Crimson Trace CMR-301 Railmaster Pro with Green Laser, Adjustable 1000 Lumen LED Flashlight and Rechargeable Battery for

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Brand Crimson Trace
Color Black
Item Dimensions LxWxH 3 x 2 x 1 inches
Sport Type Hunting
Item Weight 0.45 Pounds
Material Aluminum
Compatible Devices Shotgun, Rifle
Mounting Type Weaver Mount, Picatinny Mount
Night vision No

  • DIMENSIONS: 3.4″ L x 2.9″ W x 1.2″ D with a weight of 6.4 ounces
  • BRIGHTNESS: Features 1000 lumen LED light and a 5mW peak, 620-670nm, Class 3R visible green laser that is in conformance with and complies with 21 CFR 1040.10 with a max power output of 5mW for a Class 3R Green Laser – brightest beam allowed by law
  • RUNTIME: 1 hour of battery life that runs on (1) 18350+USB C rechargeable battery (included) with Laser, Light, and Laser + Light modes
  • EASE OF USE: Laser and light can be activated via push button or remote Instant Activation pressure pad which also attaches to accessory rail – Adjustable flashlight peaks at 1000 lumens – Mode switch features glow-in-the-dark icons for fast adjustments in low-light conditions
  • VERSATILITY: Can be used on most shotguns and rifles that have an M-Lok or M1913 Picatinny and Weaver-style accessory rails measuring at least 2 3/4″ in length


Increase your confidence with the Crimson Trace CMR-301 Railmaster Pro for rifles and long guns. The adjustable 1000 lumen LED light and green laser have a runtime of 1 hour on a rechargeable battery. Control the three modes including laser, light, and laser & light via the remote Instant Activation pressure pad or the tail-cap. The CMR-301 fits M-LOK, M1913 Picatinny or similar rails that are at least 2 3/4″ in length.

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For more than two decades, Crimson Trace has defined and built the laser-sighting category through design, innovation, and performance. With an obsession to create top-of-the-line electro-optics and scopes, Crimson Trace is proud to further enhance the experience of shooters, hunters, and rugged outdoor enthusiasts. We invite you to explore our product lines by your passion; be it personal protection, concealed carry, tactical/professional use, long-range shooting, or hunting.

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The CMR-301 Rail Master Pro offers robust power and versatility for rail-equipped long guns. The laser sight + tactical light system provides 1000 lumens (peak) for illumination and a powerful green laser for precision targeting in variable lighting conditions. The CMR-301 is user programmable and may be operated with pressure pad or tail-cap. Fits firearms with M1913 Picatinny or similar accessory rails measuring at least 2¾” in length.

  • Up to 1000 Lumens of Light
  • Powerful Green Laser
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Optional Pressure Pad Activation

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The powerful flashlight features brightness adjustments of 1000, 500, or 150 Lumens. The CMR-301 also has a 5MW PEAK, 532NM, Class 3R green laser for added confidence in moments that matter.


The CMR-301 can be activated using the tailcap or optional pressure pad. It features three Instant Activation functions- Light, Laser, Laser and Light.


Attach the CMR-301 to your long gun using the included Pic rail or M-Lok mounts. Fits long guns with rails measuring at least 2.75″ in length.

Additional information

Weight 0.41 kg
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 3 cm
Package Weight

0.41 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

3 x 2 x 1 inches

Item Weight

0.45 Pounds

Brand Name

Crimson Trace

Warranty Description

1-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY Https:www.crimsontrace.comsupportwarranty

Model Name

Crimson Trace CMR-301WG Rail Master Pro





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Date First Available

February 25 2021


Crimson Trace

10 reviews for Crimson Trace CMR-301 Railmaster Pro with Green Laser, Adjustable 1000 Lumen LED Flashlight and Rechargeable Battery for

