GEARWRENCH 7 Pc. 120XP Universal Spline XL Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set, SAE – 86452

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Material Alloy Steel
Item Dimensions LxWxH 18.3 x 13.95 x 1.9 inches
Item Weight 1 Pounds
Item Package Quantity 1

  • 120XP Ratcheting Box-End with 120 Positions Gives a 3° Swing Arc
  • Universal Spline Drive Works on 12-point, 6-point, Rounded 6-point, Spline, E-Torx and Square Fasteners
  • Reduced Diameter Ratcheting Box-End and Open-End for Increased Access
  • XL Beam Design is up to 25% Longer for Improved Reach
  • Bright, Full Polish Chrome
  • Highly Visible Recessed Color Markings for Visibility
  • Dual Direction Off-Corner Loading Design Gives Better Grip and Reduced Fastener Rounding


GearWrench has redefined performance with the 120XPâ„ ratcheting wrenches with 120 positions and a 3 degree swing arc. These ratcheting wrenches have been designed to provide the best access possible for the user and feature a tighter swing arc, longer beams, a reduced diameter ratcheting box-end and slim line open-end design.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 18.3 × 13.95 × 1.9 cm
Product Dimensions

18.3 x 13.95 x 1.9 inches; 1 Pounds

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Date First Available

July 7 2004



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Apex Tool Group

10 reviews for GEARWRENCH 7 Pc. 120XP Universal Spline XL Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set, SAE – 86452

  1. JJ

    Holding up well.Oil field hand tools that do the job.

  2. Matthew W.

    High quality, affordable racheting wrenchesGearwrench has always impressed me with their quality tools at an affordable cost. As a consumer who makes a living with their products, I hold Gearwrench in high regard. The 120xp series ratcheting wrenches have certainly raised the bar in the ratcheting wrench world. The wrenches come secure in a nice organizer, which is quality enough to go straight into the toolbox drawer. The finish of these wrenches is very good, complete with stamped and ink-filled size indicator markings for easy identification of each size wrench. The open end of the wrenches have good tolerances for the openings, allowing the wrench to fit easily onto the nut, yet close enough to keep the wrench on the nut without rounding or slipping off. The ratcheting boxed end performs very well with its dual pawl 120 position racheting mechanism, which gives the wrench 3 degrees of swing arc. When using these wrenches in tight spots, the more teeth it can engage per backswing allows for fewer strokes to loosen/tighten the fastener. Overall, these wrenches are affordable, high quality, hard working tools and as a Diesel mechanic, I highly recommend them.

  3. Spencer Ortiz

    Solid tools for great price.I like that they are exactly what I expected and work great

  4. Dylan

    Great set of ratcheting wrenches.I love these wrenches! I bought these because I needed a good set of ratcheting wrenchs for work and Isuzu NPR cab-over diesel fuel filters. You need a 22 mil wrench for the filter and it’s to tight for a ratchet. I bought these wrenches and no longer dreaded doing those filters because of how fast I could do them now. The 120 teeth make quick work of whatever fastener you need to wrench on. I stand by Gearwrench now as a loyal customer because of this wrench set and recommend this set to all the new techs looking for a great set of ratcheting wrenches.

  5. John B.

    Best wrenches ever!This wrench set is awesome! It includes all the common needed sizes and several uncommon sizes and with the 120 teeth allows for a 3 degree arc between clicks for those hard to reach spots where you can’t normally get enough swing for a click. I also thought the universal spline was a lifesaver when fixing a car I encountered an external torx head bolt in a very narrow area. Without these my project would’ve been over before it started. The 120 teeth are actually 2 60 tooth pawls staggered. The 60 tooth pawl is the strongest ratchet possible mathematically and this uses the alternating so you get the full 60 tooth strength with each click. I highly recommend these for anyone who uses wrenches you won’t find better anywhere

  6. Emmett

    Great Wrenches, Horrible Reception ExperienceMy experience with getting these wrenches frustrated me so badly I had to leave them sitting in a pile in the corner of my office for a couple weeks before I could stand to write this, even. That probably screwed me due to some return policy malarkey, but whatever. My experience:The wrenches themselves seem quite well made, and are certainly good looking. Unfortunately, my poor review comes from the reception of the wrenches. Of the set of 16 I received but 9 of them, barely half, several of which of were highly scuffed and marred from the get go.The wrench holder that they came in had a busted piece off of it as i took it out of the box, a hinge piece that made it difficult to stay shut and allowed wrenches to slide around easily. Id say that would explain the missing wrenches if theyd been loose in the box, but they were entirely gone with no major damage to the box at which to point the finger.Im not sure how many of the tools ive bought on Amazon have come through this vendor, or even who they are off the top of my head, but ive had far too many issues with products lost or damaged in shipping lately to let it slide again.I waited quite some time to afford these wrenches, not to mention the sheer amount ive spent on Gearwrench products, to then have them come as they did… it angers me to the point of giving up on some of these online tool vendors and going back to the tool trucks exclusively, as little as i can afford it. At least I dont get a beat up, half missing set of tools.

  7. Max

    Overall good condition on arrivalCame with a few nicks and scratches and stains that I cnt seem to clean off but its all good being that ima b using them every day at a shop I’m happy with them overall and they seem sturdy and strong just what I was looking for

  8. Michael Perry

    I like this wrench set.The set arrived in perfect shape and exactly as advertised. I like the slightly narrower open-end so you can get into tight spaces. The ratchet is smooth and the extra length gives extra leverage, but be careful not to break bolts! I prefer flat ratcheting wrenches, not the ones with angled heads. The angled wrenches have a switch on them to change directions, but that switch often flops over to the wrong direction when bumped. Drives me nuts. (Not a pun!!) I prefer the flat ones. The only reason for 4 stars is that I’ve not used them long enough and I cannot attest to the durability of the tools. The wrenches look like they will last a long time.

  9. Slaterson

    These are great wrenches, dollar for dollar these are the best you can get.I’m an A&P mechanic, I depend on my tools and they must perform. I have had these wrenches for two months. These are extremely well made, my coworkers have MAC, Snap On and Matco wrenches, we compared these side by side and the GearWrench wrenches are as good or better then any tool truck brand. These are long pattern so, they are slightly longer than standard wrenches, I have yet to find situation where that was a negative. Definitely worth the money.

  10. J. Young

    Not bad, but wish I had spent my tool money elsewhere.These are decent. I am an automation mechanic in a food production facility. I was excited to use some of my tool allowance on this set of wrenches.These are longer than average wrenches. That can help if you really want to piss the next guy off by over-tightening SS bolts. Other than that it makes them hard to use in tight spaces. The 120 tooth ratchet can slightly make up for the length by engaging with a smaller angle, but I’d have been better off getting shorter ratchets with 72 teeth.I really like that they go all the way from 8mm to 24mm. I use mostly 13mm and 17mm, with a little 8mm, 10mm, 19mm thrown in and the occasional 24mm, so this set covers all that perfectly. One major disappointment is that while most of the wrenches are smooth and click with little resistance, one of my most used wrenches, the 13mm is tighter than the rest, so I have to get a finger on the bolt head to hold it more often than I normally would have to. I chalk that up to not perfect quality control.

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