FoxAlien CNC Router Machine 4040-XE, 300W Spindle 3-Axis Engraving Milling Machine for Wood Metal Acrylic MDF Nylon Carving

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Product details

Brand FoxAlien
Power Source ac/dc
Voltage 110 Volts

  • 4040-XE CNC Router uses 300W spindle and NEMA23 stepper motors, which are more powerful and efficient. Max moving speed is 2000mm/min and spindle speed range is 0~10000.
  • Control board, power supply, emergency stop, and wires are integrated into a newly design box, which is simple for operation, easy to clean and safe. The controller has a 3.5” touchscreen LCD which also functions as an offline controller. The input voltage is 110V.
  • It’s capable to engrave, cut and drill many different kinds of material such as wood, metal, MDF, acrylic, foam, resin, nylon, carbon fiber, PCB and etc. It’s great for home use and business.
  • Large engravable area of 15.75”x15.75”x2.56” (400x400x65mm). It’s capable to handle both small and large material. The CNC machine is based on GRBL, it is compatible with GRBL-control software.
  • Easy assembly. Main parts are pre-assembled, it only takes 15-30mins to fully assembly. Wires are labeled clearly for fast connection and bundled into drag chain for easy management.


From the brand

Product Description

cnc router woodworking machine 4040

Product Specifications

Active Working Area 15.75 x 15.75 x 2.16 inch (400 x 400 x 55mm)
Spindle Power 300W
Stepper Motor NEMA 23
Accuracy 0.1mm
Max. Moving Speed 2000mm/min
Input Power Supply 110V/10A
Control Method Computer/Controller offline control
Firmware GRBL 1.1h
Support Software Compatible with Grbl-control software
Support OS Windows XP/7/8/10, Linux, Mac OS
Machine Size 29.92 x 24.4 x 14.17 inch (760 x 620 x 360mm)
Support Add-ons 5W/15W/20W power module; DWP611 router (need a different z clamp). (Add-ons are NOT included)

cnc router machine

cnc router machine

Using Tips

  • Select control mode before using: Computer or Controller.
  • After power on the machine, first click “unlock”, and then to start to move and engrave.
  • The machine comes with a 1/8″ ER11 collet. It is also compatible with 1/4″ ER11 collet (sold separately)

Easy Assembly

cnc router milling engraving machine

cnc router machine

cnc router machine

cnc router engraving machine

Step 1

Install wasteboard and dust baffles

Step 2

Install gantry

Step 3

Install Z-axis and spindle

Step 4


cnc router machine milling engraving

Package List

  • 1x 4040-XE CNC router (half-assembled)
  • 1x Wastboard
  • 1x Controller
  • 2x Set of engraving bits (10pcs/set)
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x Power cord
  • 1x Box of screws and tools
  • 1x User manual

Important information

Bulb Voltage

110 volts

Additional information

Weight 66 kg
Dimensions 37.4 × 29.53 × 11.81 cm
Part Number


Item Weight

66 Pounds

Package Dimensions

37.4 x 29.53 x 11.81 inches

Item model number




Power Source



110 Volts

Installation Method


Plug Format

B – US style with ground plug.

Special Features

Easy to Install

Included Components

18-Inch Collet

Batteries Included


Batteries Required




Date First Available

October 30 2020



9 reviews for FoxAlien CNC Router Machine 4040-XE, 300W Spindle 3-Axis Engraving Milling Machine for Wood Metal Acrylic MDF Nylon Carving

