Bissell Cleanview Swivel Rewind + Hand Vacuum

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Brand Bissell
Form Factor Handheld
Color Purple
Filter Type Cloth
Power Source Corded Electric, Battery Powered

  • Every BISSELL purchase helps save pets. BISSELL proudly supports BISSELL Pet Foundation and its mission to help save homeless pets.
  • Dirt cup capacity – 1. 0 liter. Triple action brush roll + scatter-free technology maximize pet hair removal – even if it’s embedded
  • 27’ power cord automatically rewinds for quick and simple storage
  • Buy BISSELL, save pets; BISSELL will donate 5 dollars for each pet hair eraser Li Ion purchase, upon activation
  • Remove more embedded dirt and pet hair with a motorized brush tool and lithium ion battery
  • 14V lithium ion battery for lithium powered cleaning; Dirt Cup Capacity: 0.7 Litres


From the manufacturer

Cleanview Swivel Rewind

Give a whole new meaning to convenient vacuum cleaning with the BISSELL CleanView Swivel Rewind Pet Vacuum. It’s lightweight and engineered with swivel steering, so it’s easy to maneuver around your home. It comes with specialized pet tools that make the switch from vacuuming your floors to vacuuming above floor spots easy.

The tools are great for cleaning blinds, upholstery and other places that easily attract cat, hair, dog hair, dust, and other debris. This vacuum cleaner has Multi-Cyclonic Suction, too, meaning it keeps dirt and debris in the Dirt Tank and away from the filters. And of course, when you’re done cleaning, wrapping up the cord is as easy as pushing the Automatic Cord Rewind Button!

  • Triple Action Brush Roll + Scatter-Free Technology maximizes pet hair removal
  • Automatic Cord Rewind wraps the 27’ power cord for you
  • Easily clean around furniture and other obstacles with Swivel Steering
  • Clean along edges and baseboards with Edge-to-Edge Cleaning capabilities
  • Specialized pet tools including Pet Hair Corner Tool and Pet TurboEraser Tool remove pet hair from tricky spots

Automatic Cord Rewind

Cord wraps itself up with the push of a button.

Triple Action Brush Roll

Loosen, lift, and remove embedded dirt and pet hair.

Scatter-Free Technology

Easily clean hard floors with less debris scatter.

Edge-To-Edge Cleaning

Picks up pet hair from one edge of the Brush Roll to the other.

Multi-Cyclonic Suction System

Enjoy extended performance with No Loss of Suction.

Specialized Pet Tools

Lift dirt and pet hair from tricky spots like stairs, upholstery and corners.

Bissell Hand Vacuum

Pet owners know little messes are inevitable. It doesn’t matter if it’s hair on the couch, food spilling out of the bowl or litter tracked outside of the litter box – the BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Lithium-Ion Handheld vacuums it all up. It’s lightweight, convenient and built with a 14.4V lithium-ion battery that holds a charge for longer, so it’s ready to go to work as a hand vacuum when you need it. Triple Level Filtration helps improve this hand vac’s cleaning performance. It also has a large, easy-to-empty dirt tank that’s easy to clean between uses. The Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum comes with specialized tools, too, making it perfect for pet parents. The Motorized Brush Tool, Upholstery Tool and Crevice Tool can clean up after your pet in almost every area of your home.

  • Motorized Brush Tool removes embedded pet hair and dirt.
  • 14.4V lithium-ion battery provides 17 minutes of powerful cordless cleaning
  • Enjoy improved hand vac cleaning performance with Triple Level Filtration.
  • Dispose of pet hair and debris easily with a large, easy-to-empty dirt tank.
  • Vacuum works with specialized pet tools including a Motorized Brush Tool, Upholstery Tool and Crevice Tool.

Motorized Brush

Removes embedded dirt and pet hair.

Upholstery Tool

Cleans soft surfaces and furniture while the tool attracts pet hair.

Crevice Tool

Cleans hard-to-reach areas and tight spaces.

