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From the Manufacturer

Leviton’s six Twist & Mount Patch Panels are designed for use in any of Leviton’s existing Structured Media Centers to support a variety of telephone and data distribution needs. These panels hold patching modules, which allow 12 or 24 ports of patching capability to CAT 5e or CAT 6 cabling. The CAT 5e ports meet the requirements of high-speed data applications, and the CAT 6 ports are designed for use in high megabit applications such as Gigabit Ethernet. Twist and mount patch panel, 24 ports each Of Cat 6

From the brand

From the manufacturer

Leviton 476TM-624 Twist and Mount Patch Panel

Reliable Voice, Data, and Video Distribution

The Leviton Twist & Mount Patch Panel facilitates easy cable installation and patching in the Structured Media Center. The low-profile design covers and protects cabling while hiding terminations in the back to support a clean, professional look.

Compact Design

Leviton Twist & Mount Patch Panels support high-density, component-rated patching. The low-profile design provides ample room for patch cord bend radii, avoiding stress or damage to patched cables. Available in 12- and 24-port versions.

Voice and Data Compatible

Panels are compatible with Cat 5e or Cat 6 cabling, supporting a wide range of voice and data applications. Cat 5e ports meet all requirements of high-speed data applications, while Cat 6 ports are designed for use in high bandwidth applications such as Gigabit Ethernet.

Twist & Mount Patch Panels at a Glance

  • Compact Design
  • Simple Installation
  • Voice and Data Compatible
  • Retention Force Technology
  • Port Identification Labeling

Simple Installation & Port Identification Labeling

Twist & Mount Patch Panels support simple installation, allowing installers to use the built-in cable relief feature to maintain cable positioning during termination. The four front-mounted hooks and spacers provide easy suspension of the panel during the punchdown phase. The installer then simply twists and mounts the panel into place using installed push-lock pins. Port identification labels are provided for easy identification and tracking of phone or data ports. Dome labels clearly indicate category rating.

Retention Force Technology

Leviton Retention Force Technology provides unmatched resilience and reliability. The polymer spring inside each port supports tines and increases their durability, returning tines to pre-stress positions and protecting against damage. This patented feature adds increased longevity to the port, and can save on costly repairs or replacements.

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Weight 1.01 kg
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1.01 pounds

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November 18 2009



10 reviews for Leviton 476TM-624 EB 24PORT CAT6 PATCH PANEL TWIST MNT

  1. Me

    One Flaw With ConceptThis is great for higher density patching in a structured enclosure. The one issue is that the ‘twist and mount’ feature is really only helpful when first installed because the patch cables prevent you from flipping it over again and punching down more cables. You’ll need to disconnect/reconnect all cables on the front or hold it with one hand and punch with the other to terminate more cables.As other’s noted, these are rather pricy; it’s odd the 24 port costs more than two 12 port panels. For the budget minded you can shop around for used panels and compatible modules. With patience and some effort effort you can piece together a 24 port cat6 panels for less then $100.

  2. Mike Blaszczak

    A few annoying detailsThis little panel works great. It isn’t full-width in my structured wiring enclosure, so there’s plenty of room to manage cable runs to other devices. The panel punches down 110-style in the rear, and there are openings top and bottom which are large enough to pull six CAT-6 cables, each, through them. There’s not much more room than that, however; it would be great to allow more cable under this panel so that it can run behind the panel to another panel located lower or higher in the cabinet.The construction is also a bit flimsy. I use a mechanical punch down tool, and the pressure required to get it to trigger bends the plastic housing substantially. The PC boards are pretty thick and the 110 blocks are made from good plastic, so I think the unit will be fine, but the bowing when performing the punch downs is very unsettling to me.There are tiny cards included for labeling the jacks, but I’d never use them. I’d rather print a label with my Brady labeller and stick it to the panel. However, the plastic recesses and clips designed for the tiny, included labels provide no level surface adjacent to the jacks. All of the permanent markings on the unit are black-on-black and impossible to see without excellent lighting.Electrically, the product works great and offers full CAT-6 bandwidth when properly terminated. The annoyances are small, but in combination end up costing the product a star.

  3. Marc B.

    Great piece to put in your media hub.My media hub is in my closet and when i has the house built I had 8 network cables ran for my outside cameras and have 9 rooms with networkCables ran. I got this and attached everything with ease. Took me less than an hour to punch all the wires for the 17 pre ran network cables. The cheat sheet let’s u run either 568A or flip it over and punch in for 568B. Remember whatever u punch here you need to wire the RJ45 the same so the cables work right. Once those two ends are ran the same you don’t have to worry about whatever cables are plugged into it. Have had no issues with this and get gigabit speeds throughout the house.

  4. Larry

    Leviton 476TM-624Just replaced a Leviton 476TM-524 with this Cat6 unit. Very easy and no problems encountered. Also, replaced all my Cat5e wiring with Monoprice Cat 6. Upgraded all jacks and cables to computers and printers with Cat6 in the process.

  5. David N

    Overpriced!Only purchased to make it easy to install with existing structured media panel.It is nice to work in groups of 6, but not worth it. With the flimsy mounting pins the structured media panel uses, I would find a method to use a rack mount patch panel for much less cost.

  6. Zulu

    Excellent!This is great for a medium density punchdown in my structured wiring cabinet. Allows routing cat6 through the top or the bottom, convenient since my wiring came from both ends. The unit ships with a plastic punchdown tool. Save yourself the headache and buy a pro-grade punchdown tool with a built-in cutter!I only had one of 24 punchdowns not seat successfully on my first try with this, and had I actually looked closely I would have seen that it was my slop, not the product causing issues. I hit the bad wiring block one more time with my blade and all was well.

  7. B2L

    Good product but simply too expensive for what you get.I ended up returning this product because it’s simply too expensive for what it is. Yes, the quality is good and yes, you pay more for Leviton but I ended up buying three 12-port patch panels for $60 and I’m banking the $110 difference. If this panel was priced at $75 it would be a good value but at $176, I just couldn’t justify it over less costly alternatives. Leviton is good stuff but they often price themselves out of their own market.

  8. MR56

    Quick tip for expansionSearch Amazon for Leviton patch panels. If you look at pictures you will recognize the 6 port modules are the same in most of them. I purchased one for cheaper than buying the 24 port version and used the modules to convert this to a 24 port.

  9. Grungegoth

    fairly cheap, but serviceable. except for the patch cables…as other reviewers have noted, the unit is pretty cheap and flimsy plastic. I dont expect it to stand the test of time, and if you have to redo or revise punchdown blocks, in time the boards will likely fail. however, it carries cat6 reasonably well.IMPORTANTLY, the patch cables are pure crap. The ones included were hit and miss and some would only run 100m. I junked all of them and put in proper manufactured CAT6 patch cables. Given you have to get better patch cords, it makes the price too high for this unit.I expect to find a 3rd party panel sometime that will work in this cabinet.

  10. serge

    Just what I neededPerfect if you love your wires arranged in a particular order. It’s like having a mini network closet at home.

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