Barska Quick and Easy Access Biometric Rifles, Firearms and Long Guns Safe for Home, Removable Shelf, Optional Silent Mode, 1.83

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Lock Type Electronic
Color Multicolor
Material Aluminum
Product Dimensions 52.17″D x 9.7″W x 8.66″H
Included Components Security Depository Safe
Item Weight 62 Pounds
Style 4-Position
Alarm Lock
Water Resistance Level Not Water Resistant

  • 【High Level Secure Rifle Safe/ DOJ Approved】BARSKA DOJ Approved Biometric rifle safes are the ultimate in quick access security solutions for rifle, ammo, handguns, and firearms
  • 【Biometric Scanner/ Optional Silent Mode】Our high-quality biometric scanner allows access to your valuables in just 2.5 seconds with the simple scan of a fingerprint. It also has an additional silent mode for discrete access
  • 【Solid Steel Construction/ Durable】Solidly built with 100% steel walls and tamper-resistant inner edges, 3 built-in steel bolts ensuring your firearms put away from your kids or intruders
  • 【Rifle Storage】The biometric fingerprint safe fits practically anywhere for unrivaled convenience and stores handguns and up to 4 rifles without any accessory attachments and comes with a removable shelf
  • 【Mounting】The safe comes with pre-drilled holes and concrete mounting hardware, allowing the safe to be easily mounted. Fireproof- No (Please Take Appropriate Caution During Emergencies)



Product Description

The compact, all-steel Baraka Biometric Rifle Safe keeps your firearms within near-instant reach. The advanced biometric module scans fingerprints in just 1. 5 seconds for reliable quick access, trusted firearm security, and upgraded home defense.

Barska is committed to customer satisfaction and provides free technical support. Review the User Manual for more information.

From the manufacturer

AX11652 banner


  • Item: AX11652
  • Metal Thickness: 14 Gauge
  • Locking Module: Biometric
  • Exterior Dimensions (DxWxH): 8.63″ x 9.75″ x 52.13″
  • Interior Dimensions (DxWxH): 6.3″ x 9.7″ x 51.75″
  • Weight: 62 lbs

Instant Home Defense & Absolute Firearm Security

3.7 million home invasions occur every year – and 27% of the time, a family member is at home.

With Barska’s Biometric Rifle Safe, firearm access and home defense are as quick as 2.5 seconds. Tamper-resistant, pry-proof, and crafted with steel, our renowned Biometric Fingerprint Safe ensures secure firearm storage away from your kids and effectively deters unauthorized access. Store your shotgun, rifles, handguns, and ammo all in one compact and mountable location.

  • Higher level of security for your firearms
  • 2.5 sec fast firearm access for home defense
  • Anti-Pry Concealed Door Hinges
  • Department of Justice approved
  • Ideally fits 2 Rifles
  • Protective Floor Mat
  • Accessory Shelf is 46″ from floor
  • Included: Mounting Hardware ; Backup Keys x 2 ; Emergency Battery Pack x 1 ; AA Batteries x 4

Crafted for Secure Firearm Storage

Biometric Module

Theft Proof

Steel Protection

Solidly built with 100% steel walls and tamper-resistant inner edges, the Biometric Rifle Safe comes with 3 built-in steel deadbolts to create a 3 point locking system that resists prying, locks out thieves, and keeps your firearms away from your kids.

Biometric Module

Our high quality Biometric Module stores up to 120 fingerprints and is consistent and reliable. Allowing users to access their valuables in 2.5 seconds and has an optional silent mode.

Backup Access

Battery-efficient biometric technology delivers low power consumption and allows 4 AA batteries to power the safe for up to 1 year (or 10,000 scans). For additional unlocking methods, use the included keys or power with the backup battery pack.

Proven Value

Barska is determined to deliver quality products at an affordable value. Our Biometric Fingerprint Lock has undergone and passed stringent testing for burglary protection.