  1. TMAT

    Incredible value for the priceI now own 3 of these, all of which have been purchased for different prices. The price seems to fluctuate quite a bit on these an I’m not sure why. Even at the highest price I paid for one of these, it’s still worth the money. I was toying with the concept of having not just a light but a laser also for some time and decided to give one of these CMR-301s a try. One of my biggest regrets is having waited so many years before trying a laser. I was told so many times that lasers were silly and that it will slow you down. After shooting a couple of practice sessions and a competition with this light/laser combo, I have found my results to be the opposite of what I was told my whole life. All of us running lights and lasers, basically for our first time, all found it to be faster. Just shoulder the rifle like you normally would, but instead of looking through an optic, just use the laser instead. I also found this to be a huge help when engaging multiple steel plates from the same position. Even though I could easily see the steel plates when illuminated with the white light, once I look through my red dot sight, it was really hard to make out the targets. Once you start firing, you will be surprised at how much smoke is in the air because this isn’t something you see during the day time. The more you fire from that same position, the worse it gets and the harder it is to see through your optic. But using the laser without looking through the red dot made it so much easier to make out the targets in that smoke and engage the plates at 100 yards. Easier translated to faster.The light output is decent. It says 1000 lumens, and it very well could be that, but it is more of a flood light rather than a spot light. I only engaged steel plates out to 100 yards, but I’m not sure how much more throw this would have beyond that. But it was plenty of light to still identify and effectively hit the 2/3 IPSC plates at 100 yards.The laser is green, which is what I prefer. I have a light and laser I run on a different rifle, both of which were quite a bit more expensive than this Crimson Trace, but the red laser was more difficult to see even though it’s rated at the same output (5MW). At night, the CMR-301 laser is plenty visible and I could see it illuminate on a mountain range that was well beyond our 100 yard target. Keep in mind that these are not really daylight visible due to FDA restrictions so you will need to zero this laser in low light conditions.The mounting system is plastic and was a concern of some reviews I read. I have not experienced an issue yet with either the MLOK mounting plate or the Picatinny mounting plate. Both lock down extremely well and I have not yet lost the zero on the lasers. It’s important to note that the underside of the CMR-301 is shaped to fit the octagonal shape that many handguards have. So on something like a CZ Scorpion Evo Micro with an HBI handguard, even though the handguard sides are M-LOK, because of that octagonal shape to the underside of the CMR-301, I could not get the M-LOK mount to work on the tall and flat surface of the HBI handguard. On flat surfaces like that handguard has, you will need a picatinny section to go into the M-LOK slots and it should hopefully mount that way. I don’t see this being an issue for most M-LOK AR handguards since they usually have that octagonal shape.The battery is rechargeable and I absolutely love that CT decided to do this. I am tired of feeding my lights disposable lithium batteries. So far I have no had any issues with these lights killing the batteries when not in use. I had looked at some other light/laser combos and this was an issue with some of those units killing batteries in a matter of days.I like that CT also gives you the option to select if you want the light by itself, laser by itself, both, or off. I just run both but it’s nice they gave that option.I do appreciate that the back of the light laser has a push button so that you are not required to use the pressure switch. On one of my rifles, the rail space is limited so rather than using the switch, I just activate the light/laser with my thumb. CT was smart and also designed this to have momentary (you just hold the pressure switch or keep pressure on the push button), or constant on by clicked the push button or by tapping the pressure switch. If you have the pressure switch installed, you can still use the push button. That was also clever so that if the pressure switch malfunctions, you have a backup way to still activate the light.The biggest thing I wish they could improve on is the switch itself. The light/laser combo has both MLOK and Picatinny mounting options, but the switch is only picatinny. I prefer running the light/laser at 12 O’clock, but this isn’t possible on something like MY CZ Scorpion Evo Micro. Instead, I mounted the light/laser combo on the side of the handguard (I chose 3 O’clock). I didn’t like the switch on the sides of the handguard because they are M-LOK and would first require a section of M-LOK compatible picatinny. This makes the switch sit too far out from the handguard surface and makes it uncomfortable and awkward to activate the switch. I ended up putting the switch at 12 O’clock, but it is quite the reach on a tall handguard like the HBI handguard I have.It’s really hard to beat this light/laser combination especially for the price. Hopefully they hold up over time and extended use but so far, I have been very happy with them.

  2. Montana Rick

    Airsoft grade garbage! Caution!The pic rail adaptors do not secure the light/laser securely to any pic rails, there is substantial wobble at max tightness on multiple rails. Due to the ridiculous design, they can’t be tightened enough to mount solidly, and would not hold zero at all. One of the remote switches failed the first time it was shot, with the unit becoming even more loose. I wanted to like these, but now am stuck with this garbage, past Amazon’s return window. 2x junk Chinese lights that cost 5 times more than they should for what you get, I’m $500.00 poorer for thinking Crimson Trace made quality products. I’ve had several of their grip lasers over the years, but now I don’t think I’ll purchase one of their products again.

