BestEquip Heavy Duty Arbor Press 3 Ton, Ratchet Leverage Arbor Press with Handwheel, Manual Desktop Metal Arbor Press 21.5 Inch

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  • Easy Operation & 3 Ton: This arbor press attachment can apply 3 ton of force to facilitate installation, removal, and pressing of items by lowering the steel ram through ratcheted leverage and a convenient handwheel. Max. Work Height: 11.02in/280mm.
  • Premium Iron Material: Made of high quality iron material, this 3 ton arbor press features simple structure, stability and reliability, offering incredible strength and rigidity needed for tougher jobs.
  • Slotted Table-Plate: The hand press comes with an anvil plate, which measures 6.69in/170mm diameter. It is slotted for various application and can be moved and replaced if you have other working demand.
  • Strengthened Base: Designed with thickened and solid base, pre-drilled for mounting on either a bench or pedestal to keep the rivet press sturdy, to ensure the smooth and efficient work.
  • Various Application: This arbor press 3 ton load capacity is suitable for riveting, squeezing, punching, bending, and other pressing applications with different accessories, widely used in assembly and repair industries.



Heavy Duty Arbor Press 3 Ton

From the manufacturer


Key Features




Iron Construction & 1 Ton

This metal stamping press is constructed of high strength cast iron, integral moulding, allowing for the rugged strength needed for tougher jobs, delivering 3 ton of pressure. It features good resistance to corrosion and rust.

Adjustable Non-slip Lever

Easy to operate this hard drive destroyer by a steel ratcheted lever, non-slip and safe. Equipped with a hand wheel to perform light and quick press work. Energy saving.

Ram with Pinions

Ram dimensions: 1.5 x 1.5 x 17.32in. Iron ram is heat treated and the pinions are even, solid, durable and anti-wear. With the aid of a magnetic insert, punches or tools can be added to the end of the ram.

Key Features




Fixed Holes Plate

The mental press is equipped with a slotted table plate with 4 fixed holes. Plate diameter: 6.69in/170mm. The arbor press plate can be replaced or rotated to one of its 4 openings.

Solid & Thickened Base

This manual press is designed with solid base which is pre-drilled with 2 holes for mounting, making this compact and small press have a great balance and keep sturdy.

Wide Application

This hard drive shredder is a common tool for factory workshop, mainly used to press the bearing and the work piece with hard fitting. Perfect for assembly and repair fields.




  • Capacity: 3 Ton
  • Type: Ratcheted
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Max. Work Height: 11.02in/280mm
  • Ram Dimensions: 1.5 x 1.5 x 17.32in/38 x 38 x 440mm
  • Plate Diameter: 6.69in/170mm
  • Throat Depth: 6.3in/160mm
  • Overall Size: 17 x 9.6 x 21.8inch/43.2 x 24.6 x 55.4cm
  • Weight: 122lb/55kg

Package content

  • 1 x 3 Ton Arbor Press
  • 1 x Kit of Accessories

3 Ton Arbor Press with Ratchet Leverage

This listing is about 3 ton arbor press, made of high quality carbon steel with simple structure and good quality. Equipped with a hand wheel and a ratcheted lever to lower the ram onto the object, this leather press is easy to operate without fatigue. Perfect for riveting, squeezing, punching, bending, and other pressing applications.

  • Easy Operation & 3 Ton
  • Premium Iron Material
  • Slotted Table-plate
  • Strengthened Base

Additional information

Weight 120.7 kg
Dimensions 26.76 × 21.5 × 13.75 cm
Part Number


Item Weight

120.7 pounds

Package Dimensions

26.76 x 21.5 x 13.75 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number



3 Ton


Cast Iron

Power Source

Hand Powered

Item Package Quantity


Included Components

Arbor press

Batteries Required




Date First Available

July 28 2021



10 reviews for BestEquip Heavy Duty Arbor Press 3 Ton, Ratchet Leverage Arbor Press with Handwheel, Manual Desktop Metal Arbor Press 21.5 Inch

  1. Briagail

    1 Ton Abor PressI have been looking at half ton arbor presses from different companies. My first choice was to go with the Harbor Freight arbor press but they were never stocked or available in my location. Looking at Amazon, I saw this one ton arbor press for less then what the half ton was being advertised for by the same manufacturer. When it arrived I noticed a hole worn through the box as seen in the photo. The UPS driver allowed me to open it in front of him to just validate nothing was damaged. I assembled the wheel and handle, inserted the knob for the draw handle, adjusted the tension for my preference and it is good to go. It does not ratchet as mentioned in the description. It did come with three setting arbors; one flat, one pointed and one round (dimple). From what I see it will work perfectly for installing frets on fretboards and around the house projects. I gave an overall three rating do to poor packaging and there are some minor flaws in the casting.

