KOHLER K-5540-NA Prolific Undermount Workstation Stainless Steel Single Bowl Kitchen Sink, 33 Inch

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Brand Kohler
Color Stainless Steel
Material Stainless Steel
Size 33 Inch
Style Classic
Installation Method Undermount

  • MINIMUM CABINET BASE WIDTH: 33″ to 36″ minimum cabinet base width, if doing 33″, modifications to current cabinet may be required
  • INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: Sink includes a bamboo cutting board, grated racks, wash bin and colander which are great for draining pasta or defrosting meat.
  • KITCHEN WORKSPACE: The sinks grated ledges allows you to place your accessories at your desired height to create your own personal kitchen workspace
  • PREMIUM STEEL MATERIAL: 18 gauge stainless steel is strong enough to withstand your every day use to last a lifetime. Drain hole:3 3/4 inches
  • SINK SIZING: 33″ x 17 3/4″ x 10 15/16″


Create a highly functional kitchen workstation with the Prolific sink and its included accessories. This innovative stainless-steel sink is welded with basin ledges at three levels, so you can place the bamboo cutting board, multipurpose grated racks (two), colander, and washbin exactly where you want them for maximum efficiency as you work. The sink comes with all five accessories included. Other features include a unique cone-shaped drain for easier cleanup and SilentShield sound absorption for less noise.

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Weight 42 kg
Dimensions 17 × 33 × 3 cm



Stainless Steel


Stainless Steel


33 Inch



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Item Weight

42 Pounds

Product Dimensions

17D x 33W x 3H, 38.38 x 24.38 x 13.38 inches

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1 Inches

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Lifetime limited warranty



Date First Available

January 14 2015



10 reviews for KOHLER K-5540-NA Prolific Undermount Workstation Stainless Steel Single Bowl Kitchen Sink, 33 Inch

  1. B-R-I-A-N

    Beautiful DisappointmentI love the intended beauty of this work sink. I was very excited to include it in my home build. Unfortunately, my excitement soon turned into disappointment, as the very first time that I washed cooking pans, the bottom of the sink easily became scratched. I’ve tried to be ultra cautious since then and more scratches continue to appear. I fully understand that there are products that would protect the bottom of the sink, however, at this price point and the fact that this is supposed to be a work station sink, Kohler should have anticipated this and provided a solution, used different materials, or even simply provided a warning in the packaging materials.I wanted to share for others who might be considering this product.Additionally, I didn’t use the cutting board initially and just last week took it out of its packaging the cutting board has already split on the top even prior to use.

  2. Bill A

    Need installed with counter tip.This unit came damaged. With the installer standing there, we were confronted with the total nightmare of returning and waiting for another or running out to the Kohler store and buying another that day. Either way, it would have cost plenty to get the installer back another time. We bent it back into shape the best that we could and installed it. It turned out to be OK. I ordered the other recommended parts. We had installed an Insinkerator so the extra drain was unnecessary. I will return that along with other pieces that were unnecessary but recommended. You must inspect immediately upon arrival and understand what is necessary for your installation beforehand. We were rehabbing the house and needed to move in which made it more difficult than just a remodeling job.

  3. Bon43

    LOVE THIS SINK ❤️Prior to buying, we researched many workstation style sinks. We chose this one because of the Koehler brand, and functionality. I read from the reviews that the sink scratches easily, so to be prepared, we bought an extra grate to place on the bottom of the sink. This solved the scratching issue. We also read it is not easy to clean. We wipe it down every night with an absorbent towel and use Bar Keepers Friend cleanser once a week. We love all the accessories, but especially the grates that you can adjust to your needs and the wash basin. We highly recommend this sink.

