Karcher K 5 Premium 2000 PSI 1.4 GPM Electric Power Induction Pressure Washer with Vario Power & Dirtblaster Spray Wands,

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Brand Karcher
Power Source Corded Electric
Color Yellow
Maximum Pressure 2000 Pound per Square Inch
Item Weight 32 Pounds
Hose Length 25 Feet
Product Dimensions 34.33″L x 13.07″W x 16.77″H

  • Outstanding Performance: Complete with a patented water-cooled induction motor and non-corrosive N-COR pump, the K 5 lasts 5X longer than universal motors and delivers exceptional cleaning power for most cleaning jobs
  • The Karcher Promise – Cleaner. Quicker: With a powerful 2000 PSI/1.2 GPM motor, the K 5 Premium is perfect for cleaning concrete, pavement, driveways, patios, decks, sidewalks, RVs, cars, boats, homes, fencing, and more.
  • Versatile Cleaning Options: Includes a pressure-regulating Vario Power spray wand for light-duty jobs, and a patented Dirt Blaster spray wand for superior cleaning performance on tough-to-clean surfaces. Also compatible with a wide range of Karcher accessories
  • High-Pressure Hose: Comes equipped with a generous 25′ kink-resistant high-pressure hose that offers plenty of reach, as well as an onboard pressurized hose reel for simple storage
  • Karcher Warranty: Backed by a 2-year limited warranty and industry-leading rapid exchange program, Karcher pressure washers offer high-powered performance and unparalleled ease of use


Karcher’s 2000-PSI K5 Premium high-pressure washer is our highest power electrical machine, delivering high-pressure cleaning for tough jobs. This portable pressure washer includes a patented water-cooled induction motor designed to increase product life expectancy up to 5X. Our portable power washer also includes convenient features like an adjustable Vario spray wand, a patented Dirtblaster spray wand, an onboard detergent tank, and a hose reel that protects and stores the hose. Only a small screwdriver is needed for assembly – you can set up and start using the K5 power sprayer in five minutes or less! Backed by a two-year limited warranty, the K5 is a top-of-the-range electric pressure cleaner and an ideal outdoor cleaning companion for demanding homeowners.

From the manufacturer

Kärcher K5 Premium 2000 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Kärcher: The Trusted Brand for Cleaning

Kärcher offers a wide range of Home & Garden cleaning products and is the most trusted brand for creating a healthy and cared for home. We are known for innovative products such the Window Vac and wet/dry vacuums. Whatever the cleaning need, from small projects to large undertakings, Kärcher has the ideal solution.

Our Premier Electric Pressure Washer

Designed for high end performance with 2000 PSI and a 1.4 GPM water flow rate, Kärcher’s K5 Premium is perfect for users who demand the ultimate level of home cleaning. With up to 40 times the pressure of a typical garden hose, the K5 Premium is equipped to tackle your toughest cleaning jobs around the home. With features such as an on-board hose reel, the high-pressure Dirtblaster spray wand, and on-board detergent tank, the K5 Premium will live up to the Kärcher promise: Cleaner. Quicker.

K5 Premium – Key Features

Water Cooled Induction Motor

Circulates water around motor, lowering operating temperature. Improves performance and prolongs motor life by up to 5x. Much quieter than a gasoline pressure washer and certified by CSA International for safety, the K5 Premium is perfect for demanding residential use.

Onboard Detergent Tank

Comes equipped with an onboard removable detergent tank for easy detergent application. Adjustable detergent flow dial allows you to control how much detergent is applied, preventing waste during light duty cleaning.

Pressurized Hose Reel

The K5 Premium has a built-in pressurized hose reel to conveniently protect and store the 25 foot high-pressure hose. This feature makes winding and unwinding the hose even easier, helping to prevent kinks in the hose. The K5 Premium’s stability foot helps create an extremely stable unit.

Two Included Wands

For your most stubborn stains, attach the included DirtBlaster Wand to increase the effective pressure. For less-intense cleaning, attach the Vario Power Spray wand, which allows you to adjust the pressure right on the wand. Detergent automatically dispenses on low pressure setting.

Additional information

Weight 32 kg
Dimensions 34.33 × 13.07 × 16.77 cm
Product Dimensions

34.33 x 13.07 x 16.77 inches

Item Weight

32 pounds



Item model number




10 reviews for Karcher K 5 Premium 2000 PSI 1.4 GPM Electric Power Induction Pressure Washer with Vario Power & Dirtblaster Spray Wands,

  1. Vaughan Jackson

    I wish it had more powerGood product easy to assemble just a bit weak for my liking took about 45 mins to get the moss off the concrete of my two car drive way..My old pressure washer would be done in 15mins…

  2. Catherine Lane

    Great productI bought this machine to replace an 11 year old Karchar pressure washer that finally gave out. It was easy for a 77 year old woman to assemble and Is performing up to the high standards I became accustomed to with my former Karchar washer.

