Backyard Discovery Liberty II All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set

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Brand Backyard Discovery
Color Bronze
Material Wood
Item Weight 619 Pounds
Product Dimensions 167″D x 200″W x 148″H

  • A wooden playset for backyards with 2 playdecks, a huge play fort with slide, 2 belt swings, a playset glider and a sandbox
  • Heavy duty Backyard Discovery kids fort with wood roof and bay windows. sun porch with 5-ft high deck
  • Railings surround the lower playdeck with 2 pedestal seats and a sandbox for kids
  • Two standard belt swing set swings and a two-person swing set glider. A 10 foot kids slide – wavelike super safe but speedy
  • Standard playset ladder on this climbing playset. A challenging solid rock climbing wall
  • 3D interactive assembly instructions for this product are available through the free BILT app.


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Backyard Discovery

10 reviews for Backyard Discovery Liberty II All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set

  1. Miech

    Large, Attractive, & Well Designed.I’ve been bit by online furniture purchases in the past arriving damanged and destroyed, so I was nervous purchacing a large wooden contraption off Amazon. Either I got lucky, or this product is actually well packaged. Delivery was quick and two men unloaded 4 long, heavy boxes to my garage floor. Two of the four boxes, as expected, were torn open and damaged, but to my amazement no damage occurred on the parts within. One tiny inconsequential piece did fall out of the box, but I was able to make it myself out of a bit of cedar from a local hardware store. It is really impressive how almost every square inch of all four of the boxes were expertly laid out to which I assume preveted a lot of shipping damage.I started by organizing all of the parts into their own piles and checked off pieces from the instruction manual check-list to ensure everything was present.This made finding parts later much easier. While unpacking I also inspected each piece and did some basic repairs on some wood that had minor natural splits using wood filler or glue. No splits were structurally unsound, but pieces such as the roof panels could have used a bit more reinforcement for their thin wood that was prone to damage. Unpacking took a long time.Hardware is packaged by type with clearly labeled bags. There are at least 30 different types of screws, bolts, washers, nutts, etc. I had no issues mixing anything up and each bag seems to include at least one extra of that type of bolt which is nice as I did have one bolt that was deformed in manufacturing.Assembling the structure was easier than expected. 98% of the steps I was able to accomplish alone with my helper simply holding a board in place on occasion. I worked at it for an hour or two every few days and I would say it took about 20 hours or so to assemble. Many “components” such as the slide, or the rock wall can be pre-assembled first in the garage to save time on a rainy day leaving the main structure for outside assembly.I would rate the wood itself about 8/10. I had only one board that was slightly mis-drilled requiring correction, the rest lined up very well. Most of the boards were clean and straight though there were a few that had a slight curve or split when screwed in place due to their natural curvature being corrected. One board had a giant knot that fell out and needed to be filled with wood filler. I would say that quality control could have been a bit better in selecting boards, but for the most part the wood met my expectations for the price. Personally I would have preferred slightly thicker boards as standing on the main deck during assembly I could feel the floor bowing under my weight (200lbs) but it will be fine for children. The boards were mostly well stained, but there was the occasional sloppy stain job. Each board feels slightly sticky which may indicate a basic sealant or simply the wood stain. I purchased my own higher quality clear sealer for sealing immediately after construction as I can’t say that I would trust the factory sealant long term.The instruction manual was very clear though occasionally switched to Spanish on some pages, but there are very few words so the point got across. Complicated steps were often labeled with detailed “orientation” diagrams showing what direction certain pre-drilled holes should face which were very helpful. Oddly, not all steps had this and at least one time I had installed a major support beam backwards. Rather than disassemble a large portion of the structure I simply drilled my own pilot holes. Instructions could have also used better advice on wider walls where 20 boards are stacked vertically to form the interior wall; you can’t assume each board butts up to its neighhbor otherwise the last board installed could have a 1/2″ gap. Plan ahead!Overall, I consider this playset well worth its cost delivered to my door. It isn’t the thickest, highest-quality set out there, but those sets are easily 2-3x the cost. It is well packed, the instructions are well written, and it is definately possible to build yourself given basic construction know-how and a good long weekend. It was actually a fun project. With proper care and a good sealant coat every 2 years or so (like any outside wood structure) I would expect it to last many years.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Grandson LOVES LOVES LOVESWe had been searching for an outdoor playset for quite awhile and did alot of research. By far this was the most affordable and checked off all the things we were looking for in a playset. We did, however go by other reviews we read to sort through all the pieces before we began and have them in piles everywhere by Letters/Numbers. That did take us about1 1/2 hours and well worth it to make sure we had all the pieces. Next thing my husband did was sort and pre-set up each step. (Example: Step 1 – he had the hardware in a little zip lock bag marked Step 1 on top of the wood pieces we needed. He sorted all the steps this way. We had the steps laid out in order on pallets in the yard near where we were building it.) All this pre-prep work made the build go very easily. We managed to get this built over the span of 2 days (due to weather- rain). We did add a bunch of accessories (boat wheel, telescope, pirate flag, green phone). Also, we added landscaping fabric in the sandbox area and filled it with pea gravel instead and added his little trucks in there. Only thing we did purchase recently were 3 ft handlebars we are going to add to the rock climbing wall area. This area is kind of steep and our grandson is only 3 years old. We just feel safer having bars on this portion. Grandson loves it! We just ordered the little Backyard Discovery Playhouse Cottage to add to this area out back.

