BestEquip Utility Blower Fan, 16 Inches, 1100W 2160 & 3178 CFM High Velocity Ventilator w/ 32.8 ft/10 m Duct Hose, Portable

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Brand BestEquip
Color Yellow
Electric fan design Blower
Power Source AC
Style Industrial
Room Type Crawl spaces, factories basement , weeding booth, attics
Special Feature Two Speed Mode
Mounting Type Wall Mount
Controller Type Button Control

  • 16 Inch Utility Blower Extractor Fan:Color: Yellow, Power: 1100W, Voltage: 110V, Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz, Material: Steel, Motor Speed: 1900 & 2800 RPM, Air Flow: 2160 & 3178 CFM / 3670 & 5400 m³/h, Fan Diameter: 16 inch / 400 mm, Plug: Leak-proof GFCI Plug, Duct Expands Length: 32.8 ft / 10 m, Duct Thickness: 0.014 inch / 0.35 mm, Axial Fan Bearing Type: Ball Bearing, Noise: 71 dB(A), Static Pressure: 476 / 700 pa, Current: 11.87 / 12.72A.
  • Two-Speed Mode & Powerful Motor: This portable exhaust fan has two-speed mode: 1900 r/min &2800 r/min. It is designed to offer convenient usage in terms of various needs. Plus, we applied a leak-proof GFCI plug for your safer operation. This portable ventilation fan is designed with a high-velocity, high-volume output, 100% copper winding motor. It can move a large amount of air quickly with low noise of 71 dB (A).
  • 2160 & 3178 CFM Large Air Flow: The large air volume of 2160 & 3178 CFM / 3670 & 5400 m³/h and aluminum alloy blades provide fast and effective ventilation, extract the maximum air, and maintain high-efficiency work. Besides, 2 high-density covers to ensure portable ventilators work continuously and safely.
  • 32.8 FT Flexible PVC Ducting: This PVC ducting applies hard-wearing, flexible vinyl woven polyester with carbon wire spring and adhesive tape, smooth inside wall to be water-proof. Duct Expands Length: 32.8 ft. Adjustable ropes and D-shaped rings are set for hanging the PVC flexible duct freely.
  • Sturdy & Humanized Design: The heavy-duty cylinder fan is equipped with a durable steel casing, bringing excellent durability and extending its service life. Two handles and four rubber feet allow you to use and carry effortlessly. Ideal for factories, basements, shipyards, farms, grain storage, warehouse, kitchen, office, workshops, tobacco, tunnel, automobile manufacturing, and more places requiring ventilation.



Portable Ventilation Fan 16″ 3760-5400m³/h Utility Blower w/10M Hose CGFI
The 16inches portable ventilation fan is the ideal fan for limited access areas in crawl spaces, attics, basements. It has a full-closed copper motor. made of heavy-duty steel, compact with large air volume 3670-5400m³/h, portable with a handle.

key Features
1900/2800 r/min Speed
This confined space blower comes with a two-speed mode so it can be much convenient to adjust speed according to varied needs.
High Velocity & Powerful
With 3670-5400m³/h air volume achieved by this basement ventilation fan, it can move air very quickly and effectively.
Solidly Constructed
Aluminum blades, protective fan guards, copper motor, anti-rust and high-quality iron shell make it easier to lengthen its service life to a large extent.
Free 10-Meter Hose
A 10-meter blower hose is free to offer along with this cylinder fan, made of anti-flaming PVC material.
Compact & Portable
Compact structure, with a handle to carry and 4 rubber feet (another two free rubber feet for your easy replacement,) to fix, carry and pack up.
Multiple Application
This confined space fan is perfect for limited access areas, crawl spaces, factories, attics and basements, etc.

