IMALENT MS12 Mini Tactical Flashlight 65000 Lumens, with 12 CREE XHP 70.2 LEDs, Long Beam Distance 1036 Meters, Built-in Cooling

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  • Super Bright: IMALENT MS12 MINI powerful LED flashlight, utilizes 12 pieces of American CREE XHP70 2nd LEDs , which max output of 65,000 lumen, brightest flashlight in its size.
  • Long Beam Distance: IMALENT MS12MINI flashlight emits is truly remarkable, a max beam distance of 1036 meters (1133 yards). And a wide beam angle and strobe function are quite ideal for search and rescue.
  • Features: Six output levels plus a strobe,(1500lm/3000lm/5000lm/130,000lm/25,000lm/65,000lm/Strobe) And it can be stay at 13,000 lumens for a long time.
  • Special Design: built-in three fans to cool off the flashlight. And thermal control module will automatically adjust the brightness output according to the working state and outer temperature.
  • TOUGH & SMART DESIGN: This MS12 MINI LED powerful flashlight is rechargeable, made of high performance aluminum alloy, sturdy and durable,designed to be virtually indestructible.



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Product Description


IMALENT MS12 MINI powerful LED flashlight, Maximum lumen output up to 65,000 lumen, small size.

MS12 MINI LED flashlight on, It will absolutely shock you visually, Small size but bright,you will definately be impressed by the brightness of this powerful LED flashlight.

The IMALENT MS12 MINI is a can-sized super bright searching flashlight,utilizes 12 pieces of American CREE XHP70 2nd(3nd) LEDs , which max output of 65,000 lumens and a max beam distance of 1036 meters. The amount of light that the IMALENT MS12MINI flashlight emits is truly remarkable, a wide beam angle and strobe function are quite ideal for search and rescue. This exquisite flashlight is finely made of durable high-strength and oxidation-resistance aluminum.

Featuring six output levels plus a strobe.This LED flashlight is a must-have for your daily life, outdoor activities and repair work.

Imalent MS12 MINI


LED 12 pieces CREE XHP70.2 LEDs
Max Lumens Up To 65000 Lumens
Max runtime Up To 4h
Beam Distance Max 1036m
Intensity Max 268600cd
Output Levels 65000 Lumens(Turbo) / 25000 Lumens/13000 Lumens / 5000 Lumens / 3000 Lumens / 1500 Lumens
Waterproof IP56 standard waterproof
Size 83(head diameter)*56(body diameter)*149(length)mm
Weight 787g


Additional information

Weight 3.19 kg
Dimensions 5.83 × 3.27 × 2.2 cm


Part Number


Item Weight

3.19 pounds

Product Dimensions

5.83 x 3.27 x 2.2 inches

Item model number


Assembled Height

5.6 centimeters

Assembled Length

14.8 centimeters

Assembled Width

8.3 centimeters

Item Package Quantity



Cold White Light



Included Components

Batteries included

Specific Uses


Power Source

Battery Powered

Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Type of Bulb


Luminous Flux

65000 Lumen

Color Temperature

6500 Kelvin



Date First Available

March 26 2022



10 reviews for IMALENT MS12 Mini Tactical Flashlight 65000 Lumens, with 12 CREE XHP 70.2 LEDs, Long Beam Distance 1036 Meters, Built-in Cooling

  1. Michael

    Little beast of a flashlightThe media could not be loaded.

     First I would like to say that this is the most impressive flashlight I’ve seen in a long time. The size to output ratio is unlike anything I’ve seen before weighing in only 1.5 pounds in outputting 65,000 lm! Physically this light is just a bit bigger than a soda can with exception for the head piece which holds the reflector, this still allows the light to be easily put in a pocket which is a huge plus. The finish of this light feels great with black anodization over a full aluminum body and a rugged plastic button with two LEDs on each side showing the status of the battery pack. The battery pack consists of 4 21700 high drain cells to feed the enormous draw this light demands when at full power. There are three cooling fans around the head of the light which enables this light to run on turbo 65,000 lm mode for 40 seconds and then continuing to run for another 40 minutes at 13,000 lm. This light can run for 4 hours on its lowest output setting which is 1500 lm, lights this size benefit from these low output modes allowing you to use it for more every day tasks rather than just putting it on turbo to show off. Overall if you are looking for a good light to use outside when you need consistent brightness over a long period, massive brightness for a short time or anything in between all in a portable and manageable size this is the flashlight for you. I am impressed with the ms12 mini as a whole and can’t wait to see what Imalent comes out with next!

