Minn Kota 1368850 Ultrex Freshwater Cable & Electric-Steer Bow

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Brand Minn Kota
Item Weight 38 Pounds
Color Black
Material Stainless Steel
Operation Mode Electric

  • 45″ Shaft, 24v, 80 lbs Thrust
  • Built-in MEGA Down Imaging: With a transducer built right into the motor, you get crystal clear Humminbird MEGA Down Imaging and a clean protected look
  • i-Pilot GPS Trolling System: The most-trusted GPS system in fishing. i-Pilot uses GPS to control your trolling motor with incredible features that keep you on the fish. Set Spot-Locks, record paths, control speed and steering, and more. i-Pilot makes boat positioning and control automatic, and you can take command from its easy-to-read large LCD screen
  • Spot-Lock with Jog: Spot-Lock will hold you in place with unparalleled GPS accuracy. Available on i-Pilot GPS system that is pre-installed, Spot-Lock gives you the power to stay right on top of any productive fishing spot, without touching your trolling motor. With the included heading sensor, you can use Jog to move your Spot-Lock location five feet in any direction. Activate Spot-Lock from the i-Pilot remote or Humminbird fish finder
  • AutoPilot: Automatically navigate your boat in any direction you choose. Just point the head of your trolling motor in the direction you want to travel, activate AutoPilot, and your trolling motor will keep you on that heading automatically, even correcting for wind, waves and current
  • Heel-Toe/CableFoot Pedal: It’s the only foot pedal with Power Steering for all-day comfort and instant responsiveness — plus a button to activate Spot-Lock electronic anchor
  • Digital Maximizer: Provides up to 5 times longer run time on a single battery charge. These variable speed trolling motors let you dial in your exact speed, and they deliver only as much power as you need, helping to conserve your battery for a full day of fishing
  • Power Steering: The most comfortable, responsive steering available. Ultrex’s foot pedal is built for all-day ease, with precision control and instant responsiveness
  • Steering Lock: When you take your foot off Ultrex’s foot pedal, the motor head remains pointed in the direction you left it. No recoil or readjustment, just easier steering every day
  • Lift-Assist: Ultrex’s patented Lift-Assist Design cuts the weight of stow and deploy in half. Features a stainless steel, nitrogen gas-charged spring

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7 reviews for Minn Kota 1368850 Ultrex Freshwater Cable & Electric-Steer Bow

  1. Aaron

    Make sure it comes with heading sensor. If not, just wait until they do!!!!I purchased my long awaited Ultrex and it was delivered 9/6. I excitedly educated myself on installing it because I didn’t want to wait for and didn’t trust the riggers near me. Put jt on my 03 Nitro NX 896 without a hitch. I didn’t notice when I bought it, that the regular remote and heading sensor don’t come with it. Has to be sent off for. I made the mistake of thinking it didn’t matter. I took off my 82 LB motor guide to put on an 80LB ultrex with literally zero other features. Because spot lock is useless without heading sensor, and a remote that has a screen so you can access the settings. You can’t do it on the app. So spot lock spins me around in circles so I don’t even use it. I’m putting wear and tear on my ultrex for no reason. Wish I had waited. Sent off for the parts soon after purchase. It says it’s been validated and to check the site for info. Site says they are shipping in October and I should receive updates. Zero updates since purchase. Just wait till manufacturing is back online and use the one you’ve got.

  2. Amazon Customer

    broken cablelove the way it works but the wiring cable was smashed and broken and i dought it happened in shipping probaly operator error. Errrrr

  3. Chris Bedwell

    Great productGreat upgrade to replace the standard bow mount trolling motorthe spot lock is a must have for bass fishing

  4. MOQuack

    Love it.This motor changes everything. I love it. Easy to use, powerful. I have a 80# thrust on a 21 foot aluminum boat and it pulls it all day.

  5. Robert King

    I have photos of what I have on this review.Product looks like it had been installed before.Was this a return ?Speed control knob damaged and not connected to speed control.I would like to keep this product but was it a return?Needs speed knob replaced at control pedal !

  6. Matthew

    Good but item features are wrongThe features on this description are for the Ulterra not the ultrex?????

  7. Myra Lawrence


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