Advanced Biometrics: Instant 2.5 Second Access

You don’t have the luxury to find your key or input a combination during high-stress situations. With a press of a button, the biometric module accurately scans and stores up to 120 fingerprints in its central database. You’ll have foolproof, high-level biometric security that easily surpasses outdated keypad, key, or combination safes. With Barska’s Biometric Rifle Safe, you can enjoy up to a 100% unlocking rate on the first attempt – even during high stress or home invasions. Simply scan the same finger multiple times at different angles.


Towards the Side of the Sensor

Place and scan your finger on the rightmost side of the sensor. Make sure at least 2/3rd of your fingerprint is on the sensor or else the biometric module will not detect it.

Scan your finger at the leftmost side of the sensor as well.


Horizontally on the Sensor

Place your finger horizontally on the sensor with your finger pointing to the right. The walls surrounding the module will prevent you from fully pressing your finger to the sensor. To successfully register your fingerprint, simply press the tips of your finger (the top 2/3rd) as firmly as you can to the sensor.

Scan in the opposite direction with your finger pointing to the left.


Higher and Lower on the Sensor

Place your finger high on the sensor. Make sure at least 2/3rd of your fingerprint is on the sensor or else the biometric module will not detect it. The very tip of your finger will not be on the sensor.

You should also scan your finger low on the sensor with only the top 2/3rd of your fingerprint pressed to the sensor.



To the Side




High & Low

Important information

Safety Information

Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Legal Disclaimer

2 days shipping

Additional information

Weight 62 kg
Dimensions 9.7 × 52.17 × 8.66 cm
Part Number


Item Weight

62 pounds

Product Dimensions

9.7 x 52.17 x 8.66 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number



4 AA batteries required. included









Item Package Quantity


Number Of Pieces


Included Components

Security Depository Safe

Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Battery Cell Type


Warranty Description

1 year



Date First Available

August 1 2011



8 reviews for Barska Quick and Easy Access Biometric Rifles, Firearms and Long Guns Safe for Home, Removable Shelf, Optional Silent Mode, 1.83

  1. Ruben

    Works for meThis is a small safe and it would be a tight fit for 4 long guns. I can only fit (2) auto rifles with scopes, but that works for me. It’s small so will not take much space, sturdiness seems average but hard to say unless tested – I would gave it a 4 star but have no evidence yet. For the price, it’s what I would expect.

