Oreck HEPA Upright Bagged Vacuum Cleaner, Lightweight, 30 ft Power Cord, UK30205PC, Blue and Oreck Type CC HEPA Upright Vacuum

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Brand Oreck
Special Feature Bag
Form Factor Upright
Color Blue,purple
Surface Recommendation Hardwood,Carpet

  • TWO-SPEED CONTROL: Fingertip control settings easily allow you to adjust the brush roll speed, making it perfect for all flooring types including carpet, hardwood and tile
  • HEPA FILTRATION: Our best HEPA filtration bags trap 99. 97% of unseen particles like pet dander, dust and molds spores while SaniSeal automatically helps to lock in dirt during disposal
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighing less than 10 pounds, the Oreck HEPA vacuum cleaner is half the weight of most vacuums in its class
  • HEPA MEDIA FILTRATIONS: 5 layers trap 99.97 percent dirt, dust and debris down to 0.3 microns
  • SANISEAL SYSTEM: Automatically locks in allergens, dirt and debris upon disposal, significantly reducing the dust puff created by other vacuums
  • XL CAPACITY: Holds 4x the amount of dust, dirt and debris of a typical bagless vacuum



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10 reviews for Oreck HEPA Upright Bagged Vacuum Cleaner, Lightweight, 30 ft Power Cord, UK30205PC, Blue and Oreck Type CC HEPA Upright Vacuum

  1. David R. Greene

    Excellent value and performanceOrdered from Amazon warehouse as refurbished. Saved a lot at almost half price from new. Came with unit and manual in brown shipping box. Plugged it in and worked perfectly. Very happy with purchase.

  2. CB

    Great productGreat product. Replaced a 25 year old Oreck and it’s just as good if not better.

  3. Caroline

    I love Orek vacuums.I had spine surgery 9 months ago. I had an excellent new Sanitaire vacuum but could no longer use it without straining my back. So I’ve been using my 25+ year old Oreck because it’s so easy to push and powerful.But the Oreck would not move over my new thick, plush carpet. I gave it to my sister who had back surgery and she loves it on her shorter carpet, and because it’s light weight, has powerful suction, and is so easy to push. It still works fabulous.My beautiful new one. Wow such an improvement over my 25+ year old one! The suction on my new Oreck is so strong, the headlights are bright and revealing of what’s ahead of you, and it has the little side brushes. It’s SO lightweight compared to regular vacuums, so easy to push and maneuver on my new plush carpet without hurting my back, yet powerful. And when you put it on the hardwood floor setting it vacuums up even minutia. I could not be more happy with it.

  4. Molpadia

    Fantastic suction but feels like a toySo when it comes to upright vacuums only three things are important to me: 1) suction power; if it doesn’t suck the carpet up from the pad underneath, it’s not strong enough 2) durability; I absolutely detest having to shell out for a new vacuum every few years, and 3) it’s bagged; canisters are messy, unhygienic, and I want HEPA bags for my allergies. Price is also an issue as I can’t and won’t pay like $500+ for a vacuum, but nothing else matters – it could have a million attachments or none, it could weigh 75 pounds, it could sound like a jet engine, I just don’t care.My last two vacuums were Hoover Windtunnel Anniversary Editions, and were rad. Unfortunately both had motors that died at or just under three years in, and it appears that vacuum isn’t made anymore, so after an evening of tearful research I found this Oreck. No attachments, nothing fancy, just an upright bagged vacuum. The suction is excellent – as good or better than the anniversary edition Hoovers. The bags are cute, relatively cheap, and sold as a box of 8, which is handy. BUT. This vacuum is so lightweight and flimsy feeling that I worry it’s going to break – not break down, but literally break – at any minute. The first time my husband tried it his face fell and he looked at me and said, “It feels like a toy.” Legit. However, if you need a super lightweight vacuum that a 10-year-old could easy overhand throw across a room, this might be a selling point for you. Other good things: it’s not that loud for how powerful it is, and it includes directions on how to disassemble to clear blockages up in the shaft should you ever need to, which I’ve never seen in a vac before.I’m downgrading to 4 stars for the scarily flimsy feel, and will update my review if necessary. Current price for this vacuum ($250 at the time of review) is about a third less than what I paid almost two weeks ago when I had to make a purchase RIGHT AWAY, and I might not be so heartbroken over the build quality had I paid the current price. So get it now, I guess?

  5. Christopher Dublynn

    Best Vacuum I’ve Owned!This is absolutely one of the best vacuums I have owned in a very long time. Paying 3 bills for a single vacuum might seem a tad overkill, but I’m telling you this vacuum beats all of the cheap vacuums I’ve owned over the years. It is self propelled, bagged, and is a very straightforward machine to own and operate. The HEPA bags also makes for a dust free experience. I got so tired of the canister type (they’re sooo dusty inside and out), and I do not regret for a second going back to a bagged upright. These bags are very strong and multilayered. I am also quite proud that this product is 100% made in the USA. Very simple and very effective machine! The only thing I would change about this product is how the cord is stored, but that’s not a deal breaker at all.

  6. Maureen

    great but stil not the qulity of my 25 yr old modelI like the lightweight maneuverability but its not the quality of the decades old one I

  7. Amazon Customer

    Best vacuum I’ve ever owned.You will not regret buying this machine. Best I’ve ever owned.

  8. Chessnut

    It’s A Fine Vacuum CleanerThis is my second Oreck. The first one that I inherited decades ago is still going strong, but not having a rotating brush now, I use it on the basement, concrete floor. Then I bought a Hoover Light “Commercial” vac. It functioned well, but replacement brushes aren’t available for this discontinued model, though it works well for the garage floor. This Oreck is better built than my old model, so it should keep going and going like that one is. It functions well on carpeting and bare floors, but tends to pick-up the edges of even stiff, heavy, throw-rugs, which jams the brush. The control switch has too sensitive of a touch, given its location on the handle, and I find that I’m often inadvertently moving it from the carpet setting to the bare floor setting, thus,it gets 4-stars rather than 5. I prefer bagged vacs because, I’ve found that they aren’t as messy to deal with as the bagless vacs. I also tried and don’t care for the vacs with the hoses and attachments on them; they are bulky and less maneuverable than a simple, unadorned vac.

  9. Keilth B.

    even on low speed sucked in my area rugsOn the low speed my runners got sucked up at the ends and ruined them. It also doesn’t fit under my kitchen counters as my old Oreck did.

  10. snowgrains

    I’m in Love!Wife here… Wow. Not overly loud. Self propelled is the way to go! And, so lightweight! Vacuuming is no longer a chore. Vacuumed up a flight of stairs without breaking a sweat. I’d forgotten how much I prefer a bagged vacuum over the cup. Oreck bags have substance and are not flimsy paper. The vacuum itself is so well made. It feels like a piece of quality furniture. I am in love!

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