Genmitsu CNC Router Machine PROVerXL 4030 for Wood Metal Acrylic MDF Carving Arts Crafts DIY Design, 3 Axis Milling Cutting

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  • Easy to Set Up: The pre-assembled module of XYZ axis and wires dramatically reduces effort of assembly, allowing you to start carving your projects in less time. 3-Month Carveco Maker Subscription is included. Turning your ideas into the next fun project or your own work of art will be much easier with Carveco Maker. We will email you the subscription link after you place the order.
  • More Power: New completely redesigned control box and drive system, beefy C-BEAM Frame, precision NEMA 23 stepper motors, High Power Spindle and included adapter for a drop in Dewalt DWP611 upgrade.
  • No additional parts required: Everything you need out of the box, no stripped down kits or addons, the Genmitsu PROVerXL 4030 CNC router already includes all of the accessories and components you need at an affordable price, including XYZ axis limit switches, emergency stop switches,speed control, Z-probe and more.
  • Precision and Performance: Rigid C-beam structure,Leadscrew Driven, Y-axis Dual screw drive, Z-Axis Optical Axis Drive delivers more stability than the traditional v-slot drive. It’s ideal for an endless variety of cutting, drilling, and carving operations on various materials including wood, MDF, plastics, foams, vinyl, and aluminum.
  • Built to suit your needs: The PROVerXL CNC platform is just the beginning, if you are looking for an even larger machine get the upgrade kit available in 2 additional sizes 24”x 24”( 600 x 600mm), and up to 40” x 40” (1000 x 1000mm). Equip your machine with High Powered Laser Modules with up to 15W of true power output. Evolve with your CNC, upgrade as you go, or start big and get to making MORE.
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Product Description

High Strength and Precision





Compared to NEMA17 motors that other CNC are machines using, the NEMA23 motors of the PROVERXL are significantly more powerful and have more holding torque, allowing you to carve materials faster and deeper. For metals like aluminum,Power is essential. All stepper motors are equipped with manual jog wheels making it easy to adjust and position your spindle or stock material.

An all-aluminum body, Rigid C-Beam structure, Leadscrew Driven, Y-axis Dual screw drive and Z-Axis Optical Axis Drive deliver more stability than the traditional v-slot drive. It’s ideal for an endless variety of cutting, drilling, and carving operations on various materials including wood, MDF, plastics, foams, vinyl, and aluminum.

For a CNC machine, accuracy depends on how well it can follow its programmed paths. Many times when you need high accuracy for small parts, Genmitsu PROVerXL 4030 would be the go-to tool. It could offer high accuracy 0.1mm for precision milling operations.

The pre-assembled modules of wrapped wiring dramatically reduces the effort of assembly, allowing you to start carving your projects in less time.





Redesigned Control Box

Compact and simple design that integrates easy to access buttons for boot, emergency stop, motor speed control, unlocking and pausing your machine. The PROVerXL control box’s easy cable management provides an organized solution that makes cleanup easy. Still based on high performance open-source Grbl V1.1 software.

No Additional Parts Required

Everything you need out of the box, no stripped down kits or add-ons, the Genmitsu PROVerXL 4030 CNC router already includes all of the accessories and components you need, including X, Y, Z axis limit switches, emergency stop switches, speed control, Z-probe and more.

Easy to Upgrade

Although our standard spindle (DC 24V 300W) can already meet the requirements of most projects, the PROVerXL 4030 CNC kit still comes with an additional spindle holder for broader use, compatible with DeWalt DWP611.

Genmitsu keeps providing more and more upgraded parts for expanding the PROVerXL 4030 CNC Machine’s potential. Other upgraded parts or accessories such as dust shoe, aluminum spoilboard are available now.

Laser Available

If you are an experienced CNC engraving enthusiast looking for an upgrade, you can add this laser module kit to the Genmitsu PROVerXL 4030 CNC machines. With this module, it can absolutely give you different ways to unleash your creativity.



