DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Heat Gun, Tool Only with 20V MAX Battery Pack with Charger, 3-Ah (DCE530B & DCB230C)

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Power Source Battery Powered
Voltage 20 Volts
Amperage 3 Amps
Color Black yellow, Yellow

  • DEWALT cordless heat gun has up to 990 degrees Fahrenheit/ 532 degrees Celsius max output temperature**
  • Up to 42 minutes of runtime per charge***
  • 6.7CFM****
  • 3.0Ah capacity provides long runtime for the the DEWALT 20V battery
  • 3-LED fuel gauge system allows immediate feedback on state of charge for the DEWALT battery
  • No memory and virtually no self-discharge for maximum productivity and less downtime


From the manufacturer

dewalt 20v

hands free

temperature output


20v system

Important information

Bulb Voltage

20 volts

Additional information



Power Source

Battery Powered


20 Volts


3 Amps


Black yellow Yellow

Included Components


Maximum Power

300 Watts


W 20V battery & charger

Item Package Quantity




Date First Available

August 26 2021



10 reviews for DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Heat Gun, Tool Only with 20V MAX Battery Pack with Charger, 3-Ah (DCE530B & DCB230C)

  1. Minor Alkaloids

    Works great; Dewalt quality that you’d expectWorks as expected; a dangerous hair dryer. I’ve been using this with heat shrink wrapping and it works great. I love that it uses the same 20v batteries as my screw guns; super convenient.

  2. David A. Knapp

    It works well.It works well.

  3. J. Laudiero

    Not good for a work solution!I bought this to get rid of the cord, 5ah battery from fully charged 10min dead battery.

  4. Just Chris

    Great option for portable focused heat source – but you’re gonna need a bigger battery.Lets get this out of the way first…its a battery powered heat gun. If you are expecting hours of runtime that is just not happening here. Now, if you want something that is not fuel powered and you can take anywhere with you and have a runtime measured in minutes, this is for you.My need? I bought this primarily for heating adhesives for resetting logos on signs, zapping labels, heat shrink tubing, and the occasional frozen door lock. For all of those purposes it is AWESOME. It really does deliver on the heat, you just need to leave it run for a minute or two before you put it to work for best experience. That is not to say it doesn’t heat up fast, it is – just not instant like plug-in styles.Now for the con – It does like to go through the batteries quickly. I have not measured it scientifically but it feels like

  5. JDub2899

    Great heat gun and no wires!One of the things I use a heat gun for more than anything is heat shrink on car wiring. Dragging out the heat gun and having to string a cord to it was always a pain when I had so many other cordless tools. Finally I have the heat gun to go with the rest now. Works great, and uses all the Dewalt batteries I already own. Highly recommend this heat gun for this application.

  6. Michael Rodrigue

    Work great for a cordlessGets hot! Not melt your face off or anything. But it’s cordless and convenient. If you need load of heat get a large corded one. If you want something portable and useful for a few jobs and heat shrinking and stuff this works great. I already had batteries for dewault too so why not.

  7. rdkmco

    Good for what it isI tried the Ryobi the ridgid and the Dewalt cordless heat gun. I use this to generally clean off stickers and shipping labels from packages, As well as from automobile windows and fenders.Also for shrink wrap I intended to use this for in place of a hair dryerThe Duvalt is the best of all of them I found basically because it has two settings high and low as well as a wide heat dissipator rather than a circular oneFrom what his product does it is absolutely fantastic however to not compare it to a standard hair dryer or plug-in heat gunYou would only want to use this for its portability and for the minimal heat output it provides for working generally with delicate itemsIt puts out great heat but not a lot of air flow

  8. 78Staff

    Shocked at the good reviews on this one…Surprised at so many 5 star reviews.. I’ll give it 2.5 and that is generous. Four stars for convenience, but only one star for actual heat output. Barely and I mean barely enough to handle shrink wrapping connections, and that’s with a 5ah battery. if you use a 1.5 or 2ah battery it’s even worse.It’s lone attribute is the convenience of not having to drag an electric cord all over the boat, but it takes much longer to do any actual work with it. So it sits in my tool chest unless I specifically need it on the boat – otherwise I still use my 20+ year old not even sure what brand it is corded heat gun which runs circles around this one. I actually meant to return it but lost track of the return window.

  9. River_rats88

    Works greatThis heat gun eats battery power fastin a 3.0 amh. But it works very well. Just don’t do it with any wind.

  10. SJK

    DEWALT DCE530B 20V MAX Cordless Heat Gun [Bare Tool]This Dewalt DCE530B 20V heat gun has been coming in handy for things like making box offsets in PVC conduit. Its not exactly high output at 990 degrees F and 6.7 CFM on high speed, but for smaller 1/2 thru 1-1/4 inch conduit I can manage to make a standard box offset in about 5-minutes, as long as I cover the end of the pipe to keep the heat in. It also works well for heat shrink terminals and heat shrink UF splice kits when you’re working in a trench. The bare tool comes with two nozzle attachments, one heat shrink reflector and one spreader. It has two heat ranges but I mainly use high setting. You really need to use the 5Ah or larger battery with this heat gun or you’ll be changing them out frequently. Overall, it’s been working well for smaller jobs so I’m happy with it. This tool doesn’t come with a belt hook but, has slots for a DeWalt N268241 belt hook and was easy enough to install. I just needed to drill a hole for the screw and used a spare nut from one of my other Dewalt 20V tools. I also used a Dremel with a 1/8″ round burr bit to remove a tiny amount of plastic from inside the battery compartment to recess the nut.

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