  4. theteam

    Improvement to kitchen quality of lifeKOHLER Prolific 33 inch Workstation Stainless Steel Single Bowl Kitchen SinkWe didn’t realize we needed this, and like once you own a pickup truck… we’ll never go back to living without one!Seems big, right? Reduces available counter space? We were concerned about that, but the USEFULNESS of the wide sink and all of it’s accessories makes this a workstation where we’re doing things IN THE SINK that we used to do on the counter… but the mess just rinses away, instead of needing to be wiped up off a counter top. The wood cutting board is first-class, but to preserve it, we just plop a floppy plastic cutting mat on top of it, so it’s more a worktable than a cutting board. The grates slide back and forth easily, and are great for drying dishes, holding cooking vessels while working in the sink… and the adjustable levels are very handy. We’ll be getting an extra grate and maybe even another tub

  5. K&J

    Best sink I have ever had (and I am 71 years old)I love this spacious and versatile 33 inch sink. I have had it installed for three months. There is room to wash anything, room to do two chores at a time thanks to the accessories. To prevent scratches to the stainless steel, I bought an additional plastic grate and I keep all three set on the lowest position, unless I am using one for a specific purpose. Need to use the disposal? Just move the center grate over. To clean the bottom, a spray is often all that is needed, or you can move (easily) the grates over, stacking them while you wash the exposed part of the sink. I also keep the colander on the topmost level to hold produce I am cleaning or dinnerware or utensils I have washed. It is important to have a pull out or pull down faucet to spray or wash the edges and corners of the sink. Keep it clean and don’t leave caustic substance or metal cans on the steel, and you will not have any trouble.

  6. Kelley Reynolds

    Best Ever, worth the expense!Went back and forth on if we should spend so much on a sink. We’ve had for 2 years now. Best purchase ever.

  7. TAsevedo

    All in all and awesome sink SYSTEM…but I added a little something extra to it..Okay so we haven’t had this sink long but the weirdest thing is EVERYONE talks about it! It was part of a remodel we did and replaced a lot of old stuff with cool new stuff. Of all the things (and some way more costly) that people comment on is this sink. They don’t get the ridges until we put the cutting board and grates and bowls in. Then BOOM. Blown away. How cool is that!One thing I was worried about was the noise of a stainless sink. This sink as these little (3 or 4 “) rectangular metal things glued on all over the underside of the sink. They must be to make the tink into a thunk from a sound perspective. I don’t know if they work super well as I read something somewhere and I did it. I bought an item here on Amazon ($25) that is auto sound dampening material that is peel and stick. I bought about 15 feet of it and it covered the entire sink. This may kill the warranty but I couldn’t figure out what would break in the sink anyway or how I would remove it without substantial cost. The sink sounds like a heavy Mercedes door when you hit it on the inside. Huge THUNK not a tink at all.The accessories are really well made (remind me of German kitchen tools) and it all fits well in the sink on the ridges.All in all and awesome sink SYSTEM…

  8. amzn

    Best sink I have come across in my life. Fantastic slide system! *INSTALL NOTE*What a grand ole sink. This design is basically genius. Everyone I show, thinks it is the best thing around. It looks fantastic, the bins and trays are high quality. The sink feels so spacious and useable. I looked at a few cheaper sinks with a different ledge design and am glad I paid extra for this one. The ledge design is not nearly as intrusive, limiting, narrowing, bulky as the other brands. The 3 full sliding tiers, impressively and effectively add an extra dimension to the sink. I think this sink is as near perfection as reasonably possible.**INSTALL NOTE** This is a deep sink and the recessed drain makes it even deeper. After install, my 1hp Waste King disposal outlet hole was lower than wall/sewer discharge hole. So I had to buy the “3/4 hp, compact Insinkerator disposal” to make sure it drains correctly. Many kitchen wall drains are not very low. So, MAKE SURE this sink is not too deep for your wall drain or you will need to lower the drain in the wall, which can be a big job. No regrets with this sink. But, I would have been so sorry if I had choosen to save a few hundred $ with an inferior design, for sure!! Sink uusally gets used more than anything else in the kitchen, buy what you want and need!!

  9. always looking

    Huge sink we love itLike everything about the sink a little pricey though

  10. cornelius cartwright

    Very nice … BUT…The functionality is useful.I dont use the one with the holes in it often. Maybe once or twice to thaw out meat.I”ve used the cutting board 2-3 times. But mostly, I use a cutting board on the counterWe definastsly use the basin and the ‘drying racks’ all the time.BUT, the major problem is MOLD. Yup. We get black MOLD BUILD UP under the bottom of the devices when they are put in the low levels, and the sink itself forms mold in the low parts. Not enough AIR I suppose.

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