BLACK+DECKER BCED26 Portable Dryer, Small, 4 Modes, Load Volume 8.8 lbs., White

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Form Factor Front Load
Access Location Front Load
Capacity 2.65 Cubic Feet
Color White

  • FITS ANYWHERE: This portable dryer (23.6” x 17.1” x 27.5”) is ideal for apartments, dorm rooms, & campers. At 48.4 lbs., this clothes dryer is powerful with a load volume of 8.8 lbs. & inside capacity of 2.65 cu. ft.
  • CHOOSE YOUR MODE: Pick from 4 different drying modes to best suit your needs: Air Dry, Cool, Warm & Hot. This transportable clothes dryer possesses 1400W of drying power as well as overheat protection.
  • IMPRESSIVE SPECS: Our portable dryer comes with a 4” diameter vent hose & exhaust connector, lint & exhaust filters. At 120V, this clothes dryer has a durable stainless steel drum and front loading transparent lid.
  • HASSLE-FREE OPERATION: Drying times with this outstanding portable dryer vary from 30 minutes to 200 minutes. No inconvenience, no hassle—efficiently drying clothes has never been easier.
  • DRYING ON THE GO: No matter where your life takes you, this portable dryer is your top solution for drying sheets, towels, clothes and other everyday items. Savor freshly dried laundry—no matter the size of your home.



Clean, dry clothes are no longer a luxury for larger homes and buildings. This B+D portable dryer (23.6” x 17.1” x 27.5”) is ideal for smaller spaces, whether it’s an apartment, dorm or RV/camper. This mini dryer (48.4 lbs.) comes with a dryer vent hose that’s 4” in diameter, as well as an exhaust connector, lint and exhauster filters. Enjoy drying up to 8.8 lbs. of laundry per load with an inside stainless steel capacity of 2.65 cu. ft. This outstanding clothes dryer runs on 1400W and 120V for use with standard outlets. Choose your drying mode, whether Air Dry, Cool, Warm & Hot. Drying times vary between 30 – 200 minutes. The drying times will be extended over traditional full size dryers due to the fact that this unit uses 120V versus a 220V full size machine. Fill halfway for fluffy, freshy dried clothing. Safety is our top priority with this portable dryer with overheat protection and Sensor Dry, enabling dryer to measure moisture level and dry accordingly. ECO Mode saves energy by beginning the drying cycle with cool air and changing to hot air setting. Adjustable leveling legs, front loading transparent lid and compatibility with a variety of other B+D washers. ISTA-6A packaging ensures quality delivery.

From the manufacturer

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A Portable Clothes Dryer for Anywhere

This BLACK+DECKER portable dryer ensures a powerful and safe dry for up to 8.8 lbs. in every load. Perfect for apartments, dorms, RVs, and other compact areas!

portable drier drier mini drier clothes drier mini clothes drier dryer machine dryer machine

5 Drying Modes

Pick from 5 different drying modes to best suit your laundry needs: Air Dry, Cool, ECO, Warm & Hot.

portable drier drier mini drier clothes drier mini clothes drier dryer machine dryer machine

Optimal Drying Tips

Only fill the dryer halfway for fluff and drying ability. The drying times (30 – 200 minutes) will be extended over traditional full-size dryers since this unit uses 120V versus a 220V full size machine.

portable drier drier mini drier clothes drier mini clothes drier dryer machine dryer machine

Impressive Features

Our clothes dryer includes a Sensor Dry function, which automatically measures the moisture of your clothes. ECO Mode begins the dry cycle with cool air, then alters to hot air once needed.

portable drier drier mini drier clothes drier mini clothes drier dryer machine dryer machine

portable drier drier mini drier clothes drier mini clothes drier dryer machine dryer machine

portable drier drier mini drier clothes drier mini clothes drier dryer machine dryer machine

