Point 65 Sweden Kingfisher Solo

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  • Option to select with pedal motor drive or without pedal motor drive
  • Swedish design & engineering
  • Solo configuration; front section paired with back section = solo kayak.
  • Modular -splits apart for easy storage, Carrying and transport
  • Impulse Drive Weight: 11.6 lb


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Point 65 Sweden

2 reviews for Point 65 Sweden Kingfisher Solo

  1. Yakitykayak

    Great ProductWell-built and engineered by Point 65, and manufactured in Russia. You have to order the Impulse Drive separately, which is currently on back order on many sites. I managed to find one and it makes a world of difference motoring vs paddling in windy conditions.I did have a few issues that are self-addressable, and not deal-breakers. The dual rudders arrived a bit pigeon-toed and were sightly not aligned with the outside hull tracks. Despite that, the rudders turn well but are not as responsive as a strong paddle push. After 10 minutes on my first outing on the water, the right rudder control knob dislodged because of a loose Allen bolt. Fortunately the left rudder control was secure and I used that for controlling the rudders, as both rudders and controls are linked via a pulley system. When I got home I reattached the knob and tightened the bolt, but had to adjust it a few times to get the proper tension: too tight and the knob won’t turn, and too loose and the knob will dislodge. I recommend carrying a spare Allen key with you for emergency use.Also, make sure to check the tightening bolts for the seat, which bolt onto a sliding fixture on the front section track (the seat atraches to the front section but slides over the back section). Ensure that you have these tight at all times other when adjusting, installing or removing the seat, because they can dislodge when transporting if they are not tightened down.One other recommendation is to remove both hatches when you get home. Some water does get into the hull (I suspect around the hatch seals themselves or through the rudder mechanisms), but it is not a lot of water. Best way is to tilt the kayak (get help or set one side onto something) and soak up the water with an old towel. Otherwise you may get a smelly surprise and mold later.All said, I would recommend this kayak highly. Will take it out fishing eventually, and it is definitely stable, fast, and made for the serious fisher.

  2. D H.

    Wished that vendor would be more helpfulThrilled to receive our kayak, but unable to connect the two pieces. It seems so intuitive, but we were just having difficulties putting the two pieces together (minus one star here). Further, unlike the picture shown, the unit was missing a top black handle at the front of the kayak (minus one star here also). There was no option for us to contact seller for instructions or asking for missing parts. I would put ZERO star for customer service. Other than that, the unit is sturdy and looks well built. We have not tested it in water yet as of this time.

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