Akro-Mils 39120 Industrial Plastic Storage Tote with Hinged Attached Lid, (21-Inch L by 15-Inch W by 12-Inch H), Gray, (6-Pack)

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Brand Akro-Mils
Color Gray
Material Plastic
Special Feature Nesting, Stacking
Style 6 Count

  • STORAGE TOTE DIMENSIONS- Outside (21-1/2-Inch x 15-1/4-Inch x 12-1/2-Inch), Inside Top (19-3/4-Inch x 14-3/16-Inch x 12-Inch) – Case of 6
  • DURABLE- High-quality, heavy duty durable stacking totes are made from industrial-grade plastic
  • GREAT STORAGE FOR- Garages, attics, sheds or barns; toys and sporting equipment; fishing, boating or camping supplies; holiday decorations; RV storage; shipping, distribution, assembly, or order picking
  • EFFICIENT- Containers will stack with lids closed and nest when lids are open to save on shipping costs, hinged lids won’t get lost
  • SECURE – Attached lids snap securely closed to protect contents from dust or damage, security tie holes allow use of tamper-evident seals
SKU: B000189CSC


Flip top hinged lid totes are versatile stackable storage containers for your home or business. Great for any sportsman, they hold camping gear, boots, food, boat supplies. Organize seasonal decorations, clothes or bulk supplies. The durable heavy-duty containers protect contents from damage, and the attached lids won’t get misplaced. Much more sturdy than cardboard boxes, ALCs make great moving boxes, protecting contents from impact and water damage. Akro-Mils heavy-duty Attached Lid Containers are ideal for distribution and shipping, making great round-trip containers. A hole on both ends of the tote can accommodate zip ties to securely fasten lid closed. Convenient design stacks or nests for space-saving storage.

From the manufacturer

round trip totes reusable moving boxes plastic shipping industrial totes attached lid hinged lid

round trip totes reusable moving boxes plastic shipping industrial totes attached lid hinged lid

round trip totes reusable moving boxes plastic shipping industrial totes attached lid hinged lid

round trip totes reusable moving boxes plastic shipping industrial totes attached lid hinged lid

Moving Day

Safely pack away valuables for transport. Heavy-duty containers protect far better than cardboard.


Move inventory throughout your facility. Padlock eyes on each end of tote for extra security.

Stocking Shelves

Prevent messy cardboard box clutter when stocking shelves. Transferring stock to plastic totes keeps areas looking neat.

round trip totes reusable moving boxes plastic shipping industrial totes attached lid hinged lid

round trip totes reusable moving boxes plastic shipping industrial totes attached lid hinged lid

round trip totes reusable moving boxes plastic shipping industrial totes attached lid hinged lid

Transporting Supplies

A valuable addition to medical facility supply chains.


Containers stack securely, and interwork for easy pallet loading.


Textured bottoms provide a secure grip on conveyor systems.

Additional information

Weight 6.2 kg
Dimensions 21.5 × 15.25 × 12.5 cm






Special Feature

Nesting Stacking


6 Count


12 Gallons





Number of Items


Number of Compartments


Unit Count

6.0 Count

Item Package Quantity


Part Number


Item Weight

6.2 pounds

Product Dimensions

21.5 x 15.25 x 12.5 inches, 21.5L x 15.25W x 12.5H

Item model number



21-Inch L by 15-Inch W by 12-Inch H



Power Source
Number Of Pieces


Mounting Type

Regular Arm Mount

Special Features

Nesting Stacking

Included Components

Attached Lid Containers

Batteries Included


Batteries Required




Date First Available

November 9 2004



10 reviews for Akro-Mils 39120 Industrial Plastic Storage Tote with Hinged Attached Lid, (21-Inch L by 15-Inch W by 12-Inch H), Gray, (6-Pack)

  1. Bradley H.

    Great storage solutionIt’s great for garage storage – keeps the dust and dirt at a minimum on the contents.

  2. Amazon Customer

    These bins are great I have been using them for yearsThese bins are great, sturdier than similar ones. Also the seller is very quick to respond and help.

  3. George Bellah

    Great Product and Amazing Customer Service!The bins themselves are strong, heavy duty, and well designed. I use them almost exclusively in my home projects and storage needs. This is the first time I have ever had any problems with them, but it really is all down to rough shipping and handling by UPS, coupled with somewhat loose packing protocols.The company needs to review their packing practices and rethink how they package and ship their product. In my observation, shipping the bins stacked inside each other with lids open [except for the top unit] contributes to damage risk when coupled with very rough handling by UPS. In my last order, 3 of 6 bins had pretty severely damaged lids, all of them being those with lids open during shipping. In addition, the units are shipped in a pretty loose box with no packaging materials to keep them from rattling around inside or cushion them when dropped or banged around during shipping. This seems to me to be a simple precaution that needs to be taken.Couple this with UPS handlers/drivers who literally toss or drop these boxes and damage is almost a certainty. I have personally observed and *heard* these boxes being tossed or dropped onto my concrete drive outside my door, after which the driver runs back to their van.Other than the above issues, I enthusiastically recommend this product and the company that makes [and distributes] it. Customer Service was kind, polite, and immediate in responding to my complaints. Communication was clear, prompt, and considerate. I received replacement items *very* quickly.I am deeply appreciative of these qualities, which are sometimes sorely absent in today’s world.

