Fostoria – FES10241CA FES-10241-CA FES Series Heat Wave Portable Electric Salamander Heater, Single Phase, 10KW, 42 Amp

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Product details

Brand Fostoria
Color 10kW
Power Source Corded Electric
Heating Method Forced Air
Heating Coverage 1000 square_feet
Item Weight 60 Pounds

  • CONSTRUCTION: Safety yellow steel heater enclosure with OSHA approved guards on both air intake and output openings. Housing features a built-in rotating stop allowing adjustments for up to 90 degrees from center axis.
  • HEAT CONTROL: Stainless steel finned tubular heating elements and high-limit thermal cutout switch with automatic reset. Includes control knob which allows for fan only operation and thermostat adjustment temperature ranging from 40 to 100 degrees F.
  • PORTABLE WITH CORD: Includes 10’ long 4-wire, 50-amp, and standard range plug configuration with 14-50P NEMA plug type. Control panel cover for easy access to electrical components, 10″ diameter 1” thick wheels, and handle for easy portability.
  • PERFORMANCE: 10,000-watts (10.0kW), 240-Volts, single phase electrical service generating 34,130-BTU’s; 42-Amps. Quiet fan-forced 3-paddle blade generating 800-CFM’s with a 30 degree F temp rise for areas up to 1,000-sq.ft. with ceilings under 12’.
  • APPLICATIONS: Safely operates unattended with no monitoring or refueling. An alternative to kerosene or propane fossil fuel units that emit hazardous byproducts. Ideal for spot and total area heating, including drying applications. INDOOR USE ONLY.


Safety yellow steel heater enclosure with OSHA approved guards on both air intake and output openings. Housing features a built-in rotating stop allowing adjustments for up to 90 degrees from center axis. Includes control panel cover for easy access to electrical components, 10″ diameter 1” thick sturdy wheels, and handle for easy portability over all surface types. Fostoria branded unit is designed, tested, engineered, assembled and made in the USA. ETL Listed for US & Canada. Designed for hard to heat areas for INDOOR only applications. Unit is very safe, and can operate unattended with no additional monitoring or refueling required. Engineered to be your heating alternative to kerosene or propane fossil fuel units that give off hazardous by-products. Ideal for spot and totally area heating, including drying applications where high volume kilowatt system generates a steady stream of (non-flame) warm airflow.

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Fostoria FES Series Heat Wave Electric Heater


FES Series Heat Wave electric heaters provide the climate control you need for indoor heating applications without the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning or the hassles involved with fuel storage and re-fueling. Offers an electric alternative to propane and kerosene space heaters. Safety yellow heater enclosure with safety screens on both air intake and output openings.


Keep yourself warm this winter season with Fostoria Heat Wave Heater and enjoy chills without any hindrances. This lightweight heating equipment features wheels for the comfort of movement from place to place. The installation flexibility and minimal maintenance features of this space heater make it an extremely user-friendly winter care accessory.

FES Series Features:

  • Long-life finned tubular heating elements
  • Features fan only operation & adjustable thermostat control knob
  • Two 10” rear wheels
  • Fan only operation feature
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Due to the amp capacity all FES-15, FES-30 & FES-45 models DO NOT INCLUDE a cord or plug

TPI FES Series Heaters Sizing Chart

What Size FES Series Heater Do I Need?

  1. Determine your operating voltage and electrical phase for your jobsite.
  2. Calculate the square footage of the area to heat (Length x Width)
  3. Measure the maximum ceiling height for your area
  4. Know you must have insulation and at least 10-watts/sq. ft. to effectively heat your area. The higher your ceiling the higher watts/sq. ft. needed.
  5. Temperature rise is calculated by taking the room temperature then adding the temp rise (see chart); room temp + temp rise = discharge


1 Phase



The FES Series Heat Wave Electric Heater is proudly made in the United States of America.


No fire hazard, fumes or open flames. No monitoring needed, can be operated unattended.


No fuel or late-night refueling required. Features a fan only operation and an adjustable thermostat control knob.


