LUMINOSUM, T8 8 Feet LED Tube Single Pin, 40W (80W equivelant), FA8 Base, Milky Cover, Cool White 6000k, AC110-277V, ETL

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Light Type LED
Special Feature Instant On, Electric Stovetop Compatible, Needs recycling
Wattage 40 watts
Bulb Shape Size T8

  • ✔ENERGY SAVING – Save up to 50% on your electricity bill when replacing fluorescent tubes by LUMINOSUM 8ft LED tube lights.
  • ✔ BRIGHT, HIGH ILLUMINATION – Illuminate your space with 4000+ lumens! No annoying flicker and distracting buzz. Energy efficient and environmental friendly.
  • ✔ SAFE and LONG LASING – With ETL certified, LUMINOSUM LED tubes are safe to use and have a long lifetime of 50,000+ hours.
  • ✔ EASY BALLAST BYPASS INSTALLATION – LUMINOSUM 8ft LED tubes are compatible with T8, T10, T12 fluorescent fixtures, just requiring a simple ballast bypass (direct wire) installation. Please watch the video or download the user manual for detailed installation instruction.
  • ✔ BUY IN BULK, GET MORE DISCOUNT – LUMINOSUM has stable supply for LED tube lights. It’s ideal supplier for business customers.


Additional information

Weight 24.6 kg
Dimensions 95.15 × 8.25 × 6.6 cm


Light Type


Special Feature

Instant On Electric Stovetop Compatible Needs recycling

Bulb Shape Size


Light Color

Cool white


110 Volts

Unit Count

20 Count

Color Temperature

6000 Kelvin

Item Package Quantity


Luminous Flux

4000 Lumen




20 Count Pack of 1

Connectivity Technology

Normal bulb


Frosted Cover

Part Number


Item Weight

24.6 pounds

Package Dimensions

95.15 x 8.25 x 6.6 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number





Aluminium & Plastic

Special Features

Instant On Electric Stovetop Compatible Needs recycling

Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Type of Bulb



40 watts



Date First Available

February 23 2017



10 reviews for LUMINOSUM, T8 8 Feet LED Tube Single Pin, 40W (80W equivelant), FA8 Base, Milky Cover, Cool White 6000k, AC110-277V, ETL

  1. StingyBuyer

    Great price and fluorescent replacement solutionUpdate 04/14/2017: Happy to report that Amazon, once again, put customer service first. They required that I email an image of the FEDEX invoice with a sort of tight time limit (3 business days). That was not an issue at all, fortunately, I keep on top of my emails. A few days after complying with their request I received a $30 credit on my credt card. I wish them luck in recouping it from the seller! Hopefully they will change the listing to alert buyers to the additional import and handling fees.Update on 03/23/2017: Got an interesting surprise from Fedex today! An invoice for $30. A flier in the invoice informed me that I owed them for Duty and Tax. The website never said anything about these coming from China nor anything about extra fees applying. It said FREE shipping. I have not contacted Amazon yet but I intend too when I can talk to someone. I will keep everyone posted on how they handle this. I still think these lights are great, no problem so far.I was impressed by the packaging: each light tube in its own plastic bag inserted in a full length capped cardboard tube. All twenty in one box; the packaging was necessary as these come shipped direct from China. Just a few tears in the box but no damage to the contents. The lights go in easily by bypassing the ballast with a couple of wire snips and reconnecting with wire nuts. I felt awful (Stingybuyer) cutting out a perfectly good ballasts becuase 8 of my 9 fixtures were still good but I wanted all 9 of the LEDs to be lighting my woodworking shop. Once installed it take a few minutes to accept the change in warmth of light but I will tell you I prefer the LEDs; I didn’t get that blue tint many have, my shop looks as bright as outside. I’m glad I bought the frosted ones. One note of caution, these are not exactly the same length as a fluorescent tube and on some of my fixtures I had to push the spring loaded connector by hand and barely got the pin in. None of the 18 I did installed were defective. There is a visible amount of sag as the tube material is not that rigid glass of fluorescent tubes but I got over that by merely not focusing on it. Its the light you need, not the appearance of its source. Apparently you can buy clips to support the middle but the sag will quickly become overlooked; you make your own decision. The first installation took maybe 10 minutes because I was being cautious with the wiring. The next 8 installations took no more than 5 minutes each. I am very happy with the results. I am saving myself the replacement cost of an 8ft fluorescent fixture every 6-8 months or so. That’s $45 a pop (easier to just replace the fixture, the ballast is nearly as expensive as the light itself), so I should recoup my investment in 3-4 years, less if I consider the cost of electricity. Realizing these came from China with free shipping, I am hopeful that the $15 per tube price vs. the $50-60 price elsewhere on Amazon is not an omen for failing LED tubes. I’ve only had them for a few weeks so it is too early to tell.

