ANNKE 32 Channel H.265+ 4MP Security AI Digital Video Recorder with Human/Vehicle Detection, 5-in-1 CCTV DVR for Home/Business

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Connectivity Technology VGA, HDMI, USB, BNC
Item Dimensions LxWxH 18.31 x 13.19 x 4.53 inches
Number of Channels 32
Item Weight 5 Pounds

  • 【Smarter Person/Vehicle Detections Staying in the Know】 Having optimized the AI person/vehicle detection, ANNKE DVR sends you the intruding alerts by app pushes & emails more instantly & precisely. Always get to know a real threat at time yet free from unnecessary alarms.
  • 【Ideal 5-in-1 Hybrid 4MP DVR for Full-Range Protection】 Up to 34CH, including 32pcs 4MP analogs + 2pcs IP cameras, ANNKE DVR accesses the DVR/NVR/HVR tech seamlessly to record videos from TVI/CVI/AHD/CVBS with a 4MP resolution & IP cameras at a clarity of 6MP.
  • 【Exclusive H.265 Pro+ Plus 20TB HDD for Longer Recording】 With ANNKE industry-leading H.265 Pro+, the streaming speed is faster yet the file size is smaller without losing the image quality. Plus a total of 20TB HDD (10TB per disk), recording lasts longer before overwriting.
  • 【Remote Access via Your Most Convenient Way】 You can whether remote access by an ANNKE Vision App downloaded on your phones, iPads, tablets, etc. with WiFi/2G/3G/4G/5G, or switch to a browser you’re familiar with to conveniently customize your concerning areas and more!
  • 【All-Around Certifications & Encryptions for Your Privacy】 Every ANNKE is certified by UL, CE, FCC & HDMI plus secured by 128-bit AES, HTTPS, private protocols & conformant to GDPR. Multi-filter protections are set for your privacy.



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Product Description


32 Channels 4MP DVR Specs:

  • Video Compression: H.265 Pro+/H.265 Pro/H.265/H.264+/H.264
  • Audio Input: 1-ch, RCA (2.0 Vp-p, 1 KΩ)/32-ch via coaxial cable
  • Audio Output: 1-ch, RCA (Linear, 1 KΩ)
  • Max Playback Channel: 16CH
  • Human/Vehicle Analysis: Up to 32CH

32 Channels 4MP DVR

Expandable 32CH Digital Video Recorder

 Expandable 32CH Digital Video Recorder

The DVR supports up to 32 pcs analog security cameras and 2 pcs IP cameras simultaneously. If switch to the IP signal by settings, you can connect up to 34 pcs IP cameras (no analog cameras) at once.

Simple Plug & Go Installation

Simple Plug & Go Installation

1. Connect the cams to the DVR with BNC cables; 2. Link the DVR to a router with the included network cable; 3. Power on the cams & DVR; 4. Get a live view & recording.

Note: ANNKE analog / IP cameras, BNC cables, camera adapters, and an HDD (not included) are needed.


Advanced H.265+ Video Format

H.265+ coding sends smaller file sizes yet keeps high image quality & records for a longer time before overwriting. Just enjoy a smooth high-quality stream on your devices & save your phone’s storage bandwidth greatly!

easy remote access

Keep An Eye on Your Property Remotely

Simply download the free ANNKE Vision App on your Android/iOS phones, tablets & computers, you’ll never miss a single moment as you can access & playback remotely, and even get instant alerts when intruders are detected.

person vehicle detection

Motion Detection 2.0

Based on deep learning, Motion Detection 2.0 classifies human & vehicle while reducing unwanted false alarms. Support quick search by objects, too.

Data Encryption, Cyber Security

Ultra-Strong Data Encryption

Using AWS server, HTTPS & bank-level encryptions, ANNKE is not involved. So NO data will be left to us. Your privacy is safe from top to bottom.

Faster Heat Dissipation & Lower Noise

Heat Dissipation & Lower Noise

With a solid metal housing, the heat dissipation is impressively faster after a long-time operation while minimizing ambient noises & vibrations.

Usage With or Without the Internet

With or Without the Internet

Without the internet, local recording & live view run once connect the DVR to a monitor. With the internet, you can get remote control & pops-up.

About upgrading

This DVR supports upgrading to 5MP lite, please ask us for the upgrade firmware if you need

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 18.31 × 13.19 × 4.53 cm
Product Dimensions

18.31 x 13.19 x 4.53 inches

Item Weight

5 Pounds



Item model number


Date First Available

April 17 2015



10 reviews for ANNKE 32 Channel H.265+ 4MP Security AI Digital Video Recorder with Human/Vehicle Detection, 5-in-1 CCTV DVR for Home/Business

