JET Carter-Style Bearing Blade Guides for 14″ Bandsaws (708127)

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  • LONGER GUIDE AND BLADE LIFE: Three bearing contact points maximize support while minimizing friction.
  • DOUBLE SEALED BEARINGS: Keep dust out.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH 3/16″ TO 1-1/4″ WIDE BLADES: Speeds up to 5,000 SFPM.


Product Description

Lengthen the life of your band saw blade with this set that maximizes support and minimizes friction.

The Jet Band Saw Roller Bearing Blade Guide Set features a durable dual bearing system with micro-adjustment both above and below the table. Other features include three bearing contact points that maximize support and minimize friction, and durable, double-sealed bearings that keep dust out for years of trouble free use. The set fits blade widths from 3/16-to-1-1/4-inches at speeds up to 5,000 SFPM.

What’s in the Box
Upper and lower guide assemblies, mounting studs, adaptor blocks, and all mounting hardware.

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From the manufacturer

Additional information

Weight 2.3 kg
Dimensions 5.4 × 4.5 × 3.5 cm
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Item Weight

2.3 Pounds

Product Dimensions

5.4 x 4.5 x 3.5 inches

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Item model number


Item Package Quantity


Cutting Diameter

14 Inches

Included Components

Blade Guard not included 2 Blade Guides

Batteries Required


Warranty Description

1 year

Assembled Diameter

14 Inches



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Date First Available

June 25 2002



10 reviews for JET Carter-Style Bearing Blade Guides for 14″ Bandsaws (708127)

  1. John

    More accurate cuts are possible!!!Adding the rollers to my 14year old Jet bandsaw made it feel like a new machine. Blade travel is accurate and solid in all directions. Love it!

  2. okwoodworker

    Installation was pretty easy, but I had to drill out one …This of course is a big improvement over the friction blocks that came stock with the saw. Installation was pretty easy, but I had to drill out one of the holes on the blade guard to fit the bolt through it (the blade guard mounts to this assembly with two bolts – one fit, the other didn’t. The alternative was to file down the edge of the blade guard so both bolts fit, but I opted to enlarge the bolt hole instead). Adjusting the rollers so they are truly “a sheet of paper width” away from the blade is difficult. You can adjust them to this distance, but when you tighten them down, the distance changes. We’ve probably all run into similar problems before elsewhere — like on my table saw when I adjust the fence to the correct measurement, and watch it change (just a little) when I lock it down. Taking the table off the band saw made installing the lower guide really easy. My one complaint has more to do with the design of the band saw overall: The guide post on which the roller bearing blade guides attach is slides loose in the stand as needed to move it up and down, depending on the thickness of the material you are cutting. You can make this stiffer by tightening the steel ball bearing, and you can sort of lock this down by tightening the knob/set bolt behind the saw, but when you do this, it again changes the distance of the blade guides to the blade. I know band saws were never meant to be precision instruments, but I guess my expectations were that these guides were going to take all of the slop out of cutting. They definitely are an improvement, and I’d buy again.

  3. DaveB48

    An Advantage Over Carter GuidesThese guides are made by Jet to fit the JWBS-14 bandsaws, so installation was straightforward, and they work very well. An advantage of Jet guides over Carter ones is that the original Jet blade guard may be used, whereas Carter provides one, but charges an extra $20 for a slotted one that can be used with a saw equipped with a riser block like mine is. In the photo, I marked the bottom of the guard in red, where the bottom edge must be filed back a little to fit over the new guide body. Lastly, most adjustments are made with a 4mm hex wrench. Unlike knock-down furniture makers, who always include a wrench, Jet does not supply a hex wrench with these guides. It would be nice if they did so that the user could keep it at the saw. I bought an inexpensive set so I could do that.

