14in. Satin Black Outdoor Gooseneck Barn Light Fixture with 14.5 in. Long Extension Arm – Wall Sconce Farmhouse, Antique Style –

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Color Satin Black (2-pack)
Material Alloy Steel
Style Fovero RLM
Light fixture form Sconce

  • ✔ Shade Dimension: 14 in. Diameter x 8 in. Height
  • ✔ Ideal for Sign Lighting, Barn Lighting, Awnings, Storefronts, Awnings, Wall Lighting, among many other great applications
  • ✔ Comes with a 4.50in. Round Mounting Plate for Heavy-Duty Outdoor Weatherproof Round Junction Box
  • ✔ Painted using durable powder coating to enable Superior Protection, even in the toughest environments!
  • ✔ UL Listed for Wet Location & Compatible with LED Bulbs, CFLs, and Incandescents


Product Description

Industrial Satin Black Gooseneck Barn Light Fixture for Indoor/Outdoor Use

satin black gooseneck barn light outdoor fixture

14-inch Industrial Satin Black Gooseneck Barn Light Fixture with 14.5 in. Long Gooseneck Arm

  • The Traditional 14 in. Satin Black Gooseneck Barn Light, also referred to as Vintage Wall Mount Gooseneck Light Fixture, is 14in. Diameter and is available with gooseneck arm lengths ranging from 10″ to 24″ long to accommodate most applications
  • Fovero RLM’s are UL Listed for Wet Locations [E.502113] and are professionally manufactured using durable cold rolled steel material and die cast zinc.
  • All shades, at the exception of the Galvanized, incorporate white liners for increased light reflectivity
  • All RLM Barn Shades are interchangeable with gooseneck arms ranging from 10” to 24” long

14 inch diameter rlm shade with 14.5 inch gooseneck arm

Farmhouse Gooseneck Barn Light

HTM Lighting Solutions


  • 14in. Diameter RLM Barn Shade with Gooseneck Arm
  • 100-240VAC Operating Voltage
  • E26 Standard Medium Lampholder. 200W A21 Inc. Max.
  • Comes with 8ft Cord to Hard Wire

14in. Satin Black Wall-Mounted Vintage Gooseneck Barn Light

Fovero RLM Collection

Each Wall-Mounted RLM Gooseneck Barn Light Fixtures comes with 8-feet of wire length, and can take up to 200W A21 Incandescent Bulb, or just about any LED Bulb with a standard E26 Medium Base.

For dimmability, wire it to a dimmer switch, and match it with a dimmable bulb!

The Industrial RLM Gooseneck Barn Light can be used for a wide array of application such as:

  • Garages, Porch, & Patio Accent Lighting
  • Barns, Farmhouse Wall Lighting
  • Awnings, Storefront, Restaurants
  • Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Use


Dimensions (LxWxH) 21.59″ x 14″ x 13.60″
Bulb Base E26 Medium Base Socket
Wattage 200W A21 Incandescent Max / LED & CFL Compatible
Voltage 120-240VAC
Certification UL Listed for Wet Locations [E.502113]
Wire Length 8ft Long Cord to be Hard-Wired


goose neck barn light rlm

bottom of 17" rlm barn shade

9w non-dimmable led bulb

Vintage Style Barn Light

Fovero RLM Gooseneck Barn Lights go as far back as the 19th century. This retro design exhibits a vintage industrial feeling. Traditional, Classic, yet Simple.

Durable & Exquisite

The Fovero RLM Gooseneck Barn Light incorporates a white liner on the inside of the shade to increase overall reflectivity.

LED Bulb Included

  • 9W LED Equals 60W Incandescent
  • 800 Lumens
  • 5000K (Cool White)
  • 15,000+ Life Hours Rated
  • Non-Dimmable

Complementary Popular Light Fixtures from Fovero RLM Family

Important information

Color Temperature

5000 Kelvin


9 watts

Bulb Voltage

120 volts_of_alternating_current

Additional information

Weight 3.6 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 10 cm



Satin Black 2-pack


Alloy Steel


Fovero RLM

Light fixture form




IndoorOutdoor Usage

Outdoor Indoor

Power Source


Installation Method

Wall Mounted

Special Feature

Manufactured using durable cold rolled steel material and die cast zinc with while liners for increased reflectivity