  2. Mason M

    Really great lightsI don’t normally write up reviews, but I really have too for these lights. Reason probably for this is because the previous company I was buying from did a bad job, and these guys just impressed me.Anyway, I think the packaging was outstanding, you guys used some good cushioning for these bad boys so they would come to me intact without bumps or scraps, the previous people didn’t do it. Also, they feel heavier, which gives makes me think they are sturdier, which is good, I like that, they do not appear to droop in the middle like the previous lights did, so I guess that is where this sturdiness comes from :). They feel like a brighter LED (frosted), and that is good too. Two bad things I did find was in the middle of one of the lights, it was just a minor scrap, which because the lights backside would be up, it’s impossible to tell. I’m a little on perfection side, but that is okay, can’t see it, out of mind, out of sight. Another problem was, one of the lights, half side led works and other side is dark, contacted them to see if I can do anything on my end, things happen, at least it wasn’t the previous company that screwed me over lol.So pros are:1. Packaging was well done. I love the plastic sleeves inside that kept them safe and sound.2. Lights feel durable, do not droop in the middle.3. Company feels like they care about their product, thus the pros above.Cons:1. Little scrap on 1 of the 20 bulbs/tubes I ordered.2. 1 bulb/tube, half of it works.But I am not taking off stars for those 2 cons because they are so minor.All in all, will buy again. Thanks!

  3. PCFlorida

    Great value and they look awesome! See update!These lamps are a great value. They took longer to arrive than I had expected as they were shipped from China and UPS missed a pick up…whatever. Once they arrived I replaced all the tube fluorescents in my barn with these. Bypassed the ballasts and wired them directly. Not a hard job and I have done it before when I did the lamps in the house last year, just a little tedious working on the ladder for a while. One of the lamps was banged up and bent but not so badly that I could not use it. It works fine, it is just obvious that it is bent if you look at it. As others have said there is some sag but that is resolved with a tie wrap in the middle around the fixture and the lamps. They look great and are very bright. I don’t have any complaints and I was so tired of changing the flourescents. That should be the end of it now. A big A+++ to Luminosum!Update July 8th 2017 Ok, so a couple weeks ago I had half of one lamp stop working. I emailed Luminosum and after a couple back and forth emails they sent me 3 lamps at no charge. I replaced the one faulty lamp and put the other 2 lamps in storage in the barn rafters. Awesome customer service, thank you very much. It had to cost some money including FedEx shipping from China but they did not complain. I can’t thank you enough.

