DEWALT Dust Extractor, Automatic Filter Cleaning, 8-Gallon (DWV010)

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Special Feature Portable, Wheels, HEPA
Form Factor Cannister
Filter Type Cartridge
Power Source Corded Electric

  • Automatic Filter Clean of the dust extractor pulses every 30 seconds for continuous operation without stopping to clean filter
  • 15-amp motor of DEWALT dust extractor delivers 150 CFM of airflow
  • Power Tool Actuation controls the On/Off operations of the vacuum with a power tool
  • Meets the EPA Lead Related Renovations, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule for Hepa Vacuums only when DWV9330 Filters are used
  • Universal hose connector provides a secure connection with swivel capability
  • Heavy duty wheels and casters provide jobsite durability
  • 15 ft. Anti Static Hose. Hose Diameter-1.25 inch



The DWV010 8 Gallon HEPA Dust Extractor with Automatic Filter Cleaning features a 15 Amp Motor, delivering 155 CFM of airflow. The Automatic Filter Clean pulses every 30 seconds for continuous operation without stopping to clean the filter. This DEWALT hepa vacuum is portable, only weighing 21 lbs. and features heavy duty wheels and casters for jobsite durability.

From the manufacturer

15 amp

osha compliant


220 solutions

Additional information

Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 20 × 19 × 20 cm


Special Feature

Portable Wheels HEPA

Form Factor


Filter Type


Power Source


Included Components

HEPA Filter


8 Gallons


15 Amps

Number of Items


Part Number


Item Weight

22 pounds

Product Dimensions

20 x 19 x 20 inches, 20L x 19W x 20H

Country of Origin


Item model number



Dust Extractor



Item Package Quantity


Cord Length

8 Feet

Number of Handles


Special Features

Portable Wheels HEPA

Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Warranty Description

1 year limited warranty



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Date First Available

March 25 2012



10 reviews for DEWALT Dust Extractor, Automatic Filter Cleaning, 8-Gallon (DWV010)

  1. Greg Neve

    Keeps the dust out of the air!Like the self cleaning filter feature. Used to sand the deck floor! Now using it for other sanding on concrete joints.

  2. kepcon

    The biggest problem with this vac is the hose.This dust collector on it’s own is not a bad product. (I realize this is a dust collector and NOT a shop vac)About the only plus of the hose on this vac is the length.. It’s nice that the hose is long enough to reach up an entire flight of steps. Everything else about the hose is terrible. The diameter is so small that a small piece of anything vacuumed up is liable to get lodged inside of the hose thereby trapping other pieces of dirt until it is completely clogged. As long as this hose is good luck clearing the plug. Also I don’t know who the hose was designed for but around here there are generally two hose diameters- 1-1/4″ and 2-1/2″. This fits neither without a separately purchased adapter. And the adapters are overpriced because this vac is worthless with out them. Also the twist lock that is supposed to hold the adapters in is worthless. I have to tape the connection in order for the adapter not to fall out. They would have been better off going with a friction fit. This setup was completely over engineered. If the adapter doesn’t come out of the twist lock fitting then the whole set up un-threads from the hose. As long as DeWalt designed this hose to fit nothing they could at least gone with a 2″ diameter so it wasn’t such a nuisance.One additional issue I have with the hose that comes with this dust collector is that is leaves black marks on EVERYTHING it touches. Fortunately the wipe off fairly easily but when I’m doing the final cleaning on a job I don’t need to have to spend an hour looking for all the mars. I’ve never had a shop vac where the hose left these annoying marks.

  3. Brian

    Great dust extractorOne of the better dust vaca I own. Cleans the filters itself and so far I love it works with almost all my dewalt tools

  4. Josh358

    Wonderful dust extractorI’ve used this for 2-1/2 years now, and really love it. It’s great for lead dust and plaster dust — a necessity in this old house — and when it’s not doing that, it can be used as a dust extractor in the shop.Positives: Very effective self-cleaning HEPA filter, rated for lead dust extraction. The self cleaning is just great with plaster dust, I haven’t had a clog yet. It’s light weight and easy to carry despite its bulk. Suction isn’t the highest because of the HEPA filter — you’re going to get more from a standard shop vac, but this has a different purpose, no need for a cyclonic extractor or such when you use it for dust extraction. If you just want a shop vac, get a shop vac! The automatic run feature works well. And it’s much less expensive than comparable units, or at least it was when I bought it.Negatives: Don’t be fooled by the bargain price, the tool set is ridiculously expensive. It’s still a bargain, but less so. DeWalt sells a wide range of hose adapters, which is a plus, but doesn’t make it easy to figure out which ones you need — why can’t the industry standardize this stuff? It’s really noisy, with a high pitched squeal — use ear plugs, not strictly necessary but more comfortable. Stowing the hose — it wraps around the unit and is secured by elastic — is a bit of a bear, and I end up taking it off and carrying it separately. The hose accessories (but not the hose and the adapter that goes on it) are friction fit and tend to fall apart while you’re using them.These quibbles aside, it does exactly what it should, and for that reason and its bargain price, I’m giving it five stars. A smarter person than I will find the right kind of adapter and use conventional shop vac accessories rather than buying their overpriced wand and brush kit.