What’s in the Package

1 x Genmitsu PROVerXL 4030 CNC Router (Some parts need to be assembled)

1 x Pre-Installed 300W Spindle

1 x Controller Box

1 x MDF Spoil Board

1 x Aluminum DeWalt DWP611 Mount (DWP611 router not included)

10 x Nano Blue Coat Bits (1/8” Shank, Cutting Edge Diameter 0.8-3.0mm)

10 x Engraving Bits (1/8” Shank, Cutting Edge Diameter 0.2mm, 30 Degrees)

4 x Clamps

1 x Screw/Nut Accessories Box

Additional information

Weight 57.2 kg
Dimensions 32 × 26.75 × 12.75 cm
Part Number

PROVerXL 4030

Item Weight

57.2 pounds

Package Dimensions

32 x 26.75 x 12.75 inches



Item Package Quantity


Batteries Included


Batteries Required




Date First Available

October 14 2020



9 reviews for Genmitsu CNC Router Machine PROVerXL 4030 for Wood Metal Acrylic MDF Carving Arts Crafts DIY Design, 3 Axis Milling Cutting

  1. Pole Pot

    works great make sure you tighten every screw Got this the other day and finally had time to put everything together which wasn’t too bad . so to test it out i used a pcb template to mill and i have to say the machine is pretty stable exept the spindles Y axis which moves when pressure is applied which is not good maybe i have a defective x assembly or it is really that much slop in it maybe genmitsu/sainsmart can shed some light on this and also are able to tell me where that screw that fell out of the x axis assembly belongs to it’s a m3 10mm that just fell out and i can’t find a spot for it anywhere not even the enstops are missing oneThe bits that came with the machine are absolutely terrible it looks like they found the hazard fraught special and bought all of emThe spoilboard is also a piece of junk and poorly manufactured and will sag after installation since it has no support under it .I Had to invest another 80$ or so in a set of aluminum boards which i promptly milled into by accident since the aluminum extrusion is not level whatsoever .and came scratch and dent already it even looked like someone tried to sand them down on the bottom side without much luck (Very sloppy on your part Genmitsu/sainsmart) if i spend 80 or so bucks on 4 pieces of aluminum it should be spotless or at least straight.I also tossed the junky engraving bits where some of them already had no tipi did use the el cheapo endmills that came with the machine to cut the board to size but that’s about all they good forto engrave i used a nomad bit #501 40deg 0.1mm which works fantastic in any machine i have and the result on the 1st run is pretty good to excellentNow the machine comes with 270oz nema 23 steppers which kinda surprised me to see such nice big steppers on a below 1k machine but these things are ungodly loud and even scream over the noise of the spindle but i’m ok with that i like hearing stuff still working when i’m out of the room so i don’t see a problem there plus they really torqyThe spindle (even while it is only a 300w one) is actually pretty good and well balanced but a 500w would have been a lot better as a stock spindle luckily they included a bigger mount with the machine which will fit a 1.5kw spindle nicelyand i can use the power cables from the power supply to the old spindle to activate the VFD for the 1.5kw onei’m fairly mad about the absolutely crappy spoilboard that came with the machine it was cut crucket and the holes did not quiet line up and the drill height was different on each hole and nobody even bothered to clean the holes up a little and it was missing a few threaded inserts .All in all this machine is well worth the 1k$ even while it has some shortcomings that are rather annoyingWould it have been too much to ask to put the opening of the threaded rods for the Y axis on the outside instead of the inside to prevent dust etc etc from beeing blown in since the dust covers are absolutely useless ( i think i will tear the machine apart one of these days and flip the openings around if possible ) and why are the endstops not set to give you full travel of the machine ?The power supply box of the machine looks pretty cool but i have yet to figure out why they added these idiotic start stop buttons on it and why the emergency button is also on it a better place would have been on the side of the machine or in the front since ppl tend to hide the power supply , instead of the useless switches they could have added a small laser for engraving …..the buttons are complete nonsenseWith very few modifications you will get a pretty decent machine and i’m pretty happy with it’s operation despite the design flaws that could have been easily prevented and i do recommend this machine ….it is the perfect size for an inhouse machine if you don’t wanna be in the hot garage during the day to use your big cnc routeri also own a shapeoko 4xxl i use in the garage but i needed a small machine i can make pcb’s on while the big machine well …makes bigger stuff lolfinally after a little bit of calibrating and straightening the frame which would probably held up better during shipping if the screws where tight and not just hand tight i ran this pcb layout you see in the pictures and it came out pretty good on the first tryUpdate:So the 300w spindle really did not do the trick for me so i started to mod the machinei replaced the 300w spindle weith a 2.2kw 3hp spindle and had to make some adapters to mount it to the existing Z axis i am just now in the process of routing the water hoses and finding a spot for the radiator .will update once i am done and see if the z axis stays in place since i’m not sure how much startup jerk the spindle has :PUpdate 2:3hp 2.2kw Frankenmitsu is alive now to some cleaning up of wires and water hoses and tapping into the grbl controller for pwm speed control and on and off

  2. Maxwell

    Great machine at right priceI liked that machine was packaged well and assembly was smooth. I went ahead and installed 6060 upgrade prior to assembly. This is a big step up from my previous wood frame machine allowing for faster run speeds without loss accuracy. Good thing about doing upgrade is the spare parts you end up with. Basically you have most parts to build a second machine by milling few parts and adding the missing components. I spent about 500 bucks doing just that. I recommend this machine and wished were available when I was first starting out 3 years ago. Hi ahead and get it and have some fun.

