Flame King Tankless Outdoor Portable Propane Gas 10L 2.64GPM Water Heater 68,000 BTU for Hot Water Shower, RV, Camping, Farm,

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Brand Flame King
Capacity 10 Liters
Power Source Propane
Item Dimensions LxWxH 13 x 7 x 21.5 inches
Color White

  • Fully adjustable control knobs and visual digital meter – Winter/Summer Setting, MIN/MAX Gas Setting, MAX/MIN Water Flow Rate Setting, Digital Water Temperature Meter
  • Durable steel cased water heater designed to last
  • On/off water control shower head and 4.5 Feet of Stainless Steel Wrapped Hose to avoid kinks and punctures.
  • Regulator and 4.5 ft. hose included for use with a BBQ propane tank (QCC1 Type-1 Valve


Product Description

Flame King Tankless Outdoor Portable Propane Gas 10L 2.64GPM Water Heater 68,000 BT

Tankless Outdoor Portable Propane Gas 10L 2.64GPM Water Heater 68,000 BTU

Flame King Tankless Outdoor Portable Propane Gas 10L 2.64GPM Water Heater 68,000 BTU for Hot Water Shower, RV, Camping, Farm, Cabins

The all-new 10L Outdoor Portable Water Heater and Shower is the best solution for having hot water outdoors! Perfect for the farm, camping, poolside, cleaning your pets and so much more! Compact and lightweight design allows for added convenient carrying. Feel safe with the built-in flame failure device, anti-freezing, and overheating protection. Maximum power output 68,000 BTU per hr, low water pressure start-up needs just 3.6 PSI of water pressure.

  • Winter/Summer Setting
  • MIN/MAX Gas Setting
  • MAX/MIN Water Flow Rate Setting
  • Digital Water Temperature Meter

  • Compact and lightweight design
  • 68,000 BTU Heat Output
  • Fully adjustable control knobs and visual digital meter
  • Regulator QCC1 Type-1 Valve and 4.5 ft. hose included
  • Durable steel cased water heater designed to last

Flame King Tankless Outdoor Portable Propane Gas 10L 2.64GPM Water Heater 68,000 BT

Flame King Tankless Outdoor Portable Propane Gas 10L 2.64GPM Water Heater 68,000 BT

Great Camping Buddy - Tankless Outdoor Portable Propane Gas 10L 2.64GPM Water Heater

Flame King Tankless Outdoor Portable Propane Gas 10L 2.64GPM Water Heater 68,000 BT

Flame King Tankless Outdoor Portable Propane Gas 10L 2.64GPM Water Heater 68,000 BT



Flame King is dedicated to providing world class products that are second to none. We are always striving to achieve the highest quality, service and value for our customers throughout the world, with a broad line of advanced and innovative products.

Our customer-focused approach has led the way for Flame King to be seen as the fastest growing company within the industry, recognized as a market leader around the world.

Flame King’s steel portable propane cylinders come in various sizes ranging from 1 lb. to 420 lb. for recreational, commercial, industrial and home applications.

Like all of our products, each propane tank and cylinder meet or exceeds industry regulations for quality and are manufactured in facilities that have won awards for proactive safety practices and regulations.

Additional information

Weight 22.8 kg
Dimensions 13 × 7 × 21.5 cm

Flame King


10 Liters

Power Source


Item Dimensions LxWxH

13 x 7 x 21.5 inches




Stainless Steel





Item Weight

22.8 pounds

Product Dimensions

13 x 7 x 21.5 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number


Manufacturer Part Number




Date First Available

June 9 2021


Flame King

10 reviews for Flame King Tankless Outdoor Portable Propane Gas 10L 2.64GPM Water Heater 68,000 BTU for Hot Water Shower, RV, Camping, Farm,

