Powermatic PM2800B, 18-Inch Drill Press, 1 HP, 1Ph 115/230V (1792800B)

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Product details

Brand Powermatic
Power Source Corded Electric
Voltage 115 Volts
Maximum Chuck Size 13 Millimeters
Color Yellow
Included Components Drill Press, Fence (with adjustable work stop), Table, Drift Key, Handles, Hex Wrenches (x4), Chuck Key See more

  • INFINITELY VARIABLE SPEED: Mechanical variable speed (250 to 3,000 RPM) with no belt changes.
  • PINPOINT POSITIONING: Laser guides provide an accurate indication for tool point.
  • ADDED STABILITY: Oversize cast iron base.
  • COMFORTABLE WORK CONDITIONS: Reversible handles can be mounted on either side of the machine.
  • RAPID ALIGNMENT OF STOCK: Adjustable fence system provides a perfect 90-degree relationship to the table.


At Powermatic, we have a woodworker’s intuition which drives our design process. We look for every opportunity to raise the workshop experience to new levels of performance and functionality. So when we set out to redefine what it means to use a Powermatic Drill Press, we wanted it to be as easy, and as intuitive as possible; to allow you to focus your creative energy on the tasks that make woodworking so rewarding. The PM2800B is the culmination of our efforts. The PM2800B brings simplicity to your shop. An ease of use that is truly unique. A level of mechanical elegance that you’ll only find in a Powermatic. As with every product Powermatic builds, the PM2800B pushes the limits of design, innovation, and durability.

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Powermatic Drill Press

Powermatic PM2800B Drill Press

Powermatic Tools

Important information

Bulb Voltage

115 volts

Additional information

Weight 246 kg
Dimensions 58 × 26 × 15 cm


Power Source



115 Volts

Maximum Chuck Size

13 Millimeters



Included Components

Drill Press Fence with adjustable work stop Table Drift Key Handles Hex Wrenches x4 Chuck Key


250 RPM

Part Number


Item Weight

246 Pounds

Product Dimensions

58 x 26 x 15 inches, 58L x 26W x 15H

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Item model number



Drill Press



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Number of Handles


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Date First Available

May 11 2013



10 reviews for Powermatic PM2800B, 18-Inch Drill Press, 1 HP, 1Ph 115/230V (1792800B)

  1. Satisfied customer

    Great pressGreat press for whatever your using it for.

  2. Charlie

    Sturdy machine with plenty of powerThis is a great drill press with plenty of power. In addition ot the fact that I like the Powermatic brand, I purchased this particular version due to the ability to change speed without adjusting a belt. To test this drill press out, I used a 2 1/2″ forstner bit and drilled through 3″ thick hard maple with no issues. The fence, connected to machined tracks in the table is a nice feature as well. The only thing I do not like is the laser sight. Powermatic blew it on this design. In my opinion, it is totally useless. I can lightly tap the cover over each laser mechanism and the line jumps 1/4″ to 1/2″ from where it was. I think Powermatic needs to redesign this feature and provide retrofits to those who have purchased this feature. That’s why I gave it 4 vs. 5 stars.You will definitely want a second pair of hands, but if you are in a rush like I was, here is a trick: Attach the column to the base and then cut away the edge of the styrofoam around the base of the motor assembly. Lay the base/column on it’s side and engage into the housing and TIGHTEN it!!! The, use a chain host to slowly lift the unit into the upright position (see attached picture)

  3. Mr B

    Problems started right awayPurchased this drill press July 2013. Problems started right away. I was drilling cribbage boards usually driling for a couple hours at a time. It would run very hot due the friction of the belts and pulleys.One of the belts would start vibrating after a few minutes causing a massive vibration through the whole machine. The second problem was the power switch burned out and the machine would not power on. A phone call to Powermatic was not very helpful. They told me that the drill press should not be run for hours at a time and suggested short drilling runs.They advised calling our local authorized service repairman. This was a good thing as it got the service tech to come to our shop to make repairs. The repairman came and polished the pulleys sprayed them with dry lube replaced the switch and replaced the vibrating belt. It ran better but the dry lube would make the belts slip when I tried to drill a larger hole. So at this point I had a drill press that could not run for more then 15 minutes at a time and would bog down drilling a hole.The service tech came by the shop the other day (13 months later) with a replacement drill press from Powermatic. It is the same model but now the pulleys have been chromed to reduce friction. Started it up and it runs great have used it for about 5 hours and it is working properly.Thank you Powermatic for the replacement.

