's "The Suicide Squad" is available on HBO Max alongside "Peacemaker."

Fans of DC comics can also find plenty more content in HBO Max's library. For more superhero entertainment, you should check out these movies:

  • The 2016 "Suicide Squad"
  • "Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)"
  • "Joker" starring Joaquin Phoenix
  • "Aquaman" starring Jason Momoa
  • "Wonder Woman 1984" starring Gal Gadot
  • Zack Snyder's "Justice League" 
  • "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice"

If you're looking for DC shows to stream, you might want to check out these series:

  • The animated "Teen Titans" series 
  • "Titans," the live-action HBO Max original series
  • "DC's Stargirl"
  • "Doom Patrol"
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