FLIR – E5-XT with WiFi & MSX E5-XT – Handheld Infrared Camera – with Extended Temperature Range, MSX Image Enhancement

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Product details

Brand FLIR
Color E5-XT
Included Components Infrared camera, hard transport case, battery, USB cable, power supply/charger
Display Type LCD
Unit Count 1.0 Count
Model Name E5-XT with WiFi & MSX

  • 160×120 IR resolution (19, 200 pixels); Measurement modes include center spot, area min/max, above/below alarms
  • 20°C to 400°c ( 4°f to 752°f) in two ranges
  • Rugged & lightweight; Intuitive on screen menus & ergonomic on camera buttons allow for one handed operation
  • Captures/stores thermal, visual and msx images with each pull of the trigger. Radiometric JPEG retain all temperature data within the thermal images
  • “Picture in picture inches overlays a fixed section of a thermal image onto a digital Photo to clarify problem locations and enhance documentation


FLIR e5-xt is a powerful, cost-effective, easy-to-use troubleshooting tool for building, electrical, and mechanical applications.160×120 infrared pixels—and the ability to accurately measure temperatures from -20°c to 400°c/-4°f to 752°f, the e5-xt fits your target size, working distance, visual detail needs, and budget. Msx Technology for extraordinary thermal imaging detail. Wi-fi connectivity to smartphones and tablets via the FLIR Tools Mobile app makes sharing images and sending reports from any location easier, enabling you to make critical decisions faster. With the e5-xt camera, you can gain the competitive advantage by providing clients with thermal images that clearly reveal the source of electrical, mechanical, and building-related problems.

From the manufacturer

FLIR E Series




Building Inspection

Inefficiencies hide in plain sight. Complete audits and check for energy loss, missing insulation, air infiltration, roofing and building defects.



The faster you find it, the faster you fix it. Inspect ducts, condenser units, electrical problems, radiant floor heating, and coil temps in a flash.

Home Inspection

Home Inspection

Protect the house and check for building defects, energy inefficiencies, moisture damage, and electrical problems.



Moisture has met its match. Use FLIR ONE Pro for water damage assessment, leak detection, and monitoring the drying process.

Additional information

Weight 1.27 kg
Dimensions 3.7 × 9.6 × 5.5 cm




Included Components

Infrared camera hard transport case battery USB cable power supplycharger

Display Type


Unit Count

1.0 Count

Model Name

E5-XT with WiFi & MSX

Number of Batteries

1 Lithium Ion batteries required. included

Item Length

3.7 inches





Part Number


Item Weight

1.27 pounds

Product Dimensions

3.7 x 9.6 x 5.5 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number

E5-XT with WiFi & MSX


1 Lithium Ion batteries required. included





Item Package Quantity


Measurement Accuracy


Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Battery Cell Type

Lithium Ion

Warranty Description

2 Years Parts and Labor 10 Years Thermal Detector Warranty



Date First Available

April 4 2019



10 reviews for FLIR – E5-XT with WiFi & MSX E5-XT – Handheld Infrared Camera – with Extended Temperature Range, MSX Image Enhancement

  1. Richard Mumford

    Without a subscribed service the photos are impossible to transfer to a smart phone.The camera is easy enough to use but when attempting to transfer photos to a android smart phone via the WiFi it becomes impossible. First of all it requires a mobil hotspot to transfer from the WiFi camera to my WiFi phone. Why must I have a mobile connection to make such a transfer? If you are in a basement or otherwise out of range of your mobile network it will not work. It is required to “send” the photos to yourself? When attempting to do this the most photo apps are disabled for some reason and as shown in the attached photo, the Amazon app cannot find the photo. Even though the photos are viewable in the FLIR app they are not visible in the File app of the smart phone. If you want to otherwise use or edit the photos outside of the FLIR app it is impossible to do. I suppose this is to keep the photos in the FLIR app so that the FLIR logo cannot be removed? Repeated email responses from tech support could not solve these problems.Very disappointed with the proprietary nature of the scan results.

  2. Ara

    Price is same as wifi model. Low quality camera.The price is same as the wifi model. Low-quality camera. Very low-quality camera to use a professional service provider. I wish I spent $2k more and get the better one.