  3. Ryan

    Works great out of the box. Spindle died but under warranty Right out of the box this is easy to assemble and works as it should for a less expensive machine. The only downfall is the cheap spindle which will not spin at a consistent speed. It worked good for about 5 or 6 small unions, and then it would not spin unless you spin it first by hand and then it would fluctuate in speed. You can hear in the attached video the sound of the spindle fluctuating in speed. Voltage input to the spindle is consistent which means the spindle itself is bad. I am really disappointed that this went bad so quickly. I know its a cheaper option but i would expect the spindle to last longer than it did.***Update****Machine has a 1 year warranty and they are sending a new spindle!

  4. David

    Great Beginner/Intermediate CNCI’m overall very happy with this CNC, but it’s not perfect.The setup was not too bad, although there were a few steps that I was slightly uncomfortable with (it might be worth noting that I’m a bit of a perfectionist).***Please be careful tightening the set screws for the stepper motors, especially in the Y-axis. I noticed that the hex wrench they provide can strip if you’re not careful. Making sure the positioning is correct and that they are tight enough is very important. It wouldn’t hurt to add some thread locker on these as well. For the Y-axis, there are no instructions on how to align the two stepper motors which I thought was strange. It’s not difficult to do and is a crucial step. All you have to do is use a ruler to measure the distance of the gantry to the back edge of the platform on each side to make sure they are parallel before tightening the set screws. I found it easier to just use a box and mark it with a pen since the gantry is relatively high up. If you try to run the machine with these not aligned, it will cause unnecessary stress on the gantry and motors, and possibly affect the accuracy of the machine.So far I’ve cut wood and aluminum with good results (see pictures). The aluminum part in one of the pictures got a little messed up on one edge because I ran the feed too fast with a 1/16″ end mill and ended up snapping it clean off. I upgraded to the Dewalt motor so that I could cut aluminum more confidently and have a better variety of end mills to choose from with the 1/4″ collet. I also added a dust boot to make clean up easier (so much more convenient!). Running the machine with the dust boot connected to a small shop vac makes clean up virtually non-existent. However, there are some times when I need to have a clear view of the end mill as it’s cutting so I’ll refrain from using it occasionally. One disadvantage using the Dewalt spindle motor is that you’re limited to manual speed control and the minimum RPM is 16,000! I often run it on the lowest RPM and adjust my feed rates to compensate. My personal favorite thing about moving up to the 1/4″ end mills is that you get a whole lot more rigidity which equates to more accurate cuts. With the 1/8″ (stock spindle) I could occasionally see the shank flexing as it cut. This might not matter for most people, but if you’re trying to get the most accurate parts possible this is worth considering.One last thing I would recommend is to get the offline control module. It is so worth it! It depends on your setup, but for me it made it way more convenient to use overall.If you’re new to CNCing, just know that having a good machine like this one is only half of the requirements to make good, consistent parts. It also relies heavily upon your ability to properly setup the speeds and feeds, tool paths, and fixtures. Good luck, and take it slow!(For reference, I am a mechanical engineer with experience using various CNCs both larger and smaller than this model)

