INTEX 26355EH 18ft x 9ft x 52in Ultra XTR Pool Set with Sand Filter Pump & 26667EG QS500 Krystal Clear Saltwater System with

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Brand Intex
Material Wood, Alloy Steel, Concrete

  • Product 1: SUMMERTIME FUN: The Intex 18Ft x 52In Steel Frame Above Ground Pool Set is engineered for strength and to help you beat the heat all summer long for ages 6 and up. Equipped with Hydro Aeration Technology in the pump to improves circulation, filtration, and water clarity while increasing the water’s negative ions to provide an even safer and clean pool experience.
  • Product 1: DESIGN: Gray outer liner and blue tile-print inner liner for a classic, clean look. Durable frame is made of high-quality, galvanized steel with precision-engineered locking system.
  • Product 1: QUICK SET UP: Have fun faster with this Intex Above Ground Pool. It has quick set up and is ready for water in just 60 minutes. Encapsulating inner and outer powder coating prevents rusting.
  • Product 1: INCLUDES: This package comes with the pool, pool ladder, ground cloth, sand filter, and pool cover. Installation may require wood or concrete pads under each leg for support on dirt or soft surfaces
  • Product 2: Soft, fresh, clean water without the potential harsh side effects of packaged pool chemicals
  • Product 2: Redesigned sleek compact casing and control panel for easy use
  • Product 2: Requires a pump with a flow Rate between 700 and 3000 GPH


INTEX 26355EH 18ft x 9ft x 52in Ultra XTR Pool Set with Sand Filter Pump
Make a splash this summer with the Intex Ultra XTR Rectangular Frame Pool Set. The rectangular swimming pool design is perfect for narrow backyards, lap swimmers, and pool games. The Ultra Frame design provides excellent durability and a sleek gray finish, all while making setup quick and easy. This pool includes everything you need for a great pool experience, including the powerful Krystal Clear 110-120V 1,200 gallon per hour sand filter pump, ladder, debris cover, and ground cloth. The sand filter pump saves you time, money, and frustration. The sand filter function replaces the need to buy expensive filters by only needing routine backwashing and replacement sand every 5 years. Swim your summer days away and have a blast in the water with this Intex Ultra Frame Rectangular Pool Set. Note: Requires flat, level ground for proper installation. Disclaimer: Please review your HOA rules and restrictions before purchasing this product. Not all housing agencies permit private above-ground pools.

INTEX 26667EG QS500 Krystal Clear Saltwater System with E.C.O. (Electrocatalytic Oxidation) for up to 7000 Gallon Above Ground Pools
Intex 26667EG Krystal clear saltwater system for up to 7000 gallon above ground. Redesigned sleek compact casing & control panel for easy use. Requires a pump with a flow rate between 700 & 3000 GPH.

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4 reviews for INTEX 26355EH 18ft x 9ft x 52in Ultra XTR Pool Set with Sand Filter Pump & 26667EG QS500 Krystal Clear Saltwater System with

