EverElectrix Ceiling Occupancy Motion Sensor, Passive Infrared Technology, High Bay Fixture Mount 360 Degree, Hard-Wired,

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Brand EverElectrix
Color White
Maximum Range 30 Feet
Mounting Type Ceiling

  • A occupancy sensor designed to replace standard light or fan switches; Ideal for high mounted areas such as warehouses and manufacturing and other commercial spaces.
  • A ceiling motion sensor customizable, UL listed high bay occupancy sensor featuring adjustable sensitivity controls, time delay and light level that are easy for installation.
  • Extend lamp life and maximize time and energy savings by programming lights to turn off when no motion is detected in occupancy vacancy motion sensor 360 degree.
  • Passive Infrared Technology (PIR) detects movement and automatically turns lights on and off based on motion ceiling occupancy sensor 120v great for businesses, commercial and industrial properties
  • The occupancy sensor that is adjustable time delay from 15 seconds to 30 minutes; Adjustable sensitivity coverage up to 30 feet, infrared motion detector sensor.



Product Description

D1 motion occupancy sensor high ceiling



The time delay is adjustable from 15 seconds up to 30 minutes and provides a coverage range of up to 30 feet.

D1 Ceiling Occupancy Motion Sensor – High Bay Fixture Mount 360 Degree


This high bay occupancy sensor uses passive infrared (PIR) technology to detect movement in the surrounding space, and automatically turn the lights on and off based on motion in the area. It is a compact, white motion sensor that blends right into your ceiling.


Protects & extends lamp life while maximizing energy savings by turning the lights off when it detects no movements in a given duration of time.

high ceiling


This occupancy sensor is designed to replace a standard light or fan switch. It is ideal for high mounted areas such as warehouses, manufacturing, and other high ceiling applications.

Additional information

Weight 17.31 kg
Dimensions 1.42 × 3.35 × 3.94 cm
Part Number


Item Weight

17.31 pounds

Product Dimensions

1.42 x 3.35 x 3.94 inches



Item Package Quantity


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Batteries Included


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Date First Available

August 26 2021



10 reviews for EverElectrix Ceiling Occupancy Motion Sensor, Passive Infrared Technology, High Bay Fixture Mount 360 Degree, Hard-Wired,

  1. Bob

    Good motion sensorIn summary: Good product, pretty good instructions, and very good price. I attached this to a small metal Junction box with 1/2 inch knock-outs, and mounted it to the ceiling of my garage. Then added the plug end of a heavy duty extension cord to bring power to the box, and installed a duplex outlet for plugging in two shop lights. The outlets turn on whenever there is motion below, and stay on for 5 minutes (the minimum setting) after I leave. When working at by bench, with my back to the sensor, it usually picks up my arm motion and stays on for as long as I am in the area. Only once in three months has it turned off while I was working, and that was resolved by simply turning around – which triggered the lights back on. My device triggers on most any motion that lies within a 45 degree cone from the ceiling. Note that Time knob only has a few different values. It is Not infinitely adjustable. However my unit was settable down to 5 minutes, which is perfect for my use. Note also that the Instructions do not say how to adjust the “Light”knob. If you know exactly what it does, put it in a review so future customers will know.

  2. M. Ehle

    Great for my barnI installed these with some high-bay LED warehouse light in my barn. They are 12 feet off the ground. I have them set at maximum sensitivity and max time. So far they work great and I don’t have to remember to turn off the lights when I leave, plus I don’t walk into things when I go in the barn at night. They are just what I was looking for at a great price.

  3. John F.

    Helps save electricity.Love this device. With a house full of people who can NOT trun of the lights and an electric bill that is through the roof, this was the answer. I attached this to many rooms that people walk through with hands full like our pantry. It turns the light on and then shuts if off again at a predetermined time of no motion.

  4. Jack Carious

    Good working detector with incorrect wiring diagramI bought this unit to replace the pull on/off switch. Looking at the wires of the units, I was just gonna match wiring. I thought I should check the instruction just in case. Everything seems normal, and there was a wiring diagram. It seems odd the way it was drawn. It shows the black wires (from power, detector, and to light) connected together on one side, and the white wires (from power, detector, and to light) connected together. Because the detector has a red wire (3rd wire), it’s connected to the white wire that leads to the light. So, I joined the red wire with the white wires in one twist cap. Then I plug the cord to the outlet, and there was noise as if the light bulb burned. I removed the detector unit, plugged in the light, and no light. I searched the problem with no success. Then I realized it might’ve been the breaker. I checked and it was tripped. So, following the diagram, I short-circuited the breaker switch.Went back to my original thinking of matching the wires and using the little knowledge of wiring, I wired the black wire from the power to the black wire of the detector, the RED WIRE OF THE DETECTOR TO THE BLACK WIRE OF THE LIGHT, and all the white wires in twist cap. Plugged in, and the light turned on. After some seconds passed, light turned off. I moved to the detection area, and light turned on. I wonder if the company ever test its own instruction and diagram.

  5. James Kasoff

    Wiring instructionsSeems to work well. Red wire ties into black light fixture terminal. Black wire ties ito black power feed. White goes to white fixture terminal

  6. Amazon Customer

    Working as DesignedIt’s been several weeks and the motion sensor it’s doing what is supposed to do. To early to rate how long it will last but so far so good!

  7. handyman24

    Works as expectedProduct is a little larger than expected used on 8ft led lamps in public bathroom Sensor works well but because of size could not completely rotate to face door but the sensor does turn on light upon first step into area. Will provide a pic next time 🧐

  8. Michael Nunan

    Connecting is a snap when reviewers mention correct wiring instructions.I always like to read “other buyers reviews” and look over a PDF install instructions when provided. This really poor wiring instruction diagram stood out as confusing. Thanks for other buyer’s reviews thatmade it simple. Disconnect the the black wire from “power source” and wire direct to black wire from”sensor”. The ” red sensor wire” is then connected it to the other black wire just disconnected coming “out of light fixture”. Wiring the “white sensor wire to white neutral bundle or white wire’ coming from the power source receptacle to complete the wiring job. It should be mentioned not all 3 way switchtraveler wires coming into the power sources receptacle box are the same color so hopefully yourelectrician wired a “black pigtail” to hot source to eliminate confusion when the connecting a light or other device. I spent a few hours researching the best way to handle my wife’s requested for an auto on auto off light upgrade. In my case a wall switch motion sensor was out the question and this motion sensor sure made the project extremely simple. Fifteen minutes to install on my overhead florescence light. My motion sensor works just fine and I would recommend it to others.

  9. Nicki smith

    Good product, poor instructions.The product is works fine, and as expected. The instructions however were horrible. If I would have wired it like it said, it wouldn’t work. Luckily I have a bit of electrical knowledge. Those instructions are going to set people up for failure.

  10. Amazon Customer

    Adequately Does the JobWish there was more info on how best to place to get the best results. Had to try several places and and orientations. Also short on info regarding how the obscure (and feel misplaced on the case) adjustment buttons work.

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