  5. Baumarktkunde

    Sainsmart Genmitsu 4030Da es bisher zu der recht neuen Maschine PROVerXL 4030 von Sainsmart Genmitsu noch keine Bewertungen gibt, möchte ich hier einen etwas ausführlicheren ersten Bericht abgeben.Erfahrungsbereich derzeit: Bestellung, Lieferung, IB und ca. 20 Stunden Maschinenlaufzeit.Die Maschine der Firma Sainsmart wurde beim Händler TechMaker bestellt. Sainsmart hat seinen Firmensitz in den USA, es scheint auch Japanische Einflüsse zu geben. Gefertigt wird allerdings in China. Von dort wird auch geliefert. 2 Wochen lang gab es lediglich die Information –wird für Versand vorbereitet–. Gesamte Lieferzeit ab Bestelleingang 16 Tage. Eingeführt wird die Maschine von TechMaker. Es entstehen also keine weiteren Gebühren oder Zollabgaben. Geliefert wurde mit UPS.Der Karton ( 1 Stück,30 kg) war etwas ramponiert, zum Glück aber 2 mal verpackt. Der Inhalt einzeln und bestens geschützt in Formschaum eingebettet. Alles unbeschädigt. Geliefert wird alles was zum Betrieb notwendig ist. Ein Rechner wird natürlich noch zusätzlich benötigt. Auch die Einstellsonde für die Z-Achse liegt bei.Der Aufbau ist ziemlich einfach. Die Beschreibung dazu zwar nur auf englisch, aber ausreichend bebildert. Wer etwas Ahnung von Mechanik hat, sollte die Winkeligkeit des Grundgestells sowie die Ausrichtung der Z-Achse überprüfen. Bei mir war das zwar etwas verbesserungswürdig aber sicher tolerierbar. Auch die Schrauben sollten überprüft werden.Die Materialien sind hochwertig, die verwendeten Schrauben eher nicht.Die Maschine steht stabil und macht einen robusten Eindruck. Durch die massive Strebe der X-Achse und der doppelt angetriebenen Y-Achse ist eine Verwindung im Betrieb fast ausgeschlossen. Die Rollen laufen sauber und spielfrei. Die kleinste Schrittweite der Stellmotoren ist 0,013 mm. Die erste Inbetriebnahme ist nach kurzer Einarbeitung in die auf USB-Stick mitgelieferte grbl-software recht einfach. Grbl setzt einen vorhandenen G-code in Maschinenbefehle um und gibt diese an die Maschinensteuerung weiter. Um einen eigenen G-code zu erstellen wird ein weiteres Programm benötigt. Man kann hierfür die Freeware EASEL benutzen. Evtl. in Verbindung mit einem Zeichenprogramm für Vektorgrafiken. Ich hab hierfür Inkscape genutzt. Bei komplexeren Aufgaben kann die Software allerdings an ihre Grenzen stossen. Über die kostenpflichtige Pro-Version von EASEL kann ich leider keine Aussagen machen. Die angegebene Software Carveco Maker ist sehr Umfangreich und recht Benutzerfreundlich. Auch auf deutsch. Ein weiteres Vektorzeichenprogramm wird nicht benötigt. Sie ist allerdings mit 15€ monatl. auch nicht billig. Die ersten 3 Monate sind aber Gratis.Hier eine Auflistung der bisher bekannten positiven und negativen Erfahrungen. Sollte ich mit der Zeit noch weitere Erkenntnisse gewinnen, welche die Bewertung beeinflussen, werde ich diese nachreichen.positive Aspekte+ sehr gut verpackt, Lieferung komplett+ einfacher Aufbau+ sehr stabil und robust+ präzise Bewegungen+ Arbeitsergebnisse ( Fräsen und Gravieren von Kunststoff, Acryl, Holz, jeweils 2d und 3d sowie Relief in Holz) sind wirklich hervorragend+ auch nach 4h Dauerlauf akzeptable Erwärmung der Frässspindel+ Möglichkeiten zur Erweiterung. Vergrösserung des Arbeitsbereichs auf 600×600 oder 1000×1000 (allerdings sind diese Umbausätze noch nicht verfügbar, lediglich angekündigt).+Stärkere Frässspindel oder Einsatz eines Lasercutters möglich (die vorhandene Spindel war bisher völlig ausreichend, die Steuerungsbox der Maschine ist für den Einsatz eines Lasercutters vorbereitet )+ Erweiterung um eine 4. Achse möglich. Dafür ist die Steuerungsbox allerdings nicht vorbereitet. Ich hab mich noch nicht kundig gemacht, aber ich vermute, diese Erweiterung ist nur mit einem zusätzlichen Steuermodul und ner Portion DIY-Kabelsalat möglich.negative Aspekte- längere Lieferzeiten sind eigentlich kein Problem, zumal wegen Corona und Ostern. Aber nach der Bestellung eben 2 Wochen keine weitere Info. Bei einer 1000€ Investition wäre etwas mehr an Information wünschenswert.- der Z-Achsensensor liegt bei. Das ist natürlich sehr gut, sollte aber in der Artikelbeschreibung erwähnt werden (dann hätte ich ihn jetzt nicht 2mal).- 3 Schrauben waren nicht richtig festgezogen- auch die Klemmschräubchen der Kabelstecker zur Steuerungsbox sollten überprüft werden. Bei mir hat sich nach wenigen Tagen eine Ader aus dem Stecker gelöst.- die mitgelieferte Spanplatte als alleinige Werkstückunterlage gibt bei starkem Eintauchen etwas nach. Ich werde sie wohl auf Dauer durch eine Aluprofilplatte ersetzen.Auch wegen der flexibleren Befestigungsmöglichkeiten.- die seitlichen Schutzbleche sind praktisch aber nicht ganz zu Ende gedacht. Eine Abdeckung die auch über die Laufrollen und die Profilführung reicht wäre wünschenswert. Da läßt sich jedoch leicht eine eigene Lösung finden.- Steuerung nicht für 4. Achse vorbereitet- anstrengende Geräuschentwicklung. Es ist gar nicht die eigentlich Lautstärke, die ist erträglich. Aber eine Spindel mit 12000 Umdrehungen + 4 Hochfrequenz-Stellmotoren mit wechselnder Drehzahl gleichzeitig ergeben ein regelrechtes Kreischkonzert. Wer vor hat viel Zeit neben der laufenden Maschine zu verbringen, sollte über einen Gehörschutz nachdenken. Das wird aber auf die meisten CNC-Router zutreffen.Fazit:Auch wenn doch ein paar negative Punkte zusammengekommen sind, reicht es für mich nicht für einen Sterneabzug. Dies sollte allerdings jeder für sich selbst beurteilen. Ich bin leider ziemlich voreingenommen. Die PROVerXL 4030 hat mich nämlich ziemlich in ihren Bann gezogen. Die Konstruktion ist sehr gut und die Arbeitsergebnisse begeisternd. Und je besser ich mit der Zeichensoftware umgehen kann umso mehr Möglichkeiten und kreative Ideen fliegen mir zu.Ich finde die Maschine ist eine gute Zwischenstufe zwischen den etwas labilen aber sehr verbreiteten klassischen 3040er “Chinafräsen” und den professionelleren und deutlich teureren.Müsste ich die Entscheidung nochmal treffen, würde ich die Genmitsu 4030 sofort wieder kaufen.