Control Method


Light Source Type


Finish Type

Powder Coated

Shade Material

Alloy Steel

Number of Light Sources



120 Volts AC


Warehouse Shade

Included Components

9W A19 900 lm LED Bulb 5000K Cool White Included

Warranty Type





9 watts

Part Number


Item Weight

3.6 Pounds

Product Dimensions

21.59 x 14 x 13.6 inches, 5L x 5W x 10H

Item model number



14-12 in. Gooseneck Arm


Powder Coated

Item Package Quantity


Number Of Pieces


Extension Length

14.5 Inches

Luminous Flux


Cutting Diameter

14 Inches

Mounting Type

Wall Mount

Special Features

Manufactured using durable cold rolled steel material and die cast zinc with while liners for increased reflectivity

Batteries Required


Assembled Diameter

14 Inches



Date First Available

October 1 2018


HTM Lighting Solutions

10 reviews for 14in. Satin Black Outdoor Gooseneck Barn Light Fixture with 14.5 in. Long Extension Arm – Wall Sconce Farmhouse, Antique Style –

  1. Michael T. Vail

    Nice LIghts BUT, Confirm You have the Hardware Needed Before Installing!Hello, here is my review of the 14in. White Outdoor Gooseneck Barn Light Fixture with 14.5 in. Long Extension Arm – Wall Sconce and why I only gave it a 4-Star rating.You’ll notice in the pictures that my lights are green, not white. I bought the white ones and painted them the same color green as the trim on my workshop so they matched. I’ll see how they hold up, but that’s the reason for the different color. HTM currently doesn’t offer these lights in green, though I sent them a request to add that color in the future as many buyers like the green.I purchased a 2-pack of these lights to install on the exterior of my metal workshop. My plan was to simply remove two old and broken motion lights and install these on the existing round metal surface-mounted weatherproof electrical boxes. Sadly, an installation that should have taken only 30 minutes including the removal of the old lights, took longer because of two simple things that never should have happened.The pictures of the mounting plate shown in the Amazon listing are not current and lights did not come with the correct screws needed to attach them to my electrical boxes. There can be no easier installation than what I was attempting, yet, in my case, old pictures and missing screws resulted in lost time.Specific things potential buyers of this light need to know as of today:1. The pictured light in this (and other HTM listings) show 4 holes in the base-plate for mounting the light. NOTICE: The lights currently shipping only have 2 holes in the mounting plate. HTM confirmed this in a phone call I made to them. If you need 4 holes. to mount the light, be aware of this.2. The kit now also includes additional hardware needed to mount it with only 2 holes. The pictures don’t show the additional hardware but it comes with a bunch of screws and some brackets that aren’t shown in the listing. HOWEVER, the one thing the hardware kit was missing that I needed was the screws to screw the light directly to a standard weatherproof box like I have. Had those screws been included, I would have been golden. Because they weren’t included, I searched for over an hour for the matching perfect length screws in the right threads and size so I could secure the lights to the boxes. I was fortunate to have a very large collection of spare screws yet I still struggled to find the right ones. For many people in this situation, you should plan a trip to the local hardware store for the screws you need before attempting to mount the lights. Would the additional hardware now provided in with the lights allow me to mount the light without the screws I was missing? No, the hardware kit still had no screws to attach the brackets to the boxes.In spite of the screw problem, I’m really glad I bought them. They seem to be well-built, they assembled easily, they are very strong and they look very nice once they’re in place.Before posting this review, I contacted HTM both by email and phone to provide them feedback around this review. They replied to my email and immediately answered my phone call and seemed genuinely interested in my feedback. I’m hoping they will address what is needed soon, in the meantime, you know what I know now.Take Care!

