Little Giant Ladders, SkyScraper, M21, 11-21 Foot, Stepladder, Aluminum, Type 1A, 300 lbs Weight Rating, (10121)

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Product details

Material Aluminum
Brand Little Giant Ladder Systems
Color Gray
Special Feature Free FedEx Shipping
Product Dimensions 43″W x 139″H
Item Weight 102 Pounds

  • Adjustable step ladder allows you to reach skylights, chandeliers and vaulted ceilings.
  • Adjusts to work over staircases, theater seating and sloping ground.
  • Lock Tab adjusters quickly alter your ladder into different heights.
  • Type IA ladder is rated to hold 300 lbs. on both sides.
  • Meets or exceeds all OSHA and ANSI standards. Size-11 feet – 21 feet. Storage Depth-8 inch, Storage Height-11 feet 7 inch, Storage Width At Base-3 feet 7 inch, Top Width-1 feet 6.88 inch
SKU: B0009H5J82


Your job has tall ceilings and hard-to-reach places which require you to use lifts or scaffolding to perform maintenance. Sometimes these options are bulky, preventing you from getting the work done. The Little Giant SkyScraper adjustable stepladder helps you complete those tasks more easily. – Reaching Heights- The SkyScraper is a stepladder designed to help you reach chandeliers, skylights and other difficult positions in rooms with high vaulted ceilings. – Work Around Obstacles- Since the SkyScraper is adjustable, it works around obstacles like benches and stadium seating. – Easy to Transport and Store- While the SkyScraper reaches all those hard-to-reach jobs, it stores in just over half of its maximum extended height. – Benefits- The SkyScraper is rated to hold 300 lbs. on both sides and meets or exceeds all OSHA and ANSI standards.Step Tread: Ribbed.

From the manufacturer

Skyscraper ladder set up in home basketball court. Man fixing sheetrock on ceiling


Safety straps

palm buttons to lock the ladder position

Non-slip feet


Integrated safety straps add a layer of safety for this durable two-person stepladder.


Push in the sturdy palm buttons to adjust the SkyScraper from its storage position to stepladder position.


The SkyScraper’s sturdy, non-slip feet keep your ladder in place while you work. Complete your tasks with total confidence.

Man changing lightbulb in an auditorium


Skyscraper ladder measures 21 feet

Man climbing ladder to change lightbulb

Man carrying ladder


It’s the tallest telescoping stepladder in the world—and it still comes in at a 300 lbs. rating on both sides. Whether it’s gym backboards or theater lighting, even the highest projects are within reach.


From high-vaulted ceilings to stadium balconies to grand stairways, the SkyScraper reaches where other stepladders can’t. Work on chandeliers, skylights, and more on a steady, non-leaning solution.


Storing at just over half its maximum extended height, this stepladder gets the job done and then gets out of the way. No more wondering where to keep your massive A-frame.

Additional information

Weight 102 kg



Little Giant Ladder Systems



Special Feature

Free FedEx Shipping

Load Capacity

300 Pounds

Maximum Height

252 Inches

Part Number


Item Weight

102 Pounds

Product Dimensions

43W x 139H, 8 x 43 x 139 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number



21 Ft.



Item Package Quantity


Special Features

Free FedEx Shipping

Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Warranty Description

5 year warranty.



Date First Available

April 20 2005


Little Giant Ladder Systems, Little Giant Ladders

10 reviews for Little Giant Ladders, SkyScraper, M21, 11-21 Foot, Stepladder, Aluminum, Type 1A, 300 lbs Weight Rating, (10121)

  1. Brice & Williams Inc.

    Would Not Use as Primary Truck LadderI had 16′ Fiberglass Double step for 20 Yrs, sold to associate still sturdy. This was my answer to a limited use A Frame 16′ that I may use 5 times a year. This will not survive on top of a truck on a ladder rack, just to flimsy for that; intended to store for occasional use. I had more confidence on Double Step Fiberglass than this Ladder. Wish they considered better pads on the feet. I think this will work well for my needs, hanging a fixture, changing lamps. I would not climb this as a carpenter with a laminated beam on my shoulder. Overall I am satisfied with my purchase since I can put it in my van (contractor with bin package) on an angle and shut the door. Carry my self (64 yrs old, but pretty scrappy!!). A 16′ Aluminum A Frame ladder can be found for $500.00-600.00, but storage is difficult. Along with staggered legs and vary heights. this is a good choice, but not an every day ladder in my opinion.