  1. Jakub

    Awesome CNC router! I just got into CNC machining this year, and this is my second 3-axis CNC router. I am so excited to have it! I bought the 3018-SE from FoxAlien about 3 months ago, and it has been the absolute most perfect machine to get started with to learn the entire CNC machining process on. There is so much to learn, and many steps involved, to go from an idea in your head, to a finished product in your hand. Although I was able to make some beautiful carvings with my 3018-SE, I quickly wanted to get something bigger, faster, and stronger. My girlfriend and I are starting a small business together making pet huts, feeders, toys, and accessories. I wanted a machine that would be suitable for the task of cutting out hut panels and be able to engrave names and designs into the wood. I believe the 4040-XE will serve this function very well! In my pictures, you can see the very first thing which I setup to cut and engrave on my 4040-XE. It is the front panel to a hut that we’re making for my girlfriend’s pet bunny, Millie. It came out absolutely perfect! I was very impressed and proud of myself for getting it right the first time! That isn’t by coincidence though, it is thanks to the experience and knowledge I accumulated owning the 3018-SE for a few months. I made a few mistakes with the 3018-SE, and the first few cuts and engravings were failures, but thankfully that machine has a lot of forgiveness and not enough power to destroy itself. The 4040-XE is a much more serious machine, it is no longer just an educational and hobbyist tool, but a very capable legitimate CNC router. I’m hoping to be able to mill small aluminum parts and brackets with this machine, that is one of my next things to learn. I heard there will be a 500W spindle upgrade for the 4040-XE, as well as a spindle bracket which accepts one of those big Dewalt routers. That will really wake this beast up!Pros:-The control box is very nice. I like that it comes with an offline controller. I prefer to use a laptop since it allows me to see the workpiece, toolpaths, and make adjustments much easier, but for production runs, it’s nice to be able to run the programs from the offline controller. It is the nicest looking GRBL offline controller I’ve seen so far, has a nice big touchscreen interface. The connector style on the rear of the control box is one of the nicest and most reliable, the cable plugs screw into every jack so there is no fear of them getting yanked out or slowly wiggling themselves out during a long run.-Super easy to use software to get you up and going. I’ve been using Easel to generate my g-code files, then run them through Candle to stream to the controller. Those are very intuitive and simple, but you can use any of the big name CAD/CAM packages to create designs and generate appropriate g-code.-Very easy and straightforward assembly. It was much less time and effort to assemble the 4040-XE compared to the 3018-SE. The 4040-XE came in a huge box, so most of it was able to be pre-assembled. There was also very little I needed to do in terms of adjustment and tightening. Nothing seemed to have loosened up during the shipping process.-The 300W spindle feels much more powerful and legitimate compared to the 60W in my 3018-SE. It seems to be very well balanced, it is not as loud as I thought it would be. Replaceable brushes are a big plus.-Strong and powerful NEMA23 motors. These motors move around great! I’m hoping to explore their limits and push the acceleration and jog rates as high as they can reliably go. I’m sure there is room for improvement. A big bonus to these motors, is that they are dual-shaft motors and they have a big aluminum knob attached to the backside. That makes it much easier to move the axis around to fine tune them. I use it a lot with the Z-axis. On my 3018-SE, I had to stick my fingers around the spindle to spin the leadscrew when I needed to.-Very sturdy and well made Z-axis. I wasn’t expecting the Z-axis to be as beefy as it is! The spindle bracket is solid aluminum, machined very well, and comes with the notches to be able to clamp in a laser module.-Steel gantry plates, on both sides of every rail. I am very happy that the v-wheels are supported on both ends so that they don’t spread apart under heavy loads. The v-wheel tensioning system works very well and allows the machine to be fine tuned very precisely.-Belt system is very well engineered. The belts are squeezed around the stepper motor sprocket with ball bearings for maximum tooth engagement. The belts have a good tensioning system on the ends. All my belts arrived properly tensioned, so no adjustment was needed there.-The wasteboard serves it’s purpose well. However, I do not want to waste it, lol. I always try to stick another scrap piece of plywood under my actual workpiece so that I’m not constantly digging into the original wasteboard. The threaded inserts and clamps are super easy and convenient to use, you don’t have to fiddle with t-slot nuts. The only damage I hope to do to the original wasteboard, is to laser-engrave a grid with dimensions for easier workpiece alignment.-Upgradeability! I already have long 2040 aluminum v-type extrusions and longer belts purchased. After I play with this machine some more, I plan to expand it’s size a little bit in the X and Y axis. It’s very easy to do! I have already expanded the size of my LE-4040 the same way (turned it into an LE-6040!).-Incredibly good and friendly customer support and Facebook FoxAlien CNC group! Honestly, this is perhaps the most important pro. When you buy a FoxAlien machine, you are not alone, there are many people on the Facebook group who are always helping each other out. It’s almost like having a constant live technical support group. There will be many hiccups along the way when trying to operate such a sophisticated computerized machine, but it is good to know that you can ask specific questions and get worthwhile answers and help.Cons:-Doesn’t come pre-wired for use with a laser module. Not a big deal for me, I have all the connectors and pins and made my own long cable to go through the drag chains.-Although most of the pre-assembled parts were done very well, one of my Y-axis gantries had it’s v-wheels overtensioned. It is not really a con, since you should check over all the v-wheel and belt tensions regardless, just to make sure everything will run as best as it can for you the first time. The machine has a long journey to get to you.-The offline controller serves it’s purpose, but it missing certain buttons/functions which I hope can be later added by flashing the firmware.This machine has not only lived up to my expectations, but it has exceeded them! This is not my first FoxAlien machine. I started off with buying the LE-4040 laser engraver about 4 months ago. After discovering the great quality of the product and support team, I knew I could confidently purchase a CNC router from them and receive a stellar product. I bought the 3018-SE a month after the laser machine so that I could delve into the 3D machining world. I am very glad I got the 3018-SE, it costs the same as any single college text book I’ve had to buy, yet it has taught me more than any of those books have. That machine is great for getting you started in the CNC machining world, but once you are ready to get serious, I believe the 4040-XE is the way to go!

