IMALENT MS12 Mini Powerful Flashlight 65000 Lumens, with 12 CREE XHP 70.2 LEDs, Long Beam Distance 1036 Meters, Suitable for

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Color Cold White Light
Power Source Battery Powered
Light Source Type LED
Material Aluminum
Included Components Batteries included

  • ULTRA-BRIGHT: super bright 65000 lumens flashlight output from 12pcs CREE XHP70 2nd LEDs , brightest flashlight in its size. Sweep bright light beyond the length of four football fields (820 ft / 250 m) and reach over 1036 meters (1133 yards).
  • Super Bright: IMALENT MS12 MINI powerful LED flashlight, utilizes 12 pieces of American CREE XHP70 2nd LEDs , which max output of 65,000 lumen, brightest flashlight in its size.
  • LONG-LASTING: Up to 4 hours (in 1500 lumen lowest mode) of powerful, non-diminishing brightness from the included premium rechargeable 16000mAh battery pack. LEDs boast an extended 50000-hour lifespan. Recharge in just 2 hours with a 2A adapter.
  • SMART DESIGN: When the flashlight is off, press and hold the power switch button for three seconds to turn on the cooling fans to cool.
  • EASY TO OPERATE – Tactical side switch for momentary and constant activation. Durable metal side switch to change modes: 7 brightness settings with turbo and strobe. Double press the button at any mode can turn on the turbo 65000 lumens.
  • Special function: press the switch button for four times the indicator light will flash red to show locked it, press the button for four times again, the indicator light will flash green to show it is unlocked.



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Product Description

Imalent MS12 MINI


IMALENT MS12 MINI powerful LED flashlight, Maximum lumen output up to 65,000 lumen, small size.

MS12 MINI LED flashlight on, It will absolutely shock you visually.

Small size but bright,you will definately be impressed by the brightness of this powerful LED flashlight.

The IMALENT MS12 MINI is a can-sized super bright searching flashlight,utilizes 12 pieces of American CREE XHP70 2nd(3nd) LEDs , which max output of 65,000 lumens and a max beam distance of 1036 meters.

The amount of light that the IMALENT MS12MINI flashlight emits is truly remarkable, a wide beam angle and strobe function are quite ideal for search and rescue. This exquisite flashlight is finely made of durable high-strength and oxidation-resistance aluminum.

Featuring six output levels plus a strobe.

This LED flashlight is a must-have for your daily life, outdoor activities and repair work.



Imalent MS12

Imalent MS12

Tactical Flashlight 65000 lumen

Lighting Modes:

Turbo: 65000 lumen runs for 45 seconds

High: 25000 lumen runs for 3 minutes

Medium II: 13000 lumen runs for 48 minutes.

Medium I: 5000 lumen runs for 1 hour and 23 minutes

Medium Low: 3000 lumen runs for 2 hours and 50 minutes.

Low: 1500 lumen runs for 4 hours.

  • 65000 lumen max brightness
  • 13000 lumens can runs for 48 minuts
  • 268600 cd
  • 6500 k

Imalent MS12 mini 65000 Lumen Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

Powerful LED Flashlight

The Imalent MS12 mini is unrivaled when it comes to performance. Imalent took the beloved MS12 frame and maintained the compact size, ergonomics, and doubled the power with 12 LEDs. This extreme tactical flashlight outputs a 65000 lumen flood light that can reach up to 1132 yards. There is no substitute for the best tactical flashlight than the Imalent MS12 mini. The MS12 mini is an ideal choice for security, police, or military personnel.

  • Max output of 65000 lumen with 1132 yard throw
  • 12x CREE XHP 70.2 LEDs
  • 6 brightness and easy access to turbo
  • Fast charge via charger,nearly 2 hours can be fully charged
  • Built-in 3 fans to cool down the flashlight so that you can hold it longer
  • Built-in power indicator that flashes to show power level remaining and the lock function
  • Includes 21700 4000mAh battery pack

Imalent MS12 MINI

Imalent MS12

Imalent ms12

Lock Function

With the flashlight off, press the side switch button 4 times, the red indicator will flash to indicate the flashlight is locked. Pree the button 4 times again will flash the green indicator show it is unlocked.

Easy to operate

Double press the switch button at any mode, can turn on the turbo 65000 lumens, double press the button again, can turn on the strobe.

