CAMO Edge Clip Hidden Deck Fasteners (900 ct)

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Material 410 Stainless Screw, 304 Stainless Gusset, Nylon Plastic Spacer Body
Drive System Square
Head Style Trim
Exterior Finish Pvc
Metal Type Stainless Steel

  • EDGE Clips are for 90° grooved deck installations with wood, composite, capped composite, and PVC
  • One-pass fastening—no partial installation is required
  • Up to 88% stronger than leading deck board manufacturer’s clips in lateral movement tests
  • Fasten EDGE Clips with the included NEVER-MISS Guide or with the CAMO DRIVE stand-up tool using a drill—do not use an impact driver
  • 900 count covers approximately 500 square feet (joist spacing of 16 inches); creates a 3/16-inch gap



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Product Description

CAMO universal deck clips for hidden fastener deck installation

CAMO Universal Deck Clips – installing any grooved deck boards has never been this easy

  • Reduce Installation time by up to 5X
  • Three installation choices – 1 of 2 stand-up drive tools (DRIVE and ClipDRIVE) or the never-miss guide included in every pail (sold separately)
  • Can be used on any grooved decking material – wood, capped composite or PVC
  • Reduce you installed cost by completing jobs quicker
  • Up to 88% stronger than the leading deck board manufacturer’s clips*
  • Warranted for use with grooved wood, capped composite and PVC decking

CAMO Hidden Deck Fasteners

CAMO starter clips for starting a hidden fastener deck installation

CAMO edge clips for installing a deck with hidden fasteners for grooved decking

CAMO EdgeX Clips for installing grooved decking.

CAMO EdgeX clips for installing grooved decking on metal joists


Achieve a fastener-free deck surface: secure the first and last grooved board with STARTER Clips

EDGE Clips

EDGE Clips are for grooved deck board installations in 90°patterns on wood joists.

Pre-assembled, one-pass fasteners require no partial installation—clips stay in place until you’re ready to fasten


EDGEX Clips are for grooved deck board installations in ANY deck pattern on wood joists.

Pre-assembled, one-pass fasteners require no partial installation—clips stay in place until you’re ready to fasten


EDGEXMETAL Clips are for grooved deck board installations on METAL joists in ANY pattern.

Pre-assembled, one-pass fasteners require no partial installation—clips stay in place until you’re ready to fasten

CAMO decking system

CAMO decking tools allow you to build your deck up to 5x faster

CAMO universal deck clips for hidden fastener deck installation

CAMO LEVER board bender and locking tool for deck installation

ClipDRIVE decking tool for installing hidden deck clip fasteners


Simple, Strong, Hidden. CAMO hidden deck clips are the best way to install grooved decking. Designed and warranted for use with all leading grooved decking.


Build a better deck by yourself with LEVER, the one-turn tool that locks-in rows of boards and clips and straightens warped boards.


Smarter, Faster, Easier. Fasten CAMO universal deck clips up to 5x faster all while standing and saving your back.

CAMO Decking system - up to 5x faster with clips, lever and clipdrive

Additional information

Weight 14.47 kg
Dimensions 11.3 × 11 × 11 cm

410 Stainless Screw 304 Stainless Gusset Nylon Plastic Spacer Body

Drive System


Head Style


Exterior Finish


Metal Type

Stainless Steel



Item Weight

14.47 pounds

Package Dimensions

11.3 x 11 x 11 inches

Item Package Quantity


Measurement System




Batteries Required




Date First Available

March 14 2019


Camo, National Nail

10 reviews for CAMO Edge Clip Hidden Deck Fasteners (900 ct)

  1. Monroe J Chalmers

    Great fastenersThese are the best by far fasteners I have ever used for installing Fiberon decking. Easy to use, easy to align, easy to fasten. Much quicker than any other fasteners. Will use again in the future.

  2. David Hallock

    The Camo steel clip system is the ONLY hidden fastener system I will ever use againFast and easy to use. The ONLY hidden fasteners that I will use again.

  3. Brian J. Mcmahon

    Good, but the metal clip could be a little widerI used this for Timbertech decking, it worked just fine. The driver bit they give you strips easily, so be careful. The big box gives you two, the little box gives you one. The only complaint is the joints sometime don’t meet exactly in the middle of a joist, so the clip is a little narrow to grip both boards. I some cases I had to jury rig something to get both ends of a joint screwed down. Also take care to not over tighten; on a warm day composite decking can get pretty soft. My beams were 4×6 so I had to break the plastic off and finger them in carefully for the boards that met on the beam, it wasn’t too hard.