About TPI Corporation

For over 70 years, TPI Corporation has been known as America’s Comfort Conditioning Company. TPI Corporation is a manufacturer of electric heat equipment, ventilation products, task lighting equipment, process heat ovens, and custom thermostatic controls. TPI Corporation is a privately held organization, based in the United States, and provides innovative and high quality products manufactured under the brand names such as Markel, Fostoria, Raywall, TPI Industrial, TPI Commercial, HotPod, and Columbus Electric. So, if you have a need in the industrial, commercial, or residential marketplace – TPI is here to help.

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March 7 2007



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8 reviews for Fostoria – FES10241CA FES-10241-CA FES Series Heat Wave Portable Electric Salamander Heater, Single Phase, 10KW, 42 Amp

  1. CAPT Seabee

    Good value when you add everything up.I have to say I was a bit concerned about the price but after doing research on the Dr Heater product and then adding the cost of the power cord, etc. there wasn’t the gap I initially thought. Also, the unit draws 41 amps and that’s it. I just had a shop built on the property with a high bay door for an RV that we may or may not get. I put a full 50 amp RV panel in the rear. No issues whatsoever. I do have a 36 foot RV extension cord on order so I can put the unit anywhere in the shop including by the partially open roll up door for evening cigars and cognac in the winter. Just be reasonable with it, keep it out of the weather, and it should last a long time. I do recommend two people muscling it around for assembly. Once assembled, it rolls around easily. Also for this particular high current plug, play it safe and turn the breaker off when inserting or removing. As one reviewer pointed out, it doesn’t blast heat like a propane tube heater, but going with the long game without fumes in the shop will work out fine. Save the propane unit for power outages with a small generator.

  2. Walter

    Quiet but raises temperature gradually – does not function like a fuel-based heating systemThis does not produce heat like a kerosene or propane heater. I purchased this heater mainly because I had to wear ear plugs when using my large kerosene heater in the barn; I could only work out there for so long due to the noise – not very relaxing.This unit gradually heats the area and the thermostat does not raise the intensity of the heat; this concerned me initially until I looked at the manual once again. That being said, the unit is very quiet, east to move around and can be placed close to where you are working. I was expecting something a little more powerful for the price but now after using the heater a few times am quite pleased with it; especially the lack of noise.

  3. Mr. Select

    I love these heaters!!!As a contractor these are the only heaters I use any more. this is my third one. Works great!

  4. L. Hilliard

    No cord included. You may need to hire electricianDoes not come with a power cable. When you can the manufacturer they want an extra $350 for a cable. Also requires a 75 or 100 amp dedicated circuit. So connecting it is a hassle and expensive if you need to get an electrician. It looks solidly built but never took it out of the box. All of these disappointing details are buried in product page and need to be highlighted better by the sellers. I would not recommend for home shop use given the electrical requirements.

  5. Billie D.

    Wprks greatOn a job site, this is a great heater. We are often in a position of heat in new build not on and need heat to finish. Recently working on a 3 story 4,000 sq ft home. Put this in the stair well and the whole house is warm enough to work. Would recommend

  6. AirplaneBlaine

    Not much Heat for the MoneyThe heater are OK. They really don’t put much heat our for what you have to go through to hook them up. They are 63 AMPs so you can’ t just use a normal 50 AMP 220 plug and receptacle. You have to hard wire them into a 100AMP breaker box with a 80 AMP breaker. I bought two for my warehouse and really doesn’t work that well. If you stand in front of them you can feel some heat but that ‘s about it. For the price they are and the pain of hooking them up don’t waste your time or money.

  7. Bernie

    Purchased this to replace a kerosene heater. I have …Purchased this to replace a kerosene heater. I have only used it approx. 32 hours but it puts out a tremendous amount of clean, dry warm heat. We are using it in the final phase of new construction. The “no fumes” makes this a must.

  8. Kim Dana

    Great heater – safe – will not burn down the …Great heater – safe – will not burn down the house durring construction. They move a lot of air which is great during drywall to help get the moisture out. Quality product.

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