Louisville Ladder FXP1804HD Fiberglass Pro Platform Ladder, Type IAA, 375-Pound Load Capacity, 4-Feet

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Material Fiberglass
Brand Louisville Ladder
Color Orange
Product Dimensions 24.8″W x 80.5″H
Item Weight 0.01 Pounds

  • GET COMFORTABLE with waist-high handrail and a large fully serrated slip resistant platform
  • WORK BECOMES EASIER: Molded Top with Handyman’s Tool Slots and ability to work facing multiple directions
  • STURDY AND STRONG: With its 375-Pound capacity, elegant design and smooth finish, you won’t find a more durable, reliable ladder
  • MEETS DEMANDS OF contractors with heavy duty side rails and reinforcement at all critical wear points to meet the most demanding industrial, contractor applications
  • 375-POUND LOAD CAPACITY, includes weight of user and tools


Louisville Ladder FXP1804HD fiberglass pro platform ladder. Productivity, comfort and safety. Ergonomically positioned ProTop increases productivity. Includes magnet and multiple tool slots. 50 percent larger platform area for added comfort. Extended handrail for added comfort and safety. Front rail is 3-feet long from top to platform.

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Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg



Louisville Ladder



Load Capacity

375 Pounds

Maximum Height

48 Inches

Part Number


Item Weight

0.01 Pounds, 0.16 ounces

Product Dimensions

24.8W x 80.5H, 47.5 x 24.8 x 80.5 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number



4 feet


Pinnacle Pro Platform

Item Package Quantity


Included Components

1 Ladder

Batteries Required




Date First Available

October 8 2014


Louisville Ladder

10 reviews for Louisville Ladder FXP1804HD Fiberglass Pro Platform Ladder, Type IAA, 375-Pound Load Capacity, 4-Feet

  1. Bill King

    Stable and very easy open and collapse.Stable and very easy open and collapse. When open just two fingers will pull the platform up and back thereby closing the ladder completely. Just as easy to open. It stays together when closed so it does not need nor have a lock lever to keep it securely closed as cheaper ladders might. If you haven’t been on a 375 rated ladder, they offer a very reassuring feeling of safety onboard.The “Podium” means the guard rail vertical height is 3 feet above the platform instead of the standard 2 feet like on a typical platform ladder. Another manufacturer calls this extra length 3 feet rail their ‘Platform Pro’ models. Louisville uses the word Podium. This extra length puts the top and the tools stored there at waist level, instead of knee level. This also makes the ladder seem and actually be safer. On board, you feel like it would be impossible to fall forward or sideways off the ladder. There are holes on the top for hex drive sizes and drill bit sizes and a handy hook for a paint bucket bail and holes for screwdrivers and a magnet etc. etc. etc. A deluxe feature top rack, sure to be helpful.One possible draw back is the weight. It is not as trivial to carry and move around place to place like lower rated or aluminum ladder. Not heavy enough to be difficult and only annoying if you are going to move it around 50 times for a job and are going to do that job several times regularly. Such as a tradesman using it on the job daily. But fiberglass is not unpleasant as aluminum to the skin of your hands in very cold weather, and it is shockproof around electricity. Electricity kills a few people on metal ladders every year.Another is an inordinate amount of packing tape and various labels stuck on with nasty glue. I don’t mean the government mandated safety labels because those are neat in appearance and more or less supposed to remain there. I mean a manufacturer (Louisville) shipping label, a long 2 foot long strip of packing tape Amazon crew added when boxing this ladder up in paper for shipping, and three other assorted labels apparently all by Amazon.I timed it: it took 21 minutes to remove them all including time to round up Isopropyl alcohol, paper towels, and a blow hair dryer. The standard tools for removing labels off of lots of newly purchased stuff nowadays. But it all came off without leaving any trace or residue, not hard to do, just takes time, so not too big a deal.So another 5 star rating for this ladder, and the price of this as sold by Amazon $123 for the 2 foot model.

  2. Chairman

    Just received it today and I’m glad I bought this. Well worth the money.I’ve been trying to find a ladder/step stool for indoor use that included an extended upper hand rail for stability ( most are far too short and hit me at the knees at best-not much help). While I could have purchased one model down from a weight rating perspective, I’m very glad I paid a little more for this heavier duty rated model. (375lbs). Just received it today and this is an excellent product. Very sturdy and as expected, the extended hand rail and generous standing platform are a definite plus. I’m a bit over 6’ tall and with 9’ ceilings, it is so much easier accessing light fixtures and very tall bookcases with a greater sense of safety. Yes, it is a bit on the heavier side, but I expected that. In contrast, I have a steel frame model from another manufacturer that is quite handy but it weighs about the same and it’s only rated at 225 lbs. The only thing that surprised me is that there were several areas with what I’ll call streaks of black grease on the aluminum components that I discovered the hard way. Five minutes or so of cleaning with glass cleaner and towel and all was right. I will definitely be buying a taller units for the garage with taller ceilings, etc.