  6. Linda Harrison

    Life ChangerI know it sounds silly but this piece of kit changed my husband’s life. Due to an accident at work he us now unable to work and eas extremely depressed. We decided to buy this so he could use the skills he has to his advantage and wow he is a different person. He has made over 20 engravings on boxes for our Grandchildren for ChristmasWorth every penny and will be buying the smaller version soon.

  7. David Beale

    Good mainly – see below. Appears solid but expensive.The order got lost somewhere in Germany and the package was returned to sender because the paperwork was missing or inaccurate! A re-order finally arrived after another round of emails. The build was very easy and it appeared well packaged. However, after running it for the first time it was obvious that one of the Y-axis lead-screws was bent! Many more emails finally resulted in a replacement lead-screw being sent. I await it’s arrival. This will now involve me completely stripping the machine beyond the units that were supplied ready-built and I am therefore less than impressed. The build quality otherwise is good but it is quite expensive for what you get. Support were responsive if a tad pedantic. Let’s hope it runs OK finally….. Would I recommend it? A cautious Yes but tempered by my experience. I’ll update later after I have gone through the setup, levelling etc again.24/6/22 Stripped the left hand Y-axis and fitted the new lead screw. The video supplied was not too good having been made on a phone it seems…The reason the lead-screw was deformed became apparent on re-build – tightening the end plate would have deformed the screw as the frame is slightly too short! I inserted appropriate shims and it now runs properly. I think I’m still pleased with it but I remain disappointed that I had to do this work on a new machine costing the best part of a grand.31 August 2022 – been using this for a while now since changing the left-hand lead-screw as above and its running well. I share other’s concern with the exposed lead-screws which I have to clean very regularly and already the top set of rollers are leaving marks on the C-section which points to an alignment issue maybe? The NEMA steppers make a horrendous noise when they run! There must be a way to reduce this? I have made a few smaller machines and with careful selection and settings of the drivers this noise can be made to go away……any ideas anyone? Still a good solid (expensive?) machine producing great results.

  8. steve

    A steep learning curve juggling between cam sofwares and gbrl platformsI have been in touch with Sainsamrt posting screenshots of my issues, no replies so far. I get an error 9 code on every job I run even with those ready made carving files that came with the package. I have already spent a considerable amount of time visiting forums to find tips or good advice, however useful this might be it is a long process and rather frustrating for something that was supposed to get out of the box and work with that price tag. I had the machine since August the 10th and have not been able to complete a single job, it simply stops after 2/3 mins running; I reset it and it does it again. I will update this review if I get to work.

  9. Deano

    Amazing machine, Amazing supportAmazing bit of kit but the support is also amazing. Had the machine for 9 months it developed a fault, after contacting sainsmart they couldn’t have done more to help. Highly recommend.

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