Product Specifications

  • Unit dimensions of 23.6” x 17.1” x 27.5”
  • Unit weight of 48.4 lbs.
  • Dry up to 8.8 lbs. in each load
  • Drying time varies from 30 minutes to 200 minutes
  • Interior stainless steel capacity of 2.65 cu. ft.
  • Vent hose is 4” in diameter
  • 1400W & 120V
  • Exhaust connector included

Portable Dryer Perfect for Small Spaces

  • Apartments
  • Dorm rooms
  • RVs
  • Smaller laundry rooms

Pick Your Drying Mode

  • Air Dry
  • Cool
  • ECO
  • Warm
  • Hot

Additional information

Weight 48.4 kg
Dimensions 17.1 × 23.6 × 27.5 cm
Product Dimensions

17.1 x 23.6 x 27.5 inches

Item Weight

48.4 Pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number


Date First Available

December 20 2019



10 reviews for BLACK+DECKER BCED26 Portable Dryer, Small, 4 Modes, Load Volume 8.8 lbs., White

  1. Ivy

    Amazing Little Dryer!!I absolutely LOVE this little dryer!!! I live in an apartment and was paying insane amounts of money at the laundromat. Now I can do laundry at home while I’m being productive in other ways also!Purchased this March 7th 2022 and I’ve used it almost daily since. Here’s my pros/cons list:Pro’s-Small enough for small spaces-Extremely light weight-Does a great job at drying my clothes hot enough to kill germs but not so hot it melts designs on kids shirts or ends of drawstrings internal temps DO reach over 140* which is what I wanted. Kids in school can bring home everything and this dryer will kill it.-Does amazing at not releasing lint into my house everywhere.-Does not heat my house too much or make things too humid. It’s a small apartment with no ac so I’d notice these things if it did.-It DOES have a lint trap!!!!! It’s the large circular disk on the inside back of the dryer. Pull gently to remove and gently disassemble to remove lint. Don’t forget to put the felt back and NOT between the disks.-It plugs into a 120v outlet (normal outlet in the US)!! Woohoo!!! Has never tripped a breaker in the 6 months of use.Cons-No where in the manual does it mention a lint trap. HOWEVER, there’s a small sticker above the door once opened that reads “Warning: Clean the lint trap regularly”. It took me a while to figure out what and where this lint trap was.-It’s drying time is over 3 hours (200 minutes to be exact) if left to shut off in its own. Clothes will be dry at about the 2 hour mark. The long dry time is to be expected tho as it’s a 120v dryer. It can’t pull as much power as a traditional one. That’s ok with me!-Expensive! When you can buy a full size used one for $50-$100, the price is really steep. But I have no outlet for traditional dryers.I love this little dryer so much! I also bought the Comfee washer and love it too!! Same purchase date Model CLV16N2AMG

  2. Gwyn Meade

    Amazing performance for being a portable dryer!!To be honest, I read a lot of the reviews (bad and good) before finally deciding to purchase the dryer. Upon receiving it I was immediately impressed! It’s quite compact, so it fits in my linen closet when not being used. It has 3 separate internal lint filters that are easy to access and clean, an external vent (they included an elbow PVC pipe that locks it into place in the back) , an amazing shiny stainless steel drum, a huge glass window on the front, and the entire dryer is beautiful!As to it’s performance: Read your manual. The dryer is portable so at functions at 110 volts. This means slightly smaller loads (than what a full sized dryer would handle) and it may take only slightly longer to dry clothing, towels, bedding, etc.I have used my amazing portable dryer at least 25 times and have had absolutely no problems whatsoever! Well worth the money and no more making Laundromat owners wealthy! I invested just a portion of laundromat money in my dryer and it’s even more convenient!I really like and appreciate my Black and Decker Portable Dryer!!

