Malone MicroSport XT Trailer

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Brand Malone
Item Weight 230 Pounds
Maximum Weight Recommendation 355 Pounds

  • Upgraded version of Malone’s popular MicroSport Base Trailer includes three top-selling accessories at reduced bundle price
  • Custom 12-inch aluminum spoke wheels and diamond plate aluminum fenders; removable and retractable tongue for easy storage
  • DOT-approved lighting and bearings, pre-tested electrical system, pre-fitted chassis components, and 65-inch coated steel load bars; assembles in less than three hours
  • Measures 65-by-159 inches (W x D; 102.5 inches long retracted); 800-pound capacity; standard two-inch hitch coupler
  • Includes limited five-year manufacturer’s warranty

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10 reviews for Malone MicroSport XT Trailer

  1. White Bear Bob

    Great Looking Trailer And Good SupportThis is a great looking trailer. The components look to be well made. And I was promptly emailed from Malone’s tech support to let them know if I had problems. The Malone trailer was about half the cost of Yakama’s at the time I bought. That’s the good news. Here are a few things to be aware of if you buy this model. Be prepared to spend more time assembling it and a few trips to the hardware store. The trailer is completely bolted together with lock nuts, so it shouldn’t loosen. There were a few instances when a 3/8″ bolt was shipped where a 1/2″ was called for.The instructions that came with my XT model are for the standard trailer with a fixed tongue. A separate set of instructions came with the package to retrofit a fully assembled trailer with the sliding tongue as an option. It took considerable time to figure out how to merge the two instructions together. I was told from Malone new instructions are being developed.The only low-quality component of the trailer components is the electrical system, especially the taillights. The lights are a back-stab wire design. I found it impossible to back-stab the lights with the braided wire supplied. My workaround was to splice a solid pigtail of 14 gauge wire to the braided wire to make a solid connection with the lights. You will need about 3/4 to 1″ solid wire to make a firm connection to the back of the taillights. I tried soldering the braided wire, but it did not solve the issue. The holes in the frame have sharp edges. I decided to run the wires in flexible plastic conduit to minimize the chance of shorting the electrical system at the points where the wires pass through the frame. At the hardware store, I found small adhesive pads that I applied to the inside of the frame to secure the 3/8″ flexible conduit to with small wire ties. By the way, the lights are not waterproof. Don’t try backing your trailer into the water with the lights hooked up or you might pop a few bulbs.Another design change I made to the trailer was the addition of mudflaps. The fenders end at the top of the taillights. I could see the lights being damaged by road debris, or worse yet, the back end of my kayak. So I added mudflaps to protect the taillights and the back end of my kayak.A spec I couldn’t find in any of the Malone literature was how high the mounting rails were to the ground. It’s about 30 inches. Add my Yakama kayak saddles and the bottom of my kayak should be about 36 inches off the road. I will like the convenient loading height but it made me wonder about visibility and legal issues with about half the length of a kayak extending back behind the taillights. I asked Malone tech support if they heard of anyone getting a ticket for not flagging the back of the trailer’s load. They told me they had not heard of anyone getting a ticket, but agreed it would be a good idea to hang a red flag off the back of your longest kayak. It’s mid winter here in Minnesota, so I have not taken the trailer out for a spin yet, but very anxious to do so.An addendum to my safety concern over the kayak extending past the rear taillights. I came up with what I think is a nifty idea. I tried putting a red flag on the stern of my kayak. The first time out the flag was ripped to shreds. So I bought a red LED bike light that is designed to fit on the back of a helmet. It measures about one inch wide by three long. It has a battery life of 400 hours when on blinking mode. I put a strip of Velcro on the back of the light clip and the alternate strip on the rear of my kayak. Then I run a 24″ expandable strap through the light’s clip and attach the hooks to the kayak’s rear carry clip. I found out the hard way that the Velcro by itself wasn’t strong enough to hold the light to the kayak bouncing down the road. This works great! The blinking light is bright even in full sunlight. I’ve watched cars behind me keep a longer distance between them and the rear of my kayak when the light is blinking than before I installed it. It’s very quick to install and remove. All I have to do is remember to turn the light on and remove it before putting the kayak in the water.

