NewAir Wine Cooler and Refrigerator | 28 Bottle Capacity | Freestanding/Built-in Countertop Wine Cellar in Stainless Steel with

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Brand NewAir
Capacity 2.86 Cubic Feet
Configuration Dual Zone
Color Stainless Steel
Special Feature Dual Zone Wine Cooler
Installation Type Freestanding
Number of Doors 1
Defrost System Automatic
Product Dimensions 20.15″D x 21.77″W x 38.38″H
Voltage 12 Volts

  • [PERFECT WINE EVERY TIME] – Wine tastes best when stored at a temperature that brings out its full flavor. Select your ideal temperature down to the degree for optimal wine storage and the compressor will work to reliably give you perfect tasting wine.
  • [DUAL TEMPERATURE ZONES] – Get two wine coolers in one thanks to dual-zone cooling for up to 28 standard wine bottles. Store white wine from 40 to 55 degrees in the upper zone and red wine from 50 to 66 degrees in the lower zone.
  • [PRESERVE WINE FLAVOR AND AROMA] – This fridge comes with a built-in fan to keep the temperature consistent and wine flavors intact until you are ready to serve. A soft LED light that illuminates your collection without emitting heat.
  • [INSULATED UV PROTECTED GLASS DOOR] – Sun UV rays are harmful to a wine’s flavor profile. This fridge comes with double pane UV-protected insulated glass door to protect and preserve your collection.
  • [VERSATILE ADJUSTABLE SHELVES] – This fridge comes with sleek black wine racks that can be easily removed, making it easy to load bottles, giving you convenient access to your collection.



NewAir Wine Cooler and Refrigerator | 28 Bottle Capacity | Freestanding/ Built-in Countertop Wine Cellar in Stainless Steel with UV Protected Glass Door

The NewAir Freestanding 28 Bottle Dual Zone Compressor Wine Fridge is the best value for the money when it comes to keeping wine chilled. The quiet, powerful compressor keeps wine at the perfect temperature between 41 and 64 degrees, while the double-paned glass and exterior thermostat controls help keep in the cold for efficient operation. 

This fridge is equipped with removable racks that help to provide customized storage for up to 28 standard bottles. The sleek stainless-steel design looks great in any room of the house.   Everyone deserves to get the most out of their wine. With the right storage, wine’s complexities come to life, which is why the NewAir baseline wine fridge was created. 

This double zone fridge comes with a compressor system to ensure your collection is kept at the perfect serving temperature. Enjoy your whites and reds to the fullest with a fridge that keeps the internal temperature consistent and has specific features that help preserve wine’s flavor and aroma.

From the manufacturer

NewAir 28 Bottle Wine Cooler

NewAir 28 Bottle Wine Cooler



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Advanced Features

Adjustable Shelves


For Any Room

Sip on your collection in any room with the freestanding design. The small design allows you to place in your kitchen, living room, or office.

Advanced Features

The quiet, powerful compressor keeps wine at the perfect temperature between 41 and 64 degrees, while the double-paned glass and exterior thermostat controls help keep in the cold for efficient operation.

Adjustable Shelves

Accommodate any bottle size with sleek metal racks that smoothly unhook from your fridge to give you full control of your collection.


  • Height: 33.46 Inches
  • Width: 18.90 Inches
  • Depth: 16.93 Inches
  • Weight: 62 Pounds
  • Capacity: 28 Bottle

Additional information

Weight 68 kg
Dimensions 20.15 × 21.77 × 38.38 cm
Brand Name


Model Info


Item Weight

68 pounds

Product Dimensions

20.15 x 21.77 x 38.38 inches

Item model number



2.86 Cubic Feet

Annual Energy Consumption

260 Kilowatt Hours Per Year

Freezer Capacity

2.86 Cubic Feet

Bottle Count


Installation Type


Part Number


Form Factor

Wine Cellar

Special Features

Dual Zone Wine Cooler


Stainless Steel


12 Volts





Door Hinges


Door Material Type

Stainless Steel

Shelf Type




Material Type

Stainless Steel

Included Components

NewAir 28 Bottle Dual Zone Free Standing Wine Cooler

Batteries Required




Date First Available

April 29 2020



10 reviews for NewAir Wine Cooler and Refrigerator | 28 Bottle Capacity | Freestanding/Built-in Countertop Wine Cellar in Stainless Steel with