  3. JB

    Lifesaver for apartment with no w/d hookupsI bought this because 1) i hate laundromats and 2) air drying was not working for me, takes too long, potentially can mildew, if you know you know. This might as well be a regular dryer. Yes the loads are going to be smaller, but because of that it sometimes takes less than an hour to dry a load. Heavier items like towels/blankets definitely take longer. I guess you’re supposed to attach a hose for the hot air, but since the lint catcher is inside i just let it blow into the room that its located in.

  4. Bodine

    Great Buy!I moved into a walk-up apt recently and needed a solution for laundry thatvworks and is private. I found this and its perfect for my small space. Having portable appliances keeps me from wasting time and money plus I KNOW who has been using it and can maintain it. It’s been a month and I’ll be able to comment on my energy usage soon. So far, the only thing that will make this better is the INCLUSION of a partially assembled indoor vent kit in box and this will be super duper perfect.

  5. J. Wallace

    Super quiet, works wonders, easy to useAbsolutely love this compact dryer. Makes apartment living with a baby livable. It’s super quiet, no buzzer and doesn’t wobble much meaning I can stack it and run it anytime without worrying about the neighbors complaining. 10/10 would highly recommend

  6. Jasmine Moran

    PerfectI wrote a review for the washer thinking it was for both, so there are more details in that one. Overall I was very impressed with how quickly to make clothes get dry and how much this dryer holds. If you are able, position your dryer near a window and get yourself a vent hose to poke out the window. Otherwise it can get hot and humid in the room where you were drying. I am so glad it is so quiet, and does not bother my neighbors at all. I have two retired people who live below me and they have said that they cannot hear it at all.

  7. Scotts hobbie shop

    Great when combined to mini washing machineQuiet. Not real fast drying but then it’s not meant to be a regular size drier which we don’t have room for in our RV. Definately better than hanging clothes outside.

  8. Amazon Customer

    Great productProduct to me was bigger than expected. Overall is working great and enjoy using it.

  9. Amazon Customer

    Pricey but gets the job done!I paired this with the washer from the same company, it’s been a month and I’m quite happy with how well both machines are working. The dryer seems to work nearly as good as a regular sized one and has its own vent and a pretty good lint catcher that has really helped as I have two dogs that, despite all the grooming, still shed like crazy. I’m very happy with this unit, it’s pretty quick to set up and start using.

  10. Kevin L.

    Great little dryerThis is a great dryer if you have only one or two people, and have limited space to set up a washer and dryer. I bought this to complement the Black and Decker mini-washing machine I had recently purchased. This is a very easy machine to set up, Requires little space or technical expertise to set it up and, once it’s running, it dries clothes as fast as a full-sized dryer, just not as many at once. It is really quiet, and the filter is easy to clean after every load. For me, a one person household, it works great, and saves me a ton of money and time versus going to the laundromat. I didn’t have the space to set up a full-sized set, so I opted for the compact washer and dryer, and it has turned out to be just the ticket to suit my needs. Now, it is so much more convenient, because I don’t have to take the time out of my schedule to load everything up and head to the laundromat and to have to sit there for almost an hour, between washing and drying, This will dry a full load of clothes in about 30 to 35 minutes. As I said, it’s great for one person, or maybe two, as it only handles a smaller load, but the functionality and convenience more than offset the limited capacity, and it will pay for itself, in time and hard money savings, in less than a year. It is very quiet, for a smaller machine, I thought it would be somewhat noisier, but it’s actually more quiet than the full-sized dryer I used to have. I have it only vented inside, yet it doesn’t seem to put out much lint beyond the filter, and hardly affects my temperature or humidity in the house at all. I did opt for the secondary filter to add additional filtration on the exhaust, but haven’t gotten around to installing that yet. If you have limited space to set up a laundry system, I would definitely consider one of these. I put up a shelf in my bathroom and put it on that, and it works fine; it’s out of the way, at a comfortable height for me to be able to get things in and out, and it’s located right over my washer, so it’s a nice compact laundry system, perfect for one or two people with only limited space to install a machine. Very satisfied with my purchase.

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