  2. Captain Lou

    Do it. Don’t hesitate another day.I’m so happy I bought this trailer. I hemmed and hawed for several years before taking the leap. I just got tired of loading the kayaks on top of my SUV. It got to the point that I went less often due to the hassle. This trailer makes it a breeze.Assembly was OK. About what I expected. I received my shipment of boxes spread out over 3 days. Thankfully, I received the frame parts first so I could start assembly and complete as I got the other boxes. I believe there were 5 total. Taking my time and reading directions multiple times before proceeding, it took me about 4-5 hours spread out over 3 days to assemble. I was in no rush.The instructions were clear with good pictures for all the important steps. Towards the end of assembly, there were a couple steps that I was unsure of and were less clear but I was able to figure it out.I already owned the Malone mounts so I didn’t need to purchase a package with those included.As far as what configuration to purchase, I went back and forth between the aluminum vs galvanized. The selling point on the aluminum was the retractable tongue and ability to store it upright. As it turns out, I would have been just as satisfied without the upgraded pieces. In order to stand it up, you need to disconnect the wiring harness, slide the tongue back, resecure it and then lift the trailer onto the runner bumpers. I attempted this but it seemed that my J hook mounts in the rear were preventing it from standing in a stable fashion. Since that seemed a little dangerous without additional fastening against a solid structure, I gave up on storing that way for now. Instead, I just leave the kayaks on and I’m ready to go at anytime. Unfortunately, it also means I’ve lost garage space. Not sure what I will do in the winter, yet.The trailer itself is very solid and tracks nicely behind my car. I have no fear pulling it around but haven’t taken it on the expressway yet. Love the LED lights.Overall, extremely happy with the purchase and would do it again. Most likely would just get the all galvanized version with standard tongue but I don’t feel cheated with this version either. It has removed the only downside to kayaking.P.S. The seller I purchased from, Outdoorplay, was outstanding. I contacted them due to the delay I experienced with a couple of the boxes. It was all on FedEx but they were extremely quick to respond to email and very thorough and willing to assist in their response. It wasn’t just a canned response of ‘wait 2 weeks and if you still haven’t…’. They genuinely looked into it with Fed Ex, provided details on my shipment and offered to fix it if I didn’t get the final parts in a couple of days. Will definitely look to do business with them again.

  3. Amazon Customer

    I love this trailer; here’s why:1. Amazon delivered in less than a week, no damage at all.2. Directions are clear. READ them start to finish in advance, then read them a second time. It will eliminate silly mistakes as you execute the build.3. I built the trailer in a garage in one day, roughly 8 hrs. If you can change the oil/filter on your car, you can do this.4. I looked at the Rack-n-roll trailer as well. The Malone is significantly heavier. That may be a drawback when moving it around your yard or parking lot, but it tracks like an arrow on the highway, and I’ve loaded it up with items a lot heavier and less aerodynamic than 2 17′ sea kayaks. It is tough and stable. Before you lament the cost, I have noticed dozens of places this trailer COULD have been made cheaper. The hardware is excellent quality, the frame is solid as a rock. No twisting, no rusting no stripped bolts.5. Company support was stellar. I laid out the parts prior to start, and could not find 2 large structural members. OK, this is not my proudest moment; the Malone contact informed me that the missing parts were tucked inside other larger parts.6. I added large 6″ wheels from Home Depot on the rear cross member so that I can tip the trailer up on end and roll it into a storage location. I also added, and recommend adding; a spare tire, the Malone box (perfect fit), and I added a plyboard shelf in front of the box.7. I recommend two modifications that I will be doing this winter; change the tail lights to LED, and enclose the wiring harness in either light hose or flexible plastic tubing.8. I’ve been using this trailer primarily to haul sea kayaks on weekly trips to the coast for 2 summers. I hose down the trailer after each trip. No signs of rust yet. I have the aluminum wheels and love them.9. One build/maintenance suggestion: There are a few nuts/bolts that are tough to access with either a standard socket or an adjustable wrench. I am looking for a thin walled extended socket (same idea as a spark plug socket) to easily reach those items. You should also recheck those fasteners at the beginning of each season. I had to retighten several of them this spring, and was very surprised that was needed.Satisfying build experience, extremely useful, good quality, excellent customer support.

  4. John Stevenson

    Awesome service!I put this together by myself. I’m a mechanical engineer (more on that later) and am used to working with drawings. The LED lights work flawlessly and are more bright than the car lights.I trailer up to two 17 foot Eclipse and a 15 foot Walden Passage sea kayak. I wasn’t able to put all three on my Equinox because I like to lay them flat. I use Malone wings for the plastic boats and a Thule mount for my Kevlar. I love being able to toss them on the trailer at night in the garage and just hook up to the car in the morning.I struggled a long time with vibration with this trailer. It seemed to originate from the sliding tongue that enables you to collapse the trailer. I tried shimming and various clamps to stop the noise. At times it seemed to help. I bought a clamp for the receiver to hold that tight. I reached out to Malone in July 2018. Rachel said they had never had a problem with the extendable tongue and gave me some other reasonable suggestions. A full year later I figured out the wheels were out of balance. (Remember that mechanical engineer thing) I spun the wheels as the trailer was standing up in my garage and found the wheels were not statically balanced. Not only that but running them that long, they were no longer round. I made contact with Rachel again and reported my findings. They sent me brand new tire mounted on rims practically overnight. I can’t say enough about their support.The trailer comes with beautiful machined rims so I had Dunn tire demount the new tires from the new steel rims and mounted them on my original rims. They also balanced them for me all free of charge. I had to give them a shout out too. I am now completely satisfied and am in awe of the service I received.Signed,Over-analyzing engineer

