iSpring RCT600 Countertop Reverse Osmosis System, No Plumbing, 600 GPD Tankless RO Drinking Water Filtration System, Portable

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Brand ISpring
Color White
Material Ro membrane
Capacity 600 Gallons
Included Components RCT600, 1x PAC composite filter, 1x 600GPD RO membrane, 1x activated carbon filter, faucet connector valve, spare fittings, housing wrench, user manual See more
Purification Method Activated Carbon, Reverse Osmosis
Model Name RCT600

  • VERSATILE & 10-MIN INSTALLATION: Thanks to its compact size, this tankless RO system is suitable for a small space like an RV, dormitory, apartment, and other settings. With the decent white case, it fits nicely over the counter. The countertop Reverse Osmosis system can be attached to your standard kitchen faucet for approx. 10 mins with no plumbing works. Working water pressure ranges from 50 to 116 psi.
  • MOST IMPURITIES REDUCTION: The reverse osmosis countertop removes up to 99% of over 1,000 contaminants, including odor, taste, sediment lead, chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, asbestos, calcium, sodium, and more. Without the need for a boost pump, this high-capacity countertop reverse osmosis system provides you up to 600 gallons of crystal water per day.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: If you replace the plastic bottles with this countertop Reverse Osmosis water filtration system, your family could save about 3,400 water bottles, saving you $2,600 in a year. Enjoy fresh water from the reliable tankless RO system while protecting the earth.
  • MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE: There are 3 stages for this Reverse Osmosis system countertop. PAC Composite filter (replaced every 6-12 months), Activated Carbon filter (1 year), and RO membrane (2-3 years), depending on your source water quality. The package includes a faucet mount connector to fit most standard faucets. Experience clean, safe, good-tasting water in just one switch.
  • 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty upon registration, as well as lifetime personalized support from GA, USA, combined with premium quality components. This countertop RO water filter is to deliver endless bottled quality drinking water right in your home for many years to come, eliminating plastic waste.

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Product Description


Portable Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System





In spite of its compact size, this tankless reverse osmosis water filtration system RCT600 is even more powerful than traditional RO water filter systems. Experience clean, refreshing, good-tasting in just one switch.


Rated at 600 gallons per day with up to 1.5:1 pure water to waste water ratio, the countertop Reverse Osmosis system removes up to 99% of over 1,000 contaminants, including lead, chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, asbestos, calcium, sodium, and more. Enjoy your water with confidence.


This Reverse Osmosis countertop does NOT need any plumber for installation or filter change. The heavy-duty faucet mount diverter adapter included in this countertop RO system fits most standard faucets. Easy connection and disconnection for portability.



What’s included in this RO system package?

  • Pre-assembled System(including tubing and filters)
  • 1 3-way Connector and Valve
  • 1 All-purpose Faucet Adapter
  • 1 Housing Wrench
  • 1 User’s Manual
  • 1 Plumber’s Tape

The Cores of RCT600 Countertop Reverse Osmosis

This Reverse Osmosis system countertop contains 3 filter stages. Each one is designed to progressively remove contaminants and improve water quality:

  • Stage 1 (FPAC17): 3-in-1 composite filter designed to remove sand, rust, dirt, particles, and polish water to remove bad taste and odor.
  • Stage 2 (MC600): Removes up to 99% of over 1, 000 contaminants, including lead (up to 98%), chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, asbestos, calcium, sodium, and more.
  • Stage 3 (FT15B): Captures any particles that may have accumulated before refreshing tasty water is delivered to the faucet.
  • Stage 1: Composite Filter (FPAC17) 6 to 12 months
  • Stage 2: RO Membrane (MC600) up to 24-36 months
  • Stage 3: Post Activated Carbon Filter(FT15B) up to 12 months
  • Filter replacement schedule may vary, depending on the quality of the source water.