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Power Source

Corded Electric Battery Powered

Included Components

Battery Brush


14 Volts

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10 reviews for Bissell Cleanview Swivel Rewind + Hand Vacuum

  1. Cleveland Area

    I absolutely love this vacuum! Photo is after 6 months of useI bought this Vacuum on May 1st 2022. Today is October 26th. When I first got this I was blown away by the suction power and how well it cleaned bare floors without spreading debris everywhere. I cleaned it for the 1st time since I got it and it’s super simple. The picture I included is after 6 months of use and all I did was disassemble and spray it with water.After 6 months of use their was no dirty vacuum smell like old HEPA filter vacuums when u kick them on. Before cleaning it still had great suction and to take off the roller and clean the roller housing it’s 6 easy easy screws. It took me about 20 minutes to clean both filters and the clean view housing shield and put it back together.Crazy enough when I took the roller when I desconnected the hose there was 2 big chunk of cardboard covered in dog hair blocking about 50% of the hose so when I plugged it back in I was still blown away how powerful the suction is. Overtime I didn’t notice the decline in suction due to blockage cause it’s still picked up everything with ease. I bought a pack of replacement belts when I put hased this cause I read reviews about issues with belts on these models but when I took this apart the belt was in perfect condition still. It’s not overly loud for a vacuum cleaning with this amount of suction power either. The level adjustment works great raised up all the way for our thick carpet and great all the way down on our bare floors. My 1 and only dislike about this Bissell Clean View Swivel Pet Rewind is the hand roller attachment. It’s just solid flat pieces of plastic so as soon as it it’s any fabric it just badically stops turning but then again even the ones that are made from fibers like the main roller aren’t much better either. Maybe I just don’t have the proper technique to use it. And I did about 2 hrs of research and for the price point and power and options it has a 4 year warranty also. That’s why I went with this vacuum and I’m very happy I did because I have had zero issues with it after 6 months.

