Genie 6072H-O Residential Wall Mounted Garage Door Opener, Black

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  • SPACE SAVING: The Genie wall mount garage door opener clears up ceiling space by eliminating rail & powerhead from the ceiling, the wall mount, mounts to the side of the garage doors torsion spring. You can use the freed-up space for extra storage or just enjoy the clean, uncluttered look.
  • SAFE-T-PULSE SYSTEM: The Genie wall mount garage door opener has a Patent-pending system that provides internal tension monitoring of door cables with an electronic pulse during initial door travel.
  • STRONG, COMPACT DESIGN: The Genie Wall Mount garage door opener, has a compact design measuring 6.8 in. wide x 14.5 in. tall x 9 in. deep making this wall mounted garage door opener the smallest available, Proper installation requires a standard outlet within 6 ft. of the wall mount garage door opener
  • INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: Features a Genie wireless wall console, Bluetooth LED light, Intellicode remote, and remote door lock
  • INSTALLATION REQUIREMENTS: Only requires 2.5 in. above and 7 in. to the side of the garage doors spring tube for installation.



The new innovative wall mount Genie garage door opener eliminates the traditional rail design. This Genie wall mount garage door opener features a bluetooth LED light, wireless wall console, wireless remote, and an automatic door lock. This wall mount garage door opener easily attaches directly to the garage door’s spring mounted high and to the side of the garage door. This design opens all the space above where the cars would park in your garage. Often referred to as a residential jackshaft garage door opener, the Genie residential wall mount garage door opener models also includes the newest Genie garage door opener accessories. This compact wall mounted jackshaft style residential Genie garage door opener will work on residential sectional garage doors up to 850lbs in weight, and 14ft in height, even without the use of a battery backup. The Genie wall mount garage door opener is the perfect garage door opener, for a clean sleek appearance or for those who need room above the garage door.

From the manufacturer

Genie Wall Mounted garage door opener

Genie wall mount garage door opener is space saving and compact

Genie Wall Mount garage Door opener, easier install more headroom

Genie wall mount garage door opener

The Genie wallmount garage door opener will lift up to 850 lb garage door openers without use of bbu



genie wall mount opener clean sleek look

genie wall mount garage door opener is perfect for garages with ceiling storage

Additional information

Weight 27.3 kg
Dimensions 7 × 8.8 × 12.01 cm
Part Number


Item Weight

27.3 Pounds

Product Dimensions

7 x 8.8 x 12.01 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number



2 AAA batteries required. included







Item Package Quantity



Works up to 14ft high residential doors 850 lbs in weight

Included Components

Bluetooth LED light Genie Wireless wall console Genie G3T garage door opener remote automatic door lock wall mount opener

Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Battery Cell Type

Lithium Manganese Dioxide

Warranty Description

Limited Lifetime Motor Warranty 5 Year Parts Warranty



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This item ships only within the U.S. excluding certain locales such as CA.

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Date First Available

September 23 2021



10 reviews for Genie 6072H-O Residential Wall Mounted Garage Door Opener, Black

  1. Redfisher

    Like it, but two issuesHomeowner here. I just installed three of these in a shop. I like them, but have two comments. First, alignment with the shaft. The motors tend to move slightly when operating, which I assume is due to either the alignment on the shaft or that the shaft is slightly bent – causing the motor to move as it rotates. I spoke to a Liftmaster dealer and he said theirs do the same thing, so I assume most likely the garage door shaft. I left the lag bolts slightly loose and let it move, rather than screwing it down hard. Screwing it down hard would make me think the pressure that moves the unit would be isolated within the unit, and possibly cause premature failure. Second, on the last install, on the first time I tried to close the door, the cables came off the drum. I’ve come to the conclusion this door’s spring was wound too tight, so there was no gravity pulling the door down at the upper limit. So when the unit tried to unwind, there wires came off. We’ve reset the tension, and it’s working fine now. Time will tell. I said that so that others need to check to see that the door will want to close at the upper limit. Mine was first adjusted for a manual lift, which was great, but it also kept the door at the top (took a significant pull on the rope to get it started down). Try this out before installing the unit. You need gravity to help you with this unit, not like standard garage doors. Standard doors work in a push-pull process, where this design requires gravity at the upper end to ensure the door wants to go down and the cables stay tight:on. Instructions could be improved upon. Thanks