  4. Ritch

    It’s not very often get what you expect … and it’s very seldom you get more than you expectedI don’t usually take the time to respond to request for product reviews but when you get everything you expected and more you have to taken the time to let everyone know. I was so impressed with the CAMO Edge Clip Hidden Deck Fasteners I bought I had to take the time.I have built decks before and have used nails, screws, plastic and metal deck board fasteners … they are all hard to set properly, can be frustrating, time consuming and the end results are sometimes inconsistent loose boards and spacing.These CAMO Edge Clip Hidden Deck Fasteners are well engineered, easy to use and the results are superior to anything I’ve ever used before … these guys have thought it through …! They designed the fastener assembly so it positions almost effortlessly over the joist, aligns the deck board instantly. They provide a #12 screw driver bit and plastic spacer / screw guide that ensures consistent board spacing, keeps you from stripping out the screw head or the drive and keeps you from over driving when setting screw.Just slightly more expensive ($0.02) then the plastic or metal fasteners but the ease of installation and consistent professional results and time saving are well worth the little extra.

  5. Ocart

    Love how easy it was to use them butI do think that these new decking fasteners are light years above from where they were. It is amazing how easily you can apply them.However, I have just a couple complaints. First, they give you multiple bits because they tend to go bad quickly and then you are stripping out the screw head. They need to make the bed with a more substantial piece of metal. Secondly, the wings to secure both of the boards down are not that long. Just for security purposes, I wish they would be a little bit longer to make sure that everything was secured down. The instructions are kind of interesting when it comes to a seam. They recommend you using to fasteners. Which means you have to put in another piece of wood underneath close enough to the other piece but far enough away to slide both of the fasteners on. I will say they made the job so much easier then the first generation fasteners. And the yellow plastic guide is amazing to use.

  6. Pete Stone, Owner

    A decent fastener with one big flaw!This fastener works great…..until you need to attach in to 2 2×6 or 2×8 support boards……..then good luck! Since the clip wings on the fastener only are wide enough for a single support board ( And the actual metal clip is so narrow it can’t be used singly to fasten 2 adjoining board ends ) you must break off the clip wings, and try and hope the fastener stays in place while you secure it….not an easy job! The Fiburon and the Trek fasteners are much better in this situation, since the fastener is much wider where it holds the board down ( Fiburon even includes some wider fasteners in their packaging specifically for adjoining deck boards ), and you aren’t forced to break off the clip wings if butt joining boards ( needing 2 CAMO’s to do this ), or attaching the decking to a doubled 2×6 or 2×8 support. CAMO really needs to come up with a double clip for adjoining boards that should be included in the package of clips I purchased, since any time gained by using the clips was lost when I had to deal with breaking off the clip wings and trying to make use of them wingless….which I needed to do on multiple occasions!

  7. jamescroak

    Don’t use, serious design errors, 4/21 update broken screwsWe used these clips to install a large 1X6 Ipe deck. This is a difficult deck to lay as the wood is 3X harder than a baseball bat and extremely difficult to straighten. The clip did not help. The tabs on either side are half the size of my little finger nail, way less than competing products. Is there a point to this? Because all of the difficulties we had resulted from the too-small tabs. Firstly they don’t stay in place when laying out the wood. An 18′-0″ board has (14) clips at 16″ oc. Not once did all clips stay in place as we pressed the boards together, one or more would tip over jamming the boards apart. Secondly, and this is a design error of almost comedic import, the clips CANNOT BRIDGE A SEAM! How can one fasten (3) boards together with a tab the size of an aspirin? One cannot, and for this design error alone they lost two stars. The workaround if you’ve already bought these clips is to cut off the plastic horseshoe tabs and use two clips on a single joist, you’ll thank me for this later. The video of installers laying out an entire deck before they insert the screws are fake and assume laser straight wood or plastic. At the moment earlier CAMO hidden deck system is better.4/21 update: After a single winter 15 screws were broken in half and the boards lifting up. Ever hear of a deck screw breaking in half? Me neither. But this thin threaded coat-hanger wire does, one after another. A call back disaster.

  8. Craig

    Must BuyI wish I would have done these to start with. Had five composite deck boards laid in with the manufactures hidden fasteners. After breaking a number of them I removed them all and tried the CAMO instead.Although more expensive, they are worth every penny on the quality and on how easy to install for hidden fasteners.Any future composite deck that I build with hidden fasteners, these will be my go to screws.

  9. Barryvabeach

    Great designNeeded to take off the deck boards to repair the joists. The folks that put it together originally used a different system. I saw a youtube video about this system , and how well thought out it was, and bought it. It is very well thought out , and works pretty quickly. Love the clips that hold them on the joists. Highly recommend.

  10. Flyguy

    Works as advertisedWorks very well, especially for novice installers. One item of note, you really need to screw down every 2-3 boards, can’t lay out an entire deck and then screw down unless you are super lucky and have perfectly straight deck boards.

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