DEWALT Mechanics Tool Set, 192-Piece with Combination Ratcheting Wrench Set, 8-Piece SAE (DWMT75049 & DWMT74733)

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Material Chrome Vanadium Steel
Item Package Quantity 1
Finish Type Polished
Operation Mode Mechanical

  • Mechanics Tool Set Has Knurled Control Ring
  • Mechanics Tools Feature DirectTorque Technology
  • DEWALT mechanical tool set has polished chrome vanadium finish
  • 72 teeth providing 5 degree arc swing
  • DEWALT mechanic tool set has full polish chrome
  • Stamped hashmark pattern on wrench handle provides added grip points for the wrenches set for mechanic


From the manufacturer

72 tooth ratchet

durable carry case

dewalt mechanics tools

Additional information


W Combination Ratcheting Wrench Set




Chrome Vanadium Steel

Item Package Quantity


Measurement System




Date First Available

October 20 2021



10 reviews for DEWALT Mechanics Tool Set, 192-Piece with Combination Ratcheting Wrench Set, 8-Piece SAE (DWMT75049 & DWMT74733)

  1. Austin Lyons

    Ultimate Basic Socket SetThe design of this socket set is evidently well thought out and meticulously thorough. The carrying case is made of plastic so sturdy I’d wager you could run it over and it would be fine. Every socket necessary for automotive repair and maintenance is included, save a few edge cases. Each wrench included is not only aesthetically pleasing but also comfortable to use.The case is very heavy at 37 pounds. However, a portable socket set is highly useful even for the automotive repair amateur. When the case snaps shut, the metal clasps feel secure and the halves connect into a seamless whole. A socket set that can fit into any trunk is invaluable if you find yourself making an emergency roadside repair, either on your own vehicle or someone else’s.The contents of this set are extremely robust. There are three wrenches with 1/4 in., 1/2 in., and 3/8 in. drives, allowing for greater application of torque as the situation merits. The 1/4 in. wrench is useful if one needs to get into a tight spot, remove or install a small nut, or simply because it is easier to handle as compared to the larger sizes. Each wrench operates smoothly, ratcheting fluidly during use. There are small divots designed to assist with grip, which can be extremely useful if any fluids have spilled onto the wrench’s surface.Also included are sturdy sockets ranging from 5 to 24 mm, as well as imperial sockets that go from 7/16 to 1/2 in. There are also deep sockets in the same sizes, as well as different sets for each drive. There are three sizes of extension for each drive, as well as drive size adapters. Each piece includes a clearly defined ridged area that helps with grip near its base, along with its size stamped on the surface as applicable.One mild flaw with this socket set is the inclusion of hex or “allen” wrenches in standard sizes. These are likely included merely to pad the piece count, as sets of hex wrenches are overabundant among tradesmen. These hex wrenches do not even have ball ends, but they serve as a spare if you find yourself without any hex wrenches for some improbable reason.Sockets for special use cases can be had in other sets, or individually. While this set would have been more complete with a greater variety of sockets, there are already sockets that will not be used often, if at all, in the set. Dewalt likely researched the most common socket sizes and managed to fit a huge selection into this kit, which will serve most use cases adequately. A set for the average person means sacrificing specific for general, expensive for cost effective, and variety for quality.

  2. Douglas S Carroll

    Great ToolsetThis is a great toolset for the money. It has lots of variety and some bigger sizes which will come in handy. Now if there was just a way for it to help me keep from losing them.

  3. Forsch

    great setim a boat mechanic, i use these every day for the past month. very nice complete set, i needed a mobile case for all the sockets id need around the yard and a set to take home for other repairs. this set fit the bill. i impact these sockets daily, they hold up great. no bs fillers in this one (screwdriver bits to inflate tool count)

  4. Amazon Customer

    Top QualityThis set is excellent quality all the way down to the case.

  5. Brittney

    Absolutely recommendif you’re a mechanic or just want to tinkerwith your car or other socket-needing hobbies i1000% recommend the Dewalt mechanic’s toolset. I have this same one but older and it hasnever failed me. i’ve never needed a size that this kit didn’t have, never broke any of the pieces or ratchets, and i love the organization of the case it comes old one is missing a few pieces and sat outin the rain a few times. despite the rain and rusteverything in my old one still works perfectly

  6. Matthew Walter

    Great setGreat value and good quality tools

  7. b.r.

    WOW! this set is awesomeI love this set, I would recommend

  8. Kenneth jackson

    Everything you needGreat buy

  9. Jonathan Ryan

    Great quality for priceGreat quality for price. Have 2 sets, split the case to put it into a tool box.

  10. DMAC

    Quality Complete Socket SetThis is a huge socket set, heavy and very thorough. I have this and a small set, and I believe this is all I will ever need in socket sets.

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