Dr Infrared Heater DR-9RC2200 Heating Cables for Pipes and roof, 200 FT, Black

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  • DE-ICING FOR ROOF – 12W/ft at 32ºF(0ºC) These heating cables provide pipes, roof and gutter systems protection from damage due to freezing, and can be used in residential and commercial applications. Keep the water flowing in the winter.
  • PIPE FREEZE PROTECTION – 9W/ft @ 40ºF (5ºC) Suitable for plastic or metal pipes, gutters and downspouts
  • SELF-REGULATING – The cables automatically adjust heat output according to the ambient temperature conditions. Under cooler conditions the heat output increases, and as the temperature rises the output decreases to save on energy.
  • HEAVY DUTY – Commercial-grade material that’s built to last and outperform other brands.
  • GLASS ADHESIVE TAPE – High quality tape provided for pipe installation. *Sold separately



WATTS: 9W/ft @ 40 °F (5 0C) on pipe 12W/ft @ 32 °F (0 0C) on roof – in water Stay warm indoors during winter time. Dr Heater self-regulating heat cable will de-ice your roof every winter effectively and energy efficiently. No more dangerous icicles hanging off the roof, no more damaged gutters and downspouts by ice, and no more heavy snow piled up on the roof. Radiant roof and gutter heating and de-icing systems are recognized as extremely effective in preventing the problem caused by heavy snow and ice that can form on the roofs of buildings. Dr Heater’s self-regulating heat cable is suitable for roofs, gutters, and drain pipes and is capable of keeping your home or business safe from costly ice and water damage, frost erosion and dangerous falling ice.
Dr Heater’s self-regulating roof and drain pipe heat cable is composed of rugged durable outer construction (Thermoplastic elastomer) to withstand winter’s harsh conditions. The self-regulating cable also features an irradiated conductive core that increases the heat output as the outside temperature falls and decreases the heat output as the temperature rises. This unique construction makes it durable, safe, and extremely energy efficient. The cable is ETL certified for the USA and Canada.

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Damaged roof


brick and ceramic

metal roof

heated pipe cable

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Weight 15.65 kg
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 3.25 cm
Product Dimensions

13 x 13 x 3.25 inches

Item Weight

15.65 pounds



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Warranty Description

2-year limited component warranty.

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Included Components

Heating cable UV resistant cable ties 2 Warning labels


Dr Infrared Heater

8 reviews for Dr Infrared Heater DR-9RC2200 Heating Cables for Pipes and roof, 200 FT, Black

  1. Tattered Tomes

    Worked perfectlyI have issues with Ice Dams in the gutters of my house. This worked perfectly to stop them and I had no problems this winter.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Used for exposed pipes during constructionAuto off/on. Has a red light showing it’s on. I don’t know the correct terminology, but my husband, my son, and his boss keep raving about it. And the price was way less than supply stores.

  3. D. Baumann

    Puts Out Lots of Heat but PriceyThe good: I used this cable to de-ice my downspouts – it cut through over 1 inch of ice in a couple hours.Not so good: These are pricey cables at over $4.00 a foot. The description says the package includes “UV resistant cable ties, Roof clips, Hanger brackets”. None of these are included with the cable. I contacted Amazon customer service and they sent a replacement but the package is still missing the same parts. Not sure how you can confirm the description about the self regulating feature that adjusts the heat output depending on the outside temperature. Check out Frost King or Easy Heat for similar cables at a lower price.

  4. S.

    Robust CableThis is a very heavy cable with a good lead cord of almost 6 feet on my 12 foot cable. I think the “self-regulating” is minimal. This cable was very hot at room temperature, and when sprayed with freeze mist, the current draw did not increase significantly (18w upped to 20w). This drew about 65 watts when first plugged in, then went to a steady 18w once warmed up. Since it is way past freezing weather where I live I had to resort to putting this in my freezer, leaving it there for a couple of hours. The current draw stabilized at a steady 40 watts with my freezer at 5 degrees F, the cable feeling comfortably warm to the touch. My concern remains that this should draw near zero at room temperature, but that is not the case.Be aware that the “infrared” name is just that. This is a contact heating cable-there is nothing infrared about it other than the usual heat from a warm radiating body. While this is quite heavy, I doubt one would find the unusually high price commensurate with the quality. Others are available for nearly half the price.

  5. It’s Just Me

    Keeps a vent from freezing over in -20 weatherI found this to work well, though it isn’t outstanding. It’s quite comparable to the Frost King cable I am using to prevent frost dams. This Dr. Infrared is doing what I need it to do, which is to keep a vent from freezing over when it gets well below freezing. Only four stars because it’s pricey compared to the Frost Kings.But that’s JustMe. (I received this product in exchange for an honest review, and that is what I have offered here.)

  6. Jameson

    Cable is made well, has a substantial cord with 3 prong ground plugCable is made well has a substantial cord with 3 prong ground plug.Its not winter so I can’t comment on its capability to melt ice so I plugged it in and laid it out and it put out a decent amount of heat.At this time, my opinion is based on visual quality and my rudimentary temperature test.Both of which are good.4 starsI hope my humble opinion helps you in some way. Thank you for reading.

  7. John Charles

    Great heat wiresThis heat wire will work well in my water pump situation. Living in a cooler winter environment with the well outside, care must be taken to prevent freeze ups. This heat tape is long enough to wrap the pipes, pump and tank. It should keep the system warm in the winter.

  8. BH

    Seems to workThis heating cable seems to do what it is supposed to do, it gets nice and warm and will HOPEFULLY take care of an Ice Dam issue, although I wont know till winter. The cable itself heats up pretty quickly, at room temperature it get noticeably warm in under 30 seconds and never gets too hot. Hopefully it holds up for many years!

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