  1. Steve S

    Why did I wait so long?This thing is fantastic. Why did I wait so long to buy one?! In 2021, these things were expensive. North of $1900 I balked. Then, in 2022, the price came back down to less than $1100. I find it to be a value at $1100, and a no-brainer at less than $1000 as it was in early 2020.Beware, setup is not as easy as you might think for most people & properties. The pool and all of its metal braces must be level. For me, this meant digging, tilling, and packing the most level part of my yard. I removed about 2 inches of grass and clay soil to get my spot “perfect”. After I filled the pool, I discovered it was not perfect. In fact it is off by about two inches over the length of the pool, but perfectly level over the width.If you have a perfectly level concrete pad to setup the pool, awesome. Be aware that the actual pad dimensions are 19’10”x9x10”. The area I prepared was marked as 20×11’ and it was just barely big enough.Step one of setup: make a perfectly level 20×11’ pad. Find a mostly flat part of your yard. Don’t build up low areas- the soil will sink. Instead, dig out high areas. In my case, I transported eight 6 cu. ft. wheelbarrows of dirt to other parts of my yard.Step two of setup: lay out the protective tarp and the pool liner. Construct the metal frame. Get a helper.Step three of setup: I was worried about the legs of the pool sinking into the clay when it rains. The bottom of the pool liner is supporting 37,929 lbs and has a surface area of about 21,888 sq. inches. The pressure across the bottom of the pool is about 1.7 pounds per square inch- which is less PSI than my shoes exert on the ground. However, the legs support the lateral loads of the pool with a much smaller footprint. Whenever the water is out of level, the frame does more work to hold the bladder in place. This pool does an exceptional job with frame resilience and load support, but the weak spot for me is the clay soil. I added pressure treated 2”x12”x10” blocks under each leg. This pool has 12 legs. I bought two 8-foot pieces of 2×12 lumber and cut them to 10” blocks.Importantly: avoid lightweight concrete paver blocks. This pool has enough lateral stress to crack those pavers in half.Importantly #2: dig down and set the support blocks level with the pool base. For each one of the 12 blocks, I used a lawn spade and a shovel to dig a 1.75” deep, square-shaped hole, and recessed the blocks into the ground. Do not skimp on the ground preparation steps. Do it right and to perfection. Even if you are meticulous, you’ll likely find opportunities for improvement. You’ll be thankful that you spent the extra effort getting it “perfect” though.Importantly #3: every rock, pebble, piece of hard plastic, root, twig, etc., must go. Be diligent about removing any material that is not dirt.Step three-A (3A) of setup: make the area useful for the long-run.- Spray the ground with weed and grass killer.- Consider adding anti-fatigue mats under the pool base for a nice foot feel and some additional puncture and vegetation protection. I found a fantastic deal at Harbor Freight.Step four of setup: the power plugs for the Intex pump (and saltwater generator) are HUGE and won’t fit in your special GFCI in-use weatherproof box. You can cut plastic boxes to accommodate the plug, but I used a 2-foot 14-3 extension cord. This extension cord connection must be enclosed in a weatherproof box. Amazon has weatherproof extension cord boxes. The built in cords are more than 20 feet long, so setup the pool within about 20 feet of your GFCI protected outlet.Step five of setup: this kit doesn’t come with all of the fancy features that you may want to consider.- I recommend you buy the Intex saltwater generator (SWG)- it will make the pool experience much more pleasant and easy to maintain.* get pool salt if you get the SWG. 115 lbs for this pool. The saltwater generator makes sodiumhypochlorite that sanitizes your water. Once the salt is added, it stays in the system.* get Cyanuric acid. It prevents UV light from breaking down the chlorine generated by the saltwater generator. This pool requires 1.1 lbs of CYA initially, so maybe buy a 4-lb bag.* get a pool skimmer. Either the Intex basket filter, the Hayward above ground pool skimmer, or a net.* get a vacuum. I bought a robot one from Amazon and it works great.* get a good test kit. HTH makes a good, inexpensive one that tests for everything and cyanuric acid.* get a cheap 36” kiddie pool to use as a foot bath at the base of the ladder. It’ll help minimize dirt/grass from being tracked into the pool.* get some apparatus to hold your beverages and devices. There are floaty ones and clamp ones available on Amazon.* I paid a little under $1100 for the pool, but my all-in cost (including ground prep and accessories) was north of $2k.Other things to know:- the included ladder supports up to 300 lbs. I’m 255 lbs and it’s… janky and high. But it works fine.- when you are filling the bladder, the pool rails will begin to bow inward. This is normal. When the water is approaching full, the sides will straighten out from the lateral pressure (this is why you need blocks under the legs).- you’ll need to build a sled/platform to place under the pump, filter, and saltwater generator. My platform is 36×18”.- you’ll need to own/buy a level to make the pad flat and level. I used a spare 4×6”x10’ piece of wood, and zip-tied my 4’ level to it. It was useful, but per my previous comments, I still ended up with a pool that wasn’t quite perfect.- the pool frame depth is 52”, but the water depth when full is 45”.- the cover included is not a “solar cover”. At my latitude, the days can be 100°F but the nights still in the 60’s or 70’s °F. The water is cold! You might want a solar heater if you don’t prefer very cold water.- wait at least 24 hours after shocking the water to add algaecide because the chlorine shock will neutralize the algaecide.I think that’s all of the stuff in my brain about this pool. Hopefully this helps!Update, a few days later: the pool temperature is perfect after a couple of days of 90°F weather with high-60’s °F overnight temps. The cover that comes with the pool allowed the top few inches to warm considerably, and the bottom 40 inches of the water column remained cool.Bonus adds: an inflatable water hammock and IP57 rated earbuds set the stage for a relaxing audiobook experience in the midday heat.