  3. Ted Bennett

    Pros and some cons, but mostly Pros.The other reviews I looked at before buying were spot on. First off you gotta organize before you start or you’ll go nuts looking for stuff. Took me 2 full 10 hour days to do it. I did it all by myself with some minor help from my 6 year old. I’m relatively handy but even if you’re not this is a great project that you can do to improve your skills. It actually was pretty fun for me. Some of the boards had some splits that I had to carefully work work. Don’t over tighten stuff. You’ll want to seal it after the first summer. It held my 200 lb weight with very little creaking. I’m not going to be playing on it but I’ve gone up the rock wall a few times and the ladder more than that. I also went down the slide a few times. My neighbor lady (weighs about 185) was using the swings too and it seemed to hold up okay. Not it’s not for adults but we play on it and it’s held up. It isn’t the most quality deal, but you probably don’t want it to anyways so you can get rid of of when your kids are too old for it. Enjoy!

  4. Joe Leinberger

    Attention to detail will save you time and headachesResearched and read numerous reviews of this and other play sets. It is very important to lay things out correctly and do a through inventory. This allowed for a fast assembly. I was moving at a leisurely pace and finished in two days. You will need a help or it will be more difficult for parts of the install such as the slide and swing beam assembly. They can also help by reading ahead and staging the next part while you build the current.

  5. Amber coon

    I have to say this turned out great! Shipper got it to us a week earlyOrdering a big Playset off of Amazon was a leap of faith for us. I have to say this turned out great! Shipper got it to us a week early. The manual suggested organizing and ensuring all parts come in the boxes (4 big ones). I recommend doing that it will save you time later. Assembly instructions were easy to follow. We had it built in about 3 days. We also had to do a bunch of dirt work to get ground level during that time. I think if we didn’t have dirt work it would have been about a 2 day job. Product seems well built and out of good material. I would recommend purchasing this product.

  6. Go Dukes

    Pleased but came damaged.Pleased with our new playset. It did take 2.5 days of 2 people to build it. And it came with one area of serious damage. Wasn’t feasible to wait for a replacement part so built around it. All in all it’s a very nice playground. Would recommend it despite the delivery issues.

  7. Kevin E. Harris

    Amazing value and quality!This thing exceeded our expectations. I’m not sure you could find a comparable set for this price from another company. Installation took me and a helper 12 hours with one person reading the directions and gathering parts and the other assembling. Quality is great. I couldn’t buy just the lumber for this price much less all the hardware, swings, and slide. We also put a turtle sandbox in the sandbox area so we could cover it to keep animals from getting in the sand. It fit great!

  8. Amazon Customer

    Not real CedarDoes not hold up well. The wood is not anything like real American cedar. It’s much softer and more brittle. It’s cheap so I guess you can’t complain too much.

  9. Amazon Customer

    PlaysetBeautiful play set, my kids 4 and 2 absolutely love it, everything came in the box nothing was missing, it did take my husband and a one of his friends and father in law that were able to help on some days a whole month, we live in Texas so the weather is always funky around this time, lots of rain and cold weather, but I’m the pretty sunny days they were working hard on it. A must buy!

  10. Sherri Sparks

    The play set once put together is beautiful and our 2 year old granddaughter loves itThe play set once put together is beautiful and our 2 year old granddaughter loves it. But it’s not a one day project. You need at least two people and a full weekend. It took us approximately 16 hrs to complete this swing set and my husband does have carpenter knowledge. You receive 4 boxes approximately 10′ long that includes all the wood and hundreds of screws, bolts and washers. The bags are all marked with the sizes and the wood are also marked. The instructions are very clear and easy to understand all 120 some pages!!

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