Gransfors Bruks Carpenter’s Axe.

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Brand Gransfors Bruks
Item Dimensions LxWxH 22 x 2 x 7 inches
Handle Material Hickory Wood
Color Bronze
Head Type Carpenters

  • Drake Off Road Tools Functions like a good heavy knife
  • The axe poll is ground and can be used as a hammer
  • 3-1/2″ face
  • 18″ handle
  • Includes 20 Year Product Warranty


Drake Off Road Tools Axe has a straight edge and thin blade with a low angle bevel face, suited for work in dry wood. The forged inward curve from the heel to the lip of the head allows your hand to grip almost straight above the center of the edge. This, and the long straight cutting edge, gives rigidity, stability, and control when cutting. Functions like a good heavy knife. The axe poll is ground and can be used as a hammer. 3-1/2″ face 18″ handle 1-1/2 lb head. Premium quality axes, hand-forged at Drake Off Road Tools , a family owned forge in a small town in Sweden. As a matter of pride, when the smith is finished and satisfied with his work he marks the head with his initials beside the companys crown label. Each axe is sharp and ready to cut, has a hickory handle and leather sheath.

Additional information

Weight 1.79 kg
Dimensions 22 × 2 × 7 cm

Gransfors Bruks

Item Dimensions LxWxH

22 x 2 x 7 inches

Handle Material

Hickory Wood



Head Type



Carpenter Axe

Product Dimensions

22 x 2 x 7 inches

Item Weight

1.79 pounds



Item model number

Drake Off Road Tools


Drake Off Road Tools, Gransfors Bruks

10 reviews for Gransfors Bruks Carpenter’s Axe.

  1. Wallace

    I only buy good quality hand toolsI have never reviewed anything online before. I’ve always been a usurper of opinions I suppose. However, one interaction with this thing, and you know you have the real deal in your hand. It seemed only proper for me to comment. I only buy good quality hand tools, but I typically shudder at paying top prices like this. So, I usually just hit the antique shops or farm/garage sales to find what I what or rely on my FIL who is on the look out as well. The stamped metal in most of the tools you will find in stores is just not able to withstand the punishment I put my things through. There is ZERO buyers remorse here. For starters. As another review said, it is not meant for bushwork. It can do the job, sure, but there are others in Gransfors lineup that will do that much better based on their size, blade shape, etc. (probably some much cheaper options for that matter if you are just going to hack at stuff) This is make to work wood. I bought it specifically as I have recently started messing around with hewing beams as I clear some timber we own on our property. The shape makes a huge difference compared to the other axes I own in regards to controlled penetration and cleanliness of the material removed. This thing is sharp and it almost acts like a hand plane (or more appropriately worded….a chisel.) The straight handle is perfectly balanced and by moving your hand up or down the handle you can alter the speed /strength but doesn’t change your impact point much. Pick up a curved handled hatchet and you will see what I mean. The blade has recess where you can place your forefinger directly against it and you can apply the force directly through the center of the blade. Very surprising to see just how easy it was to maneuver something with an 18 inch handle. It really does seem to fight above its weight. By no means will I every be a guest star on The Yankee Workshop, but this is really easy to learn to use. As for construction: The steel is top notch. The wood handle is very nicely oiled. The sheath is a little pedestrian given just how gorgeous and put together the rest of this is, but it seems in line with the Swedish minimalist thing. I won’t be taking this camping with me so it really doest matter. Its just there to make sure I don’t slice open my femoral artery (this thing IS crazy sharp). After playing with it a while I can see why it differs from the carving axe or hatchet. The curved blade of the others will allow you to roll cut and etch more than this would and thats fine for me. I wanted to be able to rough shape more. If there was really intricate stuff to do I would probably just use a chisel and gouge. I was looking for a good quality tool that would be able to blend the functions of a small broad axe and a carving tool and it seems to have hit the mark as far as my needs go. With any luck, my daughters will fight over this when I am dead or send it with me to Valhalla.

  2. 110 and never again

    BuzzkillGreat axe head but when it came it had a chunk missing from the top corner of the bit like it had been dropped and the handle has been loose fitting from the start as well. Bummer.

  3. Samantha N.

    Buy it!Amazing tool! It’s the best brand on earth. Buy it!

  4. Amazon Customer

    Very nice axe, but the axe book is in German.I like the weight, and size of the axe. It’s very light, and sharp out of the box. I don’t notice any dings or chips in the blade. The only problem I have is the axe book that came with it is in German, and I speak English. I was under the impression the axe book would be written in English from the pictures I’ve seen.

  5. Soma

    Could Be a Better (harder) SteelPersonally, for its intended use I think this steel should be a bit harder, say 59-60 HRC but I understand that people may misuse and chip the edge if the steel were too hard.

  6. DP

    it`s a hatchetSuper nice finish, very hard steel. All as expected for a GB. But if it`s your first “axe”, be aware that it is a hatchet size axe. For me, the husqvarna 26 inch multipurpose axe is a small/ medium axe. This a good size to go in the backpack though. Fit my small backpack. Not crazy sharp and polished out of the box, but really good. Maybe you can find a better price on Ray Mear`s site.

  7. Noonan

    Do your homeworkA little research on Gransfors Bruks should be enough to convince a serious consumer that you get what you pay for. This being the top of the line, I have yet to hear a reasonable complaint about a product of theirs.This is my second axe from them. This is a true wood-crafting tool and does not even belong in the same category as the ‘hatchets’.It’s medium size and weight allows for a wide range of work. I’d see the biggest reason to buy the carpenter version vs any other axe from GB is it’s ability to work and flatten a surface.Do not buy if you need something for firewood, or splitting kindling, this is more for shaping wood. Yes it will do those things but it’s true potential shines through when shaping wood.

  8. Amy

    Top Notch Axe and Customer ServiceThis axe is top notch quality. I ordered it for my husband after having used many of axes and the quality of this axe is the best he has seen. The only problem was that the sheath was cut during transit but because the axe was so sharp! Which is great and when I contacted them their customer service was also top notch. They sent us a new sheath right away and it arrived a couple days later. All in all we are super pleased and highly recommend this axe!

  9. Jake CNY

    GreatThis axe is awesome it’s my first Gransfors Bruks product and it was worth the money. The sheath came with it was kinda chincy, I got a new one. I ve tried other carpenters axes and have not been completely happy. This is a quality product. I’ve got some miles on it.

  10. The WoodCrafter

    Great build quality and razor sharpSuper Ax

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