  2. R. Lindemann

    Overall great pool for the money – Take the time to prepare!It’s a great pool and I do recommend it. I contemplated the 32 x 16 and 24 x 12. I built a frame with PVC for both sizes to see how it would fit in my yard. I eventually went with the 12 x 24 and it was a good decision. Although the 32 x 16 would have fit, it really would have taken up a large chunk of my yard.I can’t emphasize enough to follow the instructions to be sure your area is PERFECTLY level. Also, to use pressure treated wood or concrete blocks under the side braces. I had an area leveled by a contractor with packed stabilized DG . I was going to put in concrete blocks where the braces met the ground, but as we were preparing the area, there was no way to tell exactly where the braces will meet the ground until the pool was rolled out. After the area was prepared, the DG was hard as a rock so I thought it would suffice and I didn’t bother putting in concrete blocks. But after filling the pool and the weight started bearing down on those braces, they started sinking into the DG. Once a corner sunk enough for water to start coming out it was like a dam breaking and it was all over! I had to empty the pool, have the area re-leveled and put concrete blocks in where the braces met the ground.The pros of this pool:* Very durable. Once up and filled, it is very solid. The kids have played rough in it and no problems.* 52 inch height is a comfortable height and you don’t feel like you are in a “kiddy” pool.* My local pool stores sell similar pools for 3 to 4 times as much and I don’t see a difference in quality between their similar pool and the Intex pool.* It is easy to assemble, but its not 30 minutes as the add says!Cons* As many folks have said, the included pump is to small for this pool. The specifications say it is OK- but it is a minimum specification. I had a 2600GPH pump that I had bought as an upgrade for a previous Intex pool so I used that.* The ladder is wobbly and not very safe. One of the steps broke as a 170lb person was climbing up. I would recommend buying a different ladder or building a small deck to get in and out.A note to manufacturer – for a few bucks more it would be nice to put some attention to the following items:* It would be nice to include a blueprint with measurements of the pool and brace spacing so concrete pads can be put in for the braces when you are preparing the area – before rolling out the pool (how far they protrude from the sides, distance between the braces, etc)* The flimsy suction hoses – they pull on side of the pool and it looks very cheesy as they hang off the side of the pool bending the pool liner. Why cant you use the same fittings for the suction hoses as the return hose?* For $10 more can you provide a ground cloth that is more than paper thin? It ripped just putting it down on the ground as we were pulling the wrinkles out. The exposed part disintegrated within a couple days.* The suction and return are inches apart. I am not an expert – but I think that it would be better water circulation to have the suction at one end and the water return at the opposite end?* A nice blue exterior or some kind of design would be nicer than grey with giant INTEX logo on it!

  3. Danielle

    Late but worth the wait.I am updating now my last review. I was upset that I had no contact and my pool was soooo late. But the companies did respond and they found my pool lost in the shipper system. They got the pool delivered to us and we are very happy with it. The pool was easy to set up. I would suggest you watch a video before trying to set up. And everything works great. The kids are happy and it has been great!

  4. Karen

    Must have level ground and I’m not thrilled with the pump systemI like the depth of the water easy to install but not thrilled with the pump system

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