  4. Why Not

    Warning!! Not A Six Pack Yet!!I thought I would help those interested in purchasing the green color Akro-Mils 39120GRN totes, which at the time of my order, was advertised as six totes for $102.00, however, Amazon only ships one tote with the order. These are great totes. They are easy to load and easy to carry and great for short or long term storage. I have just over 4 dozen of them in various sizes that I have ordered over the last 10 years. They have made great organizational and storage containers for all the stuff my family accumulates, uses and stores in my garage and outside shed. They even provide a way to secure them from popping open if you want to keep them secured. That said, you can call customer service and they will tell you that you will receive 6 totes with your order, you can verify your past orders and even read current reviews that most said they received 6 totes, but I am here to tell you as of today, that even after trying to fix their mistake of only shipping 1 tote that, like several others here, their replacement order only contains 1 tote. Why? Amazon’s answer to this colossal mistake is to refund me my money after I send back their single tote mistakes and don’t order this item again until Amazon fixes their online page (that reads 6 totes on Amazon’s Customer Service computers) and their distribution center packing issues. How one is to know the latter is fixed, I don’t know? So, Buyer Beware, the Green Akro-Mils, 39120GRN has issues again. If you order them, you might, like me, be tied up for at least a week trying to fix Amazon’s mistake at your expense and in the end, you will have as many totes as you began with, zero.

  5. steven

    Arrived but one didn’t survive the shipping process.The box arrived with no visible external damage. However the corner of one of the containers was broken off. I think that speaks for sturdiness and durability.

  6. Prof. Kittens

    Smart product, but lax quality control?The product itself is as many other reviewers suggest, nice. They’re sturdy, functional, smartly designed. While I don’t know about the long term use and durability, they seem well constructed.That said I wonder about the quality control. Supposedly these are new. Under this assumption I was surprised by the condition of half of the bins received.3 out of 6 of my bins came rather dirty. There was oil, dirt, a good amount of grime on the bottoms of the bins that I had to wipe clean. The oil/grease was a thick black kind – and I don’t see anything similar on the hinge so I can only imagine it’s a foreign substance, not something that naturally came out of the product production process. Second, these questionable bins also had warped bottoms that are not flat like the better condition ones. It’s the sort of warping that strongly implies that these bins were used, and held heavy items for quite some time. Third, there are clear scrapes and scratches along the bottom of these bins with grime permanently rubbed in that suggest they were pushed along a factory or warehouse floor with contents inside, while stacked, etc.Assuming that these are “new” (not otherwise indicated) then it seems to be pretty negligent quality control. If they are not new, then that itself is a separate problem albeit outside the scope of the review.

  7. Maker

    Lighter and flimsier than the ones I bought in 2018These are clearly not as strong as the ones I bought a few years ago. They flex under modest loads. Disappointing. Looks like I’ll be using the new ones for light-duty storage and the sturdier old ones for shipping.

  8. Toy shopper

    Good quality – much sturdier than similar totes at local hardware storesI bought 6 of the grey totes to organize some of the clutter in the garage and they seem sturdy enough for most of the items I want to store. I like the moderate size because they’re easy for me to manage and carry. These totes aren’t cheap but they are built much better than the hinged lid totes found at my local big box stores.My one complaint has to do with pricing. I bought my case of grey totes in mid-August 2016 for a project that ended up being put on hold. I paid $133.98 + 9.04 tax and today when I looked them up thinking I might buy more I was surprised to see that the price is substantially lower now – $115.30. Great if I decide to buy more today but still can’t help feeling like I got ripped off on my original purchase. I watched these for a few weeks before I made my August purchase and they held steady at $133.98. Now I’m wishing I’d held off on buying since my garage cleaning/sorting project was delayed and I plan to begin this coming weekend.On a more positive note, I can save even more if I decide to buy additional totes and choose red or green (they were either the same price or even more expensive than the grey back in August) since they are now down to $80.07!

  9. Dave

    Great product.Great product for what I needed it for.

  10. Jacob Hipps

    Great for moving/storageBought 18 of these (3 packs) to use when moving last year, and have also lent them out to some friends for their moves. I had a ton of books to move, and these worked great for those. Loaded up with books, each of them probably weighed about 60 to 80 lbs each. I’ve been through a ton of moves, and these definitely made the process *much* smoother than using cheap totes from Walmart, which will bend and buckle in the middle. Loading them into the truck, carrying them up/down stairs, they held up great. We stacked them 6 to 8 high in the moving truck, and they held up great.Although they are very strudy, I don’t think I would recommend them for shipping heavy items without using an additional exterior crate or box, due to the heavy abuse packages see as they are loaded/unloaded and travel along conveyors.

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