  2. Christopher Molloy

    Leather craft must haveI use it for leather craft. The drilled hole in the shaft will fit most of my punches and tools. Secure it to a bench and get a section of pipe for extra leverage. Better than Harbor Freight

  3. Jeff DeFord

    Excellent Little Arbor PressThis is an excellent little arbor press! It works fantastically and is exactly what i needed!

  4. Timothy Paul

    Well Packaged &crated… and arrived intact. Nice Press.Packaged &crated and arrived intact. That’s a big deal because I ordered another one from a different seller and it just never arrived intact. After three tries from UPS ground, I gave up and ordered this one. This was sent FedEx and arrived in 3 days. All and all it’s a nice unit. Like most lower cost cast iron Chinese / Indian tools, I did have to disassemble and reassemble it. Tuned it up a bit. But in all honesty it was pretty clean inside. Not as much sand left over from the sand casting process as I have seen in many Chinese tools. Tuned up the pawl/ gear contacting points. Drilled small recesses in the (pinion)arbor gear /spindle to accept the two set screws that are holding the locking collar on so that the set screws hold more securely. All in all I’m very happy. As part of the tuning up, I milled a Delrin pad to contact the ram’s two front adjusting ram screws. This allows me to adjust the ram so that it stays put once I am raising or lowering the ram. The DRAKE presses have a hand wheel screw which locks the pinion and therefore does the same thing as this Delrin pad. The two screws already there can do the same thing but the large contact area of the delrin really gives consistent pressure against the ram. I can set the ram to any position now and it doesn’t fall down. The hand wheel easily moves the ram when needed. And the other reason I did this is I did not like the steel to steel contact of the screws alone. All and all, the castings are well made and the fit and finish is above average. My only real complaint is I feel that the bolts are a very poor fit. The holes tapped into the mill are an incredibly loose fit. I was almost going to drill and retap them a larger size. I even checked the holes with known good new metric bolts but the bolts are not the problem. The problem is they just tapped these threads too loose. Probably done on a mal-adjusted CNC thread mill. I decided to leave them alone. If they ever strip out, that’s when I’ll install Heli-coils. But like I said, I’m happy with the press. All and all it’s a well made press which should serve me well. If I was a production shop, I’d buy a Drake. But I’m just a hobbyist. So it will most likely last my lifetime and my sons lifetime.

  5. Michael Herring

    NOT Ratcheted!The one ton press is NOT ratcheted! The two ton and three ton might be, the pictures look correct for ratcheted units, but the one ton is not!The unit is as pictured, but since it very clearly states in multiple places that it was ratcheted I assumed the picture was incorrect. The pics are correct, and it does not ratchet. :(It is rare that the handle lines up as needed to provide leverage, and I find I have to add spacers between the press and the piece to get it to line up so that I have the most leverage. Which, if it ratcheted as advertised I would not have to do.I am not sure if I am going to return the unit. I may grind off the first two teeth and adjust the handle that way when I need to. See youtube for videos on that if you want. Or I have a relative with a mill and may have him mill the end to accept a socket, thus allowing me to use a socket or torque wrench to ratchet down to the piece.Bestequip: you might consider milling the end of the shaft where the handle goes in to a six sided shape so that a socket can attached to it so that all of your presses can become ratcheting presses. Charge an extra ten bucks for it. You’re welcome.

  6. Kristy

    Exactly what I needed!I’m very new with this type of machine, I’m not even sure what a ratchet means lol. So, with the bad reviews saying there was no ratchet, I wasn’t sure what to look for?? .. but regardless this worked perfect for what I needed.It did came with a busted cap that’s on the screw where you use it to hold the lever in place, but that was it. Was very easy to figure out. Happy to snatch it while I could before it was sold out! :)Perfect for my sewing/crating hobby !

  7. LK

    It’s fine for the priceYou get what you pay for. It functions and does it’s basic job. The handwheel is useless and just gets in the way.

  8. Richard Robillard

    great unit for the price! well packaged.ther are only two issues with the press 1. the sharp edges on the hand wheel . 2. the base should be flat on the bottom doesn’t allow for work bench overhang to allow pressing bearings off longer shafts, do to the front feet?

  9. JARED

    Press buy now on this pressFor the price, this really presses my happy button. With a little grease it’s perfect for what I needed

  10. JW

    Actually pretty goodThe 2 ton press I ordered did come with the ratcheting lever as advertised. Works pretty well and is similar quality to Harbor Freight or Grizzly but cheaper.

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