Honeywell YTH6320R1001, Programmable Redlink Enabled Wireless Focuspro Thermostat Kit, 1, White

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Brand Honeywell
Model Name Honeywell YTH6320R1001 Wireless Focuspro Thermostat Kit, Programmable Redlink Enabled
Item Dimensions LxWxH 4.38 x 5.56 x 1.25 inches
Color White
Power Source Battery Powered

  • EQUIPMENT INTERFACE MODULE(EIM): All HVAC equipment is wired to the module. Module receives communication from the wireless devices
  • RETURN AIR SENSOR: Works with the Equipment Interface Module to maintain safe indoor temperatures if power is lost at the wireless thermostat. Maintains 62 F for heating and 82 F for cooling
  • REDLINK WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY: Powered by RedLINK reliability. No interference with other wireless devices in the home
  • Displays outdoor temperature and humidity.
SKU: B001O4F8Y4


Product Description

WIRELESS FOCUSPRO THERMOSTAT: Same great features of the FocusPRO thermostat – now wireless. Installs in minutes. Displays outdoor temperature and humidity. 1 year battery life. 2 month low battery warning. EQUIPMENT INTERFACE MODULE(EIM): All HVAC equipment is wired to the module. Module receives communication from the wireless devices. RETURN AIR SENSOR: Works with the Equipment Interface Module to maintain safe indoor temperatures if power is lost at the wireless thermostat. Maintains 62 F for heating and 82 F for cooling. REDLINK WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY: Powered by RedLINK reliability. No interference with other wireless devices in the home.

From the Manufacturer

Wireless Thermostat Kit. RedLINK Enabled. Up to 3H/2C Heat Pump or Up to 2H/2C Conventional. Kit includes Wireless FocusPRO 5-1-1 Programmable Thermostat, Equipment Interface Module and Return Air Sensor. WIRELESS FOCUSPRO THERMOSTAT: Same great features of the FocusPRO thermostat – now wireless. Installs in minutes. Can display outdoor temperature and humidity. 1 year battery life. 2 month low battery warning. Dual Fuel enabled -requires C7089R1013 wireless outdoor sensor (sold separately)

From the manufacturer

Wireless Focuspro Thermostat Kit

Product Features

  • Module receives communication from the wireless devices

Honeywell YTH6320R1001 Wireless Focuspro Thermostat Kit, Programmable Redlink

Wireless Focuspro Thermostat Kit, Programmable Redlink Enabled

Wireless focuspro thermostat Same great features of the Focus PRO thermostat – now wireless. Installs in minutes. Displays outdoor temperature and humidity. All HVAC equipment is wired to the module.

Return air sensor works with the Equipment Interface module to maintain safe indoor temperatures if power is lost at the wireless thermostat. Maintains 62°F for heating and 82°F for cooling.

Honeywell — The Power of Connected

About Honeywell

Honeywell’s roots reach to 1885, when an inventor named Albert Butz patented the furnace regulator and alarm. He formed the Butz Thermo-Electric Regulator Co., Minneapolis, in April, 1886, and soon invented a device he called the ‘damper flapper’ – an ingenious predecessor to the modern thermostat.

Here’s how it worked. When a room cooled below a predetermined temperature, a thermostat closed the circuit and energized an armature. This pulled the stop from the motor gears, allowing a crank attached to the main motor shaft to turn one-half revolution. A chain connected to the crank opened the furnace’s air damper to let in air. This made the fire burn hotter. When the temperature rose to the preset level, the thermostat signaled the motor to turn another half revolution, closing the damper and damping the fire. The temperature correction was automatic. Over the years, many Honeywell products have been based upon similar, but more complicated closed-loop systems.

Important information

Bulb Voltage

0 volts

Additional information

Weight 0.88 kg
Dimensions 4.38 × 5.56 × 1.25 cm


Model Name

Honeywell YTH6320R1001 Wireless Focuspro Thermostat Kit Programmable Redlink Enabled

Item Dimensions LxWxH

4.38 x 5.56 x 1.25 inches



Power Source

Battery Powered



Display Type


Number of Items







Energy Saving Thermostat Certified frustration-free

Number of Batteries

2 AA batteries required.

Part Number


Item Weight

0.88 Pounds, 14.1 ounces

Product Dimensions

4.38 x 5.56 x 1.25 inches

Item model number



2 AA batteries required.




1 Inches

Item Package Quantity


Batteries Included


Batteries Required




Date First Available

December 18 2008



10 reviews for Honeywell YTH6320R1001, Programmable Redlink Enabled Wireless Focuspro Thermostat Kit, 1, White


