Paslode, Cordless Finish Nailer, 902400, 16 Gauge Angled, Battery and Fuel Cell Powered, No Compressor Needed

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  • Precise Nail Placement – Angled magazine reaches tight spots and allows precise nail placement, crown molding or baseboard in the corners
  • No Downtime – 7V Li-ion battery and up to 12,000 nails per charge lessens downtime and provides fuel that will last a full day
  • Lightweight – Only 4.5 lbs. for added comfort and control.
  • Convenient Maneuvering – Cordless design and no hoses make work easier
  • No-Mar Tip – Preserves smooth surface and prevents scratching and markings on work surfaces



When you need precision in tight spaces, reach for the lightweight Paslode 16 Ga Angled Cordless Li-ion Finish Nailing System. A versatile nailer designed for trim applications, this cordless nailer gives you great maneuverability to place the nail exactly where you want it, wherever you’re working: overhead, on ladders, or on your knees. The Finish Nailer fits in tight spaces so nailing crown molding or baseboard in the corners becomes a breeze. Our cordless nailer, finish nails, and fuel cell is designed to work together so you can experience non-stop accuracy

Additional information

Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 5.5 cm
Part Number


Item Weight

4.5 pounds

Product Dimensions

17 x 17 x 5.5 inches

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. included


1 Count Pack of 1



Power Source

Battery Powered

Item Package Quantity


Number of Handles


Special Features


Included Components


Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Battery Cell Type

Lithium Ion

Warranty Description

1 year full coverage warranty



Date First Available

March 25 2012



10 reviews for Paslode, Cordless Finish Nailer, 902400, 16 Gauge Angled, Battery and Fuel Cell Powered, No Compressor Needed

  1. Mark

    Excellent productLightweight, long battery life easy to load and use. Very pleased with this product

  2. A-Dog

    Great finish nail gun!!!!I bought this almost a year ago and although the first gun stopped working after 20-30 nails, Amazon replaced it easily and promptly as they usually do so 5 stars to Amazon for service.The CON’sThe 2nd gun has worked great but does have a minor issue where one or two nails in a row (about every 50th nail or so) does not set below the surface of the material. Sometimes its only 1/64th above the surface and sometimes it’s a 1/4 inch. At first I thought it the nail was hitting a drywall screw behind the baseboard but it then would happen periodically happen when driving into material with no other fasteners or even knots in the wood. This is the only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 stars, but the issue is not enough for me to switch to another gun. I’ve tried others and was dissapointed.The PRO’sThis gun drives nails GREAT! It even drives 2 inch nails thru 1″ thick Hardie Trim! Freaking sweet!!!! It does not however drive the 2 1/2″ nails in the same trim! The first cordless nail gun I bought was the Senco Fusion F16a which would not drive nails thru 3/4″ Mira-Tec trim (which is similar to MDF). I’ve also used the DeWalt cordless trim gun and it too had some periodic problems driving nails into Mira-Tec. The Paslode reigns supreme in it’s nail driving power.This gun is lightweight! At 4.5 lbs it is 1.5 lbs lighter than the Senco and it feels like a feather compared to the 7.4 lb DeWalt!This gun is very solidly built! Nothing on the gun feels weak or likely to break easy!Then there’s a flippin laundry list of pro’s that are all improvements over the previous generation 16g nailer. – better tip allows you to see exactly where the nail will drive – better batteries (smaller and lighter Li-Ion vs. Ni-Cad) – better battery sleeve with a spot to lock the battery in the OFF position to prevent it from falling out and breaking! – better fuel cell connection system – better belt hookI’ve heard many complain that you have to keep buying fuel for it and it’s expensive! Well here’s my two cents on that… If you’re a homeowner doing projects then you prolly don’t need to buy more than 2-4 fuel cells a year do you? Is $15-$20 for two fuel cells really gonna break the bank on your project? If you’re a carpenter or handyman by trade then the price of the fuel cells needs to be figured into your bid or your time & materials! Duuh! If your boss wants you to use it on the job then tell him he’s gotta buy the fuel and nails for it! Ever heard the saying, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch”?The only thing I would change on this gun if I could would be to put the LED indicator light in a spot that can be easily seen while holding the gun in either hand. It’s a minor annoyance that I have to switch hands (from right to left) to see the LED.My wish list item would be for Paslode to give this gun a little brother and make a 23g micro pinner! 🙂 hint hint Paslode R&D guys who may be reading this!