Include Rechargeable battery pack

Imalent MS12 mini is a rechargeable flahslight includes the battery pack.

Imalent MS12

Imalent MS12

Imalent MS12


Additional information

Weight 3.1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5.98 × 4.33 cm

Cold White Light

Power Source

Battery Powered

Light Source Type




Included Components

Batteries included

Warranty Type

Limited Replenishment



Part Number


Item Weight

3.1 pounds

Package Dimensions

10 x 5.98 x 4.33 inches

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Batteries Included


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Date First Available

April 30 2022



8 reviews for IMALENT MS12 Mini Powerful Flashlight 65000 Lumens, with 12 CREE XHP 70.2 LEDs, Long Beam Distance 1036 Meters, Suitable for

  1. Christopher kaluakini

    The videos are trueWhen you see a product people try to show you you feel like it’s great and you get it and its terrible….. like misleading advertising? Not this flash light. It’s the real deal I blinded my self a few times being stupid. But I feel even in the lowest setting it gets the job done. Brightest light I’ve ever owned. Be careful at night and make sure you point the light away from you because it really is that strong. Thank you guys for making a light so strong!!!!!!

  2. Miguel

    Good but a bit expensiveSo since I live on a 10acre land I use it to explore at night it is helpful and it does last a long time the charging green light doesn’t work when charging so that’s a bummer and it does overheat on the highest setting but overall it’s a good flashlight but it is expensive not for everyone

  3. Outdoor Enthusiast | Geek | Photographer

    Packs SERIOUS power (and heat at highest setting)I forgot to take pictures and will try to remember to add some later. But seriously, this flashlight is the BRIGHTEST I had ever used. It also is the heaviest.Once it arrived, you will have to unscrew the body to remove a plastic film that keeps the battery from powering up the flashlight — for good reason: you do NOT want to accidentally turn it on and potentially cause some serious burn or a fire! It gets THAT hot at the highest setting.Charging port is through the bottom where you see holes that a lanyard attaches through. You will have to unscrew to get to the port.I tried it at the lowest setting with a respectable light output, but once you get to the third higher setting, the fan kick in. Set to the highest brightness, and the fan gets loud in its attempt to pull any heat away from the battery. Heat is an enemy of batteries.The light gets SO BRIGHT, you can absolutely not look into it. It will literally blind you! Even when pointing it at a white wall, the indirect light bounces back so hard, it’s uncomfortable. But… it does light up the room so bright as if it is DAYLIGHT. It was quite amazing to see.Next, I wanted to see whether I could use the generated heat to start a fire. Nope. Napkin never even smoldered despite letting it sit on the light cap for about 30 seconds. Napkin did not even feel warm, but the light cap certainly was too hot to touch. Perhaps with finer lint, I could get it to start smoldering to make a fire with.Crazy bright flashlight and super heavy.

  4. Viks

    A very powerful & compact light thats gets very hot and desperately needs a handle so i created oneAs I stated it is a very powerful light but it gets so hot that you cant even hold it in your hands that’s why it needs a handle so i made one and it looks functional, the button is hard to find in the dark, and the lowest mode is still considered high at 1500 lumens that’s why the batteries doesn’t last a very long time, it’s a cool light to have & very well built.

  5. Ricardo

    Superior FlashlightThis flashlight blew my expectations away. I tried it out in a room with no light and was impressed by how much light it gave off. That is until I realized it had more levels of brightness! When I put it on the highest level of brightness I have no words to describe just how bright this thing got. It will literally turn night to day.

  6. E Camarillo

    IMALENT MS12 miniHoly cannoli Robin! Get the IMALENT MS12 mini and call Batman. Super bright 65,000 lumens (in turbo mode) 1,036 meter beam utilizing 12 AMERICAN CREE XHP70.2 LEDs, 3 cooling fans all in a 787g Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy body that’s IP56 waterproof rated and up to 1 meter submerged, 3’3″ impact resistant and is coated in a type III hard-anodized for durability. Super fast 2 hour charging all perfectly engineered into about the same size of a good ol American 12oz alcoholic beverage that is small enough to hold and control the 6 outputs and SOS with only one hand.

  7. Chris Spataro

    Portable SunlightThis is the strongest flashlight I have ever used. Well worth it for spotlight uses.

  8. Douglas Smith

    Great flashlight!Amazingly bright, easy to hold, easy to charge. Great flashlight !

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