  1. Handy Guy

    Easy to do basic installation, adaptable to a permanent setup; works wellI used this water heater in our outdoor shower. It’s a semi-permanent installation (I will take it down in the winter and reinstall in the spring), so I wanted a few modifications, which I’ll describe here. It’s running on spring water, so I installed a water filter — the black plastic thing under the water spigot — to keep out all but the smallest particles. Even then, I was concerned that the shower wand included with the heater would eventually clog, since it’s holes are almost too small to be seen, so I chose to use an inexpensive standard indoor shower head, shown in the first photo. To connect the water supply to the heater, and the heater to the pipe holding the shower head, I chose to use the type of hose used to supply clothes washers, which have standard female hose fittings on both ends. To connect these hoses required a few extra fittings: (1) a male-to-male hose adapter from the local Ace Hardware to connect the supply line to the female hose adapter supplied with the heater, (2) a British Pipe Thread (BPT)-to-NPT adapter from Amazon to adapt the BPT hot water outlet to an American standard, and (3) an NPT-to-male hose adapter, also from Amazon. The propane hose supplied worked fine with my tank, no adapter required.I installed a flue with a cap to get fumes away from the shower, and to keep rain from falling into the open top of the heater. I mounted the unit on 1-1/2″ stand-offs to give better air circulation around the heater and prevent overheating of the wall to which it is attached (cement siding). If you’re using the heater in the “portable” manner that they pitch in the ads, no flue should be needed. If you’re using it indoors, you definitely need a flue, as well as a good supply of fresh air to get the fumes out of the house (carbon monoxide poisoning is deadly!).I have the water and gas supplies come from the utility closet on the other side of the wall from the shower.With my ten-foot hose and six-foot pipe between the heater and shower head, it takes twenty seconds to get hot water at the shower head. Temperature regulation is imperfect. My last shower had a quick rise to 118 F, then a steady drop to 108 F. It settles into a narrow range after that initial hot spell, so just wait a minute if you need a steady temperature. The controls work well, providing water temperatures over a reasonable range. The “winter” setting produces water that’s too hot for a shower with the water supply temperature we have during the summer, but I think it will work well next year when I have it set up in early spring, after the last frost but before the water supply has warmed up.Overall, we’re loving the outdoor shower. This heater is the perfect solution for our off-the-grid shower. Highly recommended.

  2. WirelessGuy

    We now have hot water in the barnThe media could not be loaded.

     I believe that Flame king and similar manufacturers built these tankless hot water heaters for the camper or mobile traveler. The handheld shower that comes with it along with a standard garden hose are probably good enough once the way that the unit mounts has been decided. The temperature of the water can be adjusted using one of the controls on the front.In this case, the goal was to provide seasonal hot water to a wash rack for use on a horse or maybe do some cleanup work that requires warm water. The unit is installed in an area that is prone to freezing temperatures; in any case the unit would need to have the ability to withstand the cold. As seen in the video, the tankless hot water is mounted on a board on the wall of the barn. Once everything was hooked up, the unit performed well enough. When I originally tested the unit, it produced hot water at about 110 degrees or so. After I had the tankless water heater permanently mounted, 99 degrees seems to be its warmest temperature.In the complaint department, I have two big ones:First, the installation manual (pamphlet?) is very limited. One of the things that the manual seemed to gloss over was some of the hook up information. Specifically the drain plug mechanism. When I turned on the water supply initially, there was water coming from a place that was unidentified in the owner’s pamphlet. I tried to go on line and get to customer support but that seemed to be an opaque and mysterious. Amazon helped facilitate by getting me the number. However the number went to an answering machine. I eventually got a call back from Flame King, but apparently it went to voicemail and I did not talk to them. In the mean time, I discovered that this “leak” was coming from a what I suspect is the drain plug. Again, the manual did not identify what “the thing” was. After looking up this thing, I could see that there was a place for a flat blade screwdriver that can tighten to shut the water off.Second, since this is a Chinese made unit, the input and output water connections use British Standard Threads (BST) and not National Pipe Threads (NPT) for the water hook ups. Flame King provided a BST to Garden Hose Thread (GHT) adapter that I could see working for the campers but not for me. I had to buy adapters (thank you Amazon) to eventually make the connection to the pex pipe water supply. Again, it would have been helpful to have had enough information in the booklet to help me when going out to get the attaching hardware.I like the fact that the gas only comes on when there is water flowing though. The gas regulator comes with the unit and all that is needed is your own LP tank.