  1. Microdev

    Flexible and quiet wine coolerWe took a chance and purchased this cooler after looking at a hundred reviews all over the net. If you don’t want to read this entire review, the net summary is that this wine cooler is spacious, quiet, good looking, and functional. I’ve had the cooler for about two weeks before writing this review.Why this cooler:The cooler met all of our requirements (at least 36 bottles), it needed to be mid-sized and standalone or under a cabinet, have a glass door, comfortably fit larger cabernet bottles and a champagne bottle or two, and most importantly it needed to be quiet. We came from a 18 bottle cooler that used thermal cooling (no compressor) that held our larger bottles with ease and we didn’t want noises coming from our kitchen (our family room is next to it). After looking at all coolers in this price range, and more than triple this price, we decided to try this one. Our reasoning was that all of the coolers had positive and negative reviews, so we might as well start with the less expensive one.Space:Obviously a wine cooler is of no use if it can’t hold wine bottles properly. This cooler would be hard pressed to reach the full capacity with regular bottles, but it easily meets our 36-40 bottle need. The fridge is divided into two sections. The top and bottom center have a light, and the light bump out on the bottom makes it difficult to fit a standard wine bottle. A cab will not fit in the top center on the bottom as a result. While the shelves are removable, they are not adjustable. I keep smaller diameter mead bottles on that top bottom rack and therefore the light bump is not a problem. The top section light does not interfere with a standard white wine bottle at all.The depth of the cooler is great. The mead bottles are thin and long. They fit easily. The bump out for the compressor at the bottom (where large bottles need to go) is just slightly deeper than I would have liked. A champagne bottle barely fits straight in with the cork facing the back. I can easily for 4 large bottles on the bottom.The other racks in the center area double up the bottles. When loaded, the metal racks slide okay on the integrated plastic wall rails. If you have really wide red bottles, this may get a little tight. That said, I was able to fit all of my reds without any issues or scraping on the rack above.Noise:I was concerned about using a compressor based cooler in our open floorplan. Fortunately this cooler is very quiet. I measured it with a db meter and it hovered around ~35 db while the compressor was running. In our space with all wood floors, and when nobody is moving, measures between 28-32 db. If I walk around on the hardwood floors with sneakers, it jumps to ~40 db for example. In other words, you can barely hear the buzzing of the compressor when standing next to it in a quiet house. Occasionally I hear a ‘click’ as the compressor kicks on, but my 10 lb dog’s nails creates more noise on the floor than that.Aesthetics:The cooler looks okay as a standalone – more like a typical college fridge from the sides and back (which exposes the compressor). The front stainless steel door looks good and shows fingerprints like all stainless appliances. The internal light is fairly good and subtle but it’s not a full on light show. It reflects nicely even with bottles right underneath the center lights. The front panel digital readout is easy to read and bright. It would be nice if the LCD brightness could be adjusted. Maybe it can and I just missed it in the manual. Internally it looks clean and the chrome racks are well made and nice looking.Functionality:The unit so far has held the dual zone temperatures exactly as set. I keep the top at 45F and the bottom at 54F. I have seen it jump after I was loading wine, but it settled back within 10 minutes. It came down to temperature while empty in about 15 minutes so it seems to cool well. I didn’t notice the compressor cycling constantly as some have stated, and my house is usually kept at 74F in the summer and 68F in the winter for reference.The LCD panel automatically locks to prevent accidental inputs. At first I thought it was defective and was trying to change temps but nothing was happening – no registration on the panel. You have to hold the up/down buttons for about 5-6 seconds for it to unlock, then the rest of the buttons work. Speaking of, the panel takes a relatively light touch and requires a fairly centered touch too. At first I was pressing harder and harder to get it to register, but in the end a soft touch worked best for me. Thankfully it’s not something I will need to fiddle with very often but for turning the light on and off, it’s a little inconvenient. I would have preferred to not have an auto-lock on the panel or at least an option to de-activate that feature.Speaking of locks, there are none! If you need a wine cooler with a lock, keep looking or buy a chain to wrap around this one. For me, this is not any more of a problem than having beer in my refrigerator.The unit has two plastic roller wheels in the back, and two adjustable legs in the front with plastic bottoms. It was easy to slide around on my hardwood floors and didn’t leave any marks. Leveling was easy with the two front legs but they are a little difficult to reach. That said, they sit back far enough that they can’t be seen either.Other Thoughts:Smell – Some have reported a burnt plastic smell in their cooler that wouldn’t go away. After unpacking when I first opened the cooler, it did have that smell. The instructions tell you to wipe down the interior with soap and water. After I did this, I let the cooler sit with the door open for 2-3 hours. This needs to be done anyway before plugging it in to let the coolant settle. After that time I put the racks back in and I didn’t notice any lingering smell.Packaging – The unit came well packaged. It has a very heavy gauge carboard outer box with re-enforced removable ‘rails’ protecting the corners. Thick foam surrounds the unit and straps hold the top to the bottom. The bottom carboard that the cooler rests on is > 4 in thick. The feet and rollers are nestled in that and are well protected. Cutting the straps allows the top of the container to lift off. My box showed some corner strikes, but the cooler was in perfect condition. There is basically 2 in of padding all around the cooler so it would take a hard hit to dent it.Recommendation:Overall, I’m really happy with this cooler for the money I paid for it. So far it is working well, holds everything I have, is quiet, and looks good. I’m not sure what else I would want other than a little teeny bit more space between the bottles, but then the entire cooler would be bigger and wouldn’t fit under a counter. I would recommend this cooler to anyone who doesn’t have really particular needs and is just looking for a good and quiet wine cooler that can hold 40-ish ‘normal’ bottles.