  3. JJ Dyn O Mite!

    Loss leader model, wifi features not workingTake a look at the full product range at FLIR and you’ll soon realize these go up to the price of a car and $1000 is comparatively entry level. The E4 has a 320×240 pickup which has been software-crippled to generate images which look clear in motion or with MSX visible light overlay enhancement but then weirdly aliased on close-up. This can be hacked to equal E8 resolution, but I’d rather be a good boy. The TG series does provide 320×240 images and SD slot for cheaper, but the images are not as scientifically accurate and the TG is not water resistant. In other words, the E4 is the lowest tier of the true pro cameras. Charging and image transfer is via micro-USB only which feels a bit cheezy and there are reports that deleting images from the directory with a computer may corrupt the camera. Limited memory and deleting in-camera is a throwback to the early 2000s. I have had no luck getting FLIR Tools app to connect via any wifi configuration and camera locked up multiple times even just attempting to log in. Stepping up to the Exx series, I could get [a 640×480 pickup crippled to] 320×240, USB C charging, SD slot, better lens and video output (via USB C adaptor) for an entry price of $5000. I feel like this latter pricepoint is where FLIR really wants us to start. The E4 can in fact be used as a USB webcam, so live video recordings can be made if you are willing to keep it tethered to a laptop. Not sure if I want to hack one camera and risk it or jump up to the Exx class for the pro “pro” features.

  4. Sacket

    Simply an amazing tool to have!!!Living next to the Canadian border in the center of the country, I got this to do audits on homes to find where Mr. Winter in creeping into houses.Wow!!! It’s amazing to be able to see very clearly where homes are not insulated well and where the leaks are.You can even see the studs in the walls.Heated floors you can see if any of the pipes are leaking. On electric heated floors you can see if any of the pads are not heating.Definitely and amazing tool to have.I’m still getting used to the software for making reports to present to customers, but it is nice to have that option with Flir offering the free reporting software.

  5. B

    I am not certain about realy quality of imagesI give five stars because I am a nice guy. I actually ended up returning this back. I found a number of sample images on flir’s website, and online. Images were kindda noisy in comparing to the ones on their site and elsewhere. I am almost thinking there is some false advertisement here. I am not an expert on infrared cameras but I was not able to get such clear images even after playing intensively with camera settings. Maybe, the camera I got was not calibrated properly, but it should have been since it is a brand new product. I believe you can find identify in many applications with this camera. Also, one battery was totally dead which they would probably replace if I complained. I just was not sure about advertised quality. Make sure you compare images you see on your camera with the official ones they claim you will get. If you think there is false advertising report it.

  6. Shawn Williams

    What was I waiting for?The camera will either confirm there is a problem, or there is not. I am a Home Inspector and use this on every job now. Right to left: Confirmed the drain/P-trap is open, the coils on the freezer are working, the water heater is heating. Pictures speak for themselves.

  7. Peter

    Works great. Fast shipping.As expected. Fast shipping. Package was in great shape. Camera works amazing.

  8. Vince P.

    Excellent Thermal Imaging CameraThe product is great and I use it to troubleshoot electronic circuits. The only problem was the packaging done at Amazon was horrible. It was thrown in an oversized box with no padding and just bounced around inside. The box was only half sealed and it is a miracle that nothing fell out.

  9. Daniel C.

    Great product, great quality.I purchased this to trace underfloor heating pipes. Thought i would purchase the E6xt, it was a slightly bigger price tag but i thought the WIfi function and the higher resolution was well worth the money. I have given an example of how this helped me diagnose a problem with a central heating system that would have been very difficult to give a definate answer to my customer without this piece of equiptment.Here we have the blending valve on the underfloor heating, this has a temp of 33.6 degrees even though the heating had been on for an hour. You can see a small bleed of hot water making its way down the blending pipe. This is showing us that although the valve is set high it is letting little hot water through, resulting in cold underfloor heating. Solution replace the valve.This Product comes with a heavy duty carry case, charger cable and one battery.The case has the space for an aditional battery and the external charger brought seperately.User friendly with no real complicated things to navigate.if you are a novice at thermographics there are some good tutorials to understand what it is you are looking at.All in all if you are looking at purchasi g a professional thermal imaging camera this should be top of your list.

  10. Pav

    Great productI purchased it last week, it comes with 3.16.0 software which can be moded to achieve same resolution as E8 model.Once done the quality of thermal pictures are absolutely amazing, you will also get additional features.Great product, well worth the money.

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