  3. Amazon Customer

    Love KARCHER. BUT!This is my 4th KARCHER pressure washer in 12 years. I have loved every one of them and enjoyed the features and performance of them. However I am sad to say that this latest model has disappointed me. The plastics that were once very durable seemed to have become less durable. The floor foot plate has broken off, the water supply connector attachment for the garden hose has broken two times (very poor plastic) I went to a hardware store and purchased a brass adapter that I was able to modify to fit my water supply connection. However I will say that this vendor provided super and fast customer service and the price was better than others online

  4. marcus cridland

    Good jetCleans well, and good value at 160 Dallas

  5. Gary0529

    OK for household chores but not big jobsThis unit was purchased to supplement/replace a 2300psi gas washer (Generac w/6hp B&S) I needed a washer when my gas powered washer went out and the part needed was somewhere on a ship on the ocean -the dreaded “supply chain” problem. This one got favorable reviews so I bought it.First –set up is not intuitive and the printed instructions suck- a lifetime of putting things together enabled a 30 minute assembly but if you are not mechanically inclined good luck.Once together I realized that many of the faults listed on the reviews were correct in that the plastic parts are not sturdy and you don’t want to be tugging and pulling at any angle . This is not the Generac which is 20 + years old and built like a tank.In running the unit the pressure spray is sufficient to clean a deck or pavement but it is not a “wonder blaster” . Slow and methodical works just don’t be in a hurry. Unlike the gas washer which WILL peel the paint off things if set on high and narrow spray this one does not have the oomph. Does it do the job -yes. Is it impressive -not really. The upside is that it is quiet and lighter than the gas powered unit but if I have a big or tough job it will wait until the parts arrive and I have the Generac running again

  6. Amazon Customer

    The quality of the 2008 Karcher is much superior to the 20223 ea things were damaged # 12 Holder bracket, # 9 Hand crank, # 1 Garden Hose connector it leaks like a sieve.

  7. Daemeon R.

    Great product, quiet, plenty of pressure.I found the product easy to assemble. It was advertised as new (not in original packing). In fact it had been improperly assembled then taken back apart. I had no issues resolving the mistakes. This replaces 2 older ones, both of whom had switch failures. Hope this one holds up better.

  8. Davis S.

    Broken pieceNot bad for the price. Assembly took about 30 minutes. Once it was together, I had a black plastic piece and a screw left over. Determined the left over piece was the broken front support (U shaped at base of the unit between the wheels). Still no idea what the silver screw with a flexible plastic sleeve over I goes but the unit worked as I used it to wash 2 cars. Figuring out why the soap was not dispensing took a few minutes but the asnswer is you need to have the wand set to low pressure.I have called the 800 number about the broken piece so we will see.

  9. Jo Mama

    Weakling Pressure Sprayer – But Looks Nice.First electric pressure sprayer I’ve purchased, bought for daughters new home. Figured electric would be great choice, easier to use and no gas engine to maintain. I was slightly misguided.After snapping all the parts together like a Lego set, was able to use immediately – after reconnecting the parts that were leaking. Liked how quiet it was overall, especially liked how it turned off when trigger was released.Cleaning performance was pretty dismal. I tested it cleaning prowess compared to the gas powered unit I’m used to, and was shocked that I wasn’t cleaning off imbedded dirt from the front concrete porch. Putting the adjustable wand to the “hard” setting didn’t make a lot of difference. Even checked the garden hose to make sure it was cranked all the way. It was.My bottom line is we would have been better off getting a less “fancy” unit and gone for one with higher output. Would like to see the actual specs from Karcher on what makes this a claimed 2000 psi washer – certainly didn’t perform like one and nothing close to my 2300 psi gas powered unit.

  10. Phil Stracchino (Technical Thug)

    It may be designed in Germany, but it’s built in China…And that shows. Almost everything is plastic. You cannot get at any of the mechanical parts of this pressure washer. If it’s exposed to freezing temperatures, even in your garage, it will break, because there is no way to drain it for winter, so the ice that forms inside its pump will break the pump, and you can’t repair it. If it doesn’t break from freezing, don’t be surprised if it lunches the plastic valves in the pump. You MIGHT be able to repair that, if you’re lucky and brave and manage to find compatible replacement valves on eBay. The fact that you can BUY replacement valves for it in eBay should tell you something important about it, starting with the fact that Kärcher will not sell you parts. Kärcher’s position is NO USER SERVICEABLE PARTS. If anything internal breaks, Kärcher wants you to buy a whole new Kärcher pressure washer.The high-pressure nozzle clogs easily (though you can take it apart and clean it), the wheels stick, and the wand is too short and will give you backaches if you’re average Western height and try to clean decks or ground surfaces, because it will force you to stoop to get the nozzle close enough to the ground. It can be difficult to get it properly primed, but running it dry — as happens during priming — will void the warranty. The adjustable low-pressure nozzle sticks too. The detergent feed works inconsistently if it works at all, doesn’t consistently turn OFF either, and will not reliably feed thick detergents such as car shampoo concentrates or liquid laundry detergent. The cord hook is poorly designed, and so is the cord, with its integrated ground fault interrupter built into the plug instead of inline in the cord, so that you cannot plug it into an outlet that has restricted access (a weather-protected outdoor outlet, say), and are forced to use an extension cord, which the user manual warns you not to do.Just save yourself a LOT of trouble and buy a better pressure washer. Try Ryobi or maybe SunJoe.

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