  2. Scott Johnston

    superb, unique ladder.this is a great ladder. i have painted a number of houses over the years and am handy with 28′ extension ladders. looking over the other customer reviews, i would reinforce / add some comments:* this is a ladder (the 21 footer) for an experienced ladder user, for several reasons. first, you have to be comfortable being that high up, especially when away from a wall such as you would have with an ordinary ladder. second, unless you are 6’6″ tall and very very strong you will need another person or some other way to “foot” the ladder to get it up and down. and even then, you need to be able to control the weight as you open and close it. third, it helps to have a good “ladder sense” gained from experience as you think about where / how to place it and move it around and up and down without crashing it or putting undue stress on the joint at the top. so i would say if you have never owned an extension ladder then this would not be a good “starter” ladder. start with a smaller size little giant or a 28′ extension ladder.* this is a well built ladder, and once in place is very very stable. i have one of the smaller little giants too. for certain jobs there is just no substitute for this type of ladder that allows one leg to be higher than the other. great for stairs, hillsides, etc. and of course this ladder is FREESTANDING. so if your alternative is to lean an extension ladder against a tree (for example) … then certainly this type of ladder would be much safer.* to foot the ladder by myself, i filled a large trash container with water and then put the ladder base up against the container bottom. if you try this (outdoors only), of course put the container where you want it first, then fill with water to make it heavy enough to not move. then “walk” the ladder up by lifting the top rung over your head and walking towards the base, a pretty standard technique for extension ladders over 28′. of course if you have a helper let them “foot” it for you instead of using the container.* i had to laugh at the owner manual suggestion that to bring the ladder back down you should (if i read this correctly) tip it over sideways. at full extension, certainly you would need two people to do this, to avoid crashing it, if it is even possible at all given the room you have. i would like to see little giant demonstrate in their video the technique they recommend.* for me, the best way to move the ladder up and down is to use a smaller little giant “inside” the big one, and move each side of the ladder two or three rungs at a time. each time you do this, you will have to readjust the inside ladder position. but it does work, and can be done solo. this way, you can put the ladder up and down at its lowest extension, not the highest. much safer if you ask me. i’m not trying to get in the way of little giants’ “official” instructions, just sharing my personal opinion.* all in all, a great ladder, i’ve seen nothing else like it on the market especially in the 21 foot size. if you’re looking at this ladder, likely an ordinary extension ladder just won’t work for your situation. i got the big one, despite its being harder to handle, because if you are spending so much anyway on a ladder of this type, may as well get one that goes as high as possible. if you are getting it for just one purpose (like changing light bulbs) rather than for open-ended uses, then i suggest the smallest one that will fit that need would be easiest to handle.

  3. Amazon Customer

    Perfect high reach ladderNeeded to reach the 20 ft ceiling to replace fan. Best ladder for the job!

  4. James

    One of a kind, but HEAVYThis is a great investment for anyone with high vaulted ceilings and no aversion to heights. That said, this thing is HEAVY. Moving it around and setup is a journey to say the least. This is also not a one person ladder, believe me I’ve tried. Three people is ideal for setup and take down.

  5. Scott Homey

    Ladder is a pain in the A..:) Also as good as it gets.This ladder requires some practice, and review You Tube videos. We did not prepare, or practice, and we likely looked like a comedy act. One time it was folding on its-self, and I had to jump off, only 6 ft off ground. You really have to be prepared and practice bf bringing to customers house.Its Big It’s bulky, Almost impossible for 2 people to stand up ladder after extending, The very top will lock, and you wish it wasn’t locked, Now someone has to go up there and unlock it. Ladder maybe in an awkward position. We had it in a staircase and on main floor, what a pain in the ass. BUT……..There was no other way on this job. scaffolding would not do it, as recessed were over stairs way high and a giant chandelier in the middle. Little practice will go a long way, especially if your sending employees.Ladder is great quality, and does a great job. folds up pretty small for ez storage. Next time I will be better prepared when I use it. Without this ladder, I don;t know how I could had finished the job. it was 75 recessed change outs, but 6 in the entrance were really high, I said to myself, “If I get the job, I will figure it out” Well, I got the job 🙂 this ladder saved me.

  6. ruralblade

    Great ladder for tall open spaces but have a flat base, a friend to help and lots of roomSuperbly stable A frame ladder with a great, dependable design. Once it’s up, there is very little flex or wiggle, making the trip up and down by you and your assistant much less stressful. The base protectors on the feet are non-marking and didn’t hurt my nice new hardwood flooring. Only downside is the locking mechanism, unlike the other Little Giant A frames, doesn’t allow adjustments as easily and the ladder really needs to be fully laid flat before any height adjustments can be made. The frame could be perfected by widening the tines on the upper ladder to allow for a wider base for your feet (especially so high up), adding the same locking mechanism as they have on their smaller ladders, and allowing for variable height adjustments on the individual feet as they have on their smaller ladders. The ladder has, owing to its very wide base, a need for a large open space to raise and lower it, which cannot be done safely with one person – just be aware.

  7. KD Know

    Great LadderI purchased the 17′ Little Giant ladder so I could replace the lights in my 18′ cathedral ceiling. The price of this ladder is more than I could have imagined spending for a ladder, but based on estimates in my area, it’s currently a lower cost option than hiring an electrician to do the same job. The 17′ ladder is heavy, but I was still able to put it up and then back down on my own; certainly it would have been easier with help. I had wondered if the extended height of the ladder would be slightly less than 17′, but it wasn’t. I found the ladder to be very sturdy, and felt it was safe working on the ladder at its fully extended length.

  8. Guillermo SR

    No es producto mandaron uno más pequeñoNo es el modelo que anuncia yo compre el de 17′ y me enviaron el de 15′ hacer cambios es complicado porque solo envían a ciertos códigos y tuve que pagar otro flete para que llegara a mi casa hacer todos los movimientos por la diferencia de 2 pies en lo particular no lo veo práctico

  9. Jason R.

    Make sure you have help to set it up.This is the hugest A frame ladder you could ever buy, when it’s opened up you almost want to laugh because it makes you feel like it must have been a prop in Honey I Shrunk The Kids. That being said, you can use this anywhere you need to get high up but don’t have anything to lean a typical extension ladder against to reach it. That being said, you absolutely need help to set this up safely I found – do NOT plan on lugging it around by yourself unless you’re strong as an ox and twice as big as a regular human being.That being said, it is typical of all Little Giant Ladder ladders in that it is built extremely well in the USA and the fit and finish of everything is impeccable. I climb up the two ladders I own they’ve made and feel completely secure at any height – you just need to get past the heavy weight that comes with the package.

  10. Amazon Customer

    Three StarsVery heavy to maneuver.

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