Hamilton Beach All-Metal 12-Speed Electric Stand Mixer, Tilt-Head, 4.5 Quarts, Pouring Shield, Red

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Brand Hamilton Beach
Color Red
Material Metal
Number of Speeds 12
Special Feature Manual
Product Dimensions 18″D x 18″W x 12″H
Wattage 400
Item Weight 17.63 Pounds
Model Name All-Metal 12-Speed Electric
Is Dishwasher Safe Yes

  • Same mixing action as Kitchen Aid stand mixers. Planetary mixing action rotates the beaters around for even and complete bowl coverage for all your baking needs.
  • 12 speed settings: Hamilton Beach eclectrics stand mixers let you go from a slow stir to a fast whip, excellent for mixing anything from sticky bread dough to light whipped cream.
  • Designed for durability: eclectrics stand mixers give you a powerful 400 watt motor and a built to last die cast metal finish.
  • 4. 5 quart stainless steel bowl with handle: Large enough to mix dough for your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, loaves of fresh bread, pans of birthday cake batter or mashed potatoes for your Thanksgiving guests.
  • Accessories included: stand mixer attachments include a flat beater, dough hook, whisk and pouring shield to protect/guard against splatters.
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Hamilton Beach eclectrics stand mixers makes baking easy and lets you masterfully mix, whip, knead and create your favorite from-scratch baked goods and homemade recipes, thanks to planetary mixing action, 12 speeds and a powerful 400 watt motor. The durable die-cast metal finish and classic design will stand the test of time.

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Quickly go from a slow stir to a fast whip.

The powerful 400 watt motor effortlessly powers through thick batters, bread doughs and more. This mixer can handle everything from sticky pizza dough to fluffy whipped cream and creamy whipped potatoes.

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Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach products are thoughtfully designed to make your life easier. We use consumer insights and in-depth research to deliver the best solution to your everyday needs.

Whether it’s preparing delicious meals and beverages effortlessly, or making your clothes look their best, you can count on the brand that has spent over 100 years creating products with you in mind.

Hamilton Beach All-Metal Stand Mixer with 12 Speeds, 400 Watt Motor, 4.5 Quart Stainless Steel Bowl, Red

With the Hamilton Beach All-Metal Stand Mixer, you’ll masterfully mix, whip, knead and create your favorite made-from-scratch baked goods and homemade recipes.

The stand mixer’s planetary mixing action rotates the beaters around the sides of the included 4.5 quart stainless steel bowl for complete bowl coverage — no need to scrape the bowl. The stand mixer is durable and built to last with all metal housing and gears. This versatile stand mixer includes 3 attachments: a dough hook, whisk and flat beater. It also comes with an extra-large pour spout that makes it easier to add ingredients to the bowl while mixing.

  • 12 speeds for precise control and mixing flexibility
  • Mixing versatility with 4.5 quart stainless steel bowl and 3 attachments
  • Powerful 400 watt motor effortlessly powers through thick batters, bread doughs and more
  • Complete bowl coverage with planetary mixing action
  • Easily add ingredients through extra-large pour shield



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12 Speed Settings

This Hamilton Beach stand mixer has 12 speeds for precise control and mixing flexibility. It lets you go from a slow stir to a fast whip, excellent for mixing anything from sticky bread dough to light whipped cream.

Powerful 400 Watt Motor

The stand mixer has a powerful 400 watt motor that effortlessly powers through thick batters, bread doughs and more.

Built to Last

This stand mixer is durable and built to last with all metal housing and gears.




Mixing Versatility

This versatile stand mixer can handle any mixing job and comes with a large bowl with handles for making large batches of cookie dough, bread dough for multiple loaves, pans of birthday cake batter and more. It includes a dough hook for making bread, whisk for whipping cream or meringue, and a flat beater for mixing a variety of ingredients.

Complete Bowl Coverage

The planetary mixing action rotates the beaters around the included 4.5 quart stainless steel bowl for even and complete hands-free mixing.

Easily Add Ingredients

The stand mixer comes with an extra-large pour shield that provides plenty of space for adding ingredients while mixing.

