Island Hopper 12 – Passenger Elite Class Heavy Commercial Side By Side Banana Boat Taxi

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  • 1100 denier UV resistant 9.0 mm PVC Material. Thick and Tough
  • WELDED seams & nose comes for commercial strength & extended life.
  • 6 valve and 6 air chamber construction Great design for choppy water or Ocean use.
  • Commercial 2 piece boat valves
  • Ships complete with storage bag, foot pump & repair kit. double boxed & bound for secure shipping
SKU: B005S4RR54

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Island Hopper

4 reviews for Island Hopper 12 – Passenger Elite Class Heavy Commercial Side By Side Banana Boat Taxi

  1. Ashley Cooper

    Great valueVery durable !!

  2. Kyla

    Great business investmentThe media could not be loaded.

     Come visit us at Maracas Beach in Trinidad 😊

  3. Bella Crowned

    Good product qualityBought for commercial use. Good product quality.

  4. Rob Kessler

    This product is great, if used properly. And great customer service. It is the best towable inflatable we have ever found.Great Product – as good as it gets. And the company has ALWAYS made things right, if there ever was a problem. Great customer service. Our year-round summer camp & conference facility has been buying banana boat towables from Island Hopper 10+ years. Have gotten the smaller/lighter in-line or side-by-side bananas or red shark in the early years. Have also used the larger banana bus, as well. but have settled on the Banana Taxi for our operation. It has a better design than the banana boats, in our view, because the others tend to tow more nose-in to the water but the Taxi (& Bus) both tow nose-up and more on top of the water than the others. The Taxi has been extremely durable. Through 1,500+ riders per week, it stays inflated for multiple weeks at a time, when new. Only when they age, does it need to be re-inflated each week. A patch repair kit is supplied but, in 10 years, we have never once had to repair a hole in the thick fabric. The only minor issue has been if a rider strap breaks, which is rare. And the only major issue has been if the seam-welded tow straps tear. In past years, the attachment construction was not as strong as it is made now. An inexperienced boat driver could damage it with incorrect operation. I would suggest, that you always observe the operational instructions and speed limits that come with the banana or are posted on their website. (Boat drivers need to start slowly & gradually build up speed, never “pop” the rope or purposely try to knock riders off when turning, and never exceed 15 mph.) And, once we finally found a bunjee tow rope (made by Airhead) instead of a static rope, we have RARELY had a problem. Boat drivers have a much greater margin of error with a bunjee tow rope. Bottom line, the Banana Taxi product is great, if used properly.

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