  3. Greg’s Reviews

    I wanted to love this unit!The light itself is quite bright and has a good amount of flood, similar to the Surefire Scout M300. The green laser is strong and easily visible in daylight inside of 50 yards. It’s pretty light weight and low profile enough to mount on the top rail in front of or behind your iron sights. If you use a red dot, you can see the unit on the rail but it does not obstruct your view of the dot or the target. I haven’t ran it long enough to verify the battery life but I played with it for 15-20 minutes in the dark, outside checking the pattern, spill and reach and it recharged within a few minutes. That leads me to believe the battery life should be as advertised.The switch is decent and works fine but it doesn’t mount to 1913 as securely as I would like. I used some cable management rail cover clips from Larue Tactical to secure the excess cable because CT doesn’t supply anything to secure the cable or the switch other than its built in 1913 railmount which is rather flimsy.The selector switch on the unit changes between light, laser and light and light only or off. It works fine but it is almost TOO easy to change. I am concerned that it may be easily bumped out of the position you want it in.The adjustments to zero the laser do not have detents or clicks. I can easily turn them with my fingernail. I haven’t used the light yet to find out how well it holds zero under various conditions so that may or may not be an issue.As for the mounts, they are absolute TRASH. The picatinny rail mount (1913) is probably what most people will use as I think this style light laser is best mounted at 12 o’clock on the forend. The gun I attempted to mount this on is a factory original, mil-spec, S&W, not some Chinese knock off or copy. The CT 1913 mount broke immediately while attempting to put it on the rail, EXACTLY as the instructions tell you to do. Whatever material they used on the mounts is very brittle and poorly designed/made in China.Just for comparison, I put the other included mount (MLOK) on a different rifle to see how it matched up to the rail and it seems pretty questionable in the way it fit into the slots.So, the light/laser unit seems like a very good design with good potential and initial performance but if you can’t even get it on your gun it is worthless. Now that I have experience with the mounts, I would never trust this unit on a serious purpose rifle. I noticed at least one other reviewer had pretty much the same experience with his.CT needs to provide a solid, repeatable, robust, low profile mount that can be used on multiple guns and stand up to hard use. Also, I would suggest they make those adjustments and controls a little more resistant to being bumped out of whack.It is a good design but it needs some tweaking and it needs a much better mounting system. I would suggest making them in the US.This experience is exactly why I keep going back to Surefire products. They are expensive but they are very well made in the US and they stand up to very hard use and just keep going.I really wanted to love this Crimson Trace product even though I knew going in the CMR 301 was made in China. I have been using their Laser Grips for years without a single problem.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Steiner can suck it…In the market for a laser light combo that wont get you killed (airsoft) or leave you homeless(stiener)? Welp, this is the middle ground. Its a light, and a green laser, not IR. Comes with switch, easily mountable. Cant beat the price point. Aluminum housing, not plastic

  5. Brandon Wagner

    Great product. Not compatible with Magpul MOE handguardsReally happy with this product once I did some tweaking. The product out of the box does not fit on a Magpul MOE handguards because the screws are to short and the contour of the housing is designed for a picitany rail even though it says it’s compatible for both mlok and pic rail. I ended up doing a side mount because the top mount blocked my optic. Not because the CMR housing is big. It’s actually very low profile, I’m just not running a riser on my red dot because of the more compact setup I’m running. With the side mount I had to purchase some significantly longer screws to get it to reach and that caused some extra pressure on the handguard. No big deal but the extra pressure pushing back caused the screws to come loose. Nothing a little lok tight can’t fix. All in all the performance is amazing. The buttons have a nice tactile feel and click. The light is adjustable and remembers which light setting it was on last time you used it so you don’t have to change it every time. The laser is very visible even in day light. I love this combo definitely worth the price. I have noticed the tan one fluctuates a lot in price so if you keep an eye on it you can get it for a a great deal.