Additional information

Weight 17.63 kg
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 12 cm
Product Dimensions

18 x 18 x 12 inches

Item Weight

17.63 pounds


Small Kitchen Appliance



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Date First Available

September 14 2004


Hamilton Beach

10 reviews for Hamilton Beach All-Metal 12-Speed Electric Stand Mixer, Tilt-Head, 4.5 Quarts, Pouring Shield, Red

  1. Tinman

    Excellent MixerI purchased this mixer primarily to make bread dough. I had been using my 2lb break machine to do so, rarely using it to actually bake (don’t like the shape of pan). But I wanted to step up to a mixer that could do a better job, and with a little more capacity.I couldn’t justify a KitchenAid as this bread making thing might just be a passing phase. I was also worried making too much dough would strip the gears (two of the three used models on CraigsList, that were near me, needed the gears replaced–and they were not old). I also knew I would most likely never get any attachments. I feel stand alone machines are better for that, and are less expensive (at least for how I would use them). Still, I thought a KA was the gold standard for home stand mixers.So with the KA out I looked at the bare minimum I could get for making bread dough–often 100% whole wheat (which my bread maker couldn’t really do well). I foolishly thought an expensive combination stand/hand mixer could work for just dough. But those didn’t seem up to the task. Even the metal Sunbeam–with that turning bowl–didn’t seem up to it (plenty of reviews stating NOT FOR DOUGH). That unit was $80-$100 give or take (I got lost in the number of models that looked similar). They all had thin dough hooks that didn’t look all that robust. Wasn’t sure two dough hooks was a good idea either.So I settled on this Hamilton Beach model. It is all metal like the KA, has an oscillating beater motion, locking bowl with handle, and reviews were very positive. All that for just a little more than the Sunbeam models I had been looking at–and half the price or less than a comparable KA.When I got it the first thing I did was make 100% whole wheat dough (with vital wheat gluten added to help it rise). Let me tell you, this dough was like modeling clay it was so thick. But the mixer churned through it–and quietly. It didn’t not walk across the counter nor shake any more than I would have expected for such a task. The the top was warm but not at all hot. It kneaded that dough for a good 15 minutes. I did stop it a few times to scrape the bowl, but that was more my OCD than anything else. When I walked away for a moment to get a bread pan ready the bowl was pretty much clean when I returned. Regardless,don’t mind if I have to scrape the bowl every now and then–if not regularly. I expected that as even professional stand mixers are like that. In any case the whole wheat bread came out wonderfully.Despite intending to use for just dough the very next thing I made was mashed potatoes (with lowfat yogurt). Came out nice and fluffy.Then, “since it was right there” I used it to mix eggs for scrambled eggs in the morning for breakfast. So in less than 24 hours I had used all three attachments. I suspect I will be making more than just dough. My girlfriend is pleased.Compared to using my bread machine to make dough, I will have to say this requires more attention. You are not supposed to just walk away and let it do its thing, whereas the bread machine is set it and forget it. However, I hardly ever did that with my bread machine. I constantly peered into the window to see what was going on, going as far as using a flashlight when the glass fogged up (that danged OCD again). And, yes, I have scraped the pan many a time when using the bread machine.As for that splash guard? I agree it is a pain in the neck but I am not writing it off. I do see how it will be helpful at times. I will definitely use it, but not all of the time.As for fit and finish, I ordered black (licorice) and it is flawless. Goes well with the black stove and black Keurig that it sits next to on the counter. Unlike the bread machine, this puppy is going to live on the counter. :)I will try to update this review as time transpires.

  2. G-Man

    Save Your Money – follow up reviewSee initial review below:Purchased June 20, 2021$122.00 refurbishedCurrent Price: $236.99I have used this machine approximately 10 times. I mixed enriched bread dough ( 1 loaf at a time), cookie dough, cakes, and whip cream. Today, August 12, 2022, I put the mixer out on the curb, someone will take it. The internal plastic gears are stripped. This mixer is designed to look good, advertised as “all-metal”, that’s true for the body, not for the internal. Suffice it to say this mixer is a pig’s ear trying to be a silk purse. This mixer is a terrible product at any price. Save your money.First the really good! I purchased the HB model 63227 “All-Metal” 400 watt stand mixer from Amazon Warehouse for $122.00. Package was re-taped and the box obviously opened, but the mixer was not used. This is the second inexpensive stand mixer I have purchased. The first was a Better Homes and Garden marketed product—pure crap from day one. Why? because the exterior doesn’t matter and to a certain extent neither does the electric motor rating, i.e, 400W or 300W, etc. It is the interior that matters, the components and the quality of those components. This is setting aside the planetary mixing method that all decent stand mixers should have. I have used the HB four times mixing enriched and lean bread dough, cookie dough and whipping egg whites. The mixer performed just ok. One of the common complaints is the mixer “walks” under load with a heavier dough (see American Test Kitchen Review, You Tube 2020). And indeed, I saw evidence of this starting. The mixer did not move or “walk” but it wobbles and the mixer head bounces slightly. So, the verdict is out on whether this will be an issue as I make straight bread dough. I am not going to request this machine make double batches of bread dough. And I question whether this machine can knead dough for extended periods of 8-10 minutes.The components inside this mixer are the real issue. And HB is a bit coy in marketing because they say “ALL – METAL” construction. Not SO, yes for the body of the mixer but NOT the gears and other components that are in more expensive mixers present. Naturally, the ever highly rated Kitchen Aide line, I believe, all have metal gears and other components that are replaced with nylon in less expensive stand mixers. So the verdict is out on durability. HB must have some confidence in this mixer as it has a 3 year warranty. I am not asking for much from this mixer and think it will do most of what I need a mixer to accomplish. But if you make lots of bread dough in double batches or heavy cookie dough you might be disappointed. Lastly, would I pay the normal price of $179.00+, No. And my advise is if you bake regularly, especially bread dough, save up and buy a mixer with all metal gears and 300+ watts. Otherwise, most of these cheaply made stand mixers will handle light duties, most of which can be accomplished with a good quality hand electric mixer.