  2. Chris

    Seemingly high-quality, Sturdy, Packaged Well, Installation…well…Read My CommentsSo I really like the style of this exterior light fixture. The quality seems very good it’s very heavy duty, the packaging was great everything arrived safely, and it’s really straightforward to assemble the fixture itself. I was really curious to see how installation to the house was going to go, since a lot of reviewer’s said it was a snap, but then there were a few people that said it was almost impossible.It all comes down to the size of the electrical box you are attaching the light to. This light feels very industrial in build quality so maybe it was designed to go into a commercial building which may have a different size electrical box as a standard I’m not sure? For me however I did have a round box which matches the attachment at the back of the fixture, however the holes in the plate on the light were I believe 4 inches apart whereas the vertical holes on my electrical box top to bottom were somewhere around 3 inches and the horizontal ones left to right were somewhere around 3 1/2 inches. If the holes in box I have would’ve been further apart than the holes in the fixtures plate I imagine I could’ve used an adapter but because the holes in the plate were wider than the holes in the actual box the official way to do this would’ve been to put a new box in by drilling a larger hole in the siding of my house to accommodate the larger sized box. Because that task was slightly above my comfort level of electrical work I opted to go a different route that did work but not sure it’s the best solution for everyone. I decided to simply measure the hole placement of my electrical box and transfer those measurements to the lighting fixtures plate and drill new holes in the lighting fixture plate. It was a little tedious but worked just fine. It took me about 3 1/2 hours to do three fixtures with some interruptions. Had the plate matched my electrical box it probably would’ve taken me less than an hour. My lights are fairly protected from the rain but I’m still going to use a black caulk or silicon to fill in the original holes to keep them water tight. So other than the insulation issue everything else is great. The only other small thing I would’ve changed if I was designing this light as I would’ve made the screws the same color as the light so that you don’t have silver screws on an all black light. I’ll probably toss some black paint on the screws or use a black sharpie or something just to make them blend in better although you really can’t see them even being silver unless you’re really trying to look for them. The instructions do call for some waterproof silicone or glue to create a watertight seal of the fixture where it attaches to your house, I think if your light is fairly protected like mine is with an overhang you don’t really need to worry about that, it does come with a rubber gasket and if you want to be extra safe you can add an additional foam gasket that you can pick up on Amazon for a couple bucks. When you’re assembling the light you screw the saucer section to the gooseneck and I did use some Teflon plumbers tape on those threads just to be extra safe as a water tight seal. I just wanted to write this because there are conflicting reviews and I can see how both reviews could be right (the good experiences and the bad experiences) it all depends on the size electrical box you are attaching this to. Other than that it’s super basic easy installation. Oh thought of one last thing. You can’t tilt this fixture so if your house has siding that has a slight angle the fixture will be angled ever so slightly as is the case with our house, didn’t bother us though.

  3. AuthenticGeek

    Very niceThe quality of this lamp fixture is outstanding. This is what “Made in America” is all about. The 14 inch shade is heavy gauged metal, the 22 inch gooseneck pipe has a rubber seal that fits into the end that mates with the hole in the cast mounting plate. A perfectly sized rubber (not foam rubber) gasket seals between the siding and mounting plate and is not visible once installed. As others have pointed out, there is plenty of extra length in the wire. And the finish makes me think I will never need to replace this light again. Since I was mounting it to clapboard siding I thought I would just bend the gooseneck a little to level the shade. I clamped the straight part of the pipe in a large woodworking vise and tried to increase the curve on the gooseneck. The pipe did not even flex. You would need to use a hydraulic pipe bender, or a bit more strength than I could muster to bend it. A better option presented itself anyway. The hole in the mounting plate where the tubing slides in is about 1/8 inch larger than the tube. If you only snug up the set screw at the back of the mounting plate and put a small plastic wedge on the top outer edge of the hole in the mounting plate before tightening the set screws, the angle of the lamp, in my case, was perfect. I checked it with a level. You could also just shoot some polypropylene caulk in there and let it cure before tightening the screws. Anyway, the angle worked out perfectly. J-Boxes are readily available at “the big box stores”. Look for 4 inch wet location, outdoor round boxes. They are in a different section from the plastic and steel J-Boxes, and have four screw holes that matched the fixture base. Pick up some stainless steel screws and you are good to go. Oh… yes, they even provided an LED light, but since it wasn’t dimmable, I installed an Edison style light to match other fixtures on the front porch. I keep the lights dimmed until a motion sensor triggers the smart dimmers to ramp up for a few minutes. I’m ordering another one for the deck.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Octagon box reinforcement is recommended1 Nov 2020. Update. Installed wiring for the light fixture. The electrical installation was still pretty straight forward. Im attaching a pic of a evening pic shot near dusk. I did install a 200 watt warm bulb as the 60 watt bulb had the bluish “cool” tint. Light fixture was installed at approx 12 and a half feet and the 200 watts definitely illuminates the front of the workshop. Original post.Currently this review is for the physical installation only and what was received. The item I bought was a 14″ bronze outdoor barn style light that had the 22 inch arm. It does require the 4″ large octagon box. It does state in the instructions that it should be attached securely to a structural component to properly support the light. After installing the octagon box I did run a 2×4 across the back of the box and secured it. It’s a unfinished workshop so I dont have plywood or drywall on the wall to be concerned about that. I recommend reinforcement with the 22″ arm so that more than just the one side of th octagon box is attached to a wall stud. As other posters have recorded earlier plenty of wire is provided. If your experience has included changing light fixtures then there should not be any issues that can not be overcome unless installing an octagon box (i installed a metal one, and I would not recommend the plastic box) is not an option. Packaging was great. No damage to report. Had plenty of styrofoam to keep the light secure and protected. I did contact the light manufacturer as I thought I was “missing” a small allen screw that was mentioned in the instructions but not in the box with the hardware. They replied quickly it is not used on the 14″ light and that the instructions were used for another light as well. They told me not to put anything in the tapped hole as it was used to drain any water that may accumulate. Picture of the hole is attached to this review. Will post more and a final pic with it illuminated once complete with install. I have yet to complete the wiring into the switch box.