  1. Wolfy

    Great System, SUPER CUSTOMER SUPPORT!! No Hardwire PTZ but does support WiFi Camera PTZ.This is an UPDATE REVIEW of the ANNKE 32-Channel Hybrid DVR/NVR System. April 17 2020.I originally gave this product 3 out of 5 stars because of a mistake in thinking this product had hardwire PTZ capability (RS 485 Port) which seemed present in the products photos, but was actually blocked off and not installed as a feature of the unit. I took for granted that most modern DVR systems have a RS 485 port for hard wire PTZ control. My other 2 systems both did.The reason I purchased this unit was the need to expand my system and have something that would also accept WiFi cameras. My current system only allows 8 Hardwire and 8 WiFi cameras when I have 15 hardwire and 12 WiFi.To my surprise, ANNKE Support contacted me and apologized for the error which was more my fault for not doing more “ Home Work” on the products specifications.ANNKE are very customer friendly, and even though this was a mistake on my part they offered to send me 2 Cameras (2MP Each) free of charge to off-set the 2 Hardwire PTZ cameras I have on my current system. I do have a separate PTZ controller that I could use, but I would not be able to remote control the hardwire PTZ cameras through an app when away from the farm.The unit does support WiFi PTZ cameras though, which helps out a lot in the furthest areas I need to monitor on the farm.Overall, although the misconception about the hardwire PTZ support was a letdown, ANNKE’s support really shines, and their commitment to making the customer happy really showed. I am more than happy to say the unit is a great addition to my farm and with that I have changed my review from 3 stars to a solid 5 star.Thank you again to the support staff an ANNKE who reached out and contacted me in reference to my original review and went above and beyond to make me a happy, satisfied customer.I highly recommend this DVR/NVR 32 Chanbel Hybrid system.I leave my original review below for others to see.Bought this Hybrid DVR – NVR to replace my older DVR that did not support both Wired and WiFi IP cameras at the same time. I like the feature of splitting the channels so I can use 16 Wired and 18 WiFi IP cameras. You also can install 2 HHD’s for extra storage capacity.But this unit does not support Wired PTZ ( Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras, which I need. The photos show the RS-485 jack for PTZ but it appeared to have a plug on it which I thought was to protect the jack. The motherboard does not have the jack installed and the port is actually covered by a plastic insert.As there are many types of cameras that have PTZ, I am surprised this unit does not support the Wired ones. My last 3 systems all had PTZ support and it seems strange for this unit not to be equipped for this.Also, ANNKE’s website and store has no record of this Model or type of DVR / NVR and apparently no product support.

  2. LT

    Good customer serviceHad issue with the box and was contacted by Annke customer service to help resolve the issues. Its important to a consumer that customer service actually exists so you can rest assure someone will answer for support.

  3. Antonio Pezzino

    Great Security Camera DVR!Great product! Very easy to setup! I had the system up and running with all 32 cameras in less than 4 hours.Day 1, Plug and play with no port forwarding required to view away from home. Easy app setup and QR scan worked great. Lots of features. Best system I’ve had so far. (32 camera Ankee) can support 2 full size hard drives. Was able to connect 2 phones remote under same login. I highly recommend it

  4. GreaseMonkey

    This is the one you wantUpdate: 1 year still doing pretty good. Have recommended to several people so far.Day 1, Plug and play with no port forwarding required to view away from home. Easy app setup and QR scan worked great. Lots of features. Best system I’ve had so far. (32 camera Ankee) can support 2 full size harddrives. Was able to connect 2 phones remote under same login. Will update later if I have issues.

  5. ST193

    Good alternative to OEMsUsed for small business that doesnt have a lot of extra resources for security. Does a good job at giving us a day/night view.Only gave 3 stars for tech support because I haven’t used it.

  6. Robert Owen

    Failed out of the box. Support won’t listen. Continuing trying to troubleshoot after I returned it.I purchased this DVR as an emergency replacement for our main DVR that failed. We have over 24 analog cameras of varying brands and resolutions that have worked flawlessly with multiple DVRs over the years. Upon installing this DVR random channels would go to black, display normal, lose sync, display black and white or do all of the above. I opened a ticket with their support and it became immediately obvious that even though they claimed to be an engineer, they were only sending scripted responses. I would send an answer to their question in the morning and not receive a response until very late at night, indicating that the “support” was coming from China or India. It was obvious that they were not reading my responses and sending “talking points” instead of real trouble shooting. After sending them a video of the problem they should have offered a replacement but instead wanted me to replace cameras and cabling. I boxed it up and sent it back to Amazon and told then so but they are still trying to get me to troubleshoot it even though I no longer have it. Our organization will not buy Annke products in the future.

  7. IT Hollywood

    Great DVR with easy out of the box setupIt is very simple to set up and configure. The remote access feature is amazing and easy to use.

  8. Amin R Marcalle CompuWorks

    HDThis is the best DVR, not only the DVR but the security system.

  9. Ron

    Absolutely worst software to view and playback.Installation was easy even though you must install your own hard drive as one is not included.Incompatible software for google browser and barely compatible mac make this unit basically useless for remote viewing and playback.Help desk was in China. No one answers a phone and chat help cannot understand or give straight responses to your questions.i was totally unsatisfied after wasting numerous trying to get this thing to remote view. Sent it back as this is a piece of junk.

  10. Carlos Chen

    CCTVA good equipment with great options to use

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