  5. Huzzar

    It’s NOT made in the USAI’m having some buyer’s remorse on this purchase.The trailer was advertised as being USA made quality. That description has been taken down but too late for me. It appears to be primarily Chinese.It is a bit tricky to put together because the instructions are not clear in places. Malone claims it should take about 3 hours but that’s very optimistic.It was short a couple of nuts/bolts so I kluged it from stuff I had around the house rather than wait days to get from the manufacturer.The light connectors didn’t fit my car’s standard connection without being modified with a knife. Really!After putting it together, I found out it requires an expensive inspection before it can be titled. $200 in PA.Now I’m waiting for tags and title because the local tags place didn’t know how to handle kit trailers.I would not have bought this trailer had I known what a pain it would be.October 2018: downgraded another star as I also had to take this thing through a truck weigh station to get its weight. PA wouldn’t title it otherwise. So one weekend to put it together and six weeks to get it legal for the road.

  6. Daniel Hammons

    Very nice trailer.When I ordered this trailer, I was a little alarmed when I saw Pilot freight as the shipper as I had never heard of them before. The estimated delivery was between noon and 6:00 PM on a Monday. The delivery was made at 12:30 with no problems. All the boxes looked fine.I took the time to read the instructions first and lay out the parts in groups as instructed. The instructions were very clear with plenty of good photos. The build took two evenings, about four hours total. I could not be happier with the build or the results. A cordless drill with the proper adapter for the 9/16″ and 3/4″ sockets helped immensely.I called Malone on Thursday morning with all my info, and by Saturday morning I had all the DMV paperwork. I have not seen anyone complain about the performance of the trailer, and am looking forward to using it next weekend.

  7. Gian miller

    Malone Sport XTThe trailer came in several boxes and were well packaged. I told my sons the trailer was a gift for mom and they helped me assemble. Boy they were mad when they found out it was a joint to my wife from me….Anyway, it assembled pretty well in about two hours. The instructions were inaccurate on the fender hole placement and wiring for the sliding tongue. I was pleased to see they included LED lighting upgrade over previous kits. The metal fenders are a good thickness and the steel appears to have a nice galvanized coating.Our Wilderness Tarpoons fit side by side with plenty of room to spare using wings. We plan on using behind our electric cart and suv which should be a perfect trailer for both vehicles.

  8. Leo B.

    Alone MicroSport XT TrailerI have used the trailer and like that its low height allows for easy install and removal of my canoe. However, I had some issues with the directions – not completely clear and I had extra parts after I completed the installation which left me feeling like the trailer was going to fall apart due to some installing defect on my part. This caused me to write the manufacturer, review the directions and I had to redo some work to install washers and still had a few parts left over. Ugh! The good news is that the trailer has not broken down on the road. The instructions also fail to provide and advise you to coat the threads with “Thread-Ease”. I also had to purchase water-proof trailer tail lights so that I could back it into the water. Given all of the time required to complete the installation, I would recommend purchasing a standard boat and assembled trailer.

  9. Amazon Customer

    Don’t buy if you have never assembled a car beforeWe bought this malone trailer because we love the malone line of products. However, this should say that it is a KIT! It is not assembled. The instructions were poor (in many areas they did not tell you which size nuts or bolts to use. The black and white picture were hard to see and I had to go to the website often to see the brochure in color to view it better. Instructions were also weak in the area of telling you if the nut should be on the inside or outside. Some of the pictures showed a close up of the area but did not show a overview shot so you would know where it goes.If you purchase the storage trunk make sure you assemble with it or else you will have to take apart the entire wheel frame to fit it in. Even then the holes did not line up due to the frame of the trailer.It took over 15 hours for 2 people to assemble. There are no Malone Videos for assembly which would have helped.If you are handy with tools and have more then a wrench and a screwdriver This is a Great trailer. Too expensive for a kit! Storage trunk is very small just fits 2 life vests and 2 dog life vests not even long enough for folding camping chairs.Have not put our two Kayaks on it yet. With the amount of assembly, I thought they should have paid us to buy it.

  10. Ellie from Jersey

    Very Good Kayak TrailerThe trailer came in 5 separate packages, but 1 included detailed directions and the Certificate of Origin (necessary for registration with the Dept. of Motor Vehicles) in a clearly marked envelope. I was able assemble it in a few hours as I took my time with it. I already own 2 Malone kayak cradles and they fit perfectly on the cross bars. I’m pleased with the purchase, assembly and finished product.

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