  5. Mason B

    Perfect Tool, cheap hoseEverything about it is 5 stars. The downside that we wish was a little better is the hose, just feels a little cheap compared to how well it works and how much you pay for it. If the hose that comes with it were better quality Id pay another 50$ no questions askedThe plug in that turns it on as needed works great after some pretty heavy use with a belt sander for a few months. It catches about 85% of debris from our planer which is pretty impressive. It catches 99% with the drywall sander, itll miss a bit when using 80 or 100 grit at full speed. 100% with the orbital, on uneven surfaces about 80%. great suction that stays perfect until 75% full.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Performs just as well as most stationary wood shop dust collectorsI’m not sure why people say that this thing doesn’t have good suction. This thing is as good as I could hope for without a 4″ dust collector system. I use this with my DeWalt 12″ sliding compound miter saw, DeWalt table saw, and a Milwaukee 5″ random orbital palm sander (requires a rubber fernco to connect). The suction is best on the sander; leaving only a small trace of dust that settles on the work surface with no visible airborne dust and my nostrils are clean at the end of the day, even without a dust mask. The suction is sufficient for the table saw and miter saw, but tool function and design causes some dust to not be collected. I’ve worked in a professional shop with a powerful cyclone system, and this DeWalt system performs just as well.My only complaint is that automatic start only works if you plug the power tool into the dust collector. Well, the vacuum and both of my DeWalt saws are rated at 15 amps, which means that I constantly trip breakers when I plug the saw into the vacuum to use the auto start feature. I have to run the vacuum and the saw off of different outlets attached to different breakers. There is a switch to manually turn on the vacuum, but a remote or something would be nice considering the high draw of these tools.Lastly, I had a ton of trouble knowing which adapters were required to attach this DeWalt vacuum to DeWalt tools. Just to help some other people out, the 2-1/4″ adapter fits inside of the 2-1/2″ table saw dust port, the twist lock built into the end of the vacuum hose fits right onto the dust port on the miter saw, and I used the 35mm angled adapter with a rubber fernco to attach to my Milwaukee 5″ random orbit sander.

  7. J.M.C

    Not a regular wet/dry vacPros: The vacuum itself works excellent for fine dust like drywall and grinding concrete . It will fill the bucket before losing much suction. Unlike regular shop vacs that clog the filter almost immediately. It’s also smaller than the bigger 10 gallon unit making it easier to transport and store.Cons: It’s loud . Very loud. Has a high pitched whine to it , much louder than my Ridgid vacs . It also has a 15 amp motor , which is good, but it makes the auto start feature useless because you will blow breakers constantly having 2 machines plugged into the same outlet. Also the vac stays on for 15 secs after you stop whatever tool you’re using leaving the vacuum whaling away and giving you a headache. This is especially annoying when using a miter saw for making quick 2 sec cuts, the vacuum stays on too long . The hose is also very narrow inside diameter , almost less than 1 inch . Larger chips and debris clog it easily .Lastly the hose attachments. Be prepared to spend an extra $40 to $70 buying adapters to fit the wands and tools you have that aren’t DeWalt’s proprietary twist lock fitting.4 stars because the vacuum works well if you don’t blow breakers and have the right connectors.

  8. Philip De Groot

    It worksIt is much like a Shop Vac with HEPA filters. The universal connector worked well with my De Walt angle grinder shroud but I bought a number of other connectors so I could attach the dust extractor to other power tools, my De Walt random orbital sander in particular. These connectors don’t fit well with either the universal connector (which is attached to the extractor’s hose) nor my orbital sander. Indeed I have to use duct tape to achieve a proper seal with the universal connector and the orbital sander. This is aggravating but at least it works. I have a Shop Vac with fine filter bags and a HEPA filter that fits my orbital sander well without resorting to duct tape.The extractor’s capacity is limited. Expect to have to change the filter bags frequently.I find that I have to check the bags regularly to see if they are full. This means removing the top of the extractor and looking into the tub. The first time I used it I waited for the machine to stop sucking up dust before I checked the bags and filters (there are two HEPA filters). When I checked I found that the bag was torn, the tub was filled with (concrete) dust and the filters where completely clogged. Luckily the filters can be cleaned with tap water but I had to wait a long time for them to dry.Buy lots of bags and have a roll of duct tape handy.I saw no evidence that the dust extractor system through dust up into the air. In other words I saw no evidence that it doesn’t work. I have a powerful negative air machine with a HEPA filter running constantly so if the De Walt dust extractor is leaking some dust into the air my negative air machine captures it. I have not run the dust extractor with out the negative air machine so an absence of fine concrete dust is not proof that the dust extractor captures all the dust.

  9. Matt C.

    As advertisedGreat vacuum overall. The hose diameter is a little small if you’re picking up bigger debris but for plaster and dust it’s great. The self cleaning feature keeps suction consistent. The only odd feature I’ve found is that the back two casters don’t swivel just the front two. All my other worksite vacuums swivel all four casters for ease of movement as you pull them around. Height is good allows it to be loaded in the back of a pickup with a tonneau folding cover closed.

  10. Christopher graves

    Pire aspirateur que j’ai acheté!!Ne pas acheter cette aspirateur, le moteur a lacher 2 fois en 4 mois.. Pus jamais j’achete une balayeuse Dewalt.. J’suis vraiment décu, la perte de temps que j’ai eu avec sa ses incroyable.. De plus le centre de réparation dewalt a st-Léonard je donne un gros zero pour le service a la clientele..

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