  2. Steven C.

    Poorly designed/engineered. Difficult installation, terrible instructions. Overall, VERY UNHAPPYPurchased to upgrade from an old chain-drive garage door opener. While I was really looking forward to a side/torsion mount unit to remove the head-knocker setup from my ceiling, I must say, after going through the pain of installing this system, I would not purchase another Genie system.In this situation, the CONS heavily outweigh the PROS:CONS:1) Instructions are garbage. Huge fold-out pamphlet instructions that are cluttered with gibberish writing. For being made in USA, they must have outsourced their instruction writing to China.2) The system only comes with ONE vehicle remote. Paid over $400 and had to spend another $100 to get four more remotes since Genie uses their own proprietary code that does not work with the remotes that pair with almost every garage door opener (Craftsman, Chaimberlan, Liftmaster, etc.)3) The ‘spring tensioners’ that you have to drill and bolt to the bottom corners of the garage door are complete garbage. They’re made of very flimsy metal that will bend and hang up in the track at the first opportunity. They included plastic ‘spacers’ to prevent this, but they are made from recycled McDonald’s cups, so they’re best suited in the trash can right out of the box. Also, the spring tensioner clip is nothing more than a plastic wire retainer. I don’t see it lasting long as it runs up and down steel cable with every open/close cycle. I’m sure they’ll break in the future and I’ll have to go through the pain of replacing them.4) The metal shaft inlet is crap. Cheap, chinesium that bends with the slightest torque on the coupler bolts. I put the coupler on and tightened one full turn based on the instructions, but this bent the shaft so it wouldn’t slide completely over the torsion axle on my garage door. Ended up having to mount the opener on the opposite side so I could use the opposite input shaft on the opener that hadn’t been bent. Instructions should state to wait to torque the bolts on the motor site until the motor is on the torsion shaft, or better yet, just use decent metal for the product.I’m sure getting this off of the shaft when it inevitably breaks will be a BEAR – the crap metal is undoubtedly mashed in the coupler now.5) The blocked doorway ‘Safety Beam’ system is crap. The sensors are HUGE – twice the size of most other systems. They do not simply clip to the track like most other systems either – they have to be mounted to the floor or wall. To top it off, they’re made of cheap plastic and since they stick out like a sore thumb, I’m sure they will get kicked and break.6) The ‘bluetooth light’ is also junkola. It hardly provides any light whatsoever. I have a two-car garage and the light barely emits a glow. It’s probably good enough to see to get out of your car, but if you need more than that, you’ll be fumbling for the light switch in your garage. Also, the mounting holes are ignorant – they should have provided a two-piece mounting bracket, but instead have slot mount holes which makes it a PIA to mount on a ceiling. Light cord is only 6′, so you better have an outlet nearby. Luckily I had one close enough from my old ceiling mounted opener.7) Did I mention it only came with ONE remote and I had to spend another $100 to get more???? UGH -what a rip!PROS:1) It’s definitely a compact unit, brownie points for that. It doesn’t take up much space although I’m not completely confident in it being ‘secure’ with the flimsy L-bracket that it included.2) It’s very quiet – WAY quieter than any ceiling-drive unit I’ve seen.Conclusion:Overall, I really am not happy with this. Too many issues installing and fumbling with a kit that seems as if it was engineered by a 5 year old. I’m very mechanically savvy and typically have no issues doing work like this. Install ended up taking me nearly 5 hours by myself, as I had to spend well over an hour interpreting the instructions and two hours dealing with the junk tension springs and chinesium metal input shaft. Had I known this was what I was in for, I definitely would have opted for a different brand. I should have stuck with Lift Master – my last unit lasted over 20 years!Very disappointed in this product. For being made in USA, I expect much more. On top of that, I spent over $400 on the system and it by no means reflects any type of quality for that price.Do yourself a favor and buy another brand – Genie has some serious work to do to make this unit even remotely impressive.

  3. BD

    QuietQuietest Opener I have ever had. Installed Easily. Took me a couple of hrs as I was removing the Old Opener. One word of advice- when I tightened the Coupler Bolts per instructions it deformed the connecting pipe on the Opener. This made it very difficult to slide over the Door Rod. Next time I will not tighten the coupler bolts until the unit is mounted. The threadlocker they apply makes it impossible to hand tighten the coupler bolts. So very difficult to “feel” when the bolts touch the Opener and Door Tubes.I am almost certain these units will be very very difficult to remove and replace…think sawzall. IMHO the coupler design is flawed. They should use a round flange permanently mounted on the opener and a similar flange that slides over the door tube then tightened. Then three bolts to connect both flanges. Would be simple to remove and replace.

  4. Mike Douglas

    Great openerExtremely easy to install, very smooth operation and is really quiet. Highly recommend this opener.

  5. Daniel Reece

    Best garage door openerI needed an opener for a 10ft tall garage door. This was very easy to install and extremely quiet. Very happy with this purchase!

  6. it works on kindle fires

    Strait forward installationEverything needed was in the box. Clear instructions and straight forward installation. My door was balanced pretty well with no opener and the opener raises and lowers my 10×18 foot shop door without additional adjustments.

  7. Xrocketman

    Easy install.Balance the door first.

  8. Hillbilly

    Exactly what I was looking forEasy to install great instructions. Works great on a 12×12 insulated shop door.

  9. Leonard Butts

    Great choice for me.I’m satisfied with this product, does exactly what genie said it would.

  10. John Jones

    Worth every pennyInstalled this opener in less than two hours. Instructions were clear and easy. Programming door for fully open and fully closed was very easy. I have a 12ft. X 12ft. door, it opens and closes with ease. Wall mount garage door openers are the way to go.

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