  4. Eric Jensen

    Good build quality and performanceWe like this machine a lot. The variable speed is easy to use, though I was surprised how much cranking one needs to do to move it from one end of the speed range to the other. It runs very smooth with low vibration even at full speed which is cooking – 4000 RPM! The fence is a nice touch and well made. The table has a square replaceable MDF insert in the center. My preference would be to not have this but you might like it. I feel like small parts might not sit perfectly flush once that gets a ding or two. But it is adjustable with fours set screws from under the table so you can level it. The drill chuck is OK. I replaced mine with a better one. The depth stop has speed nuts both on top and underneath. The one underneath is a nice touch not often seen. Allows you to set the quill extended down. Many good uses for that feature. One odd thing is that it is not as tall as my other drill presses. It’s a good 10 inches shorter.

  5. R. Light

    Excellent, but experienced a chuck failureIt’s tough to give something I’ve purchased at this price just four stars, as my expectations were high. The unit arrived well packaged and as others have noted, it took two people to set the machine into operation. I followed the manufacturer’s instruction to the letter regarding set up, including installation of the keyless chuck. It is here that a problem developed after only a few hours use: the chuck jaws froze up and refused to budge. Powermatic technical service was quick to agree to send a replacement chuck. However, I’ve owned several drill presses of this size before (all keyless chucks) and have not had a problem. Perhaps I got a bad chuck. That said, the machine runs well, and the ability to quickly adjust speeds without removing the top cover and adjusting belts is a huge time saver and will save wear and tear on my bits and accessories, as using the right speed matters. I like the adjustable fence; the quick release toggles make setup and use easy. Also big plusses for the on-board light, and integrated laser system. Overall a well-designed machine that I am happy to own.

  6. LS

    heavy dutyThere are 2 version of this model. The newer version has a wheel to change speed instead of a lever and a different table. Also the newer version has a keyed chuck not a keyless one. This is a heavy duty drill press. Assembly is straight forward. Be warned that the head/motor is very heavy, and will take 2 people to lift in place. Plenty of youtube videos. Make sure your watching the videos for the newer version.

  7. Neil J. Stalker MD

    an excellent drill pressIn the market for a new press as my Rigid developed some problems I didn’t want to address. Came down to a choice between Delta and Powermatic. After I ordered the Powermatic, I ran across a couple seriously negative reviews about this machine and fretted that I had made the wrong choice. It arrived quickly and was quite heavy, required three of us to get it out of my truck. I attempted initially to assemble it myself. Bad choice. You need at least one strong assistant as the head requires lifting to set it onto the post. The rest goes together easily although I would recommend waiting until later do have a couple beers. The large table is nice and the fence excellent. Both the laser cross hairs and the bright work light make visualizing and drilling at a specific point a breeze. The speed adjustment is so much easier than changing belts that I actually do change speeds. The keyless chuck is also a nice feature but the way it moves makes inserting small drill bits a challenge as they do not always go in exactly straight. Overall, an excellent machine.Update: didn’t realize I’ve had this machine for six years. Still going strong and I have had zero issues with it.

  8. Hot Wheels

    This is a beastThis is replacing a craftsman bench top press. I’m paralyzed from the chest down in a chair. I bought this for the speed changes which works great. I reluctantly cut six inches off the top to be able to reach the crank. Worked out though. This was an easy assemble. Especially for me but I had two friends to lift while I lined it up to drop the head over the shaft. Makes it a lot easier with a third set of eyes. The only tricky part was getting the table and crank shaft on together but wasn’t bad. They said the head was very heavy. The 6 inch crank distance is really nice to have along with the bottom and top stoppers. Bright LEDs and a very powerful motor. The chuck is also easy to use. the table and fence are very sturdy . I don’t like to get machines made in China. They always seem to be cheaply made but this one is surprisingly high quality. Only downside is the price but that’s powermaticThis was a great purchase. I’d highly recommend

  9. Paul Steffen

    QUALIY in design and workmanship.This drill press says QUALITY in workmanship and design. I should probably have given it only 4 stars but everything else about it is so superior it earned the extra. Why would I deduct a star, because the table doesn’t have an added “X” pattern for additional hold downs of the work and the existing hold down slots for the fence should take standard hold downs like Infinity and many others. The speed control is so easy to use that I now understand how deficient I was with my old unit in changing speeds, the result is better holes and increased bit life. The two work lights are perfect with no shadows and the laser cross works with pin point accuracy. It is a heavy beast so bring along 2 strong friends for assembly so you can properly direct them. A tip, put the head on a bench and tilt the stand it lines up rather easily with less muscle power needed.

  10. Jim Solomon

    Love hate relationship with this machineThis machine has strong points and weak points so it depends on how much the week points bother you. Number one the Depth stops do not work it’s a great idea but they do not hold so it is easy to push through them. The clutch system that controls the speed is very similar to a CVT clutch. It can be noisy it can squeal and it can be dirty. The lasers need constant adjusting. They don’t seem to want to stay Accurate for very long.

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