JS Jackson Supplies Black Utility Sink Laundry Tub with High Arc Stainless Steel Faucet, Pull Down Sprayer Spout, Heavy Duty

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Brand JS Jackson Supplies
Color Stainless Steel
Material Plastic, Metal, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Installation Method Freestanding
Finish Type Brushed

  • Complete Laundry Tub Set: Bring practicality and convenience into your laundry room with this complete upgraded JS Jackson Supplies utility tub set; now constructed from durable metal and ABS plastic for long term usage. Updated and improved faucet is constructed with a metal base, handles and metal coated shanks for long lasting, quality use. This high-end faucet adds style and greater functionality.
  • High Arc Stainless Steel Metal Faucet with Pull down Spout: The tall, graceful arc of the high-rise faucet gives you plenty of clearance for cleaning all your bulky and oversized items. Wash them easily without needing to maneuver around the faucet. The weighted pulldown sprayer lets you direct the water where you need it to go; great for filling large pails or hosing down muddy objects. Toggle between a steady stream and a powerful spray with the touch of the button.
  • Practically Indestructible Tub: This high-quality black thermoplastic tub has a large 19-gallon capacity for all your laundry room needs. Soak, rinse, and scrub with ease in this large sink with included strainer plug. Metal legs keep the tub stable even when it is filled with water. Adjust the foot levelers to the perfect height and level the tub on bumpy or uneven surfaces. Perfect for an unfinished basement or garage.
  • Not Just for Laundry: Treat your dog to a warm bath in this large slop sink (great for young children too). If you are remodeling and need a temporary sink until the construction is completed, this is the perfect choice. When the renovations are done, simply move it into the garage or laundry room for further use.
  • Included: This kit includes a black tub, faucet, metal legs, foot levelers for stability, supply lines, drainage, and all hardware necessary to set up and install your new sink. Bonus thread tape ensures a leak free connection. Illustrated step-by-step instructions take the guesswork out of assembly. Dimensions: 33 3/4 inches high (with legs) X 22 7/8 inches wide X 23 3/8 inches deep. Please reach out to us if you have questions or concerns. We are happy to help.


Black Utility Sink Laundry Tub With High Arc Stainless Steel Faucet by JS Jackson Supplies – Pull Down Sprayer Spout, Heavy Duty Slop Sinks For Washing Room, Basement, Garage, or Shop, Free Standing Wash Station Tubs Bring practicality and convenience into your laundry room, mudroom or washroom with this complete utility tub set. The large 19-gallon sink is constructed from high quality, durable thermoplastic to accommodate all your scrubbing and soaking needs. Use the pull-out nozzle to direct the water where you want it to go or move the spout out of the way completely so you can easily wash your bulky items. Box includes everything necessary for most standard installations, including stainless steel supply lines to hook up the hot and cold water, plastic drainage kit (P-trap, nuts and washers), rubber stopper, non-metallic faucet, tub, legs with levelers, bonus thread seal tape and easy to follow installation instructions. Sturdy rust-proof metal legs attach easily, and the included floor levelers increase stability on uneven surfaces. Sink dimensions: 33¾-inches high (with legs) X 22 7/8-inches wide X 23 3/8-inches deep.

Additional information

Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 22.88 × 23.38 × 33.75 cm

JS Jackson Supplies


Stainless Steel


Plastic Metal Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Installation Method


Finish Type




Product Dimensions

22.88D x 23.38W x 33.75H

Part Number

040 JS6503BLKSS

Item Weight

22 pounds

Package Dimensions

23.9 x 23.5 x 16 inches

Country of Origin




Batteries Included


Batteries Required




Date First Available

November 12 2018


JS Jackson Supplies

10 reviews for JS Jackson Supplies Black Utility Sink Laundry Tub with High Arc Stainless Steel Faucet, Pull Down Sprayer Spout, Heavy Duty

  1. M. McTaggart

    Scratched/Gauged Faucet Shelf and Leaking FaucetI purchased this sink/faucet combination in November 2021. It came with a badly scratched/gouged faucet shelf that I decided to overlook. The sink/faucet have been installed in our garage since early December 2021 with the water shut off for winter. I recently turned the water back on and the faucet is now badly leaking. This is not acceptable for a >$200 product. I can overlook the scratches/gouges because they’re cosmetic. A badly leaking faucet is another matter: It makes the product unusable. I have contacted JS Jackson Supplies and will update this review once I hear from them. Currently, I cannot recommend this product.Edit: I have since heard from Jackson Supplies. They responded quickly and will replace the leaking faucet. My response follows:Thank you for your quick response. I appreciate it. It’s not the faucet that was scratched/gouged. It’s the sink shelf upon which the faucet rests. I’ve attached a photo of the sink. For some reason it was only the sink shelf that was scratched/gouged, which is odd. The rest of the sink, both inside and out, was fine. As I noted in my initial note, the scratches/gouges were cosmetic and did not impact the sink’s function. However, they were disappointing.Also, since I installed the sink in November, once I verified that the faucet functioned as expected, I turned both water supply lines off. They were only recently turned back on. It has not been below 40 degrees since I turned the supply lines back on. So, there shouldn’t have been any freezing issues. Note that, after turning the supply lines off, I did not leave the faucet in either the hot or cold “on” position, but will do so in future winters.With the quick customer service and the faucet replacement, I’m quite satisfied and have adjusted my rating to reflect this.