  2. Robert C. Curtis

    Fox Alien 4040-XeFox Alien 4040-XeQuality/BuildEasy to assemble, made of good quality parts, and overall rigidity is excellent.RequirementsStrong math skills using fractions, decimals, and millimeters/centimeters are a must.Ability to use a ruler and dial calipersKnowledge of CAD/CAM softwareKnowledge of different router bits and what they achieveCapability **Light to medium duty cutting of various materialsEngraving, carving, and cutting woodEngraving acrylic and cuttingUsesMaking ornaments/decorationsEdge Lit signsWood SignsMy wife sells crafts at craft shows and she always has me cutting out shapes on a scroll saw which can be time consuming. I purchased this CNC Router to replace the scroll saw and I am very pleased with the results. I work in a machine shop and have excellent knowledge on setting up and using CNC Mills so that helped with the learning curve of using this CNC Router. The Fox Alien 4040-Xe is a fantastic, well-built machine but there will be a heck of a learning curve if you are not familiar with how the machine works and how to set it up to get it to do what you want it to do.I have had a good experience engraving and cutting out 1/8-inch and ¼-inch plywood. I also etched 1/8-inch acrylic sheets for making edge-lit signs with great results. I mainly use small diameter CNC router bits. You will need to purchase an ER-11 collet which is good for small diameter bits with ¼-inch shanks.The draw backs to owing this machine are the cost to operate. The CNC Router bits can be expensive. You need to purchase good quality bits to get good quality results. This machine does not come with software. You will need to purchase CAD/CAM software to create designs and tool paths.After I have the cut files and tool paths written, my wife knows how to secure the work piece and send the G-Code to the machine for cutting. I have turned her into a CNC Router operator.I am very pleased with the purchase and results of owing this machine. It serves my purpose for cutting out small projects from 12” x 12” material up to ½” thick. For the size of the bed and the price of this machine, I would say it’s the best bang for your buck. I would purchase another one in a heartbeat and would highly recommend.**This information is only my conclusion from my 6 week experience with using this machine and by no means am I stating whether or not I am right or wrong or that the limitations of this machine are correct.

  3. Jairo The House Plant

    Good machine, Good companyAfter owning this machine for about a month now, I can tell you it’s one of the best purchases I’ve made. If you have even the smallest amount of creativity you can take this baby and let your imagination go. One thing to remember, while it’s sized for a desktop this is a true CNC and it’s not a toy. If you’re a beginner you aren’t going to take it out of the box in the morning and be making intricate carvings that afternoon. However, this 4040xe by FoxAlien is so user friendly that you could be putting your name in wood that evening! Its very capable and the team behind it truly believes in their product. FoxAlien is great with customer support and eager to help, even if it’s at cost to them.

  4. Tommy Puryear

    PleasedI started with the Masuter 4040 and did not get the results I desired. I sent it back and got the 4040-XE and it has opened up a new perspective on Christmas giving. I’m just afraid I am going to run out of black walnut too soon!

  5. Mr. N. Rose

    Easy to assemble and good quality parts.This is my first CNC machine and a fully considered purchase.Assembling the machine was straight forward, the parts were laid out well in the box and clearly labelled. The assembly instructions were clear and well thought out, from unpacking to fully assembled took about an hour.By far the biggest learning curve was the software, but as always YouTube is your friend.I have found that Carbide Create and Carveco seem to be fairly intuitive and easy to use.Note: If you choose to use Carveco remember to output your Gcode files as “Grbl (mm) (*gcode)” file format so that the Foxalien machine understands the commands, took me many hours of trial and error to find the correct file format.Thoughts after 3 weeks of use.I am really pleased with the Foxalien 4040-XE and I would buy again.Spend some time practicing, don’t jump in with an expensive piece of timber and expect to get it right straight away.The machine has worked flawlessly, the only fault is that the crocodile clip broke loose from the Z-Probe cable causing the Z axis to gouge a small dent in the probe, small easily rectifiable problem.

  6. Mr Badger

    Unit died on third useInitial impressions on this were good, no stranger to cnc machines with nearly 10 years experience. Assembly was fairly easy, just take your time. This was purchased as a Christmas gift which is relevant because between the time of purchase and the third time using it, the return window closed. On using it for the third time the control unit dies and released the ‘magic smoke’ So now I am left with a $1500 paperweight. Amazon refuse to take this as a return and the manufacturer are saying it was user error, even though the first two runs were trouble free.AVOID THIS UNIT!

  7. Bakeroni

    Virus on usb flash drive. Controller buggy. Stays powered with e stop pressed and power turned off.Poor customer service from the foxalien email address. Virus on the usb flash drive provided with order… Shortly after setting up i lost x and y axis. Test carve came out poor. Controller is buggy. Stays powered up with estop pressed and power turned off. I am an industrial mechanic. I have the thing set up beyond square and proper tension.

  8. Terry

    Good luckFlawed right from the start. For the price you pay you can get Canadian made product for $300 more. Too many upgrades needed from start to get it right. Not counting the flawI got with mine. Good luck if you buy one.

  9. Clayton

    Not for beginnersVery hard product to learn and get it right. 1st off you’ll need to spend a few more hundred dollars to get machine up to par the 300 w spindle is garbage so need new router which needs new bracket. You’ll most likely need to upgrade the belts as well and then also spend lots of time calibrating the machine not to mention the wasted wood because the machine does not have enough torque. I’ve seen lots of great stuff with machine but they were done after upgrade and lots of learning and wasted money on wood. Also the programs required to make the projects run from a few hundred to over a thousand so beware to actually do anything your gonna have to spend hundreds of more dollars.

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