  3. Teezy

    The ACTUAL TRUTH about the Flame KingOK Let me start by saying that I spent well over a month looking and researching, what felt like, EVERY Tankless Propane Water Heater/Shower on Amazon. I’m not exaggerating. I spent so much time looking up specs, searching for videos, and reading reviews for so man different Tankless Heaters. Ultimately id end up getting scared away from every one I was initially interested in because id read some horror story review from what was very likely half wit who hooked up the heater wrong and when things went bad they blamed the heater instead of acknowledging their own ignorance and short coming with understanding what it actually required to properly and SAFELY install one of these Tankless Propane Water Heaters. OK, so with that, once I couldn’t wait any longer and needed to just make a choice. I found this Flame King. It seemed to check the couple boxes i had. Mainly, the 10L 2.64GPM as I had an electric tankless heater prior that only flowed something like 1.3GPM-ish and it left a LOT to be desired. Upon receiving the Flame King, which actually came next day. I was really happy and suprised to see that they had actually included the infamous1/2″ BSP F to 3/4″ GHT F adapter which allows you to hook up a standard Garden hose. Also included and actually already installed was the 1/2″ BSP F to 5/8″ -18UNF M adapter/fitting which allows for your standard Gas hook ups. Id read so many reviews where these were not included or more importantly people didnt know or understand they needed them. As a result they seemed to just attach their hoses, likely stripping or cross-threading them in the process. Which obviously would NOT allow for proper seal. The result would be either a completely unreliable heater or worse a catastrophic fire ball. I was honestly amazed at how well this heater worked right out of the box. I Maxed out the setting on it to see how hot I could get the water. It heated up to 142F before I stopped it. There are 4 ppl who use this shower here. I’ve had it almost 10 days and its been used at very least twice a day but at times 6 times a day since I installed it. One of the questions asked is does this heater have a 20 min timer… NO!. This is one of the first things I tested once it was installed. I know the manual says it does, but I can personally attest to it producing hot water for longer than 20 mins. I happily took a 34min shower with water temp of 120F the entire time. Other ppl have complained about the knobs being plastic. Truthfully I think For the money, You seriously cant beat this! Dont let other people’s lack of understanding or negligence discourage you from purchasing what has been, at least so far, a really impressive Water Heater/Shower. I really can’t say more about how awesome the Water pressure is, how great this thing heats the water, and at least so far, how pleased I have been with the Flame King 10L 2.64GPM Tankless Propane Water Heater/Shower! I have 2 reminders set up in my calendar 6mo and1yr out to Update this review.Bottom Line, as someone who was scared off from purchasing almost every other water heater as a result of reading horror story reviews. I can honestly tell you that this heater has preformed amazingly and exceeded expectations across the board! Hopefully this helps.. Apologies for being so long winded haha

  4. Gretchen J.

    Perfect for our campGreat option for our rustic camp with no well or septic. Water comes in from the stream, so we can shower and feel human again!

  5. Dawn Hazard

    Easy to install and use.Liked the fact that it was on demand hot water and did not have to wait for it to heat up! We used it at the cabin for an outdoor shower! Would definately recommend!

  6. Amazonamazonamazon

    Great propane heaterBought this when our tankless went out in our house to still have hot showers until I could fix the house.Very easy to install, heats up immediately and gets Very hot. Temperature dials easily allow you to manipulate the temperature until it’s perfect.Only complaint so far is that the hose to the handle blew out within a month. I contacted support and they quickly responded wanting proof of the damage. I decided to just buy a heavy duty shower hose instead.

  7. scott

    Good unit, but a couple flawsFor one the connection for the garden hose is fixed and doesnt spin. That means you have to spin the hose around to get it in. This is a big design flaw. The shower head is too short at 3′. You have to have the unit above you. It would be a lot easier to use being able to place the unit lower and having 6′ instead of 3. The temp controls are super finicky and trying to make a small adjustment raises temperature far too much. It goes from say 104 degrees to 110+ moving the plastic knob 2mm. The unit works well and I still gave it 4 stars but it could be better

  8. Amazon Customer

    An excellent portable water heaterIt works perfectly as described. A perfect outdoor shower.

  9. Robert Hunt

    Running in minutes!Good sturdy unit with quality connections. Easy set up and no leaks. Wonderful constant hot water for outdoor showering or washing the dog etc.

  10. Tampa Sailor

    Great heater. Much better than the one step down models.There are a lot of these heaters on the market. There is one version put out by multiple sellers that cost in the low one hundreds (2021). I have been using these lower priced versions for about twenty years, and they last about three years (Florida salt water environment). The last two I installed did not stay on for more than a few minutes. So I installed this one, it is auto on and off when water is flowing, instantly heats, good pressure, and just a very nice shower. Yes, it has plastic knobs, and it is still a price point item, but really, no complaints and very nice. I would highly recommend this. It is much nicer and more functional that the ones that cost about a hundred less and definitely worth the upgrade.For questions about install, I am adding a photo of my set up. I use a PVC garden hose adapter and pvc pipe instead of hose. The red valve is on and off for water. When water is on, the unit automatically comes on. Temp is displayed. Plastic knobs adjust water pressure and temp. Adjust them once and they stay that way. So just turn red valve on and off and unit goes on and off. No pilot light and no propane or battery drain when off. No electricity other than batteries for ignition.Update: I answered a question on temp. Mine tops out at 147 with max gas, min water. Full water and one notch up from min on gas is 108.

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