  2. Katherine Pham

    Not as strong as I thought it would beNot sturdy

  3. P. S. Ross

    Sturdy Sink comes with everything required to installI bought this to replace a somewhat more expensive “cabinet model” utility sink in my garage that had disintegrated due in the 12 years since installed, likely due to UV exposure breaking down the plastic sink.This black sink looks beefier (thicker plastic) than the old sink and I’m hopeful it will hold up better. Also, as I often use this sink to rinse off parts and clean my hands after mechanic work, it sees a lot of grime, and it should get stained like the old white sink did.The box included everything necessary to install the sink including the sink, legs, leg bolts, faucet assembly, supply hoses, and drain assembly. The only other thing I used to install it was 4 each #12 wood screws I drilled through the top lip and into the T1-11 siding I use for the interior of my garage.The reasons I did not give this 5 stars:1. The legs are pretty thin and flimsy…although they mount securely and seem to work “OK”.2. There is no provision to mount the sink to a wall. I pre-drilled holes and used 4 #12 screws….but it would have been better if they would have designed a way to mount the thing to a wall and included screws and screw caps (or some other feature to allow the screws to be hidden or look finished).

  4. Michael Carano

    Good quality!We wanted a black utility sink instead of white for our barn so that it wouldn’t show stains. This sink was perfect for this. It also came with a nice faucet which I had my doubts but when I opened it to examine it I was pleasantly surprised how nice it was and comparable to faucets that were priced as much as what I paid for both the sink and faucet that came with. The legs were simple metal legs that slid into the corners of the sink that would lock in. This could be improved because while trying to install the legs it was a bit difficult to get them to stay. The instructions say to tap the legs down with a wood block and hammer which did secure them better. I would recommend that you screw the sink in place so it doesn’t move or wobble on you while using it. They could improve it by having a pre drilled hole through the plastic and leg and supply screws to secure the two together. Would buy again.

  5. Ray M Weber II

    Excellent sinkExcellent sink for the garage. I legs are the weakest part, if left as they were. However, after reading some other posts, I anchored the sink to the wall and used screw caps to hide the silver screws. It is well anchored and very sturdy. You cant beet the cost. It arrived quickly and all the parts were there. Very pleased.

  6. lwrcac

    Great sturdy sink and faucetI replaced an old white flimsy sink in the utility room with this. I love that is is sturdy, stays in place, and doesn’t show the mess from cleaning the BBQ grills. My husband had to put it together because I was confused with the plumbing parts and adding the faucet. The faucet is nice quality, too!

  7. Linda

    not a heavy weight contender but fine for the pricenewly installed – Its a plastic sink that seems like it will get the job done for light normal house hold cleanups – mopping, cleaning paint brushes and other things at that level. I like the look and color. Not a five because I’d prefer it to be a thicker construction but for the money its an OK value – comes with the faucet.

  8. mom-o-4

    Nice looking sink, but you might need something sturdier.It was pretty easy set up, although the item came boxed and everything had to be put together. I was disappointed with the quality. The plastic is not hard, it’s rather flimsy (almost flexible) unlike the one we bought it to replace. Also, the legs are not a very firm/solid metal. The metal legs are thin and they easily bend, so don’t expect to put anything too heavy in this sink. For me, laundry and washing things I wouldn’t want to wash in my kitchen sink, it’s okay. However, any little bump will physically love this sink. Wish I had read the reviews first.

  9. N.N.

    Great sink/faucetWe had a plumber install and put together but it works great. Really nice faucet with pullout hose. A small bit of water sat in the bottom but we raised the 2 front legs so the sink is angled and water flows toward the drain.

  10. stevepas

    Faucet is greatSink and legs are a bit shaky but if you fasten it to the wall it’s stable. There isn’t much slope in the bottom of the sink so water can pool, saying this I am still quite happy with this product. It looks great faucet is very nice and you get everything you need to plumb the sink.

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