  3. Snoosh

    Very good, some caveatsWe got this for our daughter who is a fairly new but really excellent cook with some formal training. She initially wanted a Kitchenaid, which she has used in cooking classes, and she liked the Kitchenaid model that raises the bowl up to the mixer unit because it’s easy to add things to the bowl. We researched user comments at Amazon.com, Consumer Reports recommendations from their testing, and other info. The Kitchenaid (at least one model) is a top-rated unit but expensive and we were put off by the more-than-occasional reports of poor quality, failed gears, gear oil leaks, poor customer service, etc. The Hamilton Beach unit was at least as well-recommended, and had more consistently good reviews (albeit fewer user reviews than the ubiquitous Kitchenaid) and a much longer warranty period. Bosch makes a heavy duty stand mixer but it’s rare and even more expensive than a Kitchenaid.Interestingly, the Hamilton Beach unit was criticized by some users for, (1.) being too light (“walks” across the counter when mixing thick dough) and, (2.) for being too heavy (for transport). (Too heavy and too light, eh?) We don’t transport it, it sits in its spot in the kitchen, but it does not seem particularly heavy for a strong stand mixer. We have used it for many things over a few weeks now and it works beautifully, except that with thick or “heavy” dough, yes, it shakes and walks across the counter, and the forces can jam the bowl (which rotates and wedges tightly into its socket, making it tough to remove). The manufacturer suggested stopping it and rebalancing the dough ball, which we haven’t tried yet, will do so and update this review. It’s very annoying to buy a heavy duty or premium stand mixer and have it do this with dough, but not a “fatal flaw”.Our daughter loves it. We’ll see if reshaping the dough ball addresses the one issue, but that aside, it’s a great machine at much less cost than a Kitchenaid, which works great but has some unacceptable concerns for something that’s not cheap. Kitchenaid offers a confusing array of models, most pretty expensive, and from user reviews sounds like it’s great most of the time but does have some issues that appear with some frequency, not what one wants to risk with something so expensive and supposedly heavy duty.Ordering parts for the Hamilton Beach, such as additional mixer bowls, is a minor pain. I do not see them on Amazon, a pity. The manufacturer offers everything one could want(it took some digging with their customer service to find out that they did, I think their web site needs work…) and their pricing is not bad, but the shipping cost is high, and I’m not happy spending $14 for shipping one $16 bowl. I do not know if getting Kitchenaid parts shares the same issue.Overall, it’s a great unit that works well, is attractive, and carries a decent warranty. For anything but some types of dough, it’s a no-brainer. For dough, it has the guts but we’ll see about the imbalance problem. After we get around to a dough recipe, we’ll try to fix the problem by rearranging it, and I’ll update this review.

  4. Patty Roberts

    Love the blenderI bought to make bread, bagels and bialys. Great mixer. Not super large so doesn’t take up much space. All the attachments work great. Highly recommend.

  5. Judith A. Riegelman

    GreatMade cookie dough, so easy & works great

  6. Cheeriegirl

    Solid stand mixerI’ve used my Hamilton Beach Eclectic stand mixer for three weeks now and so far so good. It mixes well and thorough (on speeds 6 and below) even though the 4.5 quart bowl is not smooth and flat on the bottom. When mixing on speeds higher than level 6, there is noticeable vibration from the machine. I have not experienced the machine “walking” across the counter, but for my baking needs (cookies, cake, corn muffins, bread rolls, etc.) it works just fine.My dislikes are the spatter/pour shield, the coated attachments, the automatic motor lock and the top-heavy design.The spatter/pour shield: gets in the way when I need to lift/lower the motor head; not to mention, it gets quite messy with batter, if I need to scrape down the side of the mixing bowl. And batter gets caught underneath the spatter shield lip.The coated attachments: heavy-duty material, but the white coating on the whisk attachment is completely gone after only two runs through the dishwasher.Automatic motor lock: difficult and unnecessary feature. Instead of simply lifting the motor when I need to scrape down the bowl, I have to press the blue button on the rear of the machine to lift AND lower the motor head. Very annoying and frustrating.Top-heavy design: I suppose all stand mixers are made with the bulk of the weight in the motor, but when moving this machine, it toppled over on the counter — still works though! The top-heavy design makes it a bit awkward to move, but it’s light enough to move from counter top to cabinet when needed.On the flip side, this is my first stand mixer and before I purchased Hamilton Beach, I read several online reviews and this mixer was recommended by Good Housekeeping if you are a light baker. Of course KitchenAid Artisan 5-quart mixer was recommended, but only if you bake most days of the week.

  7. diane lake

    Oh, How Fun to UseI have been wanting this mixer for many years. Back when I first saw it and wanted it, it was more then a basic Kitchenaid stand mixer on Amazon. I got that one and while it did the usual good job of Kitchenaid, I still wished I could have gotten this one.When my daughter married I gave it to her since I was not using it very much.With grandchildren, I now found myself wishing for a stand mixer again.I saw this one for a good price and decided to get it. I still was not sure about spending over 100.00 for a mixer but, I felt this stand mixer, like I have for years, was a really well made mixer that would do a good job.I am glad I spent the money.It is alot of fun to use.Now, I’ve only had this for a short while and have used it about 6 times. But, I have compared it with the old Kitchenaid I had and feel that would be of use to those who are not sure which to get.The Kitchenaid I had was a basic one but, it is a really good mixer and there is nothing wrong with them.For one thing, it is very quiet for a stand mixer. Much quieter then my old Kitchenaid.It is not very heavy and yet, is solid, not plastic.I have had it on semi high, setting 8, and it grips the counter and does not move.For anyone who complains of it not always mixing the very bottom, my old Kitchenaid did the same thing. For me, the bottom not mixed is off and on. And when it does, it leaves so little it is not that big of a deal.I make homemade pizza but, have not used it on the dough yet. The machine feels solid so, I am hoping it will plow through that as I hope it will.This is a very easy to use Stand Mixer. I am really happy with it and though I have not had it very long, I do feel it is an excellent mixer.

  8. Amazon Customer

    This is a work horse!This mixer takes a lot and keeps on going, its comparable, and I would even say better than its main competitor for a fraction of the price, I highly recommend it, it also requires little to no scraping down the bowl 😉

  9. F. Matthews

    So Far So GoodI purchased this mixer four days before Thanksgiving 2009, since my old mixer (a combo hand/stand that I had gotten for free) died the previous year during the holiday season. It was then I determined that I would be buying a true stand mixer.I researched many different models, and focused primarily on the CuisineArt and KitchenAid Artisan models. However, after logging onto Amazon.com and reading about the features of the Hamilton Beach Eclectrics Stand Mixer in comparison to the others, and after reading some of the negative reviews on the later KitchenAid Artisan mixers, I added it as a possibility, especially since I knew I would never use the various attachments that came with the other brands. After a bit more research, I decided I would purchase the Hamilton Beach, in Licorice (Black).I signed up for a free month of Amazon Prime, and my mixer was delivered two days later just in time for my holiday baking. I could not have been more pleased with the order and delivery process through Amazon! The mixer looked like it was very sturdy and constructed quite well. I was also impressed with the ceramic coating of the cake beater and dough hook, which made them easy to clean.For Thanksgiving I used the mixer to make a cheesecake, numerous pies, and a batch of homemade dinner rolls. It handled everything easily, although the rolls did appear to test the boundaries of the mixer’s capabilities. For Christmas I was able to quickly mix a batch of sugar cookies and throw a number of cakes together without any trouble.I will say that I need to scrape the sides once in a while, but I also figured out how to slightly unlock the bowl while mixing and cause the beater/whisk/dough hook to scrape the sides if needed. I also like that the shield gives me the ability to add ingredients while mixing.So far, I am very pleased with the purchase, especially with how easy it is to clean up after using. The mixer also looks very nice sitting on our dark granite counters! I expect many more years of fun baking with my new stand mixer.

  10. Richard Altergott

    Awesome Mixer for half the price of the fancy over priced Kitchen AidsI received this last week. I’ve made six loafs of different breads, made cupcakes, cake, all my own frostings. This machine does the trick for me. Yes the head shakes somewhat when mixing bread dough as stated in other reviews, but so does the kitchen aid. Nature of the beast with bread dough. Handled it with ease whatever I threw at it so far. Motor never over heated. All I needed was a simple stand mixer without all the frills I wouldn’t use anyway. Just some of what I made today. Neighbors birthday tomorrow, so I baked her a red velvet chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting. Love this mixer. Can’t beat the three year warranty either. 400 watts. Had no problem using the splash guard, but I don’t use it much. If you take your time and mix stuff slowly at first then pick up the speed as needed I had no problem of making a mess. Common sense use of this mixer you will have no problems like I’ve seen on some of the reviews. More like operator error to me. Can’t over load these mixers or you will have issues. Again. Great mixer as far as I’m concerned. Happy baking folks. This makes it fun and easier for me.

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