ARBORTECH ALLSAW AS175 | Masonry Restoration Kit incl. Saw Blades and Bag | ALL.FG.175110.20

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Brand Arbortech
Surface Recommendation Wood
Power Source Corded Electric
Included Components Bare-Tool
Amperage 13 Amps
Item Weight 18.1 Pounds

  • POWER TOOL | Equipped with a heavy duty 13 Amp high performance saw motor, heavy duty Triple V Belt and extended carbon brush life, the electric saw enables a more seamless cutting experience
  • PRECISION | The flexible precision electric saw is the only saw that cuts masonry, mortar and similar materials up to 6.75 inch deep, without over cutting and with outstanding precision
  • QUALITY | The ARBORTECH AS175 is innovative and durable. Vibration Reduction Handle further enhances ergonomics, allowing for extended use
  • DUST CONTROL | Heavy Duty Dust Boot collects most of the dust generated when connected to a vacuum. This keeps the worksite clean and reduces silica saw dust particles in the air
  • INCLUDED | The portable saw comes with a set each of general purpose, headjoint and plunge saw blades, 2 dust boots, 2 sets of blade bolts, a torque key and an ARBORTECH heavy duty storage bag
SKU: B07T2MV982


The ARBORTECH ALLSAW AS175 is designed to cut Type N mortar with a PSI of 750.

Equipped with a new 13 Amp high performance motor, improved heavy duty Triple V Belt and carbon brushes, this electric tool offers an unprecedented cutting experience! The forward facing ARBORTECH blades allow clear visibility when cutting, making the AS175 the ideal hand held saw whenever accuracy and precision is required. At the same time, the low-vibration handle improves the working feeling and comfort for the user. The inherently safe cutting action prevents kickback and is easy to control, so that the power cutter saw provides superior operator safety and efficiency when cutting brick walls, mortar and more.

The ALLSAW AS175 is the only dustless masonry saw that allows cuts up to 6.9 inches deep with outstanding precision and cuts square openings with no over cutting. The unique patented cutting technology produces larger saw dust particles that emerge at a lower speed and produces little airborne dust compared to a electric cut off saw which creates a safer environment for the operator and bystanders. For the first time you can cut dry and cut clean at the same time. Surrounding brickwork can remain untouched, no bolstering or stitch drilling is required and job completion times can be reduced. Preparatory work with a chisel or jigsaw is no longer necessary. Inside jobs are now possible without the usual painstaking clean up time.

With increased safety and efficiency, the brick saw is ideal for trade professionals and DIY enthusiasts. There is a number of specialized blade options for specialized trade applications. The power hand saw is ideal for cutting masonry and mortar and can also be used as a saw for wood and is suitable for facade renovation, plumbing and electrical installations and home improvement.

Important information


1400 watts

Additional information

Weight 18.1 kg
Dimensions 31 × 15.4 × 5 cm


Surface Recommendation


Power Source


Included Components



13 Amps

Number of Teeth


Number of Batteries

1 Lithium Ion batteries required.


1400 watts

Part Number


Item Weight

18.1 Pounds

Product Dimensions

31 x 15.4 x 5 inches


1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

Item Package Quantity


Batteries Included


Batteries Required




Date First Available

June 4 2019



10 reviews for ARBORTECH ALLSAW AS175 | Masonry Restoration Kit incl. Saw Blades and Bag | ALL.FG.175110.20

