Miele SEB 228 Electro Plus Full-Size Electrobrush

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  • Applicable for the following Miele models: Electro+ and Cat & Dog models: S1, S500, S700, S2000, S5000; Classic C1 / Compact C2 / Complete C3 models: Kona, Cat & Dog, Marin, Brilliant
  • Electrically-driven with a 14″ wide brush and a five-level height adjustment
  • This tool is suitable for low to high-pile and plush carpeting
  • The electrically powered roller brush even removes stubborn dirt
  • Five-level height adjustment adapts to all carpet depths
SKU: B004MAP112


Product Description

Canister Vacuum Power Head

Brand Story

By Miele

From the manufacturer

SEB228 ElectroPlus Powerbrush

This electrically-driven carpet tool with a 14-inch wide brush roll is ideal for medium to high-pile and plush carpeting. Equipped with a swivel neck and five level height adjustment, the SEB228 powerbrush offers maximum maneuverability and versatility.

Additional information

Weight 7.96 kg
Dimensions 18.11 × 17.71 × 4.72 cm
Product Dimensions

18.11 x 17.71 x 4.72 inches

Item Weight

7.96 pounds



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SEB228 Full Size Power Nozzle

Warranty Description

No warranty.

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Made in USA



10 reviews for Miele SEB 228 Electro Plus Full-Size Electrobrush

  1. Bpollen

    A good replacementI got this as a lower-priced replacement of the expensive power brush I bought years ago when I bought the Miele Kona (a black Miele sold in vacuum cleaner stores). The power brush had repeated problems handling my long hair and pet hair in rugs and carpets, until it finally needed professional fixing. The repair cost for Miele is too much, so I just bought a lower cost replacement. It seems to be handling the hair and fur better than the more expensive power head, but still has trouble. Still, it works as it should and the reset button is working. If this head ends up breaking, too, I’ll just buy a different vacuum next time. The problem with Miele is that the user can’t pull out the roller and pull the hair off to continue vacuum, as I used to do with my old Kenmore canister. I had to watch a video of how to do it & buy a special tool to take off all those little screws to get to the roller. It was rather complicated and time consuming. Then once I cleared the hair off the roller and put it together again, the expensive power head would stop again. I do recommend this lower cost replacement brush head over the pricier one with a light because it’s working as intended. But I don’t recommend Miele, generally. The attachments, the filters, the canister itself, all cost too much for what the vacuum can handle, and isn’t user friendly.

  2. atliia

    You need this for petsThis destroys pet hair in carpets!

  3. Raymond T Grebenstein

    The power head needs improvement.This has nothing to do with the distributor or Amazon. Miele needs to mount the adjustment wheel axle/height control bar better. It is held with thin weak plastic tabs that become brittle and break off from the bottom of the power head. Other than that, the power head is awesome. Amazon and the distributor did a great job and deserve five stars.

  4. Jonathan

    Exact OEM partBeen a long time Miele vacuum user ..old carpet beater / attachment was just work out.. this was the ticket for best replacement..

  5. L. Woody

    career cleaner reviewIv’e been a housekeeper for 20 years. Miele vacuums are one of the nicest and also one of the most expensive out there. It is my vacuum of choice. If you are looking for a vacuum that has the best value, I’d go for the Kenmore canister, it’ll get your house just as clean and it’s just as durable as a Miele, Just not as nice to use. The Miele 228 head is absolutely the best on the market. I clean as many as 3 houses a day 5 days a week, my last 228 head, witch still works has lasted 6 years. Unfortunately the upright lock mechanism finally failed after I dropped it down a flight of stairs. (probably the 20th. time). now i’ll use it as a back up. The 228 is identical to the 236 except for the front light and they added weights to the inside to help keep it from tipping over in the upright lock position. I prefer the light weight of the 228 and the cheaper price, but U cant go wrong with either

  6. Kat B.

    Was does not totally effective used on the floorI thought the powerhead had a lot of power to move, however I was not impressed with the power of it picking up dirt off of the floor. Seem to work better on the rug, when transition to the floor did not do any effective job. Because of this, definitely not worth the listed price of > $200

  7. M. Springer

    WILL THIS WORK with my model?IMPORTANT NOTE: This attachment will only work if your model Miele has an Electric Hose & Electric Telescoping Wand. If your model supports this attachment but does not come with the electric hose and wand you need to buy them in addition to this piece (see owners manual for part numbers). My investment went from $350 for the Miele Olympus to $900 with the addition of this head and the electrified parts. For that money I could buy one of the top of this line. I decided to cut my losses and I returned it all. I really liked the vacuume and if it came with a motorized cleaning head to clean carpets I’d still own it.When I removed this attachment from the box and I saw how well made and sturdy it was, I thought… Look out dirt, here we come! I didn’t mind paying the extra $250 because I was confident it would exceed my expectations and be a pleasure to use, save time and get the job done. Sadly, that enthusiasm faded instantly upon my discovery that I needed to spend nearly $300 more for it all to work.IN SUMMARY: this attachment will be an excellent addition to your Miele canister, but for those of you who have a model that didn’t come standard with electronic hose and wand, you can decide if it’s worth adding.

  8. Barbara Whitten

    Used to be good but now they break constantlyI originally bought a miele vacuum with a powerhead 5 years ago and they would last for years. I just bought a brand new one last September and the powerhead is already dying. They don’t make them like they used to.

  9. Mojo Mama

    I got a surprise refurbished productI’m sure it will work fine but it’s really disingenuous to send a refurbished product without giving the customer the option of choosing refurbished. It’s not worth the hassle of returning, which I’m sure they were counting on. Thumbs down, Amazon.

  10. al

    expensive but GOOD !!MIELE is German excellence. It carries a premium price but you get what you pay for.So, I finally replaced the power head and expect to get another 10+ years of service from this. My MIELE is over 13 years old and just cleans and cleans, replace the filters as recommended and you have the bast cleaning machine on the market !!!

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