  4. Dave Ritland

    Problems with Jet 14-inch Open Stand BandsawThis is a nice addition to my Jet 14-inch open stand bandsaw. However, be aware that if you own this bandsaw there is a slight problem with mounting the upper guide to the guidepost on the saw. The guide post on the open stand bandsaw is 3/4 inch diameter vs. 7/8 inch diameter on the closed stand bandsaw. (I know this because I ran into the same problem with the Jet 6-inch riser block kit. The riser block kit came with a 7/8 inch dia 12-inch long guide post that was to replace the stock shorter post. However, it doesn’t fit onto the open stand saw.) I was able to mount the upper roller guide into the smaller diameter guide post by fabricating a “bushing” out of 3/4 inch pvc pipe. The closed stand bandsaw is obviously a slightly more “beefy” saw with a bigger motor (1 hp vs 3/4 hp)than the open stand model. I’m not sure why Jet had to enlarge the guide post on the closed stand model because it’s not that much bigger and the 3/4 inch dia post appears to more than adequate for the job it’s intended to do. Jet should include an adapter kit so that these accessories will fit both models of bandsaw.As far as the riser kit goes, I have used it on my open stand bandsaw with a re-saw blade. It works fine for re-sawing but I always remove the block when I’m done becuase I don’t use it as a permanent set up. The saw is on wheels and with a riser block is too tall to move around my low-ceiling basement shop. I can install and remove the block in about 45 minutes.

  5. MJK

    This guide immensely improves the ability of the saw to stay on line.I have had a 14″ Jet Band Saw outfitted with an extender block so that is uses a 105″ saw blade for at least 15 years. I have always had problems with the blade wondering, especially when resawing wood for use on the lathe. I could not believe the night and day difference after I installed the new guides. It is like I have a brand new, improved bandsaw! It tracks right where I want it. Reminds of when was a kid and my parents went to the store and looked at pairs of ice skates, and saw a pair for $20, and another for $5 and got the $5 pair. For over a decade I thought I couldn’t skate because I had weak ankles, until I got a pair of skates with some support! All of a sudden I could skate!! Well all of a sudden I can cut a straight line!! I highly recommend these guides. The only negative is that they are noisy and you probably should wear ear plugs when using the saw.

  6. Richard S.

    a mod I should have done 20 years ago.This kit showed up in 2 days! (w/o Prime). As it was going on a 14″ Jet saw that it’s truly designed for, the swap was pretty straightforward. I had to file wee bit of edge from the bottom of the blade guard, but that was the only place that needed other than a 10mm wrench. Getting the bottom guide set in place was a bit fiddly – best done with the table out of the way, but with a blade in place and tensioned. But once positioned and adjusted, these guide bearings make a huge difference over cool blocks. Like the 1st time using a remote switch for the vac system – why did I wait so long to buy this?

  7. JC Sr.

    Tool lovers joy…This set of guides cost twice what you would spend on cool block guides.. My thought was if you are getting new parts you should be trying to improve the machine.. I thought I would like the cuts more if I had bearing guides that I would be more likely to keep their settings.. Maybe not true but I had them on a Delta in a previous life and thought I would like them on my Rigid 14″ and that I would get them some day. I have come to believe that if my age, if not now, when… So I ordered them even though Amazon said they had one with more coming… The unit shipped in a week or so from a Texas company and came in a small box inside a much bigger box.. The unit comes with instructions on how to install and set the guides… Great unit to work with.. Fit the Rigid perfectly and with the table off was easy to install.. Setting the side wheel gaps are not completely intuitive but with the instructions you catch on quick… I used a small adjustable wrench and a couple of Allen wrenches.. I think mounting the lower unit would be easier with a box wrench due to tight clearance .. I have not cut anything enough to notice just how much improvement but I expect significant …

  8. User of Products and Commmodities

    This is the CureCure for the friction guides. Yes, these cost a penny, but it takes my saw to the next level. Using them on a 14″ Wilton

  9. Suburbinator

    Works perfectly with my JWBS-14OSInstalling this upgrade roller set was very straightforward. I did not need the adapter mentioned in the instructions despite having an JWBS-14OS saw which is 20 years old. Also upgraded the tires and did the tune ups described by Carter Products on YouTube. Most importantly, the blade is centered with the gullets in the midline of the upper tire. Cuts are now very smooth with no blade drift. This set is cheaper than Carter Products, but their set can be swapped out for their 1/8 inch blade roller support which allows very tight curved cuts. They also have an option for micro-adjusment of the rollers. Still, I’m very happy with the price and function of this set.

  10. W. B.

    Great on Jet 14″, easy easy install, worth itIt’s Great and worth the cost. Bought a month ago. I carefully and slowly put it on… but it turned out to be a pretty no-brainer easy. Am enjoying being able to set depth and side adjustments quickly and on the spot. I added a 1/2″ rare earth magnet to the bandsaw mainframe to keep the hex wrench quick at hand. Done. I like it, and am happy with it.

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