  2. Chelsea

    Not the Best, Not the WorstI’ve owned a few vacuums in (as of this review) 32 years, and I generally take very good care of them and get quite a few good years out of them. Usually what does me in is an accidental water suck or a deadly motor failure after three years and being way too far out of warranty to have any hope on a cheap fix. Two kids and two cats in the home can send vacuums out the door pretty quickly compared to people who don’t vacuum daily or vacuum the kinds of messes we deal with on a daily basis. Having said that, take my lifestyle into consideration when reading my review as it may not all apply to you.When we got the vacuum the first thing I noticed was the swivel head. It’s fantastic. I love being able to glide around furniture quickly and get myself out of tight situations. It’s fantastic. The automatic cord rewind is also a bonus. Since becoming an adult I absolutely refuse to buy a vacuum without automatic cord rewind. The only exception is the Hoover carpet cleaner we bought last year because it’s the Cadillac of carpet cleaners in its price range and I just have to deal with no auto cord rewind.Now, onto the bad stuff.I’m not taking away any stars for the filter. I really dislike the filter that comes with this thing. It’s doesn’t seem very… filtery. It’s literally just a sponge. With previous vacuums there’s always been something to them. Layers, structure. Something. This one is literally just a piece of porous foam cut to size and shoved in the space provided. It’s very strange. It IS easy to clean, so that’s nice. I just rinse it out in water until the water runs clear (takes about 10 minutes) and then squeeze it really well and then I dry it in my dryer on low with a load of laundry. Make sure you do it on LOW or you could ruin the filter and have to buy a new one and don’t dry it on its own. If you don’t want to risk the dryer just leave it on the counter in the sun for a couple days and flip it every few hours so it dries evenly. I wouldn’t leave it outside though as it’s super light and will probably blow away and be gone forever.The following reasons are why this vacuum loses two stars.The absolute worst thing about this vacuum is the short hose. While it is totally capable of extending out to quite a good length, getting it to that point is impossible to do while still using the vacuum and being on your own. With all my previous vacuums (Hoovers), I could pull the hose and it would extend out and the vacuum would smoothly glide along behind me as I moved through the room, getting caught up on something only once in awhile. This demon vacuum however cannot, in any capacity, follow along nor can the hose be extended to its capacity because the slightest pressure (without counter pressure) causes the vacuum to topple over immediately. The toppling over usually occurs on my head or the handle of the vacuum slams into my back which is far from a pleasant experience.While we’re on the topic of using the hose, it’s also important to mention that the brush NEVER STOPS MOVING. Ever. In all my history of owning vacuums the second I put the vacuum into the upright position the brush stops spinning. Not with this thing. That brush just keeps on a goin. You have to watch where you set the vacuum while you’re using the hose and attachments because it will quickly get stuck on the cord and try sucking it up which is super, duper fun to fix.For the loss of one more star, I introduce you to the infamous puzzle piece.We bought this vacuum in early 2020 and when we first turned it on we noticed all the above issues which caused me to say to my husband, “As soon as I can I’m getting a new one, I don’t like way this feels at all. It feels like a toy.” I vacuumed the whole house and it did well. I didn’t thoroughly enjoy it’s suctioning power but I could handle having to go a little slower and taking more care with larger chunks of food and what not. Not the end of the world.The next time this vacuum was used was by my husbands hand and I was not around to watch, but this is when it happened.I continued using the vacuum for the next year and I was progressively getting more and more frustrated with its lack of suction power. It was barely handling things like cheerios and the occasional Skittle. Again, I remind you, I have kids! I need a vacuum that can handle things like that! I was having to pick up the front of the vacuum, hold the brush over the item, and hope it would actually get sucked up only to see it go whizzing out the back at some point a few minutes later. Frustrating is not the word, but it’s the best I can do for now.One day I noticed the vacuum making a strange suctioning noise. Like the noise a suction hose makes when you place your hand over it and it and then let it go. Kind of like a clunking suction type sound. I knew that wasn’t right, so I threw the bastard on it’s back, got the screw driver out, and got to work.It’s important to mention here that in the entire time I’ve owned this vacuum the suction sensor on the top of the debris tank has ALWAYS been green. It has never, not one single time, turned, or started to turn, red. I have experience with this little doodad because of my previous vacuums which I always had to unclog with my trusty screwdriver and badass mechanical skills.Anyways, I pull the plate off the bottom of this lovely little trash sucker and pop off the brush and what do I find? A massive clog right there at the entry to the tube that brings everything to the wind tunnel. I pull a little out. Then a little more. And a little more. Y’all, my five inch screw driver was balls deep in this thing. I had to get a longer screwdriver. Finally I reach the end of the clog and what do I find you may be wondering?The lost puzzle piece that my children have been searching for FOR NEARLY A YEAR!That’s right ladies and gentlemen, my wonderful husband sucked up a puzzle piece (which he has since admitted to) the ONE time he used the vacuum nearly a year ago right after we purchased it. He went on with his life thinking the vacuum had successfully eaten this tiny little piece of wonder. No, it did NOT. The puzzle piece was perfectly wedged about six inches in from the opening, taking on a little bit of debris here and there until it could no longer handle a single bit of anything.Now here’s why deducts a star from this review. The suction warning NEVER turned red. Ever. Not even a milimeter. It was always a bright, vibrant green. I had no reason to think there was a clog, just that the vacuum was a POS that needed to go in the trash.Now, having said ALL that, I still don’t love this vacuum. I really despise the hose issue, it makes cleaning ceilings and corners an absolute nightmare. I also really hate that this vacuum doesn’t have a light on the front. Lights come in super handy for under beds and sofas, and for those late night cleaning frenzies (you know what I mean high functioning anxiety friends). And it still doesn’t have the suctioning power I would prefer. When I compare this vacuum to the Hoovers I’ve owned in the past it really can’t compare. I bought this vacuum thinking it would be okay for the price (didn’t want to spend a lot at the time) and instead sprang for Hoovers new carpet cleaning (if you haven’t checked it out, get over there right now!) and I do regret not spending the extra money to get the best of the best vacuum to match my carpet cleaner.If you don’t have kids and you have some pets that like to leave extra love around, this is a great vacuum. If you prefer holding your entire vacuum in the air when you clean all the dust bunnies from your ceiling, this is a great vacuum. If you love not knowing when the suction on your vacuum is failing, this is a great vacuum.If you’re looking for something with amazing suction, can follow you to the moon and back, and won’t let a 1×1” puzzle piece bring it down, get the hell outta here.