  6. Amazon Customer

    No nods but want something like a DBAL? Your solution is thisSecond one I’ve bought. I wanted something with the look and feel of a DBAL or PEQ, but im not a millionaire and cant afford NODS, so theres no point in buying an IR intensive device that I cant use in any way. The flashlight on this is extremely bright, and the laser is as well. Laser has been holding zero with no adjustments post initial sight in on my 300 BLK pdw. The other one I bought is on a 308 and continues to hold zero. Had to call customer service to request a new picatinny mounting bracket since it was a tiny bit too small, and the customer service rep gave me a suggestion (which worked) and sent me a whole new bag of mounting brackets (mlok and pic) plus 4 replacement screws just in case without me having to ask. The battery is pretty innovative and easy to charge, although you have to remove it to charge but its just a simple unscrew the light and it pops out. You can buy extra batteries on crimson trace website, since the battery is proprietary. So far the battery life continues to be consistent and hasnt died on me yet, ill just charge routinely

  7. YH981

    Pressure switchTried connecting the pressure switch immediately, the rubber O-ring on the cable made it extremely difficult. It’s supposed to have a locking feature but it wouldn’t even plug in so i could rotate it. Tried gently using pliers to get it in and rotated and it struggled to consistently work.I checked to make sure it wasnt damaged and still isnt but every time i plug it in, even without the O-ring, it does not work. The unit itself and its oen button work great! Better than expected so far.Curious to see how the plastic/polymer shoes to connect the device hold up to extreme heat.

  8. Shopper #6336

    Great unit, great valueI like this laser light combo a lot. Green dot is bright and is practically zeroed to my Red dot right out of the box. I’m only giving it 4 stars because the Picatinny mount is fairly difficult to put on and take off, and makes it a hassle to swap between rails. Also, the remote switch could be a little more secure on the rail, since it jiggles back and forth on the rail. I would want a cross-bolt to keep it from shifting in future iterations.

  9. Seabear70

    Is not be what you are hoping for.Okay, it’s solid and easy to mount. It gold zero well and it’s easy to aim. It’s bright, it’s big enough to see at a y reasonable distance.Here’s the problems. 1. The remote switch is a pain to plug in. Literally, it hurt. It took so much effort to plug I. It was painful. It operates intermittently if you do not have it plugged in all the way, have fun with that. Then there comes the mounting for that switch, mlok ain’t happening, picatinny only on that one, you can obviously get a rail that mounts to your handguard, but it would have been nice to have it included. And then there is the unfixable. If you are like me you are expecting a momentary on switch, not with this one, click on, click off. Momentary is not an option.Okay, time for an update.So, I just came back from my fourth trip to the range. Nothing fancy, nothing abusive, just firing at multiple targets in full Vegas daylight.Keep in mind I have fired maybe 6 mags, 180 rounds through the weapon, and virtually none of it with the light or laser on.1. The laser is useless in the desert in daylight conditions at any range past five feet. hence the reason I did not use it.2. The mlock mounts loosened to the point where the device was hanging lose from one of the screws. The other fell off. To be fair, a little purple locktite would fix that, make sure you use it as soon as you figure out where you want it.3. Way more concerning is the vibration from the rifle apparently destroyed the wiring for the remote switch. This is on top of the design failing that prevents you from using it as a momentary on stun device. I mean, really, at 1000 lumens what did you think you are going to use that thing for? For hands free lighting a couple hundred lumens would me more than sufficient and the battery would last longer.Is it too late to return this piece of overpriced airsoft crap?

  10. Trent

    Just get a SightmarkCrimson Trace used to have standards. Then reputation. Right now they’re milking what remains of the latter…My unit arrived in a factory sealed box. Let’s have a look…+ Solid build (cannot say the same about adapters though)+ Bright laser– Mode dial barely clicks and moves rather easily– Windage/elevation adjustments are clickless and easy to turn with a fingernail– Pressure pad jack is not even remotely secure– Rechargeable battery is a gimmick, as it has a huge self discharge problem– If you’re not mounting it directly on an MLOK handguard, you’re losing all “low profile”-ness– Picatinny adapter promptly broke.I have to pounce on the latter… very wrong choice of material. For a snap fit adapter they should’ve used nylon or PC blend. Instead, it seems that all adapters were made of ABS. For me it’s no big deal, as I’m going to design and print my own, but for a regular consumer that should be a massive red flag.In short, if you’re not planning on attaching it directly to handguard, don’t buy it. And if you do – try to remember that it won’t be able to hold zero better than your handguard, if you know what I mean.

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