Kitchen Countertop



Vacation Homes



Additional information

Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 17 cm
Part Number


Item Weight

19 pounds

Product Dimensions

8 x 8 x 17 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number





Ro membrane

Item Package Quantity


Included Components

RCT600 1x PAC composite filter 1x 600GPD RO membrane 1x activated carbon filter faucet connector valve spare fittings housing wrench user manual

Batteries Required




Date First Available

September 24 2020


iSpring Water Systems

8 reviews for iSpring RCT600 Countertop Reverse Osmosis System, No Plumbing, 600 GPD Tankless RO Drinking Water Filtration System, Portable

  1. Morning Star

    Excellent solution for rentersI’m renting in an area that apparently has a water infrastructure that has been failing without meaningful repair for 80 years. The water smelled like a public swimming pool in summer and was making any food cooked with it taste awful. It was also causing GI problems. As a renter, I needed something that wouldn’t require a plumber to install or require me to damage cabinets or counters through drilling for under sink set up. I’m also not rolling in cash, hence why I rent, so this was a perfect solution that checked all the boxes. We’ve been using this for several months and water quality is way better. Since it’s RO, I just bought some remineralization drops here on Amazon and we’re good to go!

  2. Mark

    overall a good reverse osmosis systemFor a tankless system and at the cost point, this unit gets the job done. My water tastes quite good coming from this unit. It is not too big in size. one item to note is since this has no tank, it takes 5-10 seconds for water to come out depending on your home’s water pressure. I also had to use a thicker plumber’s tape when attaching the spigot to my sink, to stop it from leaking there. Not a big deal, just a slight annoyance. The suction cup that is used for the waste water line is too small. Mine came off every time, resulting in water go everywhere. Despite these downsides, this saves from me having to drill into my countertop. I’m very glad i bought this and wish i done it sooner. Their support people are nice and answered my questions before i bought it.

  3. TLL

    Great Versatile On-The-Go Portable R/O System !I am using this to fill up the water tanks on my boat when i hook up to municipal water at marinas (with a 3/4” hose adapter) and it works great. It takes a few hours to fill my 30 gal main tank but well worth it to have r/o water! This is a great versatile system. If I am in a hurry I can just fill the tank with unfiltered tap water and hook this r/o system up directly to the galley faucet. Be aware that waste/filtered water ratio may be a consideration when filtering at the faucet instead of prior to filling your tank in rv/boat: as half the water will be used to carry away brine in this configuration. Same with any/ most r/o systems. This is the most versatile on-the-go portable system option i could find and it’s great!

  4. Mike

    I like itInstalled it a month ago and it works great in my apartment. I live in a rental room and share a kitchen with another roommate. We are not pitcher fans since it takes forever to wait. And we are not allowed to drill any holes in the apt. So the typical ro system is not an option. We’ve been doing researches trying to find one like this. Although it ends up a little bigger than it looks, I had no trouble install it at all and happily the landlord won’t find any weird holes in his house when we check out:D Very satisfied!

  5. Judy

    Great productI have been researching for a long time to find the water filtration system that can fit our kitchen. We do taste something wired in our tap water but do not have enough space under sink. The traditional RO system is too big for us in this case. And then we came by this product which has the perfect size and also contains RO system.The product came in great package. It helps reduce the chlorine and tds in my water a lot and improves the taste. The whole installation process is quick and easy. It also helps save a lot of space in my kitchen. We are very happy with this purchase.

  6. messengerlover

    Best tasting water I’ve ever had!I was worried about the installation process before it arrived, but it turned out to be pretty easy. The package includes everything you need, a wrench, tape, and extra fittings! Just followed the instructions in the manual and got it installed within half an hour. The product is also nice looking and fits well on my kitchen counter.Now my tap water tastes great!! It’s completely tasteless(quite refreshing too!) I tested the tds number of my tap water and filtered water – it dropped from 78 to 4! My husband is very happy with the purchase. Now we have clean, pure, and refreshing water to drink for our family. Thank you ispring

  7. Megan

    Seems pretty high qualityDecided on this filter after looking around at similar options and having used their products before and I believe I made a good choice. This model seems pretty well built which is always a good sign compared to some of the plastic junk out there from other companies. I used to buy bottle water for everything and know I know I will save a lot of money because of this. And my cat and fishes will have fresh clean water to enjoy! Overall I am happy with it!

  8. doug douglas

    Nice productI’ve had this for a month and every has worked great. I have it hooked up to the ice maker and love it. 0 ppm

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