Watts: 1100 W
Air Volume: 3670-5400 m³/h
Fan Diameter: 16inch/400 mm
Motor Speed:1900/2800 r/min
Pressure:476/700 Pa

Package Content
1 x Portable Ventilator
1x 10 Meters Duct Hose

From the manufacturer

portalbe Cylinder Fan

16” Utility Blower w/ 16 ft PVC Ducting

Leak-proof GFCI Plug & 1100W Powerful & 1900/2800 RPM Speed

This 16” utility blower extractor fan is used for intake or exhaust, depending on which end the hose is connected to (intake or outtake). 1471 / 2295 CFM / 2500 & 3900 m³/h large air volume, 1900 & 2800 r/min motor speed, and a 16 ft flexible PVC ducting can provide high working efficiency and directional airflow to limited access areas. It is the ideal ventilation fan for factories, basements, shipyards, farms, grain storage, warehouse, kitchen, office, and more places requiring ventilation.

  • 16 Inch Utility Blower Extractor Fan
  • Two-Speed Mode & Powerful Motor
  • 1471 / 2295 CFM Large Air Flow
  • 32 FT Flexible PVC Ducting
  • Sturdy & Humanized Design

Key Features

Utility Blower fan

Ventilator Blower

portable Ventilator fan

Pure Copper Motor

Utility blower fan features 320W pure copper motor with 1900 & 2800 RPM high speed fit long time ventilation work, low noise 70 dB(A). Two speeds mode is quite convenient to adjust speed according to varied needs. Plus, we applied a leak-proof GFCI Plug for your safer operation.

Aluminum Alloy Blades

16-inch fan diameter and thick blades provide large air volume: 2160 & 3178 CFM / 3670 & 5400 m³/h, which means it can quickly move a large amount of air. Aluminum alloy blades are built to resist heat, cold, and corrosion. Its impeller and cutters are of high resistance to flammability.

Heavy Duty Steel Construction

This portable exhaust fan is designed with a high-quality steel shell, which can resist rust, compression, vibration, and deformation. As a result, a slight drop or impact will not affect the internal parts. In addition, two high-density covers prevent small animals from flying into the machine.

portalbe Cylinder Fan

Cylinder Fan

Axial hose Fan

Flexible PVC Ducting Included

Duct hosing applies 0.014 inch / 0.35 mm thickness vinyl weaved polyester for heat resistance and flame retardancy. D-shaped rings are designed for hanging the PVC flexible duct smoothly. Thick ropes are able to be adjusted to fit the duct’s mouth size and ensure a good sealing environment.

Portable Handle & Rubber Feet

The industrial extractor fan is humanized designed with an easy-carry handle that is practical and convenient to use, storage, move, and transport. Rubber feet on base help minimize noise, reduce vibrations, and stand stably for a long time. And the lightweight for a fast and easy installation.

Wide Range of Applications

This ventilator fume extractor with flexible PVC ducting is designed for ventilation applications in factories, warehouses, kitchens, offices, workshops, laboratories, hotels, wine cellars, sports halls, automobile manufacturing, automobile repair shops, logistics, kilns, tile factories, steel mills, mines, plastic machinery, paper mills, etc.

8 inch Utility Blower

Utility Blowers

Package Content
  • 1 x 16 inch Utility Blower
  • 1 x 32.8 ft PVC Ducting


  • Power: 1100W ; Voltage: 110V
  • Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz ; Material: Steel
  • Motor Speed: 1900 & 2800 RPM
  • Air Flow: 2160 & 3178 CFM / 3670 & 5400 m³/h
  • Fan Diameter: 16 inch / 400 mm ; Plug: Leak-proof GFCI Plug
  • Duct: Anti-Flaming PVC Hose ; Duct Expands Length: 16 ft / 5 m
  • Duct Thickness: 0.014 inch / 0.35 mm ; Duct Diameter: 16 inch / 400 mm
  • Axial Fan Bearing Type: Ball Bearing ; Noise: 71 dB(A)
  • Static Pressure: 476 / 700 pa ; Current: 11.87 / 12.72A
  • Net Weight: 63.49 lbs / 28.8 kg