  2. Dan

    Nice little fridge!Quiet, accurate temperature, shelves pull out easily. I wish the front glass was a bit more tinted and that the constant display of the temperature wasn’t so bright. Overall though, it seems like a great little fridge, and it was delivered on time with no problems. I would recommend to a friend!

  3. Fabian Diaz

    Best decision everAfter a trip to the California Central Coast wine region we came back with 15 bottles of wine. We decided to purchase this model for its space and size. It kept the wine at perfect temperature so as to not spoil the wine over time. We did have to return one, but it was UPS mishandling the merchandise that caused a copper line to break. Seller promptly sent a new one and the return was picked up by UPS from our home.

  4. Doug Groves

    This model will hold no more than 40 regular sized wine bottles.This appears to be a good product, but it will not hold 50 750ml bottles of wine. I barely squeezed in 40 bottles.

  5. Shelly B.

    Light didn’t work and customer service was vagueLike the capacity and dual temp. Wish the top temp could go to 38 degrees F. Light didn’t work. Called customer service and rep said a replacement would be sent but I need to send an email stating my issue. I sent the email to the attn of the rep I spoke with. She responded asking if the buttons on the panel worked and offered guidance on how to check them. I already had that conversation on the phone with her and responded (again) stating that I only needed the light to be fixed. On the 3 contact, she (Lucy Martinez) told me they haven’t any lights in stock and it would take about 2 months to get them but still did not put in the email that she would replace it for me. I had to send yet another email to get clarification. So what I’m saying is that the fridge itself, if it has everything in working order, seems to be good. (I’ve only had it for a week) Just hope you don’t have to contact customer service for anything because they are unclear in their communication and don’t seem to listen to your concerns.

  6. J. M. Coltharp

    Very nice wine fridgeWorks as designed, very quiet, well built. Temperature is accurate as measured.

  7. Kim Zalewski

    Beautiful and quietVery nice looking unit, especially with the blue light on. I have the whites on top along with my Margarita mix and tonic water. The reds are on the bottom and the temp is separated nicely. Very happy with my purchase.

  8. Rick P.

    Nice wine fridgeWife loves it. Happy wife happy life 🙂

  9. Gene Wilson

    Sleek on outside; clunky on insideDesign of shelves inside is clunky. Bottles roll around too much. Bottom compartment requires bottles to be stood up, although you can lay down a couple. Unit looks sleek from the outside.

  10. Swlabr

    Nice sizeHad it for a couple of months, does what it’s supposed to do. Impatient people are not going to like having to wait 24 hours after delivery to plug it in.

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