  3. The Erica

    Best Vacuum for Pet Owners!Oops! I actually gave my original review for this for the replacement belt lol… But I will definitely repeat because this is the BEST vacuum, especially for the price! I’ve had probably three within the last 6 years, which is probably a lot, but considering the abuse I put the poor thing through, it is worth it! I have a LOT of animals and this vacuum has been amazing at getting up dog fur, pig hair, rabbit hay, bird feathers, and tons of dirt and dust! Great suction and so easy to clean and even take apart! Love the accessories and how lightweight it is…This is my go-to vac! Definitely recommend A+A+A+

  4. Purple Violin

    Awesome for dog hairPhoto shows the amount of dog hair this vacuum picked up just one day after I had vacuumed the same area with Roomba. It is a little heavy, but that’s likely why it’s so powerful. It is great for vinyl floor as well as carpet. I can’t believe how much hair this thing picked up! Automatic rewind cord is very convenient.

  5. Gary Y.

    I love this vacuum.It works great! The canister empties easily. The swivel makes it maneuver really well. There are little side brushes on the front of the vacuum that pushes the cord out of the way when you get close to one. It also uses those brushes to push the debris out of the edges by the walls on bare surface floors. Brilliant!!! The cord retract works great. And the price makes it a great value. Not for stairs I would imagine though. There are other vacuums designed for stairs.

  6. Mikah Turner

    Great vacuumI have 3 big dogs and you can imagine all the hair I have and it sucks up the hair great. The swivel is nice and the rewind is awesome!

  7. Sterzy

    Do your research, this is one of the best Bissell has made at this price point.I have always been a fan of Bissell, but I gave away my old one, 15 years old and still running great, my gf suggested we get a new one. We got another brand (Ex president, and a famous Dam in Nevada), we bought the middle of the road model and in just over a year, one month out of the warranty period, it broke. I did my research and decided on this one. I was going to go top of the line, but since we live in an apartment, all the bells and whistles weren’t necessary. I chose this one the Bissell 22543 Clean View and as expected it was amazing. It has all the accessories you want or need (including pet turbo eraser). The price point is perfect and it will last long enough to justify the price. I put it together in less than a minute and was up and running soon thereafter. This feels more sturdy than our old one, and works exponentially better. Between my girlfriend and our dog, there was plenty of hair and the suction was the best I’ve seen since my old Bissell was brand new, and after having it repaired (cleaned out) after 10 years. This is a perfect compliment to my Bissell little green pet pro. And for the guys, using both devices is very satisfying, you have instant gratification when you see how much dirt, hair, and other debris.

  8. Ersatz

    Works so well, I bought a second one.This is a great vacuum cleaner at a great price. Great for vacuuming dog hair!! Works so well, I bought a second one.

  9. Jayda Wise

    A real reviewI am one who invested in a much heavier and “made to last” vacuum in the past. I’ve dealt with $500 Riccar for the past 5 years and the ever so classic Kirby vacuum. They are best for fixing as you go but I just did not want to take my vacuum to a shop to get fixed again as I had family coming in and knew I needed a vacuum asap. I researched a TON of vacuums from $100-$300 price range and they all had their own flaws. Not wanting to invest too much I looked at vacuums between $100-$200. The lower cost shark had reviews claiming the hose breaks easily, and the other low cost vacuums had similar issues like that rendering it useless.The biggest issue with this one in the reviews was dog hair getting caught under the belt… so I got this one and just frequently check the belt. The suction is AMAZING and compared to my Riccar it happens to clean up more dog hair. (The photos show only 5 days between vaccuming in my home) My Riccar has a self adjustable leveling system while this one is manual with 6 different choices. From the photos you can see in my main living area I have a very short area rug but in the bedrooms I have very tall thick carpet. I think this helped get the dust and hair better! This thing can suck and clean VERY well!The only thing I hate…. it’s not self propelled. This really stinks as I have RA and it can be a little hard on my joints (I’m only 25 and it’s still tough) but for the cost, I can just tough that part out.All together for its cost this is a VERY good vacuum. Just be sure to take care of it. Empty after each use and keep the cord away from it when on. Check the belt and change the filters every other month. When taken care of, I’m sure this will last a couple years minimal.

  10. Lance

    Good bang for the buck vacuumGood vacuum for the money. Does exactly what I expected! Picks up hair from a short haired dog as well as everyday dust and dirt! Easy to clean canister. Only thing I’m not too fond of, is it doesn’t lay completely flat on the floor to go deep under raised furniture. But definitely works well!

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