    Tengo 2 meses con él y funciona a la perfecciónLo puedo colocar donde quiera

  2. R. Precourt

    Suuuper-easy to installThis is one of the greatest products ever! I wanted to add zoning to our upstairs unit so that we could have separate control for our master suite, home office and guest room because the temperatures were so different and with only the one thermostat, the office would end up way too warm in the summer and we’d have to set the master to freezing cold to get anything close to comfortable in the office.Sure, I could have spent time pulling wires, but with this, why? All our other thermostats are focusPros and I really like the simplicity of them. Yes, I used to be all into the fancy touchscreens and such, but since we bought this new house I’ve decided I prefer the more minimalist interface of these; simple buttons for up, down, and mode settings, clear display, etc. We don’t use any of the programming and just set the temp we want and pretty much leave it there. Don’t get me wrong, this is a powerful thermostat and can control even the most advanced systems (up to 3H, 2C plus heat pump and aux I believe) and it works with the remote comfort control as well.It took me literally minutes to install; just mount the thermostat where you want it, install the EIM (which is the receiver) near the equipment, sync and done! I used this for our second zone, so I just wired the EIM to the zone panel and it wires just as if you were hard-wiring a thermostat directly. Connections are clearly marked and easy to do.Everything works flawlessly and temperature control is very accurate. Installed the thermostat in our office since it’s the room we use the most and added the remote comfort control, which is in the guest room, so when we have guests staying with us they can control the temp of that room from there by selecting ‘Sense temp from: This Device’. Once they do it takes control and the thermostat will display ‘Remote has control’ and show the set temp and current room temp on the display. The whole system is awesome!You can also use this to easily re-locate an existing thermostat. However, after reading many reviews of this product I noticed many people saying that the EIM (receiver unit) goes where the old thermostat was, which while technically possible, is not how it’s intended to be installed. The EIM goes near the equipment itself; you just disconnect the existing thermostat wire at the equipment and run a new (fairly short) wire from the EIM to the equipment. You then place the new thermostat where ever you want and you can tuck the old wiring into the wall and cover the hole however you like.Honeywell really created a great product here with this kit and we couldn’t be happier. All our rooms are now comfortable because each thermostat reacts to the environment of each room separately.

  3. EM

    Simple installI purchased this model because the existing thermostat in our home is in a location that seldom reflects the temperature and the rest of the home was either too hot or too cold no matter how we tried to balance the.vents.The kit has three parts – a large (ugly) control unit, the thermostat proper and a return air sensor box. The control unit and the return air sensor are designed to be mounted next to your furnace, which is why the ugly factor probably doesn’t matter much.I had to get a spool of 5 wire thermostat cable to properly connect this unit – I have a simple single state heat/cool conventional forced air system. At least a 7 wire wire is needed for two stage and/or heat pump systems.I completed the install myself even though every single DYI site emphasized in very direct language “contact your service professional” which in my case meant a $250 to $500 visit, plus the cost of the unit.If you’re remotely adept at wiring simple projects and can read, the install manual is very clear with excellent diagrams for several standard configurations including multi-stage and heat pump configs, and you just need to connect the wires to the right color based on the existing thermostat hookup. If wiring is not your thing, call your HVAC service company.Mine didn’t have a common wire that provides power to the control unit (my old thermostat just used batteries). I needed to add that, so before purchasing this unit, make sure your furnace has such a terminal output. I was able to google the manual for my 14 year old furnace and get the wiring diagram for it – I also took the panels apart on my unit to verify it matched what the manual said. The terminals on the furnace were clearly labeled although I verified with a volt meter before doing anything. The other thing you want to do during the install is trip the breaker going to your furnace while you do the connection, even if the furnace has a safety switch when the panels are removed.All in all, the install took about 15 minutes from start to finish, and the unit works great.The thermostat unit is a bit heavy and large – but it works from every room in my two story home. Uses a couple of AA batteries and the manual was also well written.The return air unit is optional, but it’s used if the thermostat looses connection to the main unit for any reason, and keeps the furnace/cooling operating based on presets. It involves two wires and drilling a hole in the return air vent going back to your furnace. I haven’t installed it yet, but will shortly because I think it’s a good safety feature.Because the wireless is not internet enabled (looks like a proprietary protocol used by Honeywell called redlink), chances of the furnace controls being hacked are reduced as the unit needs to “sync” with the control unit by pushing a button on the control unit to put it in listen mode, and then pressing a corresponding button in the setup menu of the thermostat.An internet gateway can be added to the system if you really feel the need to see your furnace controls via the web, but I think personally it’s just too much of a risk and cost for what you get. Do I really need to see the temp on my phone? I suppose it can be useful in some cases, I just didn’t see the point for me.There’s also an external sensor you can add to this unit – the manual doesn’t really explain the benefit of that – I can’t tell if the external sensor allows the thermostat unit to respond differently and learn how your furnace and your house responds to heat/cool cycles. Some high end furnaces do that, not sure if this unit would do that or not.My setup is so conventional that these extras seem like bling more than function.