  2. Timecow

    Buyer Beware – You Might Want to Read ThisSafe arrived well packed, and didn’t seem to have suffered any damage during shipping. However, the safe was useless since it arrived locked. There is an instruction booklet, a pack of batteries, and a bag of bolts for securing the safe to the floor or wall. All of these items are shipped in a plastic bag outside of the safe. The keys, the one thing you might need, are shipped inside the safe. As a biometric safe, the first thing you would need to do is put in the batteries and set your fingerprint, all of which you do from the inside. If for whatever reason this should fail, you can use the keys to open the safe. This is a good idea. Why on EARTH would they put the keys, and only the keys, on the inside of a device that is made to be un-openable. If they just kept the keys in with the other hardware, it would have saved me a lot of work and a lot of time having to repackage the safe (Which was not at all easy) and go through the process to return it.With that said, Amazon once again amazes me. I got online, and in a few quick steps was done setting up the return. UPS will be notified by Amazon and will come by to pick up the returned safe tomorrow. To top that off, a couple hours later I got a shipping notice that my replacement has already been shipped, with the same 2 day delivery I get as a Prime member. Amazon took a bad situation created by Barska, and turned it into a mild inconvenience. I should have the new one with only a two day delay because of Amazon’s excellent service.I will review the new safe and update when I receive the replacement(Edit – 2 days later)We’ll, I got my replacement today. Once again let me just say that Amazon is awesome, and this has nothing at all to do with them. I would give Amazon 5 stars if I was only reviewing the transaction.THat being said, The second safe arrived, and this time the keys were outside the safe so I could open it. Unfortunately, that’s what I did. I unlocked it, turned the handle, and the door started to open, then hit me in the face… Really. The piece that holds the door to the hinge pin, which is spot welded on, had broken off, so the top of the door was loose once it was unlocked. THe other thing I noticed was along with the keys, there were a couple other pieces that had not shipped the first time. I think the first one they sent had been returned to them already. Maybe not, but with the parts that were missing, is seems likely. Anyway, so now I am on my second one. I unwrapped this one with extra care in case I was going to have to ship it back. Little did I know a few minutes later that would be what I was facing. (And believe me, it is a pain to re-box this thing!) I was pretty angry that I had received two worthless safes, and was going to return it and ask for my money back. Maybe that’s what I should have done, but I really didn’t want to box the thing up again. Instead, I took the door outside and grabbed my little wire-feed welder. I didn’t even bother with the gas, I just through an ugly (but strong) weld on the piece that had come off. After putting the welder away, I came in and worked on installing the door. It took a little figuring out, because there were pieces that had been rolling around in the safe so I had to sort things out. Turned out one of the screws came out of the middle of the door. The sheet metal didn’t quite line up, and it looks like someone just tossed the screw and washer in and said “Screw it” (Noo pun intended) SO, I got that screw put in, finally got the door assembly all put together, and finally it was ready for mounting. I wouldn’t bother with the bolts the sent, but that’s just my own opinion. I used some of my own hardware to et it mounted to the wall and the floor.Finally I was ready. I programmed my thumb print, shut and locked the door, and it opened first try with my thumb. The sides and back are just sheet metal, and the door isn’t going to be much tougher, (especially the way they weld!) so this is not a safe to put something in if you really think there is a risk of someone breaking in. A drill and a sawz-all and they would be in in under 2 minutes. However, for just somewhere to lock your gun (or two) that will keep it away from those who shouldn’t play with it, and assuming you get one that works, it will do a decent job. I like the biometrics so I don’t have to worry about a key or a combo.I spent WAY more effort than I should have had to keep from returning it again, but once I got it fixed, it looks like it will do what it says. Other reviews are right about the size. Ok, for plain rifles if the scope is not too big, or if you have an AR-15 and have anything bigger than a California legal 10 round magazine, you will have to store it alone at an angle or without the magazine. (Though you shouldn’t store a loaded gun anyway, or so they say) If I had returned it and received a good one, I would give it three stars, but since they sent me two broken safes in a row, I leave it at two. I would give it less, but once it is working, it’s OK. Not great, but OK Sorry for not making this a lot shorter…Cheers,

  3. S. Mazzara

    Decent safe with minor issuesI work for a law enforcement agency and was going to be issued a patrol rifle (AR-15) so I figured I should probably get a safe, besides which I already had two shotguns which needed better security than “hidden in the closet”. With only three long guns I didn’t need to spend big bucks on a huge safe with more room than I’ll need, so this safe seemed like the perfect fit. Well, perfect turned out to be an overstatement, but it’s a solid safe and adequate for my needs, so if your needs are similar you’ll probably be satisfied.First, the pros. The safe is small and light, so placing it in your apartment or home by yourself is very easy. It definitely needs to be secured to the wall or floor, like any firearms storage device, but this turned out to be an easy thing to do with another person helping. The safe arrived in immaculate condition with no visible damage or scratches and the locking mechanism and fingerprint scanner worked flawlessly. I have to believe that people who have been having problems with it aren’t even looking at the directions included with the safe; setting up my fingerprints on it took less than five minutes by following the directions exactly. The door is mounted perfectly on the safe and it feels very tight and secure, no rattling or shifting when the handle is tugged. All in all, the safe is great.Now, the cons. The safe is a lot smaller than the advertisement makes it out to be, by which I mean it will not fit four long guns comfortably, depending on what you have. If you have stuff with pistol grips or with mounted optics, you will not be able to fit more than two or three guns in the safe. For example, I have a Remington 870 Express (.410), a pistol-grip Stoeger P-350 (12ga), and a Smith & Wesson M&P-15. The M&P also has a huge tactical light on it. To fit all the guns, I have to rotate the Stoeger and the M&P about a quarter turn in order to allow the door to close fully. I definitely would not be able to fit a fourth gun inside. Don’t plan on being able to put any door hangers on the inside of this safe. The included shelf is also very small, only big enough to hold the side-by-side mag carrier for my rifle. Apart from the size, the mounting equipment included is a joke and appears very flimsy. I have a concrete slab underneath the floor in my apartment, so I was much better off mounting it to the floor with Tapcons (concrete screws) and attaching the back to a wall stud with heavy-duty wood screws. Screws are a better choice for an apartment, anyway, since that makes it much easier to move the safe when moving out and doesn’t sacrifice anything in terms of security.Overall, I’m very satisfied with the safe, especially for the price. Of everything available on Amazon as far as gun storage, I think this is probably going to be the best in this price range. If you have more than three long guns, however, I’d recommend sizing up to Barska’s next-largest safe if you’re looking at this as a possibility. Twice as expensive, but you won’t run into the problem of space constraints.