  1. Hermes Tristmegistus

    Don’t do it don’t do it please don’t do it read read read.I’ll be honest my expectations were not very high for the product knowing that it had carbide blades and it would have limitations but…. I don’t even know where to start . I will honestly say that this is the worst money I’ve ever spent and this is coming from someone who up until about 8 years ago had a 350$ a day heroin and vodka habit. I am not saying I’m the best I’m sure I’m not but I am a fifth generation mason with 25 years of experience, I started out tending for my dad and uncle in the summers at 13 so I’m not necessarily new. So I’ve got a job in a finished house putting a fireplace in an existing chimney and thought that this would be a good tool for the job and a nice addition to my collection of tools, boy was I wrong. First off this tool is the same dewalt grinder motor and housing that I got at tractor supply on sale for 79$ which I use for a back up because the thing is junk. I asked if it was in the forum but no answer, after I bought I called arbortech to try to acquire a rubber hose that was recommended by another arbortech person and the guy I talked to had been there 20 years and confirmed my suspicions that yes it is a mass production cheap dewalt motor and housing. I also asked if I could cut 4″ cmu block and he said no problem but could not use on type s mortar which was alarming. I asked if I could use the same green wheel I use to sharpen my stone chisels because in the ad it says blades can be resharpend well he chuckled and said most people just run em down and toss them out. I soon was to find out why he chuckled at the question. I made 3 – 8″ inch cuts in type N “soft and weak” mortar it took at least a half hour and when I was done there was not a speck of carbide left on those blades. I started out with the general purpose blades but in the ad it says cuts 4 3/4 well not with the dust boot on so off that went and talk about slow I mean agonizingly slow they say it is safer than diamond blades because there is no dust but I guarantee you that per inch of cut it puts out the same dust it is just 1/1000 as fast at cutting so ofcourse there is going to be less dust floating around. Let’s talk safty now. This thing will give you nerve damage from the vibration and rattle the fillings out of your teeth by the time you have a whole 8 hour day cutting through one block , they say it will cut brick trust me when I say IT WILL NOT not a chance. It’s funny I did my due diligence looked at every video on YouTube and it shows them cutting out old lime mortar and then shows a guy in every video put the saw up to a brick or block wall and then skips to him pulling out a perfect square to put in a window. Ofcourse they can’t show it live it would be a 3 day video and would go through thousands of dollars worth of blades . Please I know it seems great but don’t be dumb like me stay away this thing is worthless it is not replacing a single tool you already have I am actually ashamed of myself for falling for this gimmick. My dad said just drill out the brick “with one of my 5 hammer drills” but ofcourse I didn’t listen ” oh he is old school, get with the times , embrace technology , stop living in the past, I’ll do it my way” guys been doing it for 50 years what do I have rocks in my head what was I thinking , if it was a real game changer I would have heard about it everyone in my family would have one like a power ladder and I would have already owned one or 3. I have never taken the time or felt compelled to write a poor review I’m just not that guy but this thing is just the biggest pile of s… I have ever used I mean I bought a sds max rotary hammer and the same part went twice back to back and never said a peep but please please please listen when I say the only thing this thing can cut maybe is 200 year old turned to sand lime mortar and at that point take 15$ go to any hardware store and get a tile grout blade for your sawsall that you already own it will work better and save you thousands of dollars. Once again don’t be dumb like me. I’m going to try to post pictures of the three soft joints I was able to cut before the 80$ blade went and a picture of the blade also a picture of my junk dewalt grinder next to this 1000$+ scam. They could have at least went with a metabo or even a made in Japan makita but nope. The first picture is as far as I made it with the arbortech and the rest I did with a hammer drill and grinder in the same time it took to cut out those 3 joints. Look at how light in color the mortar is that is 100% N mortar. Look at the comparison between grinder and arbortech same exact unit every screw right down to the lines in the grips to the vents .

  2. Matthew McEachran

    Great tool for soft mortar repointingDoesn’t work well on hard mortar

  3. hilary langer

    Cuts brick like butterUsed this to cut quickly into a 9″ double wythe brick wall from each side approx. 42″ wide x 28″ high. Each cut took approx. 30 seconds and corners were cut square (no cross hair cut like from circular saw) The blades penetrated full depth of each brick wythe. Shop vac. hose attachment keeps brick dust to a minimum. Expensive at $1025. It is up to operator skill to perform straight and perpendicular cuts, tool will cut where pushed.

  4. Chris Marks

    Nice but expensive.The AS175 Allsaw is a great saw for restoration work it will chew through mortar and brick like butter. The only downfall to the saw, is it does not like new mortar and bricks it will cut them but it wears on the blades quickly. The dust that comes from the saw is extremely minimal, almost none. That part I really love. Overall it is a great saw they just need to come down in price a good bit. Selling point is a little too high.

  5. Mountain Man

    Not for Portland Mortar, simple as thatIf you get on here and post about being a 25 year mason, and list Type N as soft and weak mortar, you are a hod, and not a mason.Anyone with a brain knows that type n, or any mortar mix with portland is extremely hard and will only be cut by diamond blades.THIS SAW IS FOR LIME MORTAR. NO PORTLAND MORTAR IS SOFT. PERIOD

  6. nhdeerhunter

    GarbageI specialize in masonry repair and restoration and have thoroughly tested this Arbortech as175 on many projects old an new for two years. It’s by far the worst investment I’ve ever made on a tool. Every time I use it I get so aggravated that I just toss it aside. A rotary hammer will work circles around this thing. Unless they start making blades with diamonds this thing will always be useless. This will not cut brick, block, or mortar easily, not even type n. Perhaps it would be fine for cutting uncured mortar that was laid a day or two ago(I suspect this is how they make the promotional videos), or even old lime mortar that could be removed easier with a multi tool.

  7. Dave

    Eats up blades faster than you can install themI went through a couple of hundred $$ worth of blades on one small job.

  8. Rick Reviewer

    Doesn’t work at allComplete and total rip off. Amazon should get rid of this seller. The saw itself is useless. That should cover it. If you’re thinking maybe this…… get a grip it doesn’t. You would have a hard time cutting lines on a beach with this POS.

  9. Glenna Smith

    It takes a brick out in 2 minutes flat. Greatest power tool I have every bought.Makes a brick repair job easy and profitable. Tool seams a little over priced but you can make it up on labor savings. Did an aluminum fence job in a tree line and it takes roots out just a quick. The labor savings on the fence job paid for the tool. Could not have finished the job without this tool. Love it!!!

  10. Alex M-R

    Great tool for restorationGreat tool for restoration of brick workIt tears soft motar out nicely . Dont use on hard mortar though you will kill it !

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