  4. W. Anthony

    GREAT REPLAEMENT FOR OLD T-STAT WIRING!Was informed by an A/C tech that the reason my NEW A/C unit quit after only one month was due to old, corroded t-stat wiring between t-stat and A/C unit. He then quoted a minimum of $800.00 to replace the wire … seriously?!! As I did not want to spend any time in the crawl space myself, I researched wireless t-stats and settled on this one due to many positive reviews (on Amazon & other A/C sites). When I received the unit (excellent Amazon shipping as usual), I initially read all of the information which came with it, and then made the decision as to where to mount the EIM (receiving unit). My A/C unit is a “gas pack”, which is located outside of the house. Due to this, the t-stat wiring from the EIM to the A/C unit would have to run from the inside to the outside of the house. The only question I had was … how much t-stat wire could be run from the EIM to the A/C unit, as the diagrams show mounting the EIM reasonably close to the A/C (furnace units). I called the toll free Honeywell number for assistance, and got some of the best customer service ever from “Mark”. After some research, he advised that the 25-30 feet I was going to run was no problem. I installed the EIM in a kitchen cupboard (as it is a bit large & gray to mount in plain view), and ran the wiring through the exterior wall and down to the A/C unit. I mounted the t-stat to the normal position in the house (though it can be placed nearly anywhere). After reading the electrical schematics located inside the A/C unit, and comparing them to the terminals on the EIM, I hooked up the wires … and … success! The wireless system has been working perfectly in both the heating and cooling modes, the t-stat is very simple to program (great manual) , and I spent much less than the $800.00 minimum! As with any electrical project … all of the safety warnings should be followed, not only for your safety, but for the safety of the system, too. Great product!

  5. Phil Rounds

    Working perfectly!Installed relatively easily and works well. It helps to have some experience with furnaces and/or AC. If you’re not familiar with basic HVAC call a pro.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Love it and way to go!Got it within 3 days from the time I ordered even with the free shipping option. Thanks to Amazon courteous service. I am not a professional in this business, just tinker with toys around the house for fun. Just note the color code from the old thermostat, move them to the new one and voila. Initially it took me a little time tracing back to the air conditioning unit in the garage for the wiring, because I could not get it powered up! But with a multimeter, I eventually found out that I had to connect the common wire to the C terminal of the new unit and that’s it! Somehow my old thermostat uses only 4 wire (Blue – fan, Yellow – AC, White – Heat, and Red – power), and the new one requires five (Blue – fan, Yellow – AC, White – Heat, Red – power, and Brown – common). I later found out that this is the same problem encountered by another reviewer!Anyway, as soon as it powered up, I hit the connect button on the EMI and man, the wireless thermostat synced up and I just went through the program and took the default settings. I took the new “baby” up stair and, let me tell ya, there is nothing better than a good night sleep with the AC works properly, where and when you want it. One best thing I noted is that it limits the recycle time of the compressor to no less 5 min (default setting) to prevent damages to the thousand $$$ AC unit. It is such an investment that I should have spent my money on much earlier. Don’t settle for the cheap one, I DID mistakenly simply because my AC is 28 years old! I like the thermostat too because the buttons and functions are very intuitive.One thing I have to say is that, be prepared to call the HVAC guy if you can’t figure it out in case your installation goes sour! I did call Honeywell customer service when it did not work initially (due to the missing wire to C terminal, hah), and got a polite answer that this model is only for professional install, not by guys like me. So I took challenge and did it 🙂

  7. CJC

    Great ThermostatI purchased this thermostat to replaced the wall mounted unit that came with our house. The old unit was mounted in the coldest room in the house, so I’d been searching for a wireless unit like this. I really need to stress how awesome this unit is. I mounted the base unit on the wall where the old unit is located and carry the wireless thermostat around the house with us. So far I can already tell the air stays on less and is saving me money on the electric bill due to the fact that our air stays on less, especially at night.The only cons about this unit is that it can be difficult to wire. In my case, the wiring on the old unit seemed to be mislabled a bit and the documentation on this unit didn’t really help me figure out how to work out the labels. The second issue is that the base unit that mounts on the wall is huge. It really is much larger than it needs to be. But then again, you can mount the base station anywhere you want to. I’m thinking about mounting on the unfinished ceiling in my basement next to the indoor pump.***UPDATE – This system is a good idea. But combining the lack of any Honeywell support and the fact that the thermostat itself has a VERY slow update on temperature readings which causes my air to stay on and flop between aux and regular heat without ever turning off despite reaching the goal temperature, I now have to lower my 5 stars to 3 stars. I’ve had tickets in with Honeywell for well over 2 weeks now and they’ve never once gotten back to me except to complain about high ticket volumes. Really, it takes weeks for you to reply to customer questions…you don’t have anyone on staff to field questions in an acceptable amount of time…ridiculous.***UPDATE – Honeywell support never got back to me on any of my tickets to ask for support on setting this thermostat up to better fit my heating needs. I listened to my heat kick on for 2 hours straight last night, and left the house this morning with it still on, in 10 degrees F outdoor temps. The system would kick on the aux heat enough to keep the temp then flip over to regular heat that would cool the room off again because 10 F is too cold for a normal electric pump to produce forced heat without the aux kicking on. It flip flopped between the two modes over and over again. The thermostat would not just keep the aux heat on for another minute or two to get the temp above the goal temp where it would kick the system off to rest…so the air stayed on almost all night. Add that to the fact that the thermostat has a very slow temp update period and I’m pretty sure any “cost savings” this thing is producing for me is flying right out the window…so to speak. Honeywell’s setup documentation for this is not very good and they apparently lack any support of their products.