  4. Babak Morshedizadeh

    Don’t buy this if you have a rifle with a scope; only fits three rifles/shotguns, not four!I am truly sorry I purchased this junk called a “gun safe” and I am sorry I was exited and threw away the box and packaging before using it. If you want a cheap safe that is going to hold 3 shotguns (no scope) or rifles (again, no scope), then it is OK. But, if you plan to put in there actually 4 rifles or shotguns, you are in for a surprise. By the way, if your shotgun or rifle has a barrel longer than 23″ then you cannot use the shelf that comes in the safe. In fact, if you have a pump shotgun w/ a 24″ barrel. you are in for a surprise. Let alone one with a 26″ or 28″ barrel. Of course, if you have a break action, it may fit a 24″ barrel. Otherwise, my friends, you need to remove that internal shelf.But what truly pissed me off is that it can’t fit a rifle with a small 32mm scope!!!! This is insanity. Why design a gun safe that can’t fit a gun with a scope in it.Make sure you measure you firearms (and the ones you may plan to buy in the future). Then compare it to the safe before you push the purchase button.I wasn’t even able to properly fit in my Kel Tec SUB2000 in its open position. The pistol grip blocks the door. Had to fit it in sideways.Totally dissatisfied. But the fingerprint reader is cool.

  5. Jason Morgan

    Small safe for quick accessThe install was very quick Bolted it to the floor and wass with lags and spacers The safe is small but was able to get two firearms inside No scope had to remove itFingerprint setup very eadyThe padded rifle insert never sticks and falls off all thr timeI used two sided tape provide JunkI used velco tape and then i coukd move it uo or down to suit the firearms.Still did not stick well. Not sure whats on the wall but cleaning with alcohol seemed to help

  6. JNgineer

    Decent small safe for the moneyI like the construction, I liked the biometric interface, formerly working in the Access Control field I found the biometrics on this simple, repeatable and effective. My only gripe with this unit is the lack of padding or ‘felt’ inside, it’s very “clangy”. It cost me another $40 and 2hours of my time to effectively ‘spray-glue in speaker box carpet’ to the interior, which significantly improves the noise made when merely opening the door, fastened @ 6-points of contact to the frame of my house. Now when you put it on silent mode, nobody within earshot will hear anything till the bolt closes and we’re ready for business.

  7. j chung

    smaller than expected.Bio-metric scanner works well. never fails. a bit light but once bolted down on bottom and back will fix that issue. hold two rifles without scope. top shelf have two height positions, can fit a pistol or two. no place for ammo. quick access is awesome.

  8. Jordan P

    Cool but too smallBiometrics of the safe works great!Now the bad..The safe arrive with a few scuffs on it (possibly re-packaged).. also I bought it mostly to store a pistol in and possibly the odd rifle I may purchase…but now seeing just how TINY this safe is, not sure my pistol cab even fit up on the top shelf. Wish I would’ve gotten a bigger one

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