  3. Stacy L. Letson

    Review coming soonI will give a full review in a couple of months. After using on job site. For now purchase was easy, received quickly , and a great price. So far only thing not great was, fuel is cheaper in store.

  4. Erik S

    Paslode makes the best cordless nail guns PERIOD!!!!!!Years ago my brother in law had a Paslode cordless framing nail gun when they were about $400.00. He used it all the time and it never stopped shooting nails for him. He let me use it a couple of times and it was AWESOME!!!! So later on I also bought a Paslode cordless framing nailer (900420), even though I do not use it that much as a do it yourself home owner, when I do use it, it still beats the hell out of pulling around an air hose, and air compressor, not to mention a claw hammer! So here it is years after I have owned my Paslode cordless framing nail gun and I saw this new Paslode cordless 16ga angled finish nail gun and decided to get one. How could you go wrong? Lithium ion battery pack, angled, shoots up to a 2 1/2″ 16ga finish nail, and way lighter than the framing nail gun! The first one I got actually had an issue. It would shoot maybe 5 nails then not shoot any for about 20 times of pushing the gun down, so I sent it back to Amazon. There in lies the magic! I did not know that had such a great return/exchange policy!!!! They allowed me to print out return shipping labels at their cost and in the mean time they shipped me another Paslode 902400 finish nail gun. So as long as you return the bad one within 30 days you don’t get charged for both guns, AWESOME!!!!! Replacement NEW finish nail gun came in two days and works perfect!!!!! The maintenance cleaning / lubrication of these Paslode cordless nail guns is so super easy, even a cave man can do it!!! Just make sure the wires for the fan and spark plug get put back into the slot properly so they do not get pinched on reassembly!! There are also plenty of YouTube videos on Paslode cordless nail guns as well as how to clean and lubricate them if you don’t care for the written instructions. I highly recommend these gas cartridge powered Paslode cordless tools to anyone!!!!! They are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Nathan

    Long term use it will never be as reliable as air but bring two in case one failsIt’s more convenient than an air nailer but less reliable bring two so when one fails you have another so you don’t have to clean on the jobsite

  6. John E. Hoy

    Update: Did not fire most of the time.Returned defective nailer. Ordered a replacement and received it today. It works first time out of the box. Would have given it 5 stars if I had not gone through all the hassle returning the first one. Light but balanced in the hand, drives 1 1/4 inch 16 gauge finish nails flush with the surface.of the trim without adjustment.Old: Did not fire most of the time. I loved the concept of a light weight powerful cordless finish nailer. If it had functioned properly I think I would have given it 4 to 5 stars. When product arrived i loaded the separately purchased fuel cell and nails per the user manual. The nailer would not fire. I purchased a replacement fuel cell and was able to test fire 2 nails. Later that week I tried using the nailer to attach trim and the first attempts the nailer would not fire. The only way I could get it to fire was to open the fuel cell compartment and push and hold the fuel cartridge adaptor for a few seconds. Would have to repeat the process every time I wanted to fire a nail. It was easier to use a hammer.

  7. gary davis

    Drives nailsDrives nails and you don’t have a battery or an air hose

  8. dennis mitchell

    Wish I’d bought one soonerWish I’d bought one sooner, long battery life, easy to use, and can take it anywhere. I own several nail guns and this is by far the best.

  9. Amazon Customer

    NOTHIN LIKE ITBeen doin this for a while it’s nice not to set up the compressor and hoses

  10. John Dods

    OutstandingThis gun is a pleasure to use. Although you may save money getting the type of nail gun that is used with an air compressor, the ease of this tool, which requires no compressor, is wonderful. Works very well.

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