Important information


1100 watts

Bulb Voltage

110 volts

Additional information

Weight 65 kg
Dimensions 17 × 16 × 21 cm




Electric fan design


Power Source




Room Type

Crawl spaces factories basement weeding booth attics

Special Feature

Two Speed Mode

Mounting Type

Wall Mount

Controller Type

Button Control



Number of Speeds



1100 watts


110 Volts

Included Components

1 x 10-Meter Blower Hose

IndoorOutdoor Usage


Model Name

Utility Blower

Part Number


Item Weight

65 pounds

Product Dimensions

17 x 16 x 21 inches, 17D x 16W x 21H

Country of Origin


Item model number



16 inch x 10M

Item Package Quantity


Number Of Pieces


Special Features

Two Speed Mode

Batteries Required




Date First Available

August 23 2021



10 reviews for BestEquip Utility Blower Fan, 16 Inches, 1100W 2160 & 3178 CFM High Velocity Ventilator w/ 32.8 ft/10 m Duct Hose, Portable

  1. Kate and Tony

    weak suction, strong blowingDefinitely loud and will move a lot of air. But it is pretty poor when it comes to suction force. For the cost, i expected a lot more suction force.

  2. Victoria R.

    Worth the moneyWorks great. It’s a little loud but expected with industrial fans. Keeps air circulating around indoor crops very well.

  3. Curt

    Suction in the front is weaker than expectedNot sure about this. It is a pretty strong fan with a1700-2800 cubic feet of air rating. The price and size are reasonable. I bought it to help remove dust from my woodworking shop. The fan blows out a lot of air from the back, but the suction on the front is not very strong (design of fan blades?) and only reaches out about twelve inches. I have to put the unit right on my workbench next to what I am sawing or sanding to get it to grab anything. Forget about it pulling dust out of the air in the workshop as a whole (one car garage).The extension tube seems like a useful idea at first. But it has to be extended perfectly straight with no turns or kinks, or air will bounce back pushing the dust back into the workshop.Maybe this works better with something lighter like smoke or paint fumes, or if you can set your workspace up with negative pressure. But the fan speed is pretty powerful and I wouldn’t have expected light dust to be a problem, grabbing everything in front of it from several feet away.

  4. J. Ing

    Loud…like really loud but it worksIt’s extremely loud, had to wear wearing protection near it. Did suck out the smelly basement air though! You know it works when it’s in the basement and you feel a draft on the 4th floor of your house haha

  5. W Dodge

    Not a strong enough fanAfter you install the hose (which is around 20′ long), not much air flow comes through the system.

  6. Toby L Ormandy

    Blew me away!This blower is being used to displace/replace air in a large sewer vault that has a hazardous atmosphere. Our crew was using an 8″ manhole blower, but it wasn’t able to replace enough air to make the confined space safe for entry. This blower has a much higher output with two speed settings and it works as intended. It also has a GFCI plug for added safety around wet environments. We expect the blower will see a lot of use around the sewer district. So far, we are very pleased with the product.

  7. OkOkJeeze

    Heavy and Loud!This thing is heavy and well built. It’s a screamer! Very loud. But it moves the air in a targeted fashion and that is what makes it so great. I use it for paint fume removal in my shop. Works great. Not sure of the long term as the motor looks to be foreign made likely Chinese. If it breaks there’s likely no fixing it. But it works so well, you’ll get your money’s worth.

  8. Jeffery Laster

    Not as AdvertisedShould be 2 speed, but moving switch to left or right gives the same speed. Also, fan was wobbly because the rubber feet didn’t all touch the surface.

  9. Charles B.

    C BarrettWe needed a fan that would pull enough pressure from a large room to create a testing chamber for storm simulations. This blower fan created WAY more pressure than we anticipated! We were able to simulate hurricane force pressure on the window wall while evacuating the air from the room. Best fan we’ve ever used! High and low speed settings, heavy duty ducting, heavy duty, top notch quality and durability (we keep the fan running for hours at a time). Strongly recommend!

  10. Haley Beech

    Powerful and great price.The fan is great. It works well and is powerful. The box was very damaged when it showed up. It caused the handle to be bent. The product still works well.

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