  2. Ronbo705

    One of the brightest flashlights on the market.I received a massive discount on this item and purchased it for less than $290.00. Its well worth the price. The beam is very floody and on turbo its super bright. The built in fans are excellent as they help cool this soda can type flashlight. The total lumens at turbo is about 60,000 which is more than the original Imalent MS12. I have a large collection of flashlights including the MS18. The build quality is excellent, with attention to detail. The only negative is that I wish they made this like the fenix LR50R, so you can replace the battery pack with 21700 batteries if the battery pack dies. This flashlight was well worth the purchase.

  3. JDM

    IMPRESIONANTEHe mirado y comparado muchísimos modelos de linterna antes de hacer esta compra y creo, sinceramente, que es la mejor linterna del mercado. No es una linterna para principiantes.La calidad de construcción y luminosidad que consigue son auténticamente increíbles.Es una linterna muy sólida que no te decepcionará.

  4. yoshipy


  5. コズ


  6. まーくん


  7. MOVE

    異常なほどの明るさを誇る片手ハンディライトですライトマニアの間で話題になっているライト到着しました実測値テストでも公式の65,000ルーメンを凌駕していましたので楽しみにしておりました明るさの比較には、手持ち最強の ACEBEAM X50 40,000ルーメンを持ち出してみましたサイズ比較ではやはりファンが組み込まれたカバーがあるので MS12 Miniのがボディーも太くLEDチップが組み込まれたレンズ部も、X50より1ランク上の大きさがあります点灯テストでもその性能に偽りなしで、ISO800 1/15 の同条件で撮影した写真では8000ルーメン超えるうたい文句の、車用LEDライトのハイビームでは比べる対象になりませんそこで40000ルーメンのX50を点灯、さすがの明るさですが、手前の柵の下の色がまだわかるのにMS18 Miniでは、その色すらも消え去り、写る景色を全てホワイトアウトさせるほどの明るさでしたIMALENT MS12 MINI、の使用方法ですが、充電はテールキャップを緩めて外しそこに見える端子に付属のACアダプターを接続して充電します、結構早い気がしますロックと解除は今までの IMALENT ライトと同じく、消灯時に素早く4回スイッチをクリックスイッチ両脇のインジケーターが点滅してロックと解除を教えてくれますので、確実にロックが必要ですターボ以外でもHiモードなどは間違って点灯すると危険な明るさですので熱対策としても必須ボディー脇のファンは、明るさによって自動作動しますので特別な操作は不要ですが圧巻のターボモードでは、ファンが回っていても手持ちで使うのはリスクが高い熱量ですので付属のランヤードを手首に通して、手袋を使用するのが安全で良いと思いますスイッチの押し込みが軽いのでもう少し節度感あれが良いなとか、暗いと見付け辛いのでスイッチが光るようになっていると更に使い勝手は良いのにと言うのが不満点ですホルスターもありますので持ち運びも可能ですが、ターボを多用する時の熱に耐えられるようキャリングハンドル迄付いていればもっと安心して使えますし、今後更に期待してますそれにしても片手サイズでこの明るさは…フラッシュライトの進化は末恐ろしいですね


    MS12MINIThe media could not be loaded.

     This is a serious torch. The MS12MINI is awesome. There is 6 brightness levels 1 being the turbo mode . This mode is ridiculously bright. The fans are automatic and switch on in the 3rd brightness level. I really like the new charging port you unscrew the base to reveal port .I feel this is much better . The led battery indicators are a really good idea . When i switch this one i was absolutely shocked to see the brightness. This is by far my favourite.

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  10. 藤本哲也


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