  3. Movie Lover

    This step ladder is actually a very good value for what you get.This is a very sturdy step ladder. I weigh 330 pounds, and this step ladder is rock solid under me. The two step version of this ladder that I bought is just right to work on ceiling fixtures on eight foot high ceilings. It is great for reaching books on the top shelf of my bookcases. It is a great painting trim ladder. The “podium” grab bar on the top, as well as the full sized platform that is the top step, will keep me from falling again.I was standing on a milk create a couple of months ago, when it suddenly tipped as I reached out to move something up high. I toppled off of it onto a concrete floor. I do not want to go through that experience again, so I finally spent the money on what I have needed for a long time — a well designed, safe stepladder.The tool holder, that is built into the safety grab bar, holds everything I need to get jobs done. It holds tools and parts right where I need them to be located. It has a hole or a notch or a recess to conveniently hold it all, so I do not need to climb up and down to get what I need.You should take into account that the step ladder is three feet taller than the size listed. My two-foot step ladder is actually five feet tall. You may find it inconvenient to store this somewhere. Because of this extra three foot height, you will have a harder time carrying this step ladder from room-to-room or up-and-down stairs than if the ladder was only two-feet tall. That may be a problem for you, but I knew this when I bought mine.The price of the ladder is the only thing that keeps this ladder from being found in every workshop in America. However, when I work using this ladder, I feel that it is actually a very good value for what I spent.

  4. Snowbird

    Really sturdy. Not enough space for toolsSturdy, comfortable, not too heavy. Should last a lifetime. But I really wish it had more space on top for tools and stuff. Also it doesn’t fold down flat because of the way the top is made. The legs fold together like a normal ladder, but the top sticks out 3 or 4 inches which is a little bit of a problem for me when I put all my stuff in the back of my truck.

  5. G. Cox

    Louisville Ladder FXP1803HDI wish I had bought this years ago. The 3ft platform is perfect for 9ft ceilings and a lot easier on the feet than the rungs of a stepladder. Extremely sturdy. I would buy again.

  6. Rachael Laufenberg

    Great Ladder, super sturdy!This is a great ladder and is super sturdy! You have a lot of room to work safely without worrying about balance. If you have a 10 foot ceiling this is a must have. I removed 1 star as it was pretty beat up. I at first thought this was second hand. I’m still not sure, it could have been the shipping company. It was sent by itself, with a little plastic wrap in the middle to hold it together. The shipping and postage labels were just stickered on the side of the ladder itself.

  7. robert a strutz

    excellant ladderI like every aspect of this ladder. I have been a contractor for 45 years and this ladder is a terrific change in ladder design. Very safe to work off, and it allows 360 degrees of range of reach when your on the platform. I tried to buy a 2nd one 3 days after this ladder arrived, but Amazon was out of stock. I found one online at Zoro. It was even less expensive.

  8. The Man

    Overall good, but a little too narrow.Very well built ladder. My only negative opinion is it’s a little narrow at the platform for my hips. I’m 6′ and have a 38″ waist. The plastic top over the leg tops has plastic that sticks out past that jabs me. I don’t plan on being on this all day so it’ll be manageable.

  9. practical shopper

    Just what this older person needed and with excellent service by vendorThis relatively lightweight, yet sturdy ladder provides a two foot high platform for me to stand on to replace light bulbs or whatever other task requires a little extra height. It feels much more secure than a regular step ladder. The first ladder arrived with a crack through one leg due to shipping damage, and when I requested a replacement, the ladder was on its way on the same day before I even returned the broken ladder. Excellent service.

  10. David

    6-ft Platform LadderI bought the six-foot work platform ladder to trim trees, and I am very glad I did. It is extremely well made, rated for more weight than typical ladders (which is good for big boys like me), and is very stable when properly positioned. The platform surface provides support for your entire foot print, unlike standard ladders, so your feet don’t get tired. The leaning bar at the top allows you to remain stable when looking up and using both hands for the task at hand. Wish I had bought this a long time ago.I also bought a 2-ft size, for my wife to use around the yard.Great product!

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