  4. ATink

    Good T8 – T12 8′ Retrofit1) Bulb sag / droop; As other reviewers have stated for these and similar 8′ LED tubes, the tubes do sag noticeably in the middle: 1/4″ – 3/8″ droop. I will be ordering clips to support the bulbs in the center. Although the bulb droop doesn’t affect performance, it looks bad – cheap.2) Light output; I replaced 18 T12 60 watt fluorescent 8′ bulbs with these frosted bulbs. I would rate the overall light output as comparable. These lights do require some aiming, though, as they are directional, not omnidirectional like the fluorescent bulbs they replaced. As expected, the light color / quality is different than the fluorescent bulbs and will take a little getting used to, but I like it.3) Price; these are a cost-effective replacement if you have failing ballasts and bulbs. My 10+ year old original magnetic ballasts were failing regularly. At $15 each, 2 bulbs are approximately the same cost as a new electronic ballast. Ideally these will have a good life expectancy and reduced power consumption to further justify their purchase.4) Installation; I pulled ballasts, rewired 9 fixtures and installed the new bulbs in 3 hours. Rewiring the lights is easy with moderate electrical skills.5) Shipment; I ordered these with the frosted cover and received them very quickly via FedEx; ordered 11/9 – received 11/14. Although the order process for the frosted covers could be improved ( e.g., a drop-down selection vs. adding a note to the order?), the lights showed up frosted as ordered.

  5. Dewey

    To sharp and blue light for side bay application.Not good light for side of bay and too blue making it seem dim compared to the fluorescent bulbs they were bought to replace. They are better in a higher bay. 5000k not 6000k and frosted would work better in my shop. I put a pice of translucent plastic over the bulbs on the side wall application simulating frosted bulbs and like the effect it seems to make the light diffuse better and isn’t so sharp to see in the perifial vew. I installed two in a higher ceiling fixture and had to come back and raise my review. I still think 5500k or 5000k with frosted covers would make me like them more but they are good lights for the money. I need to order the frosted 5000k ones for this shop and put these in my other building with a higher ceiling.

  6. Amazon Customer

    These LED 8′ Tube lights are easy to retrofit and produce much more light than the …These LED 8′ Tube lights are easy to retrofit and produce much more light than the fluorescent lamps they are replacing. I have only gotten around to installing 16 of them. One of the 16 only lights half the tube. It did fully come on for a couple days then went back out. I think I’m a bit over the 30 days so I don’t know how easy getting a replacement will be. They are supposed to have a two year warranty. Recommend checking them all out early on, so getting a replacement will be easier. Ceiling fixtures will require a support or two. The DEMASLED holders I got to use with them don’t work very well. The wall fixture would also benefit from center supports.

  7. John A

    IMPRESSED !These bulbs are fantastic. Daylight bright and simple to install. I would give it a 5 star, but so far I have 2 bent bulbs out of 3 cases, still one case to open. We’ll see how company handles the issue? They still function, but look warped. Add BTW, these are manufactured with a strong aluminum support that eliminates the need for those support clips, which i bought anyway, but didn’t need. I’m very please with the product so far.UPDATE AFTER 12 MONTHS:Out of approximately 70 bulbs installed Oct 2017…. I have about 10 bulbs with a number of LED’s out or exactly half the bulb out. Please see pics attached.

  8. Mary

    They will not deliver to your houseI have bought several boxes of these lights and on average there is one bad bulb per box. Other than that I love these lights but the frosted ones are better on most peoples eyes. My only complaint is the last box that was delivered to me came by USPS instead of UPS and they would not deliver it to my door. I had to pick it up at the post office since it does not fit in their vehicles.

  9. Auction A.

    Amazing!!We switched yellow-tinted tube lights for these LED lights, the color is perfect, it makes out space appear cleaner and look a million times better. We have decided to upgrade our entire warehouse to these lights. We are completely satisfied with this purchase!

  10. Wads

    Very pleased.I was not pleased with the lights when they arrived, so why the 5 star right? Well let me explain… all the light tubes arrived bent to a certain extent, I was able to straighten them with no problems except for 6 that were bent too badly. I understand that it had nothing to do with the manufacturers or seller. It all has to do with shipping. I immediately contacted the seller who resolved the problem by crediting the damaged ones, THEY WERE GREAT! The lights work great, very pleased with the amount of light it provides. I will definitely buy again. I would probably try the frosted ones to see if there is any difference.

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