  5. AP

    Way better than anticipated!I bought two different fixtures to try – this one and a cheaper one (Emliviar Farmhouse Gooseneck Barn Light, 12″ Metal Cage Wall Sconce, Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish, 50007-WS). Wow what a difference! I almost canceled this order thinking I will just make the cheaper one work but you can’t even compare the two. This one is made SO much better! It comes with rubber gaskets and plugs where electrical connections are; the wires are suuuuuper long (6’ or so) in case you’re doing a longer run, I just cut it off since my connection was within the electrical box. The lamp material itself is nice and heavy. The plate has USA engraved on it and max watt is something like 200w! I went with just 40w but you could go SUPER bright with this one! It comes with all the hardware needed and extra actually (different bolt lengths). It also comes with a lightbulb which was a nice unexpected surprise. Basically everything you need is in the box. Packaging was impressive too (compared to the cheaper fixture). There’s a clear diagram of how to assemble/mount the fixture and install is very straightforward. I have mine mounted on the side of the garage, over house numbers and I was afraid it wouldn’t illuminate it properly bc it comes off the wall further than I was anticipating but no, it’s actually perfect, the entire bottom portion of the wall is illuminated. I paid $108 for it and I think it’s high but I’m keeping it and returning the cheaper one.

  6. Darryl

    Better than the company making them knows!!I used to have an old farm light on a used telephone pole in my back yard. A decade ago replaced it with a pair of halogens. Big mistake!! A bulb blew in one or the other every 6 months!! Saw this and rather than get one to put on the pole, I got a 13″ straight neck to replace a pair of halogens on the back of my garage just to try. I liked it so much a week later I ordered another to go on my telephone pole. They send it with plenty of extra wire, so you can easily make the electrical connections where you need it. A 60w equivalent LED light bulb comes with it, but as a sticker on it says, it can handle up to 200w! I used the included bulb in the one I installed on the back of my garage, and put a 150w rough service bulb in the one I installed 20 feet up the telephone pole. The quality is great & I’m very happy with both of the ones I ordered!! They came way quicker than Amazon said they would too!! Would I buy them again if they were some how damaged? Damn Right I Would!!! The only con I can think about them, is I wish they would have an option for a longer than 13″ straight neck!!! If installing outside, just remember folks, Caulking is your Friend!! =)

  7. Billy R. Kelley

    Great value!I ordered the Galvanized 10″ Gooseneck Arm Barn Light. It looked good in the picture but looked even better when I unboxed it. The gooseneck is solid pipe, the backing plate is solid metal and the ‘shade’ itself is quality metal, the whole unit has a quality feel to it.In my case, where I am using the lights (on either side of a screened in porch’s french doors) I am having to modify how I will mount the lights to the outside wall. This does not have anything to do with how the back plate is made, it is due to how the contractor installed the porch lights I am replacing with the barn lights.I read, on one review, where the reviewer mentioned there is a slight tilt to the light if mounted on a lap sided exterior. That is true, however, HTM Lighting makes a wall mount swivel that takes care of this problem. The part number is RSW-GA and it comes in the color choices for this light.I would definitely buy this light again.

  8. Kimberly Siegers

    Better than expectedThis product is well made and gives the barn a vintage feel

  9. Amazon Customer

    Good productThe lamp was just installed . Easy Instalator .good quality product, so far so good. I would buy it again.

  10. Jake V

    Best Value for Farm / Barn LightsI shopped around and wanted to get some barn lights for my house. These were the heaviest built while also being lower cost compared to the competitors. I purchased 2 for my garage and they look great. Wasn’t easy to adapt to my regular outlet boxes. These are sized for industrial metal boxes. I made it work by screwing into the surrounding wood slightly offset from the box itself. This proved to be secure enough to hold that overhung / cantilever load the lamp is putting on the screws. If you were to only fix it to an electrical box, such as a standard house light, you’d probably be disappointed with sagging results. If you are mounting to an angled sided wall, I’d recommend putting a plate that makes the wall perpendicular to the ground again such as shown in my pic.

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