  8. Frank E. Deale

    and we feel like we have a new houseWhen we bought our house in 2002, the previous owner assured us that the thermostat was in the coldest room. He thought this because there was no radiator in that room, but as we found out over the years, the coldest room was an upstairs bedroom that was situated over an outdoor porch. We considered moving the thermostat upstairs, but knew that would be a major wiring job. After some research, we came upon this device. It is probably the smartest home purchase we have ever made.I thought I could place the wifi transmitter in the same place as the old thermostat, but couldn’t do so because it lacked a common wire. So I called my electrician, and for $100.00 he hooked the wifi transmitter up right above our boiler in the basement. The new mobile thermostat now sits in that upstairs bedroom, and we feel like we have a new house. We kept the old thermostat in the same place downstairs so that if something goes wrong it can be hooked right back up – but, touch wood – we have had no problems.I suspect that our heating bill will go up because the heater is on more frequently, with the thermostat in a colder room, but on the other hand we can keep the thermostat lower, both when we are home, and when we are not.We have not had a power outage since installing the device, but I am hoping that it will reconnect automatically to wifi when the power comes back on, as others reviewers have said it would. If it doesn’t auto connect, reconnecting manually seems easy enough if one is at home. Might be more of a problem if one is away.Having gotten it off Amazon at a substantial discount makes me even more satisfied with the product. The thought of being able to move your thermostat around the house over wifi seems like such a strong selling point that one would purchase this system even if one wasn’t starting off with a problem that we had.5 stars, easily.

  9. Joe

    Saved me a ton of money!PRO TIP: If all else fails remove the jumper clip.I’ve had this installed for over a year and thought it was time for a well deserved review.We did a complete gut renovation on our home in 2017 and by the time we moved into the house we realized that the heating controls for the upstairs wouldn’t work. At some point in the renovation the wires were cut going up to the second floor. Re-running the wires would of meant cutting apart the entire house to get to the furnace in the basement. When I came across this it was the obvious answer.The install appeared to be straight forward and easy enough. I attempted to do it myself and just couldn’t get it to work after hours of trial and error. I sucked it up and hired a professional who at first couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Apparently there is a jumper clip that needs to be removed that wasn’t anywhere in the instructions. It was a $150 lesson for the pro to come out and next time I will just call support.All in all this was a great purchase and I didn’t have to run a new thermostat line into the basement from the second floor. As an added bonus when I had my newborn son and was paranoid he wasn’t warm enough I took the stat control off the wall and put it next to him.I remembered when I bought it there was a lack of pictures, especially with the wiring so I hope you find mine helpful.

  10. m&m

    Love it so far!I just installed this unit yesterday. I purchased this because of the remote sensor, as my thermostat is located next to a window that receives afternoon sun, which caused my house to be too cold in both summer and winter.My old thermostat was also a Honeywell, and it included the “C” wire mentioned by others. I felt more comfortable making my purchase once I had confirmed this, based on other reviews. (Thanks!) Installation took me about 10 minutes, though I have not yet permanently attached the EIM unit to the wall – I used 3M command strips for now. I wanted to be sure this thing worked before making new holes! Programming took just a few more minutes. It works pretty much the same as other programmable thermostats I’ve owned, with Wake, Leave, Return, andSleep settings for weekdays and weekends.I also purchased the Redlink Internet Gateway, and within an hour of starting the installation, I was able to control my thermostat online with my computer and with my Android phone. (VERY COOL)I have not installed the return air sensor yet, and am not sure whether I will (it’s optional). On first reading, I don’t find the instructions very helpful.The only thing I really don’t like is the size and appearance of the EIM. It’s really big and not very attractive. Also, from the side, I can see the hole in the wall and the wires going into the unit. It does seem this was more designed to be installed near the equipment (which would be in the attic at my house), and not on a visible wall of the home. One other reviewer mentioned that this was a deal breaker for him. It’s not a deal breaker for me, but it sure seems like the